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Default [2nd->R/11th] Week 99: Tea for the Road

[2nd->R/11th] Week 99: Tea for the Road

[Spoiler=OOC Note]Thanks to VJ for writing this with me. As you folks may guess, this marks Yuusuke's official departure into rogueship. Let's have whoever's grading the second divsion Captain go ahead and grade this on my end. Thanks.[/Spoiler]

Arcadian Kyuu (VJ)
Taiken Yuusuke (Sho)

The smooth caress stimulated the proper nerves in the proper amount to transmit a sensation to the brain along the spinal cord. From there, some how, it was made a decision that the feel of this particular touch sensation was pleasant. But where did the decision come from, how did he decide, subconsciously, that this was an enjoyable experience. Something like this might require a reflection of manuscript category to properly explore.

Then again, with the recent down time he had acquired due to his action in the invasion, Kyuu didn't feel that this was an unreachable goal. Gazing at the ribbon of his Zanpakutou as he slowly guided it over his fingers, he wondered about the deeper implications of this joy. How could he enjoy touching something so potently aligned with that which he abhorred? More troubling still, how could he make such a claim without being false, if indeed a soul slayer was the condensed essence of one's soul. Was he in his essence a being of malice?

And why did he find his soul slayer to be such a beautiful instrument? This question could not be contemplated further, as he was disturbed at his small post by another Shinigami abruptly knocking and entering.

"Sir, we have a captain approaching the gate. What are you orders?"

"Very well," Kyuu started as he arouse. "I will greet the captain, you go make sure everyone is bright-eyed and attentive so we aren't scrutinized for lax security. Not that I expect any lapses in my men to begin with."

"Of course, sir."

A captain, eh? Must be paranoid since the recent attack. Then again, its probably just Diega coming to raise her hackles at me further for my independent actions. A river is not something guided by man, every barrier placed in its way is overcome and circumvented with time. She is wise enough to see this but, why then persist in the activities?

The train of thought was broken as he glided elegantly from his post to the clouded night, spying something all together unexpected.

Bowing deeply and with a genuine respect, Kyuu intoned with a deep yet solemn voice "Good evening Second Division Captain Taiken Yuusuke-sama, we here of the eleventh squad are truly honored to have your company on this veiled night."

When was the last time he'd felt this particular sensation?

The Captain wasn't sure, but perhaps it had been as long as it'd been for him to really gaze upon the soft silver-light of the midnight. Things always seemed to change when he gained a new perspective on life and this was one of those moments yet again. Most of the heart-lifting eve had been spent making the appropriate preparation for the occasion; the small time that had been left over had been spent traveling toward the southern gate. What was this solitary emotion that dominated his thoughts?


There was a sense of remorse, of course, at the need to leave the Gotei; it shouldn't have to be this way for the auburn haired Captain to feel as though he was accomplishing anything, and yet it was. There was a concern for the long term well-being of the Gotei, but Yuusuke knew that for now, there was strength enough to support the organization of balancers for years to come.

And how will the Gotei handle this? Amagawa had no concern when Shinkou left the Gotei with Rei and those men, but there's a major difference between he and his leaving to join an organization that supports the Gotei and myself who is foraging a path into the unknown. There's a distinct possibility that I will not be so easily forgiven as the others. But it's of no matter to me. I'll do what is right by me.

The moonlit soliloquy was interrupted by the bass tones of a Shinigami, impeding his path to the Gate of Freedom which rose only a few feet behind the guard duty. Nice to know that the guards are competent. Of course, things could get a bit sticky here. Not that I ever really intended to conceal the fact that I was leaving, but Diega isn't too far from here either. If they alert her…well…I'll deal with that possibility as it comes.

"Hail to you, Guardians of the South Gate. It is a relief to see that even after such a grievous assault on this Grand Court, the Gates have received appropriate attention. I hope you're well and not standing guard while still injured. And if you would please, it's just Yuusuke now. Or Yuusuke-taichou if you like. I'm surprised you recognized me without the ivory Haori."

