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Default PrC: Kidoushuu (Current Revised Sheet)

Kidoushuu (Kidou Brigade)
Status: [OPEN]

Primary Requirements:

• 2000 base Kidou

• Shikai (1000 Connection)

• Recommendation from Division Captain or Gotei Commander

• Approval from active Kidoushuu members.

• All stat fields outside of Reiatsu and Enishi should not exceed level of Kidou. Half of total combat stats excluding Hohou must be attributed to Kidou to remain part of the Kidoushuu.

• Must be a graduating Shinigami from the Central Spirit Academy.

• Must have one of the three highest Kidou stats in their Gotei Division. Those in the 3rd or 5th Divisions are exempt from this requirement. (Note: Not sure if this is as necessary as it originally was.)

Secondary Requirements:

• Must know and master at least 10 different Kidou (to gain access to Mastery feats).


Because members of the Kidoushuu must remain ever vigilant to their craft, they are forced to forego learning or using combative techniques which utilize their weakest combat stat (Zanjutsu based or Hakuda based). In the case that a Kidoushuu has equal ability in zanjutsu or hakuda, they must choose then between them which they wish to continue to be able to use. (Note: Something to keep people happy so they don’t say we don’t sacrifice something besides awesome stats other than kidou.)

General Overview:

Before the Shinigami had perfected Hakuda and later on, Zanjutsu techniques, the Gotei 13 had initially been a spellcasting force that used Kidou in order to do battle against those that would seek to disturb the spiritual order. As time went on and Zanpakutou abilities began to gain prominence in Shinigami combat tactics, the most powerful of the Kidou casters went on to found a new suborganization whose sole purpose was to preserve the study and development of Kidou within the ranks of Seireitei's forces. The Kidoushuu, as that fledgling organization from the past is now known, specialized in Kidou-only combat and produced mages so fierce that even the Captains of the Gotei 13 would fear them in number. However, by the time the Great Hollow War had rolled around, the Kidoushuu was lacking in recruits due to an all-around shortage in talent and played only a minor role as support forces for most of the conflict.
Now, as the Great Hollow War threatens to erupt in the midst of massive civil unrest in Rukongai, the Central 46 has given authority to the Gotei 13 to begin scouting out the new generation of Shinigami for prospective Kidoushuu members. In combination with the swords and pure brawn of the 13 Divisions, the spell and guile of new Kidoushuu ranks could prove devastating to Hollows that have developed anti-Zanpakutou powers and strategies.

By joining the Kidoushuu, a player can expect to:

• Transfer from being solely Gotei 13 and operate concurrently with a new suborganization.

• Be pulled from your everyday Divisional duties and report for special duty.
• Work extensively with prototypical technologies.

• Be at the forefront in dealing with hostile Recombinant Souls.

• Possible confrontation and interaction with the Army of Masks

Class Skills:

[Bypass Mastery] – Kidoushuu members are capable of bypassing all spells at full power whether it is an Incantation bypass or the symbolic Absolute bypass of the Kidoushuu. (Note: The Vizards can be thanked for suggesting this one.)

[Absolute Bypass] - Inductees into the Kidoushuu have their skills at spellwork immediately augmented through the revelation of a relatively simple, yet highly secretive technique that only the most Kidou-capable of Shinigami have discovered and mastered. As part of the Kidoushuu, Shinigami are able first immediately able to cast Kidou without the use/direction of its somatic component. Merely glancing at or knowing where your target is will guide the spell to activation. As their skills grow and the Shinigami are capable of using a Kidou Mastery skillset, the Absolute Bypass technique reaches maturity and the Shinigami is now capable of casting the spell muted and blind if need be. Both somatic and verbal components of spells can now be ignored.

[Kidou Mastery] - Upon reaching various levels of advance competence with Kidou, Shinigami that are part of the Kidoushuu have arcane mysteries from past generations of Kidoushuu revealed to them. Each Master Kidoushuu member now chooses to specialize in one of three areas: Counterspelling, Elemental, Shapes. Once a field has been chosen, the Kidou Master must stay in that discipline and can not change to another. (Note: As per requested by the Vizards, the description of the Master Counterspeller Mastery option required a description change to be more clear about how and what it does due to vagueness pertaining to hollow abilities.)

