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Old 03-12-2007, 02:30 PM
Trigger Trigger is offline
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SN: Trigger
Char: Mynar Elissa Zibrinski
AIM: trigger82788

~~~Mynar Elissa Zibrinski~~~
~~a.k.a The Rushin' Russian!!~~
~11th Candidate, in recruitment~

[SPOILER="Mynar's Stats"]Reiatsu - 495
Zanjutsu – 187
Hakuda – 176
Hohou – 111
Kidou – 11
Connection – 385[/SPOILER]
[SPOILER="Reason for me being called Peep..."]BabboTheArm (1:37:21 AM): you're a peep
Trigger82788 (1:37:31 AM): I have been dubbed Peep
Trigger82788 (1:37:51 AM): Can someone christen it?
BabboTheArm (1:38:09 AM): *bashes a champagne bottle across Peep's head*
BabboTheArm (1:38:16 AM): yup ;D

Trigger82788 (1:38:17 AM): ow...
[SPOILER="Claimed by and Claimed..."]Diamondsforever (Sakurai Amaya)
Claimed: Aya's Miniskirt!!![/SPOILER]
Old 03-27-2007, 12:49 AM
Twilight Blade Twilight Blade is offline
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Forum: Twilight Blade (kinda obvious...>_>)
Character: Saito Tasogare
AIM: TwilightTasogare (EST) [Guess how I came up with that one..o.O]
Nickname: Twi, Sai, any others you feel like. ^_^
The first hope of the day, Dawn
The last light of the night, Dusk
The lost souls trapped in between, Twilight
Saito Tasogare – 12th Seat, 10th Division

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