"I'm afraid it would be difficult not to recognize you, Yuusuke-taichou, even were it not I in particular leading this gate watch." Amazing, that a captain can stand so close to many unseated or low-ranked officers and not produce more then a hint of their Reiatsu. Such control is fitting of the legendary status of captain, let alone this one. And there is something I need to convey to him regardless . . . "The Captain of the Second Division has always held my respect, much akin to all Captains, but in particular you, sir, have more so of it."

Why isn't he wearing his uniform? Something is off, here. "Diega-taichou is a fierce captain, who commands the respect of many, especially those who serve with her. But for all that fierceness she possesses the compassion required of a Gotei thirteen leader. In spite of my grievous injuries during the invasion, I was methodically restored through the efforts of both Sayuri-Taichou's division and my own."

"Perhaps before I inundate you with a request of my own, Yuusuke-taichou, we should carry forth with the formalities of your travel?" I find my own nervousness at meeting him quite queer. I've met with Diega-taichou, Katsu-fukutaichou, Sayuri-taichou, and yet this brings me on edge. He allowed his stygian-shadowed sapphire eyes to turn up and look at the sky for a moment, revealing the paleness of his skin and the contrast of his engulfing dark hair. He turned back down his gaze to Yuusuke with respect, the large man bearing a smile on his lips.

"I would expect no less of Diega, of course. I was merely curious as to whether the recent fighting had been so severe that men with lesser degrees of injuries were being forced to serve. Still, if you've been to see Sayuri and her squadron, then I have no doubt that your condition is top notch. She really has done an excellent job of taking charge of the Gotei's healing division."

The former-Captain observed the man who was heading the guard duty with a degree of great interest. It was certainly odd looking up at another man once again; Yuusuke had spent most of his life surrounded by much shorter me. There was something else, though, that caught his eye. The way the man carried himself conveyed a great deal of poise and confidence; his tone of voice was commending, yet held all the right degrees of respect. He almost felt as though he could be standing in front of a clone of Shiroi, but new that there were differences between the two. If this had been Shiroi, there would've been much less respect and more of a self-certainty bordering on self-righteousness.

"The nature of my travel? I'd have to say it's a visit, I suppose. A visit to meet with some old friends and speak with them in depth about the state of things within Soul Society, and then perhaps some observations about Rukongai and perhaps even slaying a few rogue Hollows."

The Captain paused, nodding at the plausibility of that. It wasn't completely unheard of for a Captain to take trips into Rukongai to check up on friends or family or simply to check on the condition of the place. Given that there had just been an attack with unknown repercussions on the Town of Wandering Souls, it was a good reason – one which coincided with his plans anyway.

A personal request? This shall be…interesting to see what it is he wants. "Will that suffice, Mr…Ah, my apologies for not asking your identity earlier. What is your name?"

"It would seem my manners will be the death of me one day, Yuusuke-taichou. I am Arcadian Kyuu, of the eleventh division." With the pronouncement of his humble position, Kyuu bowed deeply again to Yuusuke. In part, he did this as an observation of formal etiquette, though the truth of his action lay in the fact that the rumors that reached his ears regarding this man spoke of a man who in his core, cared for more then the violence of a war-bound life in the Gotei. Checking on Rukongai, a cause I wish I could personally undertake. However, sympathies mustn't deter from protocol, since the Sou-taichou has this place locked down.

"In honesty, if I had not been assigned with this specific duty, I would likely be engaging in the very same behavior right this moment, Sir," Kyuu started with a light voice that betrayed an earnest belief. "But it seems I was a little too boisterous for my own good, and I'm getting a lesson on discipline and control." He flashed another grin to convey his thoughts on the issue before proceeding.

"I hope you'll see that our movements are nothing short of top-notch, Sir. Well, to that effect, I have to ask if you cleared your movements with the central forty six or the Sou-Taichou. I have no real desire to ask, but you could be put here by Diega-taichou to test me, and failing my duties would be quite embarrassing then, wouldn't it?" I cannot begin to fathom what sort of terrible rage that would unleash, so grievously failing in ones' duty while on a probationary station.

As he anticipated the Captain's forthcoming response, Kyuu appraised the man before him. He was tall, confident, capable, all that much was readily apparent in simply his bearing. Yet his voice betrayed a hint of something else, pleasure, perhaps, in what he does. A psychological insight that if true would require quite some time to unravel in terms of its importance. I must calm my mind. Its important to stay focused when addressing a Captain of the Gotei! With this, his countenance slipped into a nervous smile.

He chuckled lightly, more to himself than to the Seated Officer before him, and spoke softly, "Arcadian Kyuu, is it? Sounds like an odd name to me. Regardless, it's nice to meet you, Kyuu-san."

The sage hadn't realized that Amagawa had the court on full lockdown and was almost taken by surprise until he concluded that it made sense to do such. It would almost be irresponsible to not keep the place locked of all travel, in or out, and allow people to slip in and out with ease. Of course, such a thing would not stop him from completing his purpose tonight.

"You've down well then, Kyuu. Your movements are indeed top notch and your squad looks to be one of the best I have observed at these gates for a long time. Not that I've used them recently, but definitely a top notch group," the Captain stated, completely confident in his words. Not that he had any reason to not be confident in the truth.

He pondered for a moment what he should say. Ultimately, there was no stopping his imminent escape; a simple Kidou or a Shunpo would allow for a quick get away, and he could easily knock out anyone who tried to stop him. Once he hit the populated sections of Rukongai, it would be a simple matter of fully hiding his Reiryoku and blending in with the souls that lived there…something that he fully intended to do. He had no real reason to lie to this guardian; within a few hours, Amagawa would receive his message and the Gotei would be alerted to his abandonment.

"Well, since you're inquiring, my 'movements' are not of the kind that need approving by Amagawa or any of the members of Central 46," his voice had a degree of certainty and sincerity to it, letting all members of the squad understand what his purpose was tonight, "And in fact, I no longer answer to anyone within the Gotei. This movement is more…of the permanent kind."

Kyuu's jaw reflexively clenched shut, his eyes narrowing tightly. "Oh, well, that's quite a bind for me, and quite a decision for you, Yuusuke-sama." And indeed, I am now forced to choose between duty, honor, and the moral path. "I hope you'll indulge me my open analysis. Perhaps even critique it," and with that, he flashed a sincere grin.

"As I see it, your leaving is more or less inevitable. In order to serve in my best capacity as a gate guard, my only choice is to stand down and let you pass. Then, using hell moths, to send word to the close proximity captains. Additionally, I should personally visit the first vice captain or captain I can find to relate the news and help accelerate the situation to the Gotei's favor." He paused a moment. "This is what a gate guard must do if he is to do his job well. Alternatively, I could attempt to bar you, but since you are a captain that is impossible. I would be brushed aside just as any of my peers here, thusly fulfilling the letter of my job but not the intent."

Now his face grew more severe as he continued. "However, I'm left with a moral calamity brewing before me. I promised some day I might change the way Soul Society treats its citizens, and if I do not perform to my utmost to hinder your escape, I will be negligent to that vow. And of all things, I do not wish to be labeled unable to hold my own moral standard."

A soft, "Tsch," escaped the tall death god's lips. "While it may seem foolish of a stranger to demand this of you, perhaps even moot, would you pause a moment to tell me why you depart? You have my solemn vow I will not use this time to enact deceptions of any sort. I and my men will remain where they stand to listen to your words. If you ponder it a moment, a stranger may be the best ears to receive such understanding, Yuusuke-sama."

"Besides, if you are so generous as to do such, I'll tell you what I was originally going to ask of you." And with that, he opened up into a genuine grin once more, finding a bit of mirth in the moment. "I'll give you something moot in return."

"My deepest apologies for placing you in this difficult situation, Kyuu-san. I don't believe in lying to accomplish my goals as that would only ultimately make me no better than many of the treacherous snakes that work against the safety of all of us," began Yuusuke, bowing deeply before the man before him as a show of respect. You're a good man, Kyuu. I can tell that already. Become strong and you'll go far in accomplishing your goals within the Gotei, my friend.

"It's inevitable, of course, for the other Captains to find out about my departure into the Rukongai. My original plan was to have them find out at the first sight of dawn when several letters shall be delivered to most of the Captains, although the most important will be delivered to Amagawa stating my exact reasons for abandoning this place. I would've ultimately preferred to be further out into Rukongai by the time they find out, but it is of no importance. I won't try to stop you from notifying the higher-ups of my intentions; after all, I bear no grudge to the Gotei itself and will come to its aid during times of need."