@15 slots - Master Counterspeller (Level 1) - At this level, a Kidou Master casts the same Kidou as one cast at them to reflect back at its caster. The reflected Kidou does half as much damage as normal to the countered caster if it hits. This ability also handles Hollow abilities ranked C and below in the same manner through use of alow level kidou spell. Mechanics of successful counter of hollow abilities are determined by Kidoushuu’s reiatsu + the specific kidou’s power/damage vs. the hollow/vizard’s reiatsu.

@20 slots - Master Counterspeller (Level 2) - The same as Level 1. However, the counterspeller needs only to cast a Kidou within numbered within five slots (regardless of type). For example, if a counterspeller is cast at with Hadou #45, the incoming Kidou can be reflected by casting Bougyoudo #42. This time, the reflected Kidou does normal damage to the countered caster if it hits. Hollow abilities ranked B and lower are also affected through using a mid level kidou spell. Uses same mechanics as above

@25 slots - Master Counterspeller (Level 3) - The same as Level 2. However, the counterspeller can now reflect spells that were countered back at them. Reflected Kidou does twice the normal damage to the countered caster if its hits. Now, all but the most specialized Hollow abilities (A and below) can be countered by a high level kidou spell. Same mechanics as above.
@15 slots - Element Kin (Level 1) - At this level, a Kidou Master must choose a particular element of Kidou to develop an affinity for. The offensive power of a Kidou of the favored element will increase by 20% and damage taken from such Kidou will decrease by 20%.

@20 slots - Element Kin (Level 2) - At this level, a Kidou Master can extend his or her benefits to elemental Zanpakutou. Zanpakutou of the favored element will do 20% more damage with their corresponding abilities against a target and will inflict 20% less damage against the Kidou Master. If the Zanpakutou of a Kidou Master is not of their favored element, the Kidou Master can pass on this trait at half effectiveness to another Zanpakutou of their choosing for every minute per 1000 base Kidou score.

@25 slots - Element Kin (Level 3) - At this level, a Kidou Master will see spells involving their favored element have their cost to cast in half. All the benefits of Level 2 are retained.
@15 Slots - Spell Shaper (Level 1) - A Spell Shaper of this rank can utilize any Kidou numbered 1-33 and alter them to be either single or multiple target spells. Furthermore, they can create spaces within a Kidou's area of effect that are subject or not subject to the Kidou's effects. For example, If I were to cast Hadou #33 at a target in a group of friendlies, having earned this feat, I would not have to worry about dealing friendly fire since I can choose only to affect the target. On the other hand, if I were up against a single opponent and wanted to increase my chances of hitting it, I'd change the properties of Hadou #33 from being an area of effect spell and change it to be a single-target type.

@20 Slots - Spell Shaper (Level 2) - Spell Shapers can now manipulate any Kidou 1-66 as per the rules of Level 1.

@25 Slots - Spell Shaper (Level 3) - Spell Shapers can now manipulate all types of Kidou, 1-99, as per the rules of Level 1.
[Multicast] - For developing their Kidou prowess above all other Shinigami skills, Kidoushuu members are able to chain together various Kidou at a previously unheard of speed and also gain simultaneous casting:

• Chained Doublecast (Earned at 4k Kidou) - Kidoushuu can now cast two Kidou together in succession by paying the full cost of the more expensive spell and half of the cheaper.

• Chained Triplecast/Simultaneous Doublecast (Earned at 8k Kidou) - Kidoushuu can now cast three Kidou together in succession by paying the full cost of the most expensive spell, half of the next cheapest, and a third of the cheapest. Also Kidoushuu can cast two Kidou simultaneously for same rule as chained.

• Chained Tetracast/Simultaneous Triplecast (Earned at 12k Kidou) - Kidoushuu can now cast four Kidou together in succession by paying the full cost of the most expensive spell, half of the next expensive, a third of the third most expensive, and a quarter of the cheapest. Also Kidoushuu can cast three simultaneously for same rule as chained.

• Simultaneous Tetracast (Earned at 16k Kidou) – Kidoushuu can cast four spells simultaneously for same rule as chained.

