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Default [2nd] Volume 93 – Heat the Steel, Empower the Self [Non-Plot Related]

[2nd] Volume 93 – Heat the Steel, Empower the Self [Non-Plot Related]

So it came to pass that days before the invasion of the Sine Qua Non agents, the Captain of the Second was found not in his office, in all of its glorious clutter, nor could be found in the almost abandoned apartment that he had resided in for the past half year. It was true that he hardly left his post, but when he did it, it could only be for one thing, and one thing alone.


That’s why Monta knew that the only place to find his Captain would be within the lonely sanctuary of the abandoned Kidou training field just outside of the Rokubantai. But he didn’t bother with that. The monkey boy wasn’t sure if it was a good thing or a bad thing that the Captain had felt the need to train during the middle of the day. It did mean one thing, though. He needed to step up his own training. Something must’ve been coming.

Training 1: The Power of Words

He had every reason to think that. Yuusuke had sensed it as well. Not in the sense that he had “foreseen” anything; rather, there was a feeling radiating in the air. A feeling of both anticipation and dread. Things had been too quiet with Ryoka in Seireitei, and he’d gotten disturbingly few reports from his men. The one I got from Kisho-kun was the most disturbing of all. Just as he was to engage one of the Ryoka, someone swept him away. There’s something wrong here…and with the letters from Zeitgeist, I can’t help but think that this calm is a prelude to a raging storm.

That was assuredly the reason why he had dragged himself to these training grounds. It was old, of course. Ever since he had left the sixth division, it’d become more of a general all-purpose group than a pack of archers. As a result, the extra Kidou ground had been all but completely abandoned. It showed in the condition of the targets. Many had never been repaired from earlier uses. Splintered posts and shredded clothe were the after-effects of that; once proud targets slumped over from disuse, their gleaming coats of coffee-brown fading into an ashen tan.

But it was isolated, and the likelihood of anyone stumbling in on him was slim to none. Which was a good thing, considering how absorbed he was in the scrolls. Muttering to himself, the Captain read from a piece of parchment documenting the use of Kidou incantations to empower the attacks. “Hmmm… The technique of Eishouhaki is achieved when an individual gains enough proficiency in Kidou to almost instantaneously gather the required Kidouryoku for certain spells. Because of this, one no longer needs to utilize the incantation for spells. The quantity of energy required to bypass a spell’s incantation dictates exactly how efficient this technique is. Generally, this technique has been regarded as the most useful of Kidou-casting abilities, only being surpassed by the famed Absolute Bypass of the Kidoushuu. However, these are not the only techniques which enhance one’s casting abilities.”

Pausing for a moment, Yuusuke shook his head. That was one thing he hated about these scrolls: they commonly detailed information of which he was already fully aware of. “Over the ages, a pair of techniques directly opposite of Eishouhaki appeared. One, however, was lost to the age leaving us with only Kichouji. Kichouji, or Precious Words, is a technique that augments all Kidou used by taking one’s time with the assault. It operates on the basis that if one can cast a Kidou at full strength in a moment, then taking the full time required to cast it will enhance the potency of the Kidou. By this, it is meant that the extra time allotted for the casting is used to stabilize and fully structure the energy pattern of the Kidou spell. Through this basic method, a Kidou user can surpass the accuracy, speed, and power of which a spell is originally intended to produce. It should be noted that one must forsake the path of Eishouhaki; attempting to utilize both techniques will result in nothing less than the absolute failure of both techniques.”

He almost frowned; abandoning casting speed for an overall boost in Kidou efficacy would most likely be worth it, but it always seemed as though most people could identify spells simply by the spell name alone. And the fact that they often took defensive measures as soon as the spell was uttered. The increase in spell speed and power would be worth it, he figured, and most of his spells were fast enough that they were hard to evade anyway.

