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Default [2nd] Week 90: Return

[2nd] Week 90: Return

Chapter One: Meetings.

Sine Qua Nona.

The foreign phrase barely rolled off of his tongue before the golden-eyed man had already drawn his sword. Perhaps it was a futile action. A well known fact within much of the Seireitei was that the illustrious warden of the Second had little to no skill with the blade. A more threatening action might have been something far simpler. A small gesture with his hands, for instance. Rumors ran rampant in his own division that their leader could kill a man with nothing more than a smile.

Monta had always freverently denied those accursed rumors. While the Third Seat was no expert on Kidou or any of the Shinigami paths, he might be called was an expert on Taiken Yuusuke. Him and Ren of course. As much as any man might be in this day and age. He was an odd one, some might say. A blend between overly-polite and abnormally serious.

The adolescent sighed; once again, he was unsure of what his Captain had in mind. So was Ren, by the looks of it. The tight-lipped woman often reminded him of librarian. Impassive, unemotional, and nigh impossible to ever really understand. There was a certain strictness there that always felt out of place. Like with many of the warriors, there was something behind her that he dare not try to understand.

“Oi, oi, Ren.”

Any hint of any thing that might’ve been out of place was quickly resealed into an impassive mask, “What is it, Monta-san?”

His rashness almost had the better of him that time. ****ed woman and her accursed haugtiness! “Tch. What’s goin’ on with Taiken-taichou? He’s all…”

The words were cut-off by a stifling “Shh!” as if talking would elicit some great disaster. “Quiet! I have no idea what you’re mumbling about. He’s the same man he’s always been.”

Monta felt himself grow slightly angrier as time passed; what would she know of that?! “How would you know that, hmm? How long have you been with him? A few months, perhaps? I’ve been around far longer, and I’ll let you know that he is qui-“

“Shhh! How many times must I tell you!? Keep quiet, foolish Daisangeki! I may not have been with the Captain as long as you, but he has not changed from when I first new him. Brustling with self-assuredness, a hint of arrogance, and a pinch of kindness.”

Had the boy not known better, he would’ve sworn that Ren was describing a childhood crush. She was not the type, however, to feel such things. And if she was, her way of showing it would certainly be different. No, that was just her method of describing things and people. Strait forward and to the point.

“Look, that may be true, but that ain’t the guy I know. When I joined Taiken Yuusuke, sure he was all of that, but he was always so free, you know? Never really seemed to be bothered by the pressure of bein’ a Cap’n and all. Now? He’s so withdrawn… Sometimes, I wonder if I’m servin’ the same man I used ta.”

Ren paused for a moment, before responding with a slight bit of hesitancy, “Time changes people, right? When Yuusuke joined the Second for the first time, I was here. He was a loose canon, more fit for the eleventh than anywhere else. Never thinking and always charging in headstrong. And now? One might say that he is more fit for the Second than anywhere else. That’s the nature of these times, Monta-kun.”

Monta would’ve responded but he was abruptly cut-off by an all-too-familiar feeling. “Yes, that’s very true, Ren-san. This world is always so unstable that we change before we realize it. I suppose it must’ve been very odd to see me as a Captain after knowing me as such a wild horse, eh?”

The prim and proper secretary let herself laugh lightly at the Captain’s expense before nodding amusedly. “I believe I nearly fainted after receiving word that the Taiken Yuusuke had ascended to the rank of Captain. It seemed like madness at the time. It was quite the shock to see you after….Jiiro-taichou left.”

The Captain smiled politely; for some members of the division, the sudden departure of their former-Captain had come as a shock. “Yes, well time changes us all. Because of the changes bestowed on Rei, I had to change as well. When they all left, it was up to the rest of us to step up. Though that’s not really what we should be focusing on.”

Both subordinates shot up an eyebrow. “Oh?”

“Surely you’ve been informed of the attacks by the Sine Qua Nona, haven’t you?”

Twin nods answered his question.

“Well, it’s time for the playing field to be leveled, my friends. Come, and we shall show those ruffians not to mess with the might of the Gotei, eh?”

Monta was about to gladly accept the man’s invitations; Ren, however, had a few reservations and spoke them quickly. “Sir, but what of your personal orders!? Surely you must have orders directly from Sougen-soutaichou!”

The Captain shook his mirthfully before explaining that he had yet to receive an assignment from the Commander, and wasn’t about to stand around idly as invaders totaled their home once more.

“Now c’mon you two. I can’t think of anyone else I’d rather have fighting with me. Let’s show ‘em hell, eh?”

Ren nodded and Monta laughed; things hadn’t changed one bit.

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