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Default Shukumei Junichi

Shukumei Junichi - Cerberus Agent

Encroachment: Pit Training Complete
Reiatsu: 9,733 (Masked: 10,220)
~ Gekijin ~ 10,706 ~ (Masked: 11,679)
Zanjutsu: 2,040
Hakuda: 254
Hohou: 1,000
Kidou: 6,439

Hitotsu: Demon Fist, Hadou #5, 15 Kidou
Futatsu: Sou Ryo Meku, Hadou #13, 43 Kidou
Mitsu: Hainawa, Bakudou #4, 13 Kidou

--Shakkahou - Hadou #31, 320 Kidou
--Oukasen - Hadou #32, 350 Kidou
--Soukatsui - Hadou #33, 375 Kidou
-Lightning Rod - Hadou #29, 275 Kidou
-Kyokko - Bakudou #26, 500 Kidou
-Bansoukou - Bakudou #23, 150 Kidou
-Sekienton - Bakudou #21, 200 Kidou
-Banshisei - Hadou #28, 500 Kidou -Ruzai, 500 Kidou
---Hyapporankan - Bakudou #62, 1000 Kidou
-Shitotsu Sansen - Bakudou #30, 300 Kidou
--Ningyou Tsukaiken - Bakudou #46, 600 Kidou
---Saju Sabaku - Bakudou #63, 1200 Kidou
---Raikouhou - Hadou #63, 1500 Kidou

-Sanjukageki - Hadou #53, 1045 Kidou

Connection: 6,676

[Spell Diversity]
[Gekiretsu Rippuku]

Kan: 1,200


Contact Info: My AIM is Valerodude

Name: Shukumei, Junichi (Eastern Layout)

Age: Looks about 15 but is actually 106

Persona: Shukumei would not be described as shy, he has no problems interacting with others but has a slight stutter and does seem somewhat timid, especially towards violence. He enjoys listening to others and respects others' opinions in general conversation; even if his opinion clashes with somebody elses, he is unlikely to express it openly. His temper is average but even when fuming mad he is unlikely to begin a fight unless someone invites him into fighting.

Shukumei enjoys learning about new people and expanding his knowledge of kido. He is the kind of person that if left to his own devices, you would find him looking for ways to help out around the division barracks or if nobody was around, he would be practising or reading up on kido spells.

Since he gained his Zanpakutou he has grown rather excited about bonding with it and hopes that he can gain an unbreakable connection with it in the future, no matter how long it takes.

Although he doesn't openly admit it, he has a general fear of Hollows due to incidents buried in the past.

Appearance: Shukumei stands at approximately 5'4" tall and weighs about 120 pounds, an average build for his height. His eyes are a deep blue and his hair is a dark ginger or copper colour, the style layered with the fringe just about covering his eyes if let to drop but he usually has his fringe combed to the side with a parting in the middle. His hair rests just above his jawline and is minorly scruffy, despite being layered. He wears the average Shinigami robes, yet they are a size too large and consequently look slightly baggy on him.

Biography: Shukumei was from District 56 of West Rukongai, where he lived almost contently. He never lost his stutter permanently from his previous life and he always remained as timid as he had always been, yet he had not gained peace in the Soul Society. Days still came where he was in the wrong place at the wrong time once again and hardy Rukongai ruffians gave him a hard time.

It was one day when Shukumei was returning from one of his late night strolls when his life in the Soul Society changed forever. He was approached by a group of three thugs who threatened him with his life. Cowering, Shukumei fell to the floor in fear, though an unusual feeling swept across him. As the thugs closed in around him, Shukumei's reiatsu condensed, allowing him a greater resistance to the Rukongai criminals attacks. After realising they couldn't damage him, the thugs fled and although it was simply luck that Shukumei came out of the confrontation without a scratch, he got noticed.

A Shinigami in the area approached him and informed him of the Spiritual Arts Academy, recognising that his reiatsu was slightly higher than that of average Rukongai citizens, even if it was only a minute amount. Shukumei then decided to take the entry exam into the academy and passed, continuing onwards with his path to become somebody he would like to be.

Division / Seat: Tenth Division, Eighteenth Seat

Zanpakutou: Shukumei's Zanpakutou's sealed form is a wakizashi with an 18" blade, these specific runes engraved into the blade:

The runes spell out "Understanding", a key trait of Shukumei's. The hilt is coloured black with a pattern of red coloured diamond shapes.

The tsuba is in a shape similar to a shuriken except for with three edges instead of four and they are all curved pointing clockwise, almost in the shape of a number '6'. It is coloured black on the inside with red at the tips of the '6' shapes.

Random Facts
  • Shukumei enjoys the darker sides of classical music. His favourite piece is Beethovens Moonlight Sonata, Third Movement.
  • Shukumei is a real sweet-tooth, liking anything from chocolate to cookies to fruit. He is particularly fond of blueberries and very much enjoys blueberry pie.
  • Shukumei has a questionable interest in modern day womens clothing and fashion.
"Puh-Lease! I'm just a lowly-but-handsome merchant! How could I possibly use Bankai?"

Shukumei Junichi - Ephor, Athena's Echelon

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Default Storyline

The Flourishing Bud

1) The Seed Is Planted
2) What To Strive For
3) Initiation
4) Seek and You Shall Find
5) Stray Dogs
6) New Dog, Old Tricks
7) Stray Dogs II
8) Of Trees and Divisions
9) Reminiscing

Burning Friendship
1) Acquaintances
2) The Unexpected Visit
3) The Experiment Begins
4) Unwind
5) The Withering Tiger
6) Something's Missing...

1) A Step Toward Progression
2) Like Rats
3) A Familiar Face
4) Signature Advancement
5) Menstrual Problems
6) Tenth Mini-Tournament: Shukumei VS Ilsa
7) Road To Recovery
8) Tenth Mini-Tournament: Shukumei VS Daichi (Bronze Match)

A Strange Feeling...
1) A Repressed World Unleashed
2) The Spark Inside
3) Kidou Lessons
4) Earning the Silky Smoothness
5) Premonitions
6) Wither
7) Prolonged Anguish
8) Unorthadox Recovery

The Adventurous Phase
1) Fear Within
2) The Rival's Arrival
3) Arcane Hollow Hunt
4) No Pain, No Gain
5) And A Purse To The Face To You Too!
6) Enemies of a Similar Cause
7) First Student, First Teacher
8) A Health To The Company
9) The Final Signature

One For The Team (Summer 2010 PM's)
1) Magic Show
2) Ole Fashion Barbeque
3) Surviving Aftermath

1) Vivification of a Dormant Mind - Staring into the Eyes of Fear
2) Vivification of a Dormant Mind - Transcendence
3) Search for Shukumei
4) A Brother Astray
Settling In
1) Coming Soon
2) Fashion Disaster?
3) A Meeting and a Milkshake
4) Cementing the Bonds
5) Kