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Default Erdeschalk, Quincy Family


[ History of the Erdeschalk ]

Erdeschalk means ‘Earth Servant’ and is a play off the idiomatic German expression ‘Gottschalk’, which means ‘God’s Servant’. They are a traditional German Quincy family that’s been around for a long time – even early Shinigami records indicate their existence during a time when most humans were scattered in primitive societies. While they were a dominant family in the early 400s and are amongst the many supporters of the Treaty of Constantinople, they had their greatest practitioners born in the 1300s when Quincies were still struggling with their identity as a species. Recognizing that their talents were needed but becoming disillusioned about what they could do, the Erdeschalk family ended up withdrawing from Quincy political life and withdrawing into the shadows some five centuries ago. Now, their name has faded to history books to all but the most scholarly.

After withdrawing as a major family in Quincy politics, the family needed a new purpose. Eventually, they came to realize that they had the potential to steer civilization. The Erdeschalky adapted to modern times quickly after realizing this, especially during the Renaissance period when a few branch families were raised to nobility across Europe. The strain of simultaneously attempting to empower the Main Line while also increasing family power was extremely powerful. The Main Line, many thought, had no right to lord over the branch families – especially because the Main Line was often estranged from the ‘real world’. The families that focused on attaining status in society eventually fell out of contact, cutting them off from the traditionalist main family. This continued until a few branch families changed their name and were lost entirely. Eventually, in the 1800s, Klein Erdeschalk tracked down most of the branch families and repaired relations in a lifelong pursuit of reuniting the family. Documenting who they are, where they lived and filling in the gaps in lineage, Klein Erdeschalk coined the trademark phrase of the Erdeschalk: ‘All, for the family’.

The family was of considerable size before the Black Night. Klein Erdeschalk’s efforts had allowed the Main Family to gather a large portion of their family to be trained in the arts. Those that travelled to the side of the Progenitor and were lost, and those that travelled to Tokyo were as well. Yet many of the innumerable branch families didn’t respond to the Main Family’s call. For some, they never received it. For others, they didn’t receive it in time. For a few, they ignored it. Yet now, all flock to the one surviving family bearing the name Erdeschalk…

[ Current Members ]
Emmerich and Lorelei Erdeschalk, Elders
Sebastian Erdeschalk, Patriarch
Hans Erdeschalk, Quincy
Rosa Erdeschalk, Neophyte

[ Battle Philosophy ]

The Erdeschalk family is traditionally an offensive family. Their main focus is to ensure that their arrows hit an opponent. They are a median between the ‘bide your time’ and ‘endless current’ philosophies of battle, electing to bypass defenses entirely if possible. Erdeschalk Quincies are most effective against opponents who try to ‘block’ damage with abilities or techniques as opposed to those who mitigate or avoid the damage altogether.

Bloodline Techs
NOTE – as most of the family’s arts were lost in the Black Night, the Elders of the family and its Patriarch are now attempting to reform and rediscover the family’s techniques.
[ Werdenpfad ] – Willpath
A user of this technique is able to bend the path of an arrow into an arc. Each arrow can only be bent once and to a maximum of 60 degrees per arrow. For an extra 1% Shuuhaku cost a hard ‘elbow’ can be made instead of the normal gradual curve. For every 1k Kyuuzu, a Quincy can introduce one elbow into a different arrow - maxing at 10. This ability can only be used once every 2 turns.

[ Nische ] - Niche
Erdeschalk Quincies specialize in fighting the most flexible opponents, and thus require varied talents themselves. An Erdeschalk Quincy can request training in a single bloodline tech of another group of Quincies and equip that tech in this slot. These slot can be emptied and re-applied with a new training session. A link must be present to the training session collab in the practitioner's profile. If the Quincy is Autonomous, then an Elite Tech can be equipped (ignoring the requirement of having two other Bloodline Techs equipped).

[ Geistfessel ] – ‘Ghost Shackle’
By adjusting the make-up of their arrows, an Erdeschalk Quincy can disrupt the reiatsu flow of an opponent to tax their bodies heavily. Any arrow with this attribute that hits an opponent leaves a disruptive fragment of spiritrons in the opponent’s body, adding +1% extra cost for any ability that stacks and maxes at +10%. An individual arrow’s effect fades after four turns, but any new arrow fired that would otherwise exceed the cap replaces the oldest arrow. A Quincy can fire one arrow with this attribute per ten normal arrows, and an opponent’s body can only be affected for 4 turns plus the Quincy’s Dentouritsu divided by 2500 maxing at 8 turns – after which the body starts to compensate for the disruption and this tech can no longer effect the opponent.

[ Burggraben ] - 'Castle Moat'
Any Quincy is painfully aware that their bodies are brittle compared to other spiritually active entities. By using aggregated spiritrons an Erdeschalk Quincy can use vicious currents to tear at any energy attack or barrier or physical object within their immediate area, either weakening or destroying them. A Quincy’s ability to use this depends highly on their ability to attract spiritrons, and thus can only channel a certain amount of energy – specifically, their Shuuhaku pool times their Dentouritsu divided by 10,000, which maxes at 20,000 Dentouritsu (200%). A Quincy can use up to three fourths their Shuuhaku pool, and using more than that taxes their body heavily as they must pay twice the remaining cost in Reiatsu. The affected area is one foot per 2,000 Dentouritsu, maxing at 20,000 Dentouritsu. This technique has a two-turn cool down.

Requirements - Must know at least two other Bloodline Techs [Elite Tech]

Remaining Bloodline Techs have yet to be rediscovered
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Default -

I just thought it was interesting - my bf is a ff/paramedic with WM. I thought maybe you were a fellow ff family.
The fire muster is really awesome, highly recommend. It is very orientated to kids, fun, and safety
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