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Default Hisao Adachi - Athena's Echelon Tyrant

Contact Info:
AIM = shadowwind144

Credit for the awesome photoshoppin goes to Sene

Name: Adachi, Hisao

Age: Hisao’s true age is unknown though he appears to be in his middle 70s.

Persona: Power-hungry is the best way to describe Hisao Adachi. When not in a direct position of power he will do whatever he takes to make sure those at the top fall until he reaches their position. If he obtains such power, he’ll do whatever it takes to maintain influence, as anyone who served in the tenth division during his short tenure can attest to. Some would call Hisao two-faced, his time with the arcane specialists characterized by a fake smile and being all too willing to help out.

The true Hisao is much more focused, his old age has long since crumbled any modesty or humbleness that he had in his youth. The relic is unabashed willing to say or do whatever it takes to protect his interests. This extends to both ideas and the few people Hisao trusts. Those within this exclusive sphere of influence find the old man going out of his way to insure their safety. Though this is rare and instances are spread thin.

The arrogance that so characterizes Hisao is not without merit; he is one of the oldest spiritual beings still active in affairs. His knowledge of both the arcane arts, his pride and joy, or history in Soul Society, as he is one of the few around who can have claimed to have served during the infamous Masked War, make his decisions based well in countless experiences.

Hisao has developed hard worker since finding his way into a division in the one area of being a shinigami he has always loved, kidou. He will try to go above and beyond to prove his talent with the demon arts, sometimes at his own risk. Despite this reckless behavior the relic would never purposely put another member of the Gotei in any danger.

His hollowfication has added a hit of of regret and far more anger to the old man's demeanor. However his unending loyalty is now mostly cemented by a desire to survive. Somehow managing to fall into the leading position of the Vizards, for a reason he himself does not know, adherence to his word is critical in securing his favor. Unlike the captains of the Gotei, Hisao has no shame in saying that he does play favorites and its an important part of his personal view. This doesn't mean that the relic is all business, he does enjoy joking, however his humor is far darker and more cynical than many people would expect.

Physical Stature:
A wrinkled husk of a man time has not been kind to Hisao. He can walk, but it has become so painful he requires a cane to make it manageable. What were once proud brown locks have withered into a dull grey, thinned to the point of being able to see the liver-spotted scalp beneath. His face, with the excepted of his still dark eyes, hasn’t fared any better against the march of time. Deep crevasses mark the entirety of his visage and his smile is absent of a few of its teeth.

Hisao’s uniform is old and faded the black closer to grey and the white yellowed with age. His muscles creek and it pains him to make even the simplest steps. The rare occasion in which the relic shunpo’s is often followed with days if not weeks of pain for the minor movement, which most of his peers can complete with ease. His skill in the physical aspect of being a shinigami is far gone, even the newest trainees from the academy can beat the frail geezer in acts of swordsmanship or hand-to-hand combat.

Or, so the old man thought. Since aquireing an inner hollow, his pains have lessened and he has even considered dabbling in the physical arts however as of right now he has no desire to step away from his scrolls and has remained a titan in the field of kidou.

Though the memories are hazy and disjointed, from what those who spend a long time with the geezer can tell even in his youth the Hisao was far from being a physically fit shinigami. His mastery of the demon arts had put a dent in his other skills. By the effect the putting him in the spy division would mean mostly information gathering for the worthless trash that was Hisao. The years of feeling outside the group, not feeling or being treated like he was in his former division, have deadened the man.

Those who have known him for a while said that with revival of a kidou division the old man has come alive. His step just a little quicker and his eyes a little brighter though what is to become of him in this environment is unknown. Though hard work, and dedicated brown nosing, the old man ascended the ranks of the Arcane Specialists eventually serving as their vice captain. A two faced man during his time in the Gotei, always putting on the appearance of kindness, in part due to respect of his captain and in part to insure that he maintained his rank. He was eventually captured while on patrol of the Rukon, eventually awakening to find himself no longer purely a shinigami. He has spent the passing months seeking to build a network to build upon the chances that the vizards can live a stable life on earth. Allying with the Cerberus Corporation, Hisao has become more than determined to do whatever work his new employer wants, so long as the unending budget that is being supplied to the rouges is continued.

