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Default Darius Vahanian

Contact Info: lambosama (AIM)

Name: Darius Vahanian

Age: 28

Appearance: Darius' dark, shaggy hair is wild and voluminous, extending down to around his shoulders and ending in two small braids that hang farther below. He has a somewhat caramel complexion. Darius stands at a medium built five-foot, ten inches. He is not bulky but neither could he be considered overly lithe. His mopped bulk of hair often hangs in his face, covering his light brown eyes.

Darius has his right eye closed most of the time, as if half asleep; somewhat highlighting the beauty mark beneath his left eye.

He most often wears an eclectic set of clothing, a long coat made from lightly tanned leather hide, topped with a thick fur neck lining. A plain tee-shirt beneath is only adorned by a necklace that he wears at all times. Criss-crossing riveted belts serve as his holsters for his Orpheus issued guns and his tight-fit, midnight blue jeans are rolled just above a pair of low-cut, form-fitting canvas material shoes.

Persona: Agent Vahanian is a sensitive man, who has a slight propensity for cynicism. He is the type who, above all, seeks balance. That search for “balance” has led to the belief that emotions are unreliable as a facilitator for that end. Outwardly, he has a habit of projecting no emotion, but any current of emotion he does have, he will communicate it so that it doesn’t lead to him reacting in an emotional way.

Though he is not a coward, he isn’t particularly brave or reckless. Darius will usually try to avoid a fight or run away unless he has no other option but to fight.

Bio: Darius Vahanian has long since been entrenched in the world of the spiritual. His family was taken from him at a young age, activating his own spiritual powers. Since then he has made an effort to conceal his power, blaming himself for his loss. Destiny persisted despite his trauma and at age 16, his power manifested again. His foster parents, his best friend and his girlfriend at the time were all killed.

It was after this that a kind benefactor adopted him and cared for him, a woman named Leah. With her help, he has learned to seek peace of mind for himself over what happened. He tempers any unchecked emotions, like the ones he has felt with the twice lost families he had, with a desire for "balance".

When Darius was 20 he moved to Japan to study abroad and eventually was contacted by Orpheus agents while attending university. Because his looks could not be readily identified with a specific race or culture, he has been traveling abroad for Orpheus, carrying out many menial missions that keep the organization running.

Recently, he has been called back to Japan to unify what forces remain of the proud organization.

Organization: Orpheus

Reiatsu: 17,059
Combat: 10,000
Agility: 1,500
Resistance: 5,559
Harmony: 13,768

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Default I need help

Hello everybody! Forgive me my english please. Can you tell me how can I quickly contact with forum administration?
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