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Default Week 98 Kai Evals

The following Kai were approved, pending appropriate changes.


-Change number of blade to three times normal in first attack; Put parenthesizes in damage calculation.
-Redo the third attack.


-Lower damage calculation to 1/5 Zanjutsu.


-Fuse one ability and form; reduce properties of blade and get ride of one attack.
-Submit next week.


-Add hybrids into ability for Shi Kai.
-Ban Kai is approved as is.
-Lower fusible Kidou to two only in Shinno Ban Kai.


-Change the speed of the attack to 1.5 times Zanjutsu; damage is 2/5th Zanjutsu plus Reiatsu drained.
-Get rid of chart.


-Lower boost to 20%.
-Up bullet range to 500 feet; however, accuracy must decrease as distance increases.
-Reduce multi-shot total cost to 5%, 1% for each shot.


-Summon has stats set at 75% of your Reiatsu, using the Hollow stat system. Distribute these stats as you like.
[Spoiler=Bleach RPG - Rogue Shinigami, Taiken Yuusuke]
Taiken Yuusuke - Rogue
Reiatsu – 60,297
Seiya Kanhouden - ~72,356~
Seiya Kanhouden Akatsukiyami - ~120,594~ (8 Turns /// *60%*)
Zanjutsu – 11,744
Hakuda – 3,442
Hohou –16,724
Kidou – 28,387
*See Profile*
Enishi – 59,367

"One cannot predict Kidou. Avoiding it is even more impossible." ~ Kuchiki Byakuya

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