Tyrant, Athena's Echelon

There are few in Soul society that remember Hisao ever carrying a blade, and fewer still who are sure that it wasn’t just a fantasy. The relic carries no sheathe for a weapon, though always seems to be in possession of the old wooden cane, seeming of bamboo and uneventful until closer inspection reveals a number of runes upon it almost invisible at a quick glance.
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Hisao Adachi – Athena’s Echelon
Grade - 78 *1.1 = 86 + 200(Grader) + 100 (Kai) = 386

Reiatsu: 15,167 (Mask: 15,925)
~ Gakuryoku ~ 18,200 ~ (Permanent Release) (Mask: 19,717)
~ Seme no Kashikoi Gakusha ~ 21,234 ~ (5 turns/55%) (Mask: 23,509)
Zanjutsu: 50
Hakuda: 50
Hohou: 1,000
Kidou: 14,067 (Threshold: 18,777)

- Big Bang - Hadou #30, 300 Kidou
-Soukatsui (Blue Fire, Crash Down) - Hadou #33, 375 Kidou
- Daishou - Hadou #38, 460 Kidou
- Ryuu Kushami (Dragon's Sneeze) - Hadou #42, 500 Kidou
- One Hundred Wooden Arrows - Hadou #44, 600 Kidou
- Kongoubaku (Adamantine Blast) - Hadou #47, 625 Kidou
-- Hyakurai (One Hundred Thunderclaps) - Hadou #74, 2200 Kidou
--- Hadouken - Hadou #85, 4300 Kidou
--- Kurohitsugi (Black Coffin) - Hadou #90, 6500 Kidou

- Aura Bubble - Bakudou #18, 145 Kidou
- Gorogoro (Thundering Purring) - Bakudou #48, 800 Kidou
- Ginshinrin (Silver Forest) - Bakudou #50, 750 Kidou
-- Saju Sabaku (Winding Binding Chains) - Bakudou #63, 1200 Kidou
-- Death Rose - Bakudou #69, 1400 Kidou
-- Tozansho - Bakudou #73, 2100 Kidou
--- Kuyou Shibari (Nine Sunlight Traps) - Bakudou #79, 3000 Kidou
--- Onihojiru (Ogre Wheel) - Bakudou #84, 4000 Kidou
--- Gates of the Four Beasts - Bakudou #98, 8000 Kidou to learn, 2000 per side

---- Kuukanten'i - Kindou #100, 5000 Kidou

---- Jikanteishi (Temporal Stasis) - Kindou #101, 8000 Kidou

Connection: 10,569
- Viz Mask
[Spell Diversity]
[Permanent Release]
[Megurushi no Dokusei Kami]

[Jubaku Kuugeki (Spell Void)]

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Form: The constantly released form of Gakuryoku takes on a instrument of necessity for its master, a walking cane. Its 3ft tall appearing to be made of bamboo, if looked at closely hundreds of small runes decorate the cane, its durability is on par with a standard zanpakutou.

Manifestation: Gakuryoku’s world is a place thrived on the mind, where Hisao’s lack of physical abilities don’t matter, an infinite library. The shelves and rows of books seem to go on forever tended to by an army of small shadows. Gakuryoku himself is a Kitsune, dull grey and as old as his master. He wears a scholar’s robe with an old cloth wrapped around his eyes. When annoyed, or to point out a specific point, Gakuryoku is able to transform his shape into a human, strikingly similar to Hisao himself. The spirit will speak plainly and tends to point out the side of an argument that its master likes to ignore.

Shikai: Gakuryoku (Scholarship)

Form: Hisao’s usual cane is replaced by a much more intricate weapon. The top of the newly formed four foot staff is crowned with what appears to be a large dream catcher with a gem inset. Branching off from the circle are what looks like tree branches with tags attached inscribed in the arcane runes seen on his sealed can. Just below this is a smaller duplicate of the larger dream catcher and branch structures. As Hisao drains more reiatsu, the gem begins to glow green. With the light getting bigger and brighter as more reiatsu is siphoned.


Ability: Kyokukan(Siphon)

The single ability of Hisao’s zanpakutou is constantly active. The old’s man reliance on kidou to defend himself has caused his weapon to be able to draw off energy from the very demon arts its master is so dependent upon. Whenever a kidou, cero, gintou, or release ability is used within 15m of Hisao 10% of the reiatsu cost of the ability is stored within Gakuryoku. This energy can only be used for the sole purpose of casting more spells and does not take away from the actual damage of the ability used. The total amount of stored reiatsu in Gakuryoku cannot exceed more than 50% of Hisao’s kidou stat and is always drained first when a spell is cast.