“Hmmm…I guess…I’ll try with a decently strong spell to start with…”

Gathering up his reserve of energy, Yuusuke grinned as he began to gather the energy required for a personal favorite Kidou. Azure flames began to rage within as he chanted out, “Dominator! Mask of flesh and blood. All living beings. Flutter of wings. That which has the name human! Truth and temperance, slightly imbed your claws into the walls of innocent dreams. Hadou #33, Soukatsui!"

Fire crashed into wood and incinerated many pieces of wood in a pulsation of fire and pressure. Dust stirred from the world below, creating a screen that hide away all else. That Soukatsui had been strong. And fast. He almost shuddered at the thought of that attack turned back on him. Dodging it would’ve been utterly hopeless. A voice whispered inside his mind, That was surprisingly easy…but I need to get practice in moving and chanting again. It’s been far too long since that was needed.

His body began to sway, using his recently acquired skill in the art of movement to dash effortlessly. “Dominator! Mask of flesh and blood. All living beings. Flutter of wings. That which has the name human! Truth and temperance, slightly imbed your claws into the walls of innocent dreams. Hadou #33, Soukatsui!"

The Captain flipped into the skies as the chant finished, aiming the projectile directly into the ground below. The subsequent explosion knocked him further upwards yet, and the man took it as a chance to begin the chant for another Kidou. “Thor’s pride springs forth from me. The power of the skies give me strength. The driving will cutting through my enemies. Hadou #24, Raigen!”

A cerulean and gold spiral of energy lanced out from his palm and drilled into a wooden dummy as the boy fell down to earth. A second’s pause was all the time he needed before gathering energy for one last maneuver. Chanting began as his body tucked into a roll as he crashed into the ground once again. “The scattered bones of the beast! Spiral Tower-Red Crystal-Steel Wheels! If it moves the wind, it stops the sky! The sound of lances fill the Tiger Castle! Hadou #63, Raikouhou!”

Yuusuke grinned as the technique worked one more time, and his face split wider as it crashed into several dummies, incinerating each. “Perfect.”

[Spoiler=Bleach RPG - Rogue Shinigami, Taiken Yuusuke]
Taiken Yuusuke - Rogue
Reiatsu – 60,297
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Seiya Kanhouden Akatsukiyami - ~120,594~ (8 Turns /// *60%*)
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Hohou –16,724
Kidou – 28,387
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"One cannot predict Kidou. Avoiding it is even more impossible." ~ Kuchiki Byakuya
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Training 2: Laughing Fool

“My body’s circuit springs from me! Hadou no Hachi, Static Blast!”

The whirlwind of electrical blasts lanced forward from the man’s outstretched forefingers, barreling into the mahogany target; ebon burns marks dotted the humanesque figure, a sure indication that the Kidou had certainly hit. The heraldic voice hinted at the prideful assurance that sat within the cunning conjurer. The pride was not unfounded; despite any hindrances he had set up, the man had continued to utilize his spells beyond the normative strength and speed.

Anyone else might’ve stopped after coming to this realization, but not the whirling Captain. He knew that there might be something – anything really – that could easily disrupt the conscious thought needed to sustain it. Anything that was forged must be done to perfection; its integrity must last under all circumstances, even the most oppressive and hopeless times. If sword were to fail when presented with another sword of equal weight, then it was not a sword at all. Such was his thought.

“Portals of the neutral world, lend your use to me! Allow me to step through your lands freely! Bougyoudo no Rokujuunana, Step of Shadows!”

Melding into the darkness was always an odd feeling; it was such a mixture of bone-freezing cold and skin-melting warmth that he could never decide quite how to describe the sensation. It was pleasant, to a degree, but never so much so that he honestly looked forward to it. Still, he thought as he rose to the surface, it was certainly useful.

“Send my opponent to an early grave. Make my hatred steel, strong enough to pierce the very soul of my nemesis. Bakudou no Nanajuuhachi, Hundred Knives Torture!” The Captain appeared just behind metallic humanoid, his outstretched hand causing sheets of Reiishi to entwine around the forlorn form of the puppet. Boiling pokers pierced the pseudo-flesh as five digits caved inwards. His body dashed backwards with an explosive kick of Reiatsu marking the beginning of a shunpo.

