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Default Rokuro Kiyomizu

Rokuro Kiyomizu
Reiatsu: 5837 6129
Bokugyo 6421 7004
Zanjutsu: 1167
Hakuda: 2335
Kidou: 0
Hohou: 2335
Connection: 4002
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Default Personal Information

~To Be Updated in the Future~
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Default NPCs

[SPOILER="Kumakichi Maeda"]This is all the relevant stuff.[/SPOILER]

[SPOILER="Ayaka Yamashita"]

Name: Ayaka Yamashita
Age: 25 (January 15, 1986)

Ayaka is Kumakichi's cousin. A college student, she was asked by her aunt (Mika) to keep an eye on Kumakichi while he is living alone. Quiet and polite, Ayaka is a calming influence on Kumakichi. In fact, she gave him the stress-toy he carries with him, as a way to calm himself down when he becomes over-excited. She often worries about Kumakichi, knowing that his personality quirks can cause him to have problems. Ayaka reads romance novels, and her quiet personality hides a romantic streak.

[SPOILER="Masa Sato"]

Name: Masa Sato
Age: 36 (at time of death)
Status: Plus

A former corporate drone, Masa lived only for his work. His constant pessimism long ago drove away the people he might otherwise care for. After yet another dreary day on the job, Masa was on his way home when he was hit by a bus. The impact knocked his briefcase into an alley, where it remained (with Masa's soul bound to it) until the case was discovered by Kumakichi. For some time he could be found at the teenager's residence. The former accountant ended up a hollow, and was purified by a shinigami. Now in Soul Society, he's probably waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Fun facts: Masa does not have fun, nor does he ever smile.
Dreary fact: Masa speaks in a slow monotone.

[SPOILER="The Volkov Brothers"]

Names: Alexei and Koldan Borislavich Volkov
Age: Unknown, possibly late twenties to early thirties
Nationality: Unknown, possibly Russian

Further information on the brothers is unavailable at this time.

[SPOILER="Maikii Fukazawa"]

Name: Maikii Fukazawa
Age: 17
Status: Advent Human

One of Kumakichi's fellow students in Cerberus's academy, Maikii quickly formed a friendship with the teenager. Slightly irreverent, he treats everyone somewhat casually. He gave Kumakichi the nickname "Wizard," although it has yet to catch on with their classmates. An orphan, he carries a dark secret about the death of his parents.
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[SPOILER="Klab Kounts"]hirenkyaku12123: 25023
Moonlit.Rain: 18695
Veralidaine: 16037
Wayne: 5184
Seraph: 4515
Hao: 4258
too_lazy: 4118
Lambo-san: 3720
Redfin: 3408
Shunsen: 3096
SliceAndDice: 3063
Nero: 2949
gross: 2760
Inkberri: 2513
.mangoseed: 2323
Grifballer: 2304
Kisuke The Inventor: 1235
Nekomata: 1180
Genowhirl: 1092
shadowwind114: 907[/SPOILER]
[SPOILER="Books 1-3: Kumakichi Maeda"][SPOILER="Book 1: Random Run-Up"]Chapter 1 - Ghost Ninjas?
*Kumakichi sees a Ghost Ninja! Perception +1!*
Chapter 2 - Fagus japonica
*Kumakichi makes a New Friend! Friendship +1!*
Chapter 3 - Squeeze Play
*Enemy monster defeated! Exp +1!*
Chapter 4 - Park Picnic Pondering
Our preposterous protagonist eats prepared food while pondering events of the past.
Chapter 5 - One Plus Two
How many happy people does it take to screw up a depressed guy?
Chapter 6 - Rain Soaked Recruitment
Kumakichi discovers something unusual about his teacher.
Chapter 7 - A Hollow Education
Kumakichi receives a painful lesson.
Chapter 8 - Convergence of Paths
Kumakichi is found by another special human.
Chapter 9 - Supercize me
Our hero attempts to upgrade himself.
Chapter 10 - B-Team: The Origin Story
The sidekicks get their shot at glory.
Chapter 11 - School Day
Kumakichi and Masa spend a wonderful day together.
Chapter 12 - Project: Perfect Prodigy
Ciro makes Kumakichi an offer he probably should refuse.
Chapter 13 - Getting an Act Together
Kumakichi's cousin pays him a visit.
Chapter 14a - The Questionable Quest, Part 1
A tricky book, a long walk, and a strange package.
Chapter 14b - The Questionable Quest, Part 2
Making a plan for a foolish venture.
Chapter 14c - The Questionable Quest, Part 3
Kumakichi makes a productive run to the library.
Chapter 14d - The Questionable Quest, Part 4
The map gives up its secrets.[/SPOILER]
[SPOILER="Book 2: Upping the Ante"]Chapter 15 - Playing the Pawn
Kumakichi starts down a new path.
Chapter 16 - Dinner of Disappointment
Kumakichi's plan runs into an unexpected obstacle.
Chapter 17 - Schooled
Leave it to Mr. Martelli to fix the problem.
Chapter 18 - The Questionable Finale
The search for the spear reaches its climax.
Chapter 19 - Off Track Flashback
Masa offers different perspective on the spear hunt.
Chapter 20 - Hollow Pursuits
Kumakichi and Ciro go on a mission.
Chapter 21 - Flying, First Class
Our intrepid hero earns himself a new nickname.
Chapter 22 - Mission Impossible
Kumakichi tries to help another agent with a problem.
Chapter 23 - Winter Games
The Cerberus gang takes a trip to the Olympics, and does a little fighting and abducting along the way.
Chapter 24 - Return of the Parents, Part 1
A shocking familial development hits Kumakichi. Surprisingly.
Chapter 25 - Return of the Parents, Part 2
It's an odd title, since the parents leave.
Chapter 26 - The Piper Will Lead Us to Reason
Masa's last stand.
Chapter 27 - Movement
The third appearance of the Volkov twins. And they come bearing gifts!
Chapter 28 - Office Party
Kumakichi completes a dangerous task.
Chapter 29 - Bowler vs. Batter
A fellow Cerberus employee teaches our hero a thing or two about swinging for the fences.
Chapter 30 - The Teacher Is Back
An old foe makes a cameo.
Chapter 31 - The Teacher Is Back, Part 2
It's a tense battle, with lessons for everyone.
Chapter 32 - The Sound and the Fury: a Raging Battle Between Brothers
The forum made me shorten the title.
Chapter 33 - I Take My Tacos With Sauce
At no point do Kumakichi and Guy eat tacos.[/SPOILER]
[SPOILER="Book 3: Tokyo Rumble"]Chapter 34 - Waking the Sleeping Dog
Is Orpheus going to attack Cerberus?
Chapter 35 - Insecurity Systems
Physical preparation is important, but what about the soul?
Chapter 36 - Hysteria
The first volley has been fired...
Chapter 37 - Lunchroom Lunacy
Well, the gang made it through. Let's see how they're doing.[/SPOILER][/SPOILER]
[SPOILER="Book 4: New School"]Chapter 38 - Beached
Now Introducing: Rokuro Kiyomizu
Chapter 39 - Adventures in Hotate's Wonderful Land of Vizardom: the New Guy
In desperate need of medical attention, our hero meets someone strange.
Chapter 40 - Breaking the Camel's Back
Rokuro meets some of the other Vizards, and learns a little about their situation.[/SPOILER]
[SPOILER="Non-Canon"]Tournament Fight: Mineto Mitsuyo vs Kumakichi Maeda
Tournament Fight: Hisao Adachi vs Ciro Martelli
Tournament Fight: Kenpeki Kyojitsu vs Sokkenai Reese[/SPOILER]
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