Shikai Vizard Attack: Namaru Kyokukan (Corrupted Siphon)

When Hisao's accumulated rage reaches 20% or more, his inner hollow effects the normal ability of his shikai augmenting it to increase its siphoning by 5%. All other limitations of the ability continue to exist.

Ban Kai: Seme no Kashikoi Gakusha (Persecution of the Wise Scholar)

Form: Upon announcing bankai, Gaku forcibly manifests himself as a small bamboo forest, hundreds of shoots appear over a 30m radius around Hisao’s original position each about 10m tall. Each has the durability of a normal shoot of bamboo, however due to the sheer volume of reiatsu coursing through the forest any damaged or uprooted shoots regrow at the beginning of Hisao’s turn. Augmenting this, a duplicate of Hisao’s shikai weapon is formed. Both staffs naturally orbit Hisao ambiently until he calls them into his hand. While in orbit Hisao has no other control of their movements except to summon them to himself. Both weapons have identical properties as in shikai.

Ability: Endai Kyokukan (Grand Siphon)

The draining nature of Hisao’s shikai has been amplified to affect every being caught within Hisao’s forest. The shoots now drain 20% of the cost of any kidou, gintou, cero, faction techniques, release abilities, feats, and basic techniques. This energy can only be used for the sole purpose of casting more spells or for use in his bankai attacks and does not take away from the actual damage of the ability used. The total amount of stored reiatsu in Gakusha cannot exceed Hisao’s kidou stat though Hisao now gains the ability to decide whether to spend his own reiatsu or the reiatsu stored in his kai.

Attack: Oomawari (To Detour)

The fundamental nature of Hisao’s kai is to affect the bonds controlling reiatsu manipulation, as such his attacks are far harder to manipulate against him than usual. The siphon within the bankai feeds Hisao’s own attacks with the reiatsu it extracts eliminating outside interference. This translates as allowing his bypassed kidou spells to be valued at 70% of their natural strength rather than the normal 50%. Additionally any outside abilities affecting the cost of Hisao’s kidou or cero must be greater than the 20% siphoned before Hisao must pay them.

Attack: Oshoku (To Corrupt)

By actively paying 1% reiatsu per round Hisao can seal one ability his siphon effects per opponent. The ability selected to be sealed must have previously been siphoned. Unique to this attack, reiatsu spent on it is not subject to any other boosting ability i.e it is not subject to Hisao’s siphon. Up to five targets may be active at any one time but the cost must be paid for each.

Attack: Oitsuku (To Overtake)

Using the principle of Gakuryoku’s siphoning, Hisao can actually over run an opponent’s attack and send it back at them. Hisao pays 15% reiatsu either from his own reiatsu, the pool or some combination of the two. Hisao’s reiatsu then floods into the attack draining it of color and sending it back at its user if the attack was weaker than the cost paid. Damage dealt by this attack is equal to what it would have originally been for better or worse.

Bankai Vizard Attack: Namaru Endai Kyokukan (Corrupted Grand Siphon)

When Hisao's accumulated rage reaches 25% or more, his inner hollow effects the normal ability of his bankai augmenting it to increase its siphoning by 10%. All other limitations of the ability continue to exist.
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  1. Welcome to the Arcane Specialists: The former spy makes his entrance in the newly open 10th division and earns his seat.
  2. Insomnia: The new division begins to take its tole on the old man's sleeping habits.
  3. Sticks and Stones: After waking up the next morning Hisao finds his spirit is less than happy with the goings on.
  4. The Sixth Seat: Hisao gets in a little practice and the tenth's signature technique from his captain.
  5. An Old Man's Hobble and a Youngin's Bobble: By request of his captain Hisao meets up with a member of the third division to practice kidou speed.
  6. Induction: Being so nice, Hisao greets a new member of the tenth and tries to outdo his fellow seated officer.
  7. Friendly Reunion: Along with Haaji and Vincent, Hisao spars Okaeshin Third seat of the third division.
  8. Ruptured Kidneys: After finishing his work, Hisao meets Hotate from the fourth division who asks for some bakudou help.
  9. Rumbling and Rambling: Hisao decides to play a trick on a human, only to have to reveal himself at the appearence of a hollow.
  10. Dog Training: Tweleth Division Style: After being called to the tweleth, Hisao has to put their news dogs to the test before sparing two of the assassins.
  11. Ponder This: Hisao and a few other officers decide to try some unique kidou exercises.
  12. Another Day, Another Recruit: While trying to take his work outdoors, Hisao encounters a new member of the tenth who tries to challenge the old man.
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Feats, Techs and Items

[Kindou] - Way of Forbidden Words
A branch of demon magic that so tested the fabric of reality that it was sealed away, forbidden to be taught. The spells that fall under this mantle bend laws that were never meant to be tampered with.