The former member of the Gotei observed the Death God curiously, wondering how he planned to impede his escape. Certainly, he could try to convince the next Vice-Captain or Captain to pursue him within the next few moments. It really didn't matter, though, as he smiled gently and continued, "Of course, you have to uphold your moral standards, Kyuu. That's something everyone should do, regardless of what everyone else says. Sometimes, we're placed in a situation that requires us to compromise our moral standards and it's then that you can find the true measure of a man."

He paused again and swept his hand in a grandiose gesture, pointing to the thousands of ivory builds in the backdrop of the White City. "This place can be one that causes such a situation to be brought about, Kyuu. Perhaps less so as a young officer within its ranks, but more so as one climbs the ladder to the top. Do you know what Captains are meant to do, Kyuu? We are meant to stay within the city walls and hold the Gotei together, as leaders and as the last defense of the Gotei. It is a noble charge for those who welcome it…but for others, it wears away all of our ideals and dreams leaving only a pale husk of strength in its wake. My dreams have been to protect the Rukongai for as long as I can remember. And yet, it has been ages since I truly thought of their protection. Why am I leaving? Because I am needed not within these hallowed walls, but on the outside. There's strength enough here to replace me; that strength is also needed outside of these walls. Thus, I shall lend my strength to enable the protection of Rukongai."

An easily-read expression of concern spread over the features of the pale warrior, signifying the process of examining the words spoken and attempting to discern the meanings both apparent and veiled. "This response concerns me greatly, Yuusuke-sama. You mean to say that becoming a captain is the means by which all ability to invoke change in the Seireitei is removed?" His jaw clenched, indicated by the curling of his right cheek slightly. "This is a most disturbing realization. . . to come from one such as you only empowers the effect of such an idea."

I had thought that perhaps, that would be the one way to change this antiquated system of feudal mastery over an impoverished people. That perhaps, instead of lord and protector, the Shinigami could become family and guardian. "If one cannot change the nature of the leviathan from within, how could one hope to endure its awesome power without, Yuusuke-sama?" With that question, Kyuu looked up to the sky again, smiling as he saw the engulfing cover of weighted clouds. "The sky will cry for your departure tonight, it seems. Which reminds me of how I first became a death god. If you indulge me this small tale, perhaps you shall see the severity of my concern."

"Upon coming to this world, like many souls, I was abandoned to the contingency of this after-life that is a life. I found my way through manual labor: a strong body that does not tire proved very useful for the life of a rancher. Would you believe, at that time, I was fed four square meals a day. I had no idea the significance of such a rabid hunger." A glimmer in his eyes conveyed a admixture of emotions.

"I was used by my former master, but bear him no grudge past or present. It was there, on that ranch in the outskirts, I learned to face the life-ending power of water and supersede the fear death had instilled in me with love for its properties. When it rained, I was able to break, and in the thrum of its deadening veil, I could sing and speak for as long as the water persisted."

"I knew no greater joy."

"Time, two centuries of time, past before a random event, unlikely as it may have been, allowed me to become a death god. A officer patrolling the outer districts for hollows saw me eating in the rain." A smile crept over his features, moving to fill the space previously occupied by solemn regard. "I learned about the nature of this life, and my heart was stirred with all the violence, hate, and terrible wrath I once possessed. It's name is Akuma no Fuuchi." He accompanied the naming with a slow caress of this soul slayer's aquamarine ribbon. "Times require change, and I had hoped to sew such change from within. Though I am not so foolish as to believe this cannot be achieved without strength of all kinds, mental, physical, and moral."

"You know, this is quite enjoyable, to relieve myself of this philosophical burden. Strangers can be quite useful, Yuusuke-sama."

