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Old 02-24-2007, 09:48 PM
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Default Few Suggestions

Hi everybody, sorry for spamming your forum, but I don't know where should I put this, so I'm making a new thread for it.

Those are few suggestions that I made about MMORPG via PM and now I'm posting it here.

i. I got a few ideas about Bleach MMORPG and I hope they might be useful to you guys.

Well, first of all, any story you're planing, should happen before Ichigo became shinigami, maybe, even century before(heh, that way, you'll be able to choose quincy as playble characters-they could be best ranged characters). Also, if you're going to create a story, then, probably, the best way for it is that of "Guild Wars", where you can go either alone or with the party on mission in real world or in Soul Society.

Now, few ideas about shinigami. All of the shinigami, should start at academy, where they'll learning basic demon arts and basic close combat(sword fencing). Speacking of demon art. There should be three branches of them - Bakudou, Hadou and healing arts(forgot it's name). And in sword fencing there should be offencive(later on connected to release attacks), blocking(and later on counter attacking) and evading(later on Shyunpo, both combat type and travaling type) moves. You could choose one primary and two secondary skills. It'll be easier to raise those skills(primary is the easiest skill to be raised). Player's type of release and "final release" will depend on choice of primary and secondary skills. If I'm not mistaken there are 4 types or release(if memory serves me right, something like that was mentioned in episode when Yoruichi fought Soi Fong), but I don't remember them .

Oh! And low lvl shinigami shouldn't have zanpaktou, but training swords(forgot it's name as well, it was mentioned in episode where Ichigo was almost killed by Zaraki Kenpachi, it was the first time, Ichigo saw the hollow inside him, but back then he didn't knew who it was, he just fought against it with training sword while hollow was attacking him with zanpaktou). You should also include customization system for zanpaktous. When shinigami is powerfull enough, he finaly recive his own zanpaktou(at that moment customizatoin window should appear, where looks of zanpaktou is customized), after that, he need to find out it's name. About zanpaktou's abilities, well...I got no clue how to distribute those among players and what kind of those should exist in the game, only that there should be 4 types of it(connected to demonic arts, illusionary, offencisve(like Ichigo's Getsu Gatenshou or Ikkaku's and Rengi's form changing attacks)...Well, you get the point=-)

P.S. Bhuhuhuhu...I'm a hollow bait
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Don't take this in the wrong way man, babbo's just tbeen trying to get this messag across for the last couple hours <.<

So, ok babbo's gonna emphasize this:all people that want to take part in the story and concept design go to the concept /story design thread. Everyone has suggestions but we have to do this in a logical progression and within the confines of what can be done. Gonna close this and trash it, don't take it the wrong way. Just bring these ideas up again at the proper time in the proper place <.<

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