No longer monitored as closely as centuries past, the knowledge of the forbidden spells has been discovered and surreptitiously spread. Only accessible to those of paramount skill in the demon arts, these Kindou require a full round's concentration and a complete incantation to cast.

Training Requirements: 10,000 Kidou
[Spell Diversity] – A character is naturally talented in the casting of spells. As a passive benefit from equipping this feat, a character gets extra spell slots.

300 Kidou/Ginkan for 3 extra slots
600 Kidou/Ginkan for 6 extra slots
900 Kidou/Ginkan for 9 extra slots
Gappeidou (Way of Fusion)
Type: Trained
After training extensively in Mahoubai, Hisao has developed a way of transcending merely bending two spells in succession. The Tyrant has now developed a way to actually fuse the kidou energies of two distinct spells. Spells fired through Gappeidou share properties of both the original spells, for example Big Bang and Sealing Rings would cause the rings to explode upon contact. In order to do this 1.5 the amount of total kidou of the two original spells must be paid. A single Gappeidou spell counts as both spells possible in a single turn. Full incantations for the spells are the incantations for each part of the spell, however names can be adjusted to either be the two original names said in succession or some amalgamation of the spells.

As with Mahoubai, spells that require four slots or more cannot be combined. When used against kidou negating abilities, the cost of the spell is considered to be the sum of the base cost of the combined spells. If a spell is a combination of a hadou and a bakudou, half of the spell may be eliminated, if the correct technique is used. If the spell is a combination of solely bakudou or hadou, then the entire spell may be overcome if the correct technique is used.

Requirements: 5,000 Kidou, Mahoubai.

[Jubaku Kuugeki (Spell Void)] - Through becoming more aware of his abilities as a vizard Hisao has learned how to shift a kidou’s direction after casting. By paying 1% of his reiatsu and using 5% rage generating 3% emptiness, he can create a Garganta void around any spell that he casts. This void can then be opened anywhere within 10m of its original position at which time the spell will reappear as though nothing happened. The void can remain unopened for one additional turn before the spell inside is broken down. The maximum use of this ability per battle is 5 + 1 per 2k reiatsu maxing out at 12 total. In addition this ability cannot be used two consecutive turns in a row.

[Mark of the Virulent God]
Type: Unique

Hisao's entire zanpakutou is based on the destructive nature of reiatsu expenditure. The relic has now managed to learn how to add this destructive nature into his natural attacks. By paying 5% reiatsu, any attack Hisao chooses becomes warped with this corruptive reiatsu. Once contact is made with an opponent, their ability to accurately manipulate reiatsu becomes severely dampened. Any abilities normally affected by Hisao’s siphon ability are increased by the amount paid for 2 rounds. Damage does not increase and this extra reiatsu is implanted directly into Hisao’s kai reiatsu pool. This also does not change the effective kidou cost when factored against defensive abilities such as Kawasu. Once an infection is implanted Hisao must wait 5 turns before another one can be used.
[Toorima] Phantom Thief

Hisao’s ability to tap into kidou has extended to the point where he can master spells just by witnessing them. For the purpose of battle Hisao gains 5 additional kidou slots which remain empty until someone else uses a kidou. Should he wish Hisao is then able to equip the kidou as his own for the remainder of the battle. Once equipped, the kidou cannot be changed out and takes up as many of the slots as it would if Hisao equipped the spell normally.


Tenth Division:

[ Mahoubai ]

Numerous powerful symbols are formed into small serrations around the outside of the Signature. The wielder of this mark gains a deeper understanding of the connections between kidou, allowing the user to bind two separate kidou to cast them at one time. The caster may combine kidou of the same class -- hadou or bakudou -- by paying an additional 25% to the reiatsu cost.

Since Bakudou and Hadou are fundamentally different, it is more difficult to combine the two. The user may do so, but must pay an additional 50% of the normal cost.

Kidou that require four or more slots may not combine with others.

