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Default [2nd] Volume 98: Kiyomaru's Grand Adventure [Plot Omake]

[2nd] Volume 98: Kiyomaru's Grand Adventure [Plot Omake]

"Dude, Kiyo, get up!"

The goofy man groaned in response; it was too early in the morning for this!

"Kiyoooomaru! You need to wake uppppp! There's an invasion goin' on outside!"

"uuuuuuuuuungh!" The groan was accompanied by the clenching of his blankets and hiding away from the source of his irritation. A young monkey man called Monta was trying to force him awake. It wasn't fair! 10 AM in the morning was not an appropriate time for him to be awakened on the weekends!

Chapter A: Of Bad Mornings and Cross dressers

"Taichou has a mission for you! Get up!"

A muffled cry of "Screeeeeeew you" could faintly be heard throughout the room.

That was coincidentally followed by the tall, handsome lad screaming as a pail of slush was tossed on top of him. "GOD ****IT, THAT ****'S COLD!"

"Hmph. You should've gotten up whe—"


"…I hate you, Kiyomaru, with every fiber of my being. Monta, you speak fool; explain to him what's going on."

The amethyst-eyed boy could hear a sigh, followed by the slamming of a door as he slowly rose from beneath his covers; oh that girl. "Kiyo, you up."

"Yeah, yeah. As up as I'm gonna be, munchkin. What's the dealio?"

"Uhm, well…Taichou needs you to scout out a group of these wannabe ninja dressed in white. They—"

He cocked his head in curiosity as he questioned, "Ninjas?"

Monta slapped his hand into his forehead; he'd utterly forgotten that Kiyomaru hadn't been around for the briefing. "Oh right. There's a group invading called the SQN. They're dressed like a bunch of wannabe ni—"

"Oh, so that's—"

"…Yes, that's what I meant. Anyway, initial reports suggest that the forces are small but…the number of dead bodies is really large so something is wrong. There's a group camping out not too far from here. Find out what they're up to."

Kiyomaru yawned stiffly. "Can I shower first? I know we want to kill them, but using my funk isn't exactly sanitary."

"Eh…I guess. Just hurry up or we'll set the Shinigami Nursery School on you."

The boy's eyes grew round as he shouted out in horror, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! SAVE ME FROM THE DROOL!! NOT THE DROOL!!"

"Then get to work," smirked Monta. It was nice, knowing about Kiyomaru's short list of fears.


Kiyomaru never would say if he had showered or not; some people had reported seeing him run through the hallways of the Nibantai in a half dressed state, pulling odd pieces of clothing on as he stumbled about. Others claimed that he ran outside naked, still dripping from the shower. Though he didn't smell as bad as before, there were odd tufts of hair sticking up at random places.

"Stupid…Can't believe…GARRRRRRGH!" he muttered, and then yelled, frustratedly, after leaving the security of his Headquarters. This sort of thing was just insane. Who tried to invade Seireitei these days? It was a well known fact that doing such was an automatic, one-way ticket towards getting your *** trounced if you even thought of overthrowing the White City. You'd have to be a moron to try and take over the city with any less than 10,000 people. Any less is just complete foolery. I hope they die just for being idiots.

This was such a drag! He wanted to sleep, ****it, not go out looking for an encampment of psychotic ninja! "They're supposed to be around here somewhere, aren't they?"

The bishounen looked around, mostly confused, trying to spot anything out of the ordinary. Giant Alabaster Buildings? Fairly ordinary. Crowded streets? Also fairly ordinary. Prinnies? Not so ordinary but not quite what he was looking for. Bright glowing light with Shinigami in reversed colored uniforms? Bingo.

Or that's what he thought at first, anyway. So, being the curious lad that he was, Kiyomaru followed them despite their best attempts at being quiet. Actually, they weren’t very good attempts either. Every few feet, one would end up stumbling into a wall or smacking another one for doing something stupid, which would often end with someone screaming out in pain.

Still, that wasn’t the oddest thing about them. No, he had to see the most bizarre thing he had seen thus far was their leader. Dressed in similar garb to the rest of them, he had a black haori on with long black hair. And he seemed to be quite vicious, often grabbing his subordinates and smashing them into things whenever they so much as spoke to him in the wrong tone of voice. The oddest part, though, was the fact that he had stuffed two massive balloons down the front of his gi as well as the fact that “it” spoke with a falsetto.

Kiyo had a sneaking suspicion that he’d seen this person before, but couldn’t quite put his finger on it. And it was the moment after he took all this in that it hit him head on. Quite literally.

OUCH! What the frick?!?!

“Quick! We’re being followed! Run away!”

“Why’d you through that stone at him!?!”

“He needs to be stopped before he finds our secret layer!”

“But that’s Saso—“


“…Freaking cross dresser.”

“Who gave them permission to dress up anyway?”

“Who cares?”


“Where’re we going!?!”

“Towards the big si---OUCH! I mean the “secret hideout”!”

The newest member almost vomited. Did he just…Oh god…

That is wrong! Wrong! Wrong! Wro—Well, at least the balloons make sense now.

Kiyomaru thought about it for a moment…He did kinda look like Sayuri. After all, he had gotten the feeling that he had seen him before – not that he would ever admit that in a thousand years to her face. Still, he wondered where they had gone off to. He’d been so busy retching in disgust that he hadn’t seen where they had vanished to.

And that’s when he saw it. A giant banner no more than a single shunpo away from here that said: CAPTAIN MEETING HERE.

He thought about that. Nope, none of the Captains could possibly be that stupid, meaning…

…it was time to start getting his game face on. Boo-yaka!

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