"To call it a leviathan may not be entirely incorrect, Kyuu, though perhaps you should liken it to a mechanical giant than a living entity," It's strange how something as simple as walking away can lead to a conversation of this sort. Perhaps the Gotei has a good future ahead of it yet. The man let a sympathetic expression form on his gentle features as he continued with his response to the younger man. "A machine that has a purpose and will of its own; everything that it does is all to advance this purpose, even if it's unaware of this. And within the machine, every component is vital to its survival, from the smallest cog to the CPU. Some parts may be more easily replaced, but each is necessary…and…no matter how a part may wish, it can't change that machine's purpose. All it can do is help to fulfill those wishes."

"So how, you may ask, can the nature of the beast be altered? Who knows. Perhaps if enough components stop working at once, the machine will undergo an overhaul. Or perhaps if the men operating the machine realize how desperately change is needed, then the purpose shall be altered. On the other hand, the only way to change that machine may be to smash it to pieces and rebuild it completely. Though that's a bit morbid, isn't it?"

Repeating the man's earlier movements, Yuusuke observed the sky with keen interest and affinity. "I'm sure you've heard by now of my affinity towards the sky and lightning; most people have a basic understanding of what these," his left hand dropped to his side, palm facing the taller man and resting on the twin wakizashi, "are capable of. Seiya Kanhouden, if we're introducing our Soul Slayers, one of the only Dual Zanpakutou in Soul Society and perhaps the Strongest Lightning-Type Weapon in it as well. It's relatively new, though, and most people know of my older weapon, Hiraishin. But I digress from my original point; perhaps the sky isn't morning my loss but welcoming my return to the fold, nah?"

The man let a fully intent smile out at that, and enjoyed the slightly bitter chill of the evening. "But you know, even though our pasts are different, I'm not so sure we're all that different. I grew up being poorer than average, but it wasn't something I minded. One might say I was happy, up until the point I died. I was lost and alone when I had died, you see. The Shinigami that had let my soul move on was nowhere to be seen and I was unable to comprehend what had go on. By all accounts, I should've been lucky though. I had ended up in the richest area of Rukongai…but the people there were selfish, and I was left to be a beggar."

"Two years I lived like that until I was rescued. A small family stumbled upon me by chance and freed me from that place. They were truthfully good people; hardly rich, but they had enough. My adopted father made it his duty to help funnel money into poorer areas and bring relief to them. My new siblings accepted me with open arms and loved me unconditionally. They taught me much…of the afterlife and of the Shinigami. And of how the Shinigami were so corrupted by their power that they were no longer protectors of justice."

"Time passed, and I was happy."

The former Captain paused, his Golden eyes livening up with strong emotion as he recited the next part of his story, "But time changes things, and one day, maybe twelve years ago at most, they were slaughtered by Hollows. Yes, I was angry. Yes, a part of me wanted revenge. But more than that, I felt pity for the creature. My anger was directed both at myself and at the Gotei. Of course, I knew that they couldn't stop every attack but I was also aware of the shortcomings of the Gotei. At that time, I promised to myself that I would be come a Shinigami who would always remember his duty to the billions of innocents…and that I would change the Gotei. So really, I guess we're similar in that respect," and the ex-Captain flashed him a smile at this, "So you can drop the honorific. I'm no more important than you. After all, I'm just a civilian now."

Hearing the final sentence, Kyuu chuckles earnestly. "But, I did change my honorific, Yuusuke-sama, as I'm sure you noticed. At the very least, if our paths are parallel in orientation yet staggered temporally, I should treat you as a wise master. I find this comical, for, I indeed had intentions of finding you as a master, Yuusuke-sama." A hint of nervousness slipped through the visage of the death god.

"Ah, indeed, word can be hardly contained about the abilities of the second division captain to manipulate Kidou. I myself have aspirations of mastering the art of Kidou use. And I had hoped to ask you to teach me this art. Though, admittedly, this supplication was one of four I hope to enact. I have studied long and hard in the libraries available to me, reading treaties and manuscripts on the nature of conflict and how Shinigami, the personification of human strength, apply their ability to conflict."

"I found nothing more compelling then the idea to neglect any of these teachings would cause one's downfall. So, I've worked to master the three primary methods of fighting, in addition to toning my body for speed, in spite of its ungainly natural size. I do not know if you would have had me, but such a question is moot, and so now you have your moot gift, Yuusuke-sama." At this, the tall man chuckled again.