[ Izonkankei ]

Shinigami who have devoted enough time to studying the interrelationships of kidou and reiatsu can reduce the effective level of the spells they know. A thin line of words of power arcs inward before weaving into the circle of the user's Signature and then arcs back outward on the opposite side. The user reduces the effective level by 1 rank per 500 Kidou, maxing at a reduction of 30.

For example, a user with 1000 Kidou would reduce the effective level of equipped kidou by 2 ranks. Hadou #31, Shakkahou would be treated as Hadou #29, which confers relative weaknesses (for barriers that rely on spell rank) but also relative benefits (such as the amount of required slots).

Actual spell cost remains the same.

Athena members specialize in inflicting large scale damage, even when operating solo. As they surrender more to their inner hollow, the being grants them more power in their attacks. For 2% of their reiatsu, the Athena member may embed any attack with a shockwave. For every 10% emptiness the Athena member possesses the shockwave increases 2ft starting at 10%. There is a cap to this ability as the concussive damage of using the technique repeatedly can cause long term physical harm to the user. Uses are capped at 5 and Athena members gain an additional use every 2k reiatsu they grow maxing out at 15 total uses.

Athena members are known to dominate the battlefield with their presence; their very reiatsu can strike fear into the hearts of those that stand against them. By spending 3% reiatsu, the user’s eyes being to go pale, almost bleaching into white. Any souls unfortunate enough to wander within 5 meters are immediately subject to an irrational fear of the Athena member, relative to their reiatsu. For those who are less than half of the Athena member’s reiatsu, they are stricken with terror and can only attack every other round. For those of relative strength (between 51-199%), they are badly shaken and can only attack every two out of three rounds. Those double or more strength are able to almost withstand the assault and can attack three out of every four rounds. To keep this aura active, the practitioner must spend an additional 5% rage and generate 3% emptiness per turn and can only sustain it for 3 plus 1 round for each 3k reiatsu attained.

Athena members understand that it often better to deliver a blow when the enemy least expects it, in the wake of another. After making a successful hit on an object, with any attack, the Athena member may pay 2% of their reiatsu and 2% of their rage, while generating 1% emptiness, to embed an explosive charge of reiatsu. Whenever the Athena member wills it, or three turns later, the charge automatically detonates exploding an area roughly 10ft in diameter. Only 1 charge may exist on an object at a time.

Members of Athena who have specially trained to work together with their comrades are especially adept at fighting alongside one another. Their bonds grow stronger at a faster rate, achieving each level of UF, UR, and FA at 25% lower wordcount. They are also able to use the special maneuvers, Bait & Switch and Empathic Block, up to twice in one turn.

[ Reiatsu Noukan ] - "Spiritual Pressure Perception"ť
The heightened ability of a Shinigami to sense Reiatsu. Its potency and maximum range grows as the user’s Shinigami level rises, and may become advanced enough that he or she may be able to single out the signature of a single entity within range. A target may choose to mask their signature, making their exact location difficult to ascertain. However, the presence of a strong fighter in combat is unmistakable.

Class E : 1 km / 500 reiatsu
Class D : 2 km / 1000 reiatsu
Class C : 4 km / 2000 reiatsu
Class B : 6 km / 3000 reiatsu
Class A : 8 km / 4000 reiatsu
Class S : 10 km / 5000 reiatsu

[ Eishouhaki ] - "Revocation of the Recited Poem"
Allows the user to bypass of the chanting of a Kidou spell and simply state the name. However, this also results in a drop in the efficacy of the bypassed Kidou, based on its level as outlined below:

Low Level

1:1 User's Kidou:Spell Cost = 66% Power
2:1 User's Kidou:Spell Cost = 88% Power
3:1 User's Kidou:Spell Cost = 100% Power

Mid Level

1:1 User's Kidou:Spell Cost = 50% Power
2:1 User's Kidou:Spell Cost = 75% Power
3:1 User's Kidou:Spell Cost = 100% Power

High Level

1:1 User's Kidou:Spell Cost = 33% Power
2:1 User's Kidou:Spell Cost = 66% Power
3:1 User's Kidou:Spell Cost = 100% Power

Requirements: 1000 kidou

[ Shunpo ] - "Instant Step"
A commonly taught skill for the Shinigami. Though it may be learned at an early level, mastering the technique is another story entirely. As the Shinigami's Hohou grows, so does the maximum number of steps he or she is able to pull off per Shunpo execution. The speed of the actual Shunpo is dictated by one's Hohou stat (refer to the Stats thread for more information).

