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Old 02-07-2007, 01:57 AM
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Originally Posted by kitsunekionchi
The hardest thing for me to adapt to is numbers in general. I get that a "100 point kidou" will do 10x more damage than a 10 point (just an example). But what does 10 damage do? Can it push over a car, or does it just break a vase? Without a chart for damage and other numerics (MPH shunpo, etc...), its kinda...eih...hard to limit yourself.
Really, you shouldn't worry about that too much, Kits. Believe me, when I first started I had trouble guaging the physical strength of attacks and their ramifications on the environs I was in. I've gotten used to it now that I've been RPing long, but it still confuses me every now and then.

The main problem with that is that we don't really have solid comparisons between the RP and the manga. So while Byakurai could use a soukatsui that broke a building and two and pierce Ichigo's chest with a Byakurai shot...we have a little bit more trouble knowing how that works in the RP.
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1. Rule: You can't please everyone.
2. This I would expound a bit.

First of all, at some point in our RP life, we are newbies. So, I think, at least to some extent that each one of us can relate to the 'feeling'.

Next point...

Based of my personal experience, the point raised my Sho have truth in it. When I'm in my first weeks here, I really don't exactly know anyone that much and there's the fact that I am NEW. So, okay, I didn't worry about it that much and I tried to blend to the crowd, though I'm glad that some people are especially nice *sends a tribute to Kevin*. And also, after a few weeks, around the second month, I noticed that in all honestly, I really have be 'in' yet. Yes, I have several acquaintances but in the chats, well, you know.

I told this to Kevin before that I saw that there's somewhat a thin line that divides, yeah, the old and the new ones. So, I think more friendliness is needed. Yay!

For the plot thing, well, like I said earlier, at some point all of us are new. In my case, in my few weeks (around 3?), a Plot Mission happened (Ultimo Crepsculo). To be honest, I'm kinda excited.
In a 'What's this? Oh. cool!' way.

At that time, I didn't even have my shikai... yet. So, I was thinking, "What can I do? What can I do?". Well, there's plenty of low ranking hollows for me. I'm not that much integrated to the whole plot and in Part Two, in the major fights I'm not included. I didn't even think for a minute that I got left out, since I'm know I'm just new and I'm still weak. The Shifters would simply eat me alive without batting their eyelashes [if they have one]. For me, it's kinda logical. I'm 'fresh' and I won't be sent to fight Martians that early in my shinigami career.

So there. There's a time for everything. For example, now, I'm fighting a ryoka which is for me, a great leap from hollows. Patience is a virtue.


For the new ones, I think you should also ponder upon your behavior and actions. I'm not generalizing but some of the exclusions do happen for some reasons. So, try not to act that mighty and stuff...

3. Staffs are generally awesome. I think I need not elaborate since my coment is positive in nature.
4. Whatever goes.
5. More disclosure about the plot would be better. But yes, just generalities.
6. No comment since it would take much of my space.
7. The idea of a more compressed guide is fine. However, we already have a working guide made by Polkie. I think the issue about it is that some don't even read the guide. I'm not generalizing but it's true. I know since I've memorized almost everything and when people ask a basic question, not that I'm bothered or anything, but a question comes into my mind and I ask myself, "Isn't that already stated in the guide?".

Before applying for this RP, I've spent a month memorizing and reading things. I'm not asking people to memorize but at least do read. I think would be quite obvious whether someone did read or not. So there, my point is that since we already have a great guide, I think the problem lies not in the guide but in the people. Ask them how much they read it.

Great article, Shopuffy! ^^ *sends bitty as offering for your greatness*
"For everything there is a season,
And a time for every matter under heaven..."
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A corollary to this would be pertinent to plot ideas; one of the key problems, in my mind, with the insurrection idea that was recently attempted was the very fact that it was done secret. It may seem like you’re protecting the people involved, but doing like that in secret makes it seem like there’s a reason for you to be afraid. Like there’s a reason for us to be suspicious of your motives. Now, I’m obviously not saying that you should give ever single plot detail to us, but ideas like that should at least have some public aspect as a sign of good faith.
Though I have much to say, I will respond to the only thing that really pertains to me.

