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Old 01-12-2007, 01:31 PM
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Default =O Happy Birthday, Koko and Xero!

Yes, yes. Today we celebrate not one, but two awesometastic birthdays! =OOO! The newly-turned-23 Xero (he's really getting on in those years, the old far) and the now-legally-able-to-drink Koko.


Let's all wish them a very happy birthday~

Or else, ya punks...
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Tenshirou Tenshirou is offline
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Dang Xero, you're almost as old as me. Man you must be needing gerber about now since you're so old. >.> (points and laughs) Ooo and Koko-chan's legal gambling/drinking age. she's not even gonna appear today is she? Anyway have a happy birthday you two. ...oh and Xero...


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Crysal Crysal is offline
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I second Sho's statement about you two being Smexy thangs! u_uv


And since Koko is legal, let's parta-y all night long!
Thanks for the ride, HD.
Old 01-12-2007, 01:47 PM
Cheal Cheal is offline
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Happy B-Day you two old bones! XP

Hope you only get older and wiser and not wrinklier in the following years.

And don't go getting s***faced drunk tonight Koko. XD

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dar dar is offline
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oooh!!! A double birthday! =O

Happy Birthday Kokoness and Xero! I hope you both have a great time! n_nb

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...wait, koko's legal? Why do we care?

Not like it stopped us before...


This man wishes you a happy birthday;
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Isa you smexy thing. Better get out and have some fun today. >:3 And remember, getting drunk isn't always the best way to celebrate. -wise- X3

And Pringle, man. I'll see if I can make that sig for you today or something as a prezzie. XD Man I owe so many people so much.... >.>

Anyway, hope you both have an awesome day!


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*snackles and luffles*

Happy Birthday!

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...And is that you kish? XD
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Old 01-12-2007, 10:14 PM
bittman bittman is offline
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Happery Birthday~~~

(More directed at koko...I guess xero too ^^;;; )

May all your drinking be fruitfall and have an awesome year (by that, I mean let me catch up to you xero <_< )

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