20 Step - 1,000 Hohou - 200 Reiatsu
30 Step - 1,500 Hohou - 300 Reiatsu
40 Step - 2,000 Hohou - 400 Reiatsu
50 Step - 2,500 Hohou - 500 Reiatsu
60 Step - 3,000 Hohou - 600 Reiatsu
70 Step - 3,500 Hohou - 700 Reiatsu
80 Step - 4,000 Hohou - 800 Reiatsu
90 Step - 4,500 Hohou - 900 Reiatsu
100 Step - 5,000 Hohou - 1,000 Reiatsu
110 Step - 5,500 Hohou - 1,100 Reiatsu
120 Step - 6,000 Hohou - 1,200 Reiatsu
130 Step - 6,500 Hohou - 1,300 Reiatsu
140 Step - 7,000 Hohou - 1,400 Reiatsu
150 Step - 7,500 Hohou - 1,500 Reiatsu
160 Step - 8,000 Hohou - 1,600 Reiatsu
170 Step - 8,500 Hohou - 1,700 Reiatsu
180 Step - 9,000 Hohou - 1,800 Reiatsu
190 Step - 9,500 Hohou - 1,900 Reiatsu
200 Step - 10,000 Hohou - 2,000 Reiatsu

Requirements: 1000 hohou

[ Reiraku Takan ] - "Spiritual Thread, Deep Perception"
A special sensory skill reserved only for Shinigami whose capabilities have matured markedly. Reiraku Takan allows the Shinigami to deeply focus upon the spiritual signatures of all surrounding entities within a certain area and manually compress them all into different-colored "threads." The maximum range of this ability is the same as the Shinigami's highest Reiatsu Noukan range. Colors are as follows:

White : Normal soul, Plus soul, Quincy
Red : Shinigami, Vizard [Unmasked]
Black : Hollow
Dark Red : Arrancar, Vizard [With Mask]

Requirements: 3,000 reiatsu

[ Chikaihou Shinou ] - "Earthly Law Mastership"
Being dead is far different than living as anyone in Soul Society can attest to and one can sometimes bypass the physical laws of movement that one is normally accustomed to. However, the full extent to which laws can be bent or broken takes quite a bit of experience to fully realize, especially when returning to the world of the living. Examples of this phenomenon include walking on air, phasing through walls in the land of the living and other reality bending feats. True understanding as to what one can and cannot get away with is gained through experience.
Requirements: 3 missions on Earth

[ Reiki ] - "Spiritual Healing"
The most basic form of healing available to Shinigami. This technique is simply a method of flooding injuries with Reiatsu directed through the hands, stimulating the regeneration and repair of damaged tissue. While it is quite effective for small scratches and cuts, healing more serious wounds in this manner is extremely draining and time consuming. Cannot be used in battle.
Requirements: 1000 Reiatsu

[ Gigaihyou ] - "Righteous Corpse Possession"
An important survival skill taught to all Shinigami, which entails the utilization, maintenance, and protocols concerning Gigai. This also includes the usage of all developed tools that accompany the use of a Gigai, such as the Gikongan.
Requirements: None

[ Konsou ] - "Soul Burial"
One of the Shinigami's inherent skills. Konsou entails the liberation of a Plus soul by stamping the kashira of the Zanpakutou upon his/her/its forehead, whereby the said Plus soul will be safely transported to Soul Society.
Requirements: None

[ Mask ]
When a Vizard puts on their mask, their Reiatsu is augmented by the following percentages:

Mask: 5%
Shikai: 10%
Ban Kai: 15%

[ Subconscious Defense ]
When not wearing their masks, Vizards are protected from attacks by their masks. The mask can also absorb a single potentially fatal attack or three less intensive assaults.

This ability can't fully block/deflect attacks that are larger than the size of the Vizard's mask. Unlike all other Vizard techs feats and Kai, a Vizard does not need to wear a mask in order to use this tech.

[ Cero ]
The user spends 20% Rage, 10% Reiatsu, and gains 10% Emptiness, and fires a massive burst of energy in a straight line. Usually the user accompanies this with unique hand or body motions. Cero is fired as a cone of energy; the range and size of this attack is dependent on the user's Reiatsu; the maximum width of the tech is [User's Reiatsu/3,000] in meters, and its maximum range is [User's Reiatsu/500] in meters.