For those of you who have little background on this, I am- was, rather, the instigator of the Insurgency idea, and I made the decision to forbid any and all of the people involved except for myself to tell, allude to, or in some way communicate to other people that the plot was being made and launched. It was my choice that secrecy should be enacted; with the subsequent banning of my account, and other pieces of information coming to light, I stand by, and will continue to stand by my choice of keeping it secret. There are a few reasons, many of which have not been placed openly.

I will do so now.

About the issue of fear. I was afraid, yes. I won't deny it, or shirk away from it, but I was afraid of the very thing that happened after it broke out anyway. So long as people did not know the others involved, they were protected, and they targeted all of their attacks, insults, and otherwise 'unsavory things' at me. I speak particularly about the two of you, nameless now, who posted 'incriminating IM conversations' I have had that showed my OoC displeasure, and to a few of you who have made quick judgments that my writing was done so not with the intent of storytelling (essentially saying I'm not an RPer, which I take offense to, considering I doubt any of you have read it), and also to those who have suddenly found the need to group me into 'impatient people' who 'will say anything to get [you] on [my] side.' Regardless of what you think of me, and indeed, the basis for such opinions is valid, I did not expect such a vehemence to overwhelm the IC/OoC barrier. This was what I did not want to occur to those, and I will be a bit arrogant and say so, under my protection.

There was a mention of good faith. Explain to me why when I first concieved of the idea, much of the reaction to it was surprise, natural, but also a sudden 'why on earth would he do this?' The idea, as a whole, was met not with acceptance or curiosity, but with a complete and almost utter revulsion towards why we would 'do this now' when the plot currently was so all-encompassing. I fault nothing in terms of the major plot groups; Seireitei, the Espada, the Vizards. But I do fault people for not understanding, which is why I went to those in charge first, and then to those to ask for permission; I credit them for allowing this in the first place. However, even after the whole thing broke, some of those who have worked with me were almost instantly harassed with 'why would you do this, why are you impatient' and while the badgering has worn off (thankfully), people will still hold it against them. This was what I tried to keep them from.

This is why I extended no such hand of 'good faith.'

Whether I did it in the open, or not, those who dislike me, and there is a lot of you, will be suspicious anyway, especially with the posting of certain convos, some of which were at least a month old (I do keep logs myself). I did what I did to shield the people who simply, as Crysal said, felt disconnected from the main plot, and wanted to feel as though they were part of a coherent storyline. This suspicion of my motives, whether it is warranted or unwarranted, is not the issue; what is, is that it spread and put a taint on something that others were a part of. On something, most of all, that others wanted to do themselves. That was the motivation to keep it secret, and I continue to stand by it.

Exclusion, as one of you has used it, is fine. I have little problems with OoC exclusion when it concerns me; I only do so when it conflicts IC, and overall health. And especially, when it hurts those who only wish to have some fun, or who sincerely want to be a part of something. What your opinions of me are of me; not of someone else.

That's all I have to say on this subject of 'secrecy' in terms of what had occured. Whether future plots should be open, or closed, I have little bearing on that. But this particular dead line should have been secret until launch, and I stand by that decision.
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I curse the one named Sho for writing something that made me of all people feel the need to reply...

1) Handling Change

The thing is it's human to dislike change no matter how much involvement we have in it happening. The Taishu stuff was probably a good example of that, especially as it high lighted that a fair few people in this RP dislike being kept in the dark about decisions like that. But meh, that's in the past thankfully and hopefully we won't have to replace captain's on mass again like that...

~glares at plot staff~

Personally I was one of those who was a little vocal about that, though I was kinda pissed at the time someone who I thought should of been in the runnings wasn't. Which may of also been another part of the problem for some. But meh lets get off of that....