Energy churned as his hands floated a foot apart, words flowing forth as more and more burst forward. “Great King, ruler of the worlds, a guardian asks for your assistance. Lend me the strength to destroy the evils that plague society. Let my power rival the strength of the Titans themselves. Let this soul touch the legendary powers of old. Hadou no Hachijuugo, Hadouken!”

A blazing flash of azure and a wave of ivory signaled the strength behind the once legendary Kidou. Splinters of oak, pine, mahogany, and cherry wood litered the air in a rain of shrapnel that dusted the vermillion ground with brown. A satisfied smile tilted the corners of his lips, and the man sighed in pleasure. It’d been ages since he’d been able to release tension in such a satisfying manner.

“Oiya oiya oiya~~ That was quiiiiiite magnificient, Taaaichou-dono~! A performance worthy of an ex-Kidoushuu agent.”

The new voice was certainly not one that Yuusuke had heard before, and his first reaction, with all the ryoka running around, was to launch another Kidou in the general direction of the voice. Logic, however, commonly overrides impulse and a question was posed as a whirl was in motion, “Oh…well, thanks for the praise, but who are you to be giving it out so freely?”

A pleasant sounding laugh echoed throughout the area, and Yuusuke managed to catch a glimpse of the man who had complimented him. A good deal shorter than he was, the boy seemed to weigh only slightly less than he, though the weight suited him more. He was young still, perhaps appearing to be barely sixteen or so – though you could never be sure what that meant since Kayla had been a Vice-Captain and appeared to be that age as well. Aside from being sexually ambiguous in looks, although his voice was most assuredly masculine, the thing that stood out the most was his violet eyes. The color of precious Amethyst, they seemed to sparkle in a way similar to his own.

“Aaaah. What an interesting man! I give you a compliment, and the first thing out of your mouth is an interrogation? **** man, I thought you’d be more relaxed than that. I mean, you look so much better and relaxed than earlier, I didn’t think you’d be so ****ing uptight.”

He was almost embarrassed, although not quite. His mouth twitched, trying to decide whether to go to a mysterious smile or scornful frown; words came again, “My apologies. These are dangerous times, boy, and with all the invaders of late, I can’t be too careful. Even if it’s rude, I’ll ask you again: who are you?”

The kid laughed in response, leaning carelessly against a half-burned dummy, his thumb and forefinger rubbing the charred portion intensely. “What would you do if I said I was an enemy, Taichou-do—“

“Then I’d slay you, here and now.” In the time that it took most to inhale a single breath, the Captain had moved behind the boy and unsheathed his zanpakutou. The blade glinting in the mid-day sunlight, its sharp edge rested against the pink supple flesh of his neck. He spoke in whispers, “You’re strong, brat. Real strong. If I was anyone besides a Captain, I’d have a real difficult time against ya in a fight. But you still aren’t up to my level yet. So I’d suggest you tell me strait out who you are and what you want before I turn your head into a soccer ball.”

The humorless tone of a man intent on his duty sent a shiver up the boy’s spine; he’d grown real nicely, that souketsu brat. Kiyomaru almost grimaced, but kept smiling instead. Time to test him just a little more… “Oiya oiya! You can’t mean that, can ya bro? I mean, come on! I’m just a human soul…kill me now and I won’t be able to reincarnate.”

The smile shattered as the bite of the blade was felt; small droplets of crimson dripped from the neck. “Can’t mean it? Asking that…means you have no idea of what Captains are capable of, brat. If I was a seated officer, or even a fukutaichou, then that sort of speech might work…but I’ve been around enough and fought enough to have no problem killing an intruder, whatever he or she may be. Now, let’s try this again, shall we? Without the smartass comments.”