[ Aggressive Soul ]

A Vizard with a particularly aggressive Hollow has their automatic Rage supply increase by 2.5%.

[ Garganta ]

The skill of opening, safely traversing through, and closing Garganta allows the user to travel between Hueco Mundo and the Living Realm. This entails donning the vizard mask, tapping the air where the Garganta opening should originate, and tearing a hole in dimensions large enough for a few people to walk abreast. The area between worlds is chaotic and the user must manipulate reiatsu to form a bridge beneath them. The gates may appear anywhere in the Living World or Hueco Mundo, excepting certain unique barriers like the one that once surrounded Las Noches, but it cannot travel to a different area within the same dimension the user is currently in.

Requirements: 3000 Reiatsu

[ Elija Su Mal ] (Pick Your Poison)
Vizards have only themselves to rely on. As such their inner hollows have developed an affinity for others. Certain hollows thrive on Rage or Emptiness thus vizards developed a technique that can transfer these between other vizards. In essence a vizard is able to trade their rage for an equal amount of another vizard’s emptiness or vice versa, i.e. 10% for 10%. This ability is not without its limitations, and only 25% of either stat may be transferred at once. Beyond this the transfer can only occur every 5 turns in order to keep the inner hollow sufficiently suppressed.

[ Garganta Broadcast ]

Taking Garganta to the next level a vizard is able use the tears in space created by the Garganta to spy on targets. Once used the target, and their immediate surroundings, are broadcast in front of the vizard as though on a television screen. While the surroundings are displayed the viewers are given no information as to where that location is just a visual.

In order to do so, the vizard must be masked and pay 2% reiatsu per display. Targets that can be accessed by this ability are limited to those that the vizard knows, who are not cloaked, and are in the same realm as the vizard. The maximum amount of screens that can be open at any one time is limited to 1 per 3k reiatsu.

Requirements: Must be Dikastes rank or above.

[ Bala ]

Requirements: 5,000 reiatsu, Cero learned/equipped

The user spends 5% Rage, 5% Reiatsu, and gains 3% Emptiness to compress a single Cero into 5 quick release shots. The method of release is variant on the user. While Cero is fired as a cone of energy, Bala are simply compressed rings of that same energy with a relative diameter of 18 inches. Maximum range is [User's Reiatsu/500] in meters.

[ Hollow Resiliency ]
Vizards gain the brute strength and ability to weather damage that they would have as a Hollow. Beginning at 2500 Connection, while a Vizard is masked, they have an enhanced endurance to blows. Moderate ones become minor, and what would have been a minor injury is shrugged off altogether. Once Bankai or Resurreccion is attained, this hollow resiliency is so ingrained that the Vizard no longer needs to be masked to benefit from it.


Gokontekkou Ring
The flaming skull crest which allows a user to force a soul out of a physical body. Does not work against living humans. Can be placed at the user's discretion, on a glove or even a sheath.
-Won in the 10th Division Tourniment

Item Name: Viz Mask
Item Rarity: Vizard Mask
Item Rank: ??? Tier
Description: Hisao’s vizard mask takes the form of a spider. However unlike most masks rather than just cover his face, the old man’s entire head is covered. Around eye level all around the mask are holes outlined in green. These holes appear to be empty until Hisao activates his mask’s ability, during which a yellowish eye appears in each of these.

Effect: By paying 100 reiatsu per turn Hisao can create eyes in all the empty holes of his mask. These eyes give the vizard a 360 degree field of vision. However vision in the new eyes is limited to reiatsu charged attacks and abilities only.

Name: Gyoushi no Kitsune (Kitsune’s Gaze)

Tier: B-Tier

Appearance: The gaze, nicknamed Gyou by Hisao, is a small inch tall sapphire fox ornament Hisao acquired in a market in Tokyo. Normally when worn it appears to be nothing more than a tacky piece of jewelry, however during battle the item’s true potential is shown.

Abilities: Before anything else must be done Hisao must pay 500 reiatsu, this energy is transferred directly to the fox token which projects a spiritual replica of itself on the battle field. This spirit take cues from Hisao’s subconscious positioning. While this alone is enough to confuse enemies but this is just the beginning of the fox’s power.

Its true power comes in its ability to channel any kidou that uses 2 or less slots through the spirit as though Hisao has casted it himself. Spells cast this way require double the reiatsu to use. Double cast is treated as shared between the pair meaning only 2 kidou a round are possible either from Hisao, the fox, or their combined total.

