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Old 01-30-2007, 02:05 PM
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Dar buddy ^_^

We must know who won that fight, I mean they were Arch Rivals, so who prevailed??

[SPOILER="Ishus Techno - Unseated, 2nd Divison"]
Ishus Techno - Unseated, 2nd Division
Reiatsu: 1168
Zanjutsu: 491
Hakuda: 50
Hohou: 279
Kidou: 348
Hadou #4, Byakurai
Bakudou #21, Clay
Hadou #15, Defusion

Connection: 670
- None
- None
[SPOILER="2nd Division - Reconnaissance and Vanguard Spec-Ops"]
Captain: Taiken Yuusuke
Vice Captain: Masayume Houmuru
Seated Officers:
3rd Seat: Kaoin Kisho
- Ishus Techno
- Lynx [??]

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