"I wonder if I could ask of you an opinion of whom to train with then?" Pausing a moment, Kyuu emitted a slow "Hmmm" before continuing. "But that's rather self-centric of me."

"A welcome home? No more important then me? I suspect you could already guess which of these I find believable and which I do not. If what you say about your intentions is true, then your duty is the most important of any death god or citizen: you must be the first to live your life according to the change you wish to enact. Between being a master, and having such an important obligation, I'd guess you've earned your honorific, wouldn't you Yuusuke-sama?"

"You flatter me, you really do," laughed the rogue at that, "But in all seriousness, strength should never be a measure of importance. A person shouldn't have to be strong to matter in this world; unfortunately, we do need strength. Still, as a person, that doesn't mean I have to accept that rule. Rather, I would say that it's my obligation to reject that and treat all my fellows as important comrades, wouldn't you say?"

His shoulders bobbed up in a quick shrug as he ended that line of thought and held his palm out again, channeling an infinitesimal portion of his Kidouryoku into the creation of small azure orb. "It's not uncommon for members of the Gotei to wish to learn the secrets of Kidou; it's a powerful force in combat, as fierce and versatile as the power of Nature itself. As a result, there are a number of masters of the Demon Arts, each who is as different as the next, using the power of thaumaturgy to enhance their skills. It would ultimately depend on how you wish to utilize Kidou as to who I would recommend."

"Perchance you wished to learn the defensive and healing aspects of Kidou primarily, I would certainly recommend Chikako Sayuri as your instructor. If you were to specialize in the power of binding and then striking at full force, Murray Yukiko would be the obvious choice. The offensive power of Hadou and full understanding of the make up of Kidou is a realm explored by the legendary Kyin Fenre. Word has reached me that the young Vice-Captain of the Thirteenth, Kanosuke Jinju, has taken up the specialty of shaping the form of Kidou to his will. The infamous Shiroi knows better than anyone the full tactical applications of any Kidou, and though his disposition is legendary, he is as skilled as anyone. Or finally, Hiana Maisaku is the local specialist on the elemental specialization of Kidou, able to control Ice-and-Water based Kidou on a whim."

The young man paused to gesture in a wide arc yet again, "So, as you may notice, each Kidou user has his or her own unique method of using Kidou. Even I have a tendency to specialize in the good ol' one-two Bakudou to Hadou combination…mixed in with a bit of elemental specialization, of course. Though, if you're just getting into Kidou, my suggestion is to speak with Yukiko or Kyin on the matter. Or, if you can manage to find me in my journey, I'd be happy to instruct you in the basics."

"Strength doesn't matter," Kyuu started as he slid his hands into the sewn pockets of his hakama. "That, I believe, Yuusuke-sama is the goal not the starting point. As it stands, to be noticed, to make change, to be more then a indiscernible fragment among millions of others bearing the yoke of another's desires. . ." he stopped for a moment, his expression turning dour.

"To rise up from that status you need strength. This, single and most horrible injustice in the life after life, to spend a near eternity separated from those you love only to forge a new identity with no ability to determine your fate. Create a new family that you would loose all over again." Suddenly, Kyuu cocked his head, as if an idea immediately revealed itself from the veil of obscurity.

"My manners, well, I was chastised about them in the fight too. I promise I'll work on them. Do you have provisions for your journey, Yuusuke-sama? As it turns out, I bring a healthy portion of some rather rare, rather delightful tea with me when I watch this station. I guess it depends if you like sweets or not, though. If you mix just the right amount of milk and sugar, it is like drinking a hot liquid mint." With that, the tall death god slipped into the gate station and disappeared for a short time.

Emerging from the station, the death god carried a small bag, decorated with beadwork and tied with a thin velvety rope. "It has even been hand dipped in chocolate to add a little something to the flavor when you mix it with water." Wearing a jolly expression, he continued. "It may not be quite what a man of your old station would have been given as a fare well gift, but it is the best I can offer."

"My station isn't so high up that I'm not above taking a gift of tea along with me. I'm rather fond of the drink, you see, and though I have brought food enough to last me until I arrive at that place, I'd be quite rude to refuse such a lovely gift. It sounds like such a delicious treat," he bowed slightly before accepting the gift in full and tucking it inside his Gi.