As for general change, yes the RP is getting more complex as it goes on and to be honest I think things are starting to get a little over complicated. The class system I see the point behind, it's a big improvement to the previous tech system in that you can only learn certain trees and it becomes easier to get the feats that pertain to you. However I think as well as adding things, things should be pruned away as well, things that serve little purpose other than to complicate things (HP = Reiatsu / things dealing specific damage). But that's upto the staffs to deal with not me.

2) New Vs Old.

I remember when I joined in week 30 something that back then the old people did seem a little distant at first, well except Momo, Tifa and a few others whom I already knew from the forum at the time. Which of course meant I had a slight advantage compared to our newer members, as most of us with little exception tend to avoid the rest of the forum, giving people little chance to get to know us.

Sure AIM chats remedie this a little, but seriously being more active on the forums would help just as much.

As for my stand on new people? Well I think they taste nice with a little salt and pepper >_>

3) Staff

Even if I am impatient when it comes to things, I do acknowledge the staff are people with lives of their own, well except Sho, as well he's Sho >_>

Though seriously I wouldn't mind seeing some newer people on the staffs rather than the old faces, as then it wouldn't feel like such an old boys club for lack of a better term. It would help people intergrate better if they thought they had more of a chance of becoming an integral part of the system. Though don't go sticking me on any staff I'm happy being a lazy git >_>

4) PrC Balancing

Meh, not in a PrC nor gonna join one so I can't really comment here.

5) Secrecy

Now here is something that does annoy me, I've been in this RP on and off for over a year now, and as much as I respect Wind and the various staff members. I do hate the way they keep so much behind closed doors, it would be nice to know the inner workings of some of the decisions they make. The Kai staff are probably about the most open of the staffs due to the fact they need to give feed back, but to be quite honest the plot staff and/or wind depending who writes up the PMs should be far more open with what they have planned. Not to the extent of ruining twists and such, but to the state of us not worrying about random group X coming in and god mod raping us.

As for NPC players identities and vizard identities, the way I see it I don't mind vizards hiding who they are, it's part of their plot for people not to know who they are so it helps to keep it secret OOC, third wall and such. But for those one shot NPCs, or even something like the Ryoka and Espada, as their creation doesn't effect their normal char those identities SHOULD be open to public knowledge. As at least then you know who to contact if you can't get hold of their alternate identity. Not to mension it does balance out the playing field when they have all your info and you have none of theirs.

6) Stat Wars

Kidou Sucks, Zanjutsu Sucks, Hakuda rules >_>

Simple facts for you all to learn!

7) System complexity

I think I said my piece on this up above somewhere.
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Originally Posted by TheRabidHunter

Kidou Sucks, Zanjutsu Sucks, Hakuda rules >_>
You wanna die or sumthin?

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One last thing...

Its VERY hard just using the CURRENT system to convert "character to usable numbers". Especially later on. What I'm talking about, of course, is the ability to create an effective and useful (i.e. strong enough to fight) character. ESPECIALLY when you get into kai, feat and technique generation.

I honestly have no idea what the limits of a feat, technique or kai are. Reading other people's bios helps a little, but in the end what we need is 1 on 1 talks. I sounds like that would take forever...but I already spend more time than that talking to higher-ups as it is about the subjects...

Of course, you could say "just submit the strongest possible..." but the problem is it takes up to 4 weeks to get your stuff approved...some of us are in situations in RPs that require these special abilities or want them for current plots...

*sings "waiting is the hardest part" *

I almost wish I could just throw $5 at the staff and go "here's what I want. Make me an effective but balanced character." But without beta testing or judges in battles that use semi-similiar styles of RP...

Which is the reason I want those comparisons to situations based on stats. How much hohou do you need to do xxx, and xxx. Etc...etc... -_-

Isshindensetsu Bio
[spoiler=Stalin's Bankai][/spoiler]
[Spoiler=I hope your all happy]

Yeah, I didn't want to make one of these things...but they just look so fun...I still think Gaia online is retarded...[/spoiler]

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