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Default Xi, Zhi shou 玺 智守

Contact Info:

Name: Xi, Zhi Shou

Age: 58


Echelon: Artemis

Persona: Self serving. Independent. Liberated of rules, regulations and obligations. Zhi Shou is in it for himself and only himself. Or at least that's what he tries to do. He does his best to never worry about anyone else, never go out of his way to help anyone else nor go out of his way to hurt anyone.

Although he prefers to fly solo, if he is forced into a group they become part of his circle of care, meaning he will do what he can to give them the same freedoms he has given himself. He fights to protect his freedoms, and the freedoms of the people in his circle.

Of course the people in that circle are still not him, for he is his own center and his own keystone, so if sacrificing one means saving himself and others, then he will. If sacrificing them all means saving himself, then he will.

Determination is also a strong point in his personality, but not to the point where he's close minded. He can accept the views and opinions of others, but is unlikely to adopt them as his own unless theirs without a doubt is better than his. He will also never back down from a challenge if he deems it fair, nor will he give up on any goal he sets his mind to unless he has to in order to save the lives of people in his circle.

Zhi Shou also has a romantic side. It's definitely not prominent, but it is there and although he'll try not to show it, he loves seeing people in love.

He also has a very strong fear of the dark that only increases the darker it gets, reaching to an almost crippling point at pitch black.

Physical Stature: 5'11" Tall, trim build. He has mid length black hair and fair skin. His almond shaped eyes are courtesy of his Chinese-American background, but the origin of his yellow hue is a mystery. One of his most noticeable features is his lack of a right eye. He didn't simply have the eye removed through some unfortunate accident, he was never born with even the socket for one. He wears an eye patch to cover the space. His clothing consists of the common shihakusho with his zanpakuto on his left hip.

Zhi carries himself with an unshakable confidence. He is completely sure of himself and what he wants, and his straight back and level shoulders display this. His face is a good offset for his stride as well, he's most often seen wearing a soft and pleasant smile that seems to relax his entire look to a more approachable one.
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Xi, Zhi Shou - Artemis' Echelon

Encroachment: 15%

Reiatsu: 1,364
Zanjutsu: 800
Hakuda: 27
Hohou: 137
Kidou: 400
3 Slots:
Ghost Fire - Bakudou #11, 70 Kidou
Big Bang - Hadou #30, 300 Kidou
Reaper - Hadou #21, 150 Kidou

Connection: 755
Kan: 40

General Techniques
[ Gigaihyou ] - "Righteous Corpse Possession"
An important survival skill taught to all Shinigami, which entails the utilization, maintenance, and protocols concerning Gigai. This also includes the usage of all developed tools that accompany the use of a Gigai, such as the Gikongan.

Requirements: None

[ Konsou ] - "Soul Burial"
One of the Shinigami's inherent skills. Konsou entails the liberation of a Plus soul by stamping the kashira of the Zanpakutou upon his/her/its forehead, whereby the said Plus soul will be safely transported to Soul Society.

[ Reiatsu Noukan ] - "Spiritual Pressure Perception"
The heightened ability of a Shinigami to sense Reiatsu. Its potency and maximum range grows as the user's Shinigami level rises, and may become advanced enough that he or she may be able to single out the signature of a single entity within range. A target may choose to mask their signature, making their exact location difficult to ascertain. However, the presence of a strong fighter in combat is unmistakable.

The user may only precisely identify targets up to a range determined by their Kidou stat. Until that point, the tracking merely gives a general area.

Class E : 1 km / 500 Reiatsu / 1,000 Kidou
Class D : 2 km / 1,000 Reiatsu / 2,000 Kidou
Class C : 4 km / 2,000 Reiatsu / 4,000 Kidou
Class B : 6 km / 3,000 Reiatsu / 6,000 Kidou
Class A : 8 km / 4,000 Reiatsu / 8,000 Kidou
Class S : 10 km / 5,000 Reiatsu / 10,000 Kidou

Requirements: None

[ Fuubi ] - "Overpower"
When a shinigami is restrained or bound and has been left with no other alternative, they can try to force their way out through sheer strength and raw reiatsu. This is dangerous for the user's soul, particularly against the demon arts. Such an effort requires at least 1.5x the cost of the restraint and causes severe pain to the user.

Requirements: 1,000 Reiatsu

Echelon Techniques
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The sword is 40" over all, the handle being 11" and the blade being 28". The blade of the zanpakuto looks comparable to flowing water due to the wave like patterns the metal formed, making the temper line completely hidden. The handle is wrapped tightly in black cloth, forming diamond patterns with each diamond being the white of the soft Ray skin underneath.

The hilt is formed by osculating oval patterns on both sides of the blade, the point of intersection being the blade itself and the outermost part of the oval, making a ripple-like pattern. The entire tsuba forms a perfect circle with the edge of each oval. The tsuba is a rusty color on the outside with a somewhat lime green tint on the interior each circle as though it had been submerged in water for some time. The sheath is smooth, glossy and black at first glance, but with close inspection it is actually an extremely dark blue.