“Jeez,” muttered the disgruntled effeminate boy, “You really don’t know how to joke, do you? Fine, fine, I’m just a normal Shinigami. I come bearing a gift for ya from a benefactor, Taichou-dono. Well, two, actually, but one’s a concrete gift.”

Yuusuke shrugged; he wasn’t sure if the boy was lying or not, but he paid no mind. He didn’t need a sword to his neck to kill him, if need be. “A gift? Funny, I don’t see anything resembling a gift.”

A sense of relief filled Kiyo as the blade was removed from his neck; at least he’d managed to get out of that with as little damage as possible. Rubbing the crimson line lightly, his hand glowed a soft blue as the mark faded away.

Yuusuke’s eyes narrowed; that was most assuredly Kidouryoku; so the kid was a mage, just like him.

Grinning widely, the boy danced around and spoke loudly, “Hohohoho! That’s because you just don’t know where to look!” Pulling out an ebony sheet made of satin, the youth covered a spot on the ground with it. His hands danced above the ground, digits flailing all over the place as he muttered some sort of mumbo jumbo. “And poof!”

Flinging the sheet up in the air, a box now rested on the ground, made of some sort of wood. Perhaps cherry. It had been furnished with a reddish color, causing it to look very pretty. The hinges and lock were the color of his eyes, and Yuusuke had no doubt that they were composed of pure gold. The box looked expensive, and that wasn’t even counting what was inside. “Go on ahead, Taichou-dono! Open the box and see what’s inside!”

Almost apprehensively, Yuusuke approached both man and box, curiosity overriding any sensibility that he had. It could be a trap. Somehow, he was certain that it was not, however, and had no qualms about opening it. His touch was light as he kneeled down, as though the container was ethereal and would dissipate any moment. The hinges opened smoothly, no squeaking or groaning protesting movement, and the Captain looked at the contents curiously. Laying upon a crimson velvet pillow were a pair of shin and armguards; they weren’t made of leather, however, but of a very bright metal which shone almost an ivory color.

“Pick them up, and feel just how light they are!”

He was surprised; the Captain had felt certain that anything made of metal, such as these, would be impossibly heavy. No, they were lighter than anything he’d felt before, almost as though they were made of clouds. And that wasn’t the only thing. Simply by touching them, he could feel the guards sing to his Reiatsu, and strengthen the body. Crooning his head, Yuusuke peered at the odd boy, and began to realize that there was more to him than met the eye. “They’re…amazing. Who in the world would send me something like this though…what is your name, anyway?”

The boy grinned as the Captain started to relax; this was good. Very good. “Oh me? I’m called Kiyo by friends. Dateshuu Kiyomaru, at your service, Nibantai no Taichou. As for who sent the Tenrai Gessekai, I’m afraid I can’t say. I’m just a messenger with instructions to keep their identities secret.”

“Huh,” muttered the pale man in response, “That’s odd. That someone would send something like this without wishing anything in return…very odd. So light, yet so durable. I shall gladly use them, Kiyo-kun. And drop the act. You know my name. It’s Taiken Yuusuke. Not Taichou-dono.”

A slick grin appeared, “My apologies then, Taiken-dono~”

A sigh; things were getting too odd. He had no doubt that whoever sent these had a hidden motive, but he could not know what that was. Not yet, anyway. “Fine, fine. Alright then…what’s this other gift, Kiyo-kun?”

“Oh why…” his voice grew excited as he began to jump around, “It’s me! I’m going to help you out, Taiken-taichou~ Aren’t you lucky!?”

The Captain nodded apprehensively; it would figure it’d be something like that. And he was more than happy to accept. There’s an old saying: Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. I don’t know which you are, Kiyomaru, but you shall be kept close.

“Fine, fine…You’ll be joining my administration as a liaison to the Shin’ou Reijutsuin and as head of training. I’ve been in need of one for a while. There are other positions too…hmm…anyway, head to the Nibantai no Taihonbu and talk to Ren and Monta; they’ll get you started.”

“Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaii~ Taichou-dono~”

Several moments passed before Yuusuke was certain the man had left. “Hmmph. Just what are you, Kiyomaru? Can I trust you?”


And it took a great deal more time before Kiyomaru had reached the place in question, even with shunpo. Grinning all the while, he had succeeded in the first phase of his mission. As an added bonus, the man’s first assignment had been to seek out the second phase of his mission. “Uwaaaah~ Luuuuuucky~”

The halls of the taihonbu were desolate; it was growing late in the day, as the sun’s ray brimmed with crimson, and Kiyo was certain that many Shinigami were already departed. That just made things much more convenient. Especially when he spotted the first person he was to contact.

“Uwaaaaaaaaaah~ Ren-swaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan~ <3”

The stoic lady swiveled her head in shock; she had not been expected another of the Koseishugosentai to appear so soon. “Wha…what in the world are you doing here, Kiyomaru!?! Did you go against regulations yet again?!”

He laughed, “Why hardly, Ren-swaaan~ Call Monta-riiin out and I’ll tell you my purpose~”

She looked at him hesitantly before nodding and calmly stating, “Monta, come out from there.”

Slowly, the short boy rose from underneath a desk, jumping around excitedly. “Kiyo! It’s you! You’re here! But why! Why! Why! Why!???”

He chuckled; Monta had always been an excitable little fellow. “They ordered me to come. Think you two aren’t doing a good job because you don’t report enough!~”

The chibi pouted while Ren glared. “We’ve sent bi-weekly reports! It’s not our fault that we’re kept busy! And Yuusuke is hardly around, so we can’t observe him very well.”

“Maa maa,” he gestured with his hands to calm down, “I never said you weren’t doing your job. The higher ups are just getting nervous. Your reports are troubling…and after seeing him in person, I understand why they’re getting nervous. You know, don’t you, Monta, Rin?”

Both persons nodded, though it was Monta who spoke this time, “Of course. You can tell just by looking at him. He’s deteriorating quickly and he doesn’t know why it’s happening. He probably just attributes it to late nights and long days.”

Kiyo almost scoffed, “Even malnurishment can’t cause that. His body…it’s far too old to handle the stress being placed on it. If his power gain was normal, it wouldn’t be a problem. That ancient body could easily adapt to the increase over time, but right now, it’s like putting too much pressure on a rusty pipe: it’ll burst sooner or later.”

“It’s all well and good to know that,” muttered Ren, never happy that Kiyo always seemed to know so much, “But what do you intend to do about it? It’ll take ages to repair the Reishi that composes him.”

“Ah,” replied a brightly cheerful Kiyo, “I’ve given him the Tenrai Gessekai. That should help to keep the body strong and prevent him from exploding in the middle of Seireitei. It’s only a temporary fix, but it’ll have to do. Once they send in more members, we’ll be able to fully heal him. Until then, they’re out looking for information on the Hachiretsujitsu. There’s a possibility they may start moving soon.”

“You can’t be serious…”

“I’m afraid so. There’s even suspicion that they may be a part of the Sine Qua Non. Or at least, helping to fund them.”

“So, they’re trying to take advantage of this situation and activate the seal when he’s weakened?”

“Possibly; we don’t know for sure. After all, they were once the Kyuuretsujitsu. Perhaps they’re hoping to persuade him using a different route.”

“Then one thing is for certain; we’ve got to be ready to interfere at any time.”


[Spoiler=Bleach RPG - Rogue Shinigami, Taiken Yuusuke]
Taiken Yuusuke - Rogue
Reiatsu – 60,297
Seiya Kanhouden - ~72,356~
Seiya Kanhouden Akatsukiyami - ~120,594~ (8 Turns /// *60%*)
Zanjutsu – 11,744
Hakuda – 3,442
Hohou –16,724
Kidou – 28,387
*See Profile*
Enishi – 59,367

"One cannot predict Kidou. Avoiding it is even more impossible." ~ Kuchiki Byakuya

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