Should anyone attack the spirit with an attack valued at more than the 500 reiatsu used to conjure it, the spirit dissipates until Hisao repays the cost.
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Word Counts:

Will: 48,286 (UF Lvl 10)(UR Lvl 1)
Chiisu: 37,520 (UF Lvl 8)
Lambo: 32,467 (UF Lvl 6)
Finny: 25,912 (UF Lvl 4)
Anecdote: 24,979 (UF Lvl 4)
Undies: 22,041 (UF Lvl 3)
Hiren: 19,959 (UF Lvl 2)
Lil: 19,866 (UF Lvl 2)
Kago: 16,148 (UF Lvl 1)
Shunsen : 16,014 (UF Lvl 1)
Kamar: 13,716
Beaks: 13,291
Rose: 12,700
Amy: 10,329
Zenny: 8,083
Tom: 7,629
Sing : 7,423
Unholy: 6,235
Blissy: 5,853
Sev: 5,143
Twings: 3,130
Vera: 3,120
Rawb: 3,045
Tater: 2,884
Hase: 2,647
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[Bronze]Welcome to the Club!
-Reach 100 reiatsu

[Bronze]Moving On Up
-Reach 2500 reiatsu

[Bronze]One of the Elite
-Reach the Top 20 Reiatsu list and remain there for an excess of five weeks
[Bronze]Starting Slow
-Collaborate with somebody
-Collaborate with 10 different people
[Bronze]Collab Whore
-Collaborate with every active member of one faction (active period is 5 weeks without posting stats)
[Bronze]United We Stand…
-Attain United Front with another member of the RP
[Bronze]The More the Merrier!
-Attain United Front with 2 or more members of the RP

[Bronze]Suck Up
-Collaborate with your faction leader

[Bronze]Getting in Good
-Collaborate with a GM
[Bronze]Sorcerer’s Apprentice
-Attain 1,000 Kidou
[Bronze]Brain Fart
-Lose a fight using nothing but Kidou
-Attain your Signature of the Tenth.

-Complete the Mitsudomoe.

-Resubmit your release
[Bronze]Way to Go, Genius
-Have a submission denied by a staff member

[Bronze]Happy Now?
-Have a submission approved by a staff member

[Bronze]Stamp of Approval
-Become a staff member

[Bronze]Division Bonar
-Receive all of your factions Division Bonus in one week
[Bronze]Rock Bottom
-Receive a grade equal to or less than 50% of what the writing was worth

[Bronze]Hi, My Name is...
-Attain Shikai
-Finish a fight in the World Tournament
[Bronze]Triple Sevens
-Bet and win more than 1000 Kan


[Silver]Carving the Niche
-Reach 5000 reiatsu

[Silver]Almost There…
-Reach 9000 reiatsu

[Silver]One of the Big Boys
-Reach 10,000 reiatsu
[Silver]So, Carry the One…
-Write a Collaboration/Chapter with an excess of 5000 words

-Collaborate with 25 different people
[Silver]Blood Brothers
-Attain United Resistance with another member of the RP

[Silver]Mighty Mage
-Attain 5,000 Kidou

[Silver]Crazy Prepared
-Equip 25 or more Kidou

[Silver]Swish and Flick
-Win a fight using only Kidou

[Silver]Somebody to Lean On
-Attain United Front with at least three members of the Tenth.
[Silver]HEY! LISTEN!
-Attain Manifestation

[Silver]Thou Shalt Not
-Have your reviews corrected by the Overall GM
[Silver]Clash of the Titans
-Fight an opponent using Bankai or True Awakening

-Win a World Tournament fight in less than 8 rounds
[Silver]First Rule of Fight Club…
-Finish at least 3 Exhibition Matches

[Silver]Another Notch…
-Win a fight in the World Tournament
[Silver]One Man Army
-Participate in the Sayis vs The World match

[Silver]The Lion and the Mouse
-Finish an Exhibition Match with someone outside of your tier.


[Gold]Respect My Author-itah!
-Receive a perfect grade for 10 pieces of writing in excess of 1000 words

[Gold]Bigger and Badder
-Attain Bankai
[Gold]SimCity [Submitted by Hiren 06/22/10]
-Drop a building on top of an enemy
[Gold]Dumbledore [Submitted by Hiren 06/25/10]
-Equip all Kindou Spells
-Attain 10,000 kidou

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