"You almost speak as though being a former Captain means that I'm suddenly some sort of rich man who can't enjoy the finer things in life. It's true that most Captains have more extravagant offices than most, but we don't really make much money. Heck, even if I had, I wouldn't be able to spend it. No real chance to, you see. Amagawa himself has taken practice to only residing within the office of a typical seated officer, though I suspect that has to do with his feelings of being unable to take over Shinkou's office," chuckling again, the man bobbed his head in a quick nod before muttering, "Though I don't know why he humbles himself like that…"

"Of course," he spoke up again, eyes gleaming in the soft silver light, "It is because I have strength that I can hope to ever accomplish this goal. Strength is such an odd thing. It is both the limiter and the release; the cage and the freedom. To be strong is to stand out. To stand out makes you a target of machinations, perhaps even more so than those who are weak. And yet, in the end, it is that same strength which can break free of those machinations. The real question then is what do you do with that strength? Do you follow the path laid down before your forefathers? Or do you cut your own path into the unknown future? Do you flaunt your power like a child with a sword? Or do you careful conceal them as an Assassin with his blade? And the most important of all, what do you use that power for? For wealth? For glory? For fame? For yourself? For others? Any one of those is fine so long as you know why you are strong and what that strength is for. Remember that as you become stronger. Keep clear sight of your goal and of your reasons, and you'll do fine."

Yuusuke began to move slowly again towards the gates, before waving briefly, "As for me, I think you know what my strength is for. I draw my sword for everyone…in the foolish attempt of a boy to keep protecting as many as I can. Where will my path end? Who knows. But I'll be sure to keep moving on with this strength…"

He laughed once more and then continued to walk onwards, "But I've been rambling far too long here. The moon sinks lower into slumber and the time to depart is upon me. Thanks for the chat and Tea, Kyuu. It was really quite a nice time. I'll be sure to drop in from time to time to check in on those manners of yours."

Without hesitation, as Yuusuke approached the gate Kyuu turned to the guards and issued the firm command, “Open the gates and salute the man who deserves your respect.” And in following with his own order snapped to attention and saluted the departing Yuusuke. I’m glad he likes tea, that was an expensive blend. But, Yuusuke-sama, what did you see as a captain of a Gotei that made you believe the best path for the people was to leave it? In a odd moment of revelation, Kyuu was somewhat disappointed he couldn’t oppose Yuusuke’s departure. It was not a noble feeling, but rather a regret that he could not satiate his need to struggle against a real power.

It tore at him, and his eyes dropped as Yuusuke faded from view, gazing down at his Zanpakutou. This is your desire, isn’t it? Your emotion flooding through our link into my own mind and heart? But how far apart are we, Akuma? “Well that about does it. Your standing orders are to close down the gate immediately. Asaka, you have sufficient speed to head for the thirteenth, do so immediately. I’m heading for the twelfth division. Dispatch hell moths to each other captain of the Gotei thirteen. Fall out!” And with that, he leaned forward, committing his mind to a brief set of calculations as he began to Shunpo towards the headquarters of the hunters.

Steady, burn the Reiatsu a little at a time so you get there without pause. Leaping from building to building, Kyuu thought of his encounter. The similarities between the two men were obvious, yet the path so starkly different. Would it just be a matter of time before he found himself walking away from Seireitei? No. I won’t do this. I’ll change this world from the inside out, from the top down.

Fool. You of all people will not dissuade me from this. His mind set, Kyuu looked at what lay before him. First, be true to your own virtues.

“I wonder what else you could have taught me, Taiken Yuusuke?”

[Spoiler=Bleach RPG - Rogue Shinigami, Taiken Yuusuke]
Taiken Yuusuke - Rogue
Reiatsu – 60,297
Seiya Kanhouden - ~72,356~
Seiya Kanhouden Akatsukiyami - ~120,594~ (8 Turns /// *60%*)
Zanjutsu – 11,744
Hakuda – 3,442
Hohou –16,724
Kidou – 28,387
*See Profile*
Enishi – 59,367

"One cannot predict Kidou. Avoiding it is even more impossible." ~ Kuchiki Byakuya

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