Reference One

Reference Two

Mask: Zhi Shou's mask is very unassuming, being smooth and not angular; simply a mask. The special thing about his mask is that it only has a left eye-hole, for he only has one eye. Where the right eye should be there is instead a black cross that reaches to the edges of his mask.

The mask also has teeth like a hollow mask should, his are triangular and interlocked, and when the mask opens it reveals that they are all extremely sharp. The black line that reaches down from the cross does not go over the teeth, but instead seems to go underneath them and the continue along the surface of the chin. The very tip of each tooth also has a small black tip to it.

For every 10% Rage increase, the straight black lines become slightly more jagged, looking more like cracks than bars, until it reaches 90%+ in which it looks more like cracks in a road; jagged and asymmetrical.
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Biography: An eternal nineteen year old Zhi Shou spent twenty-nine years living in the Rukongai, not staying in any one district but not able to get to the more upstanding districts. In his travels through the Rukongai, he found a great deal of people seeking entrance to the Seireitei in the hopes of becoming a Shinigami. Zhi Shou seemed uninterested at first, but the more he heard about it the more curious he became. His twentieth year in the Rukongai was his breaking point; he was going to be a Shinigami...if only to see what all the fuss was about. Easier said that done. The entrance exam was much harder than he had originally thought, so hard that he had failed it twice.

Of course, making it in the first time would have been no fun, for goals one has to work to reach are much sweeter once achieved.

Zhi Shou's academy days were the most interesting part of his short life. Interesting in the way that someone telling you about their day is. That means it was not interesting at all. He was your average Shinigami, he passed the entrance exam on his second try, found himself to be above average at kidou and zanjutsu. He did not have much friends through out the Academy, preferring to be on his own and work alone. The few friends he did have, however, ended going into the tenth division with him. His ability to not at all work with anyone cost him the chance to graduate at the regular six years though, and he ended up being behind by a year. The friend he would have graduated with were already ahead of him, even if they were in the same division, and the friendship they had fell apart.

Division Ten was fun while it lasted. He had always liked kidou, he found the complexity of it interesting without being too complex for him to understand given concentration and time. Of course, he still wasn't exactly a team player, preferring to again work on his own and figure things out on his own as well. Thankfully he was the responsible type and never blamed anyone for his mistakes; there was nobody else to blame.

Except when he found himself in an inexplicable situation. He was on Earth, doing battle with a hollow. The events up to that point were fuzzy and out of order, like one trying to remember what happened when they were drunk. He has no idea how long he has been away form the Seireitei, or how he even got there. His memories told him that he was there on patrol, but why was his division patrolling Earth?


Of course there is a second story. The real story. Zhi was sent to earth and he never came back. A feeling, a wretched monstrous creature was eating him inside out. When he made his first trip to earth, he wasn't alone. He had a team of five, and this was truly supposed to be his proving mission. Hell, he was so fresh but also so confident, that he didn't even take his mark.

Then everyone died. They fought gallantly against a small group of hollows, but they were overpowered. The only reason Zhi survived was because of the monster within him. It saved him, and then it began to whisper to him. He knew whatever this thing was, he couldn't go back to the Seireitei with it. No matter what.

Through luck and strength of will, he survived to find the Vizards. He was still knew, hardly known by them. He will do the best he can to fit in though.

Zhi has woken up in a strange city with no memory of how he got there.
[No Such Thing...] WEEK 177 (Total Word Count: 4402)
Chapter I: Nonexistent Truth (Word Count: 1354)
Chapter II: New Day (Word Count: 1553)
Chapter III: Bombshock (Word Count: 1495)
[...As A Hero...] WEEK 178 (Total Word Count: 3136)
Chapter IV: A Dark World (Word Count: 1534)
Chapter V: Fear Itself (Word Count: 1602)
[...In This City Of Villains.] WEEK 179 (Total Word Count: 2222)
Chapter VI: The Truth Will Destroy You (Word Count: 2222)
[All Is Violent] WEEK 180 (Total Word Count: 1658)
Chapter VII: All Is Bright (Word Count: 1658)
[The Maker: Part One] WEEK 181 (Total Word Count: ----)
Chapter VIII: Locked (Word Count: ----)
Chapter IX: The First Shift (Word Count: ----)
Chapter X: Door Stuck (Word Count: ----)
[The Maker: Part Two] WEEK 182 (Total Word Count: ----)
Chapter XI: Immortality
(Word Count: ----)
Chapter XII: Immorality (Word Count: ----)

Zhi has only recently joined the Vizard after being stranded on earth.
Collaboration I: Breaking the camels back


[Bronze]Welcome to the Club!
-Reach 100 reiatsu

[Bronze]Division Bonar
-Receive all of your factions Division Bonus in one week
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The Hooded Man
Race: Advent Human
Reiatsu: ????
Combat: ???
Agility: ???
Resistance: ???
Harmony: ???
A mysterious person hellbent on killing Zhi Shou, and ressurecting his sister through any means possible.

Sad Woman/Claire/ Star Girl
Race: Vizard
Reiatsu: 770
Zanjutsu: 312
Hakuda: 121
Hohou: 176
Kidou: 0
Connection: 357
A woman looking for a lost comrade.
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