If two spells cost exactly the same, order their costs in whatever manner to satisfy the new costs arrangements. Kidou cast must either be all different or all the same. If they are all the same, cost reductions can be ignored to see the damage increase by 10 percent each time the Kidou is chained/repeated. (Note: Because it really doesn’t make us any stronger)

[Ranged Touch] - Kidoushuu can now cast Kidou that require touching a subject/target as part of its somatic component at a distance of five feet per every thousand points of Kidou score.

[Synergical Aura] - For every Kidou that a member Shinigami knows, a .01 bonus is applied to their base Kidou score. For example, a Shinigami with 10 Kidou learned will gain a 1.10 bonus. Bonus is always applied and counts as base Kidou stat for Kidoushuu, meaning it counts towards slots, casting speed, learning costs, etc. (Note: Does not change reiatsu)

[Tower Techniques] – Like the Gotei Division Techniques, the Tower Techniques of the Kidoushuu relate to the Tower in which a member belongs. Members are limited to learning 2 techniques of their Tower. (Note: Adds a division-esque quality to the Towers. More than likely there will only be two that can be learned per tower, as it is I doubt having anymore available would be seen too well)

[Spell Mastery] - Of the recently discovered techniques of the Kidoushuu, Spell Mastery is a permanent mark to all members current and long left. Once, every 10 kidou spells mastered, having been used three times or greater, a Kidoushuu applies a permanent bonus to their kidou stat equal to one plus the decade attained times .01 in the first tier level then changes as each tier level is attained. For example, a Shinigami with 10 Kidou mastered will apply once on the week of the decade being attained a 10% bonus to their kidou stat (x1.1) and upon attaining 20 mastered spells they would apply once a 20% bonus to their kidou stat (x1.2).

Tier 1: 0-100 spells mastered
Bonus range: 1.0-2.0
Increments of bonus every 10 mastered: +0.10

Tier 2: 100-300 spells mastered
Bonus range: 2.0-3.0
Increments of bonus every 10 mastered: +0.05

Tier 3: 300-400 spells mastered
Bonus range: 3.0-3.2
Increments of bonus every 10 mastered: +0.02

If kidou stat exceeds 20k, modifier(ex. the modifier of a bonus of 1.9 is 0.9, bonus of 2.9 is 1.9. etc.) divided by:
Nearest ten thousand down divided by ten thousand. Ex. Kidou stat of person is 27,350 base kidou therefore if he had a 2.0 bonus his modifier of 1.0 is divided by 2 which is 20,000 the nearest down ten thousand divided by 10,000. The modifier is adjusted to 0.5 and now has a bonus of 1.5.

If kidou stat exceeds 100k, modifier is a set 0.01 making all bonuses from that point on 1.01.
(Note: Does change reiatsu) [Reasoning for this ability: This is an incentive to reward those who use kidou three times to gain mastery of spells, a way of increasing a Kidoushuu member’s general power, and as a benefit to former members, who went to all the work using the kidou for the synergical aura and even mastering some without a reiatsu boost, who would other wise lose a significant amount once they left.(Also with the syn aura change, kidou can surpass reiatsu so this acts as a means to counteract that to a point)]

General Kidou Mechanics:

Learned Status: Originally, the required usage for this status was three uses, but it was decided at the time, during late summer, that due to how people seemed to be able to use a kidou perfectly upon their first use of a spell, that it was unfair to us to have a requirement to learn a spell be three uses. (Note: I can not recall if it was already dropped, but I do remember it being mentioned that this would be changed to something based on the kidou level.)

Mastered Status: Instated as the mark that a person knows a spell completely and id fully used to using the spell properly. Usages to gain this status were set as the old learn usage requisite of three uses. (Note: There is no way to actually master every kidou at this point, most especially certain Clan/Division exclusive kidou and an infamous high level bakudou. I would also like to add that this in itself is a lot harder than you think plot wise. Several kidou has only a limited number of uses as well as viable need in most cases.)

[SPOILER="Note:"]This is the current sheet for the Kidoushuu, this may be changed depending upon the outcome of whether it requires more to be added or somethign needs to be changed/taken out.[/SPOILER]
[SPOILER="Wishful Thought"][/SPOILER]

Zalin Venkar - 8th Division Fukutaichou
12th Hanchou of the Kidoushuu

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