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Default [2nd] Volume 80: GOD KNOWS 6 (Evolution)

[2nd] Volume 80: GOD KNOWS 6 (Evolution)


“Alright then,” he grinned uncertainly; he could do this, his brain was screaming while his heart…”Let’s start this, Hiraishin. I’ll take on your challenge. What’re the stakes? My life versus…?”

Her magnanimous grin faded away into a serious expression; she had one last thing to explain to him. “Your life will be forfeit if you can’t master this challenge. That, of course, is a given. Should you win, however, should you best me…in that case, I shall give you something to gawk over. A power that matches the Ban Kai of old…the Ban Kai that were feared by any one with any degree of common sense. I will take your Ban, Shinno, and Kyosho Kai and compress our power into one glorious weapon…an Ousaku Ban Kai.”


Chapter 70: Beginning of a Death


“An…Ousaku Ban Kai? What the **** is that?” This’d been the first he’d ever heard that term before. All the legends that had been heralded to him from the academy teachers had always stated that, at most, there were three “level” of Ban Kai. His achievement of Kyosho – the proof of mastery over his Kai – should’ve been the penultimate release, the final thing he needed to achieve before he could honestly be considered a support of the Gotei.

Approaching his pondering form was the true appearance of Hiraishin, a mocking smirk appearing on her strait-lipped visage. Sun-kissed hair swayed in the wind as the eyes that were storms crackled with adrenaline. “Oh? And you just assumed, therefore, that you have accumulated all the knowledge on Zanpakutou? That you, a foolish boy who’s too consumed with self-blame and pity, know more about me than even I know?”

A pause.

Neither man nor weapon said a thing as her fervor-filled gazed bore deep into the dumbfounded eyes of gold. Aghast, was he, at the sudden out-burst of anger and fury by the companion that sat at his side. Appalled, was he, at the assumption she made; he never assumed such a thing; the question was simple curiosity and nothing more. Brows narrowing, a jolt of thunder shook his body within as he grew mildly irate. “Such condescendence! I never assumed such thing, my electric weapon! I will ask in simpler terms then: What, praytell, is an Ousaku Ban Kai?”

And she stopped.

Her eyes hid amusement as she scolded, “I never knew you were so easily irritated, Yuusuke. Come now…it should take more than that to anger an all-mighty Captain of the Gotei, shouldn’t it? In any case, Yuusuke, Ban Kai was originally intended to only have one level, and it was meant to be a mighty assault that couldn’t be easily withstood. Since the time of Shinkou Masaru and Seiji Yasuo, it became far more common to separate Ban Kai into three stages, thereby making it easier to attain. Being easier to accomplish meant that the Gotei itself would be filled quicker and that more men and women would be able to attain this release. However, the problem is that these inferior releases never matched up to the ones of old. You remember Junichi Terada, yes?”

A solitary nod showed that the Captain had recalled the former Captain.

“He was…in the battle you fought with the Zeitgeist Avatar Aver, that man demonstrated a release far beyond the power of Kyosho. It was a Ban Kai that had been ‘compressed’; by taking the power of all three forms of his Ban Kai and forcing them into a single form, he gained a highly powerful, and yet instable, release. This power…is now necessary to combat the enemies that will make themselves known.”

“What if,” he began tentatively, “I cannot attain such strength, madame Hiraishin.”

”Then you’re rubbish that doesn’t merit the title of NIBANTAI NO TAICHOU!”

A deafening cacophony of voices wailed out simultaneously as all members of the clone arm glared at him with such engrossing disgust that the Captain found himself unable to move away. Their anger was apparent as two-hundred gems became gleaming topazes, light dancing inside their ancient depths. And just as quickly as it had appeared, their eyes faded back into sapphires and emeralds and rubies and such. All, save for one.

Her eyes.

His enemy.

No doubt that it was time to start this contest; it was in such an epic flash, such an encompassing blast of light, that the Zanpakutou released a wave of punishing Reiatsu. And, a single second later, there was no solace to be found in the lack of Hiraishin. Her form had disappeared with a use of an epic Shunpo…but there was no fooling his eyes.


His entire being screamed in response to the maneuver utilized by his feminine reflection. So many option. His body responded as his mind attempted to sort out some type of plan, some method through which he could effectively counter. Down, down, down, he spun, pivoting upon his right foot while subsequently ducking from the incoming assault. Above his head whizzed a well-placed sweeping kick, one that could’ve easily taken off his thick head.

Grinning, the Captain knew he had her in place…until she faded from sight once again! No words had exited his lips, no Reiatsu had begun to form into a piercing spear, nothing had occurred….and despite the rather amateur pause that had occurred, no attack had followed up. Indeed, his body was in motion already; left arm shooting to protect his head from aerial assaults as his right arm had swung to the side and slightly, preparing to launch something – ANYTHING! – to keep the crazed huntress from landing a blow.

And yet nothing came.

No might blow, no arm-destroying slice, no body burning wave of flame.

So odd. Like…she wasn’t af---

OH ****!!

The test wasn’t about simply fighting her; it was about finding the person to protect. And somehow, he had a feeling that her “killing” of them would result in the same thing as choosing to protect the wrong person; another homicidal clone out to get him.

Of course, he couldn’t really help but moving when he finally saw her form. And he couldn’t but help reacting when he saw who was in her arms. Whose childish figure he hadn’t morned. Whose young feature and silver eyes screamed out in such terror and pain that he couldn’t help but move again. To intercept the sure strike that would destroy him.


The youthful form of Nifuji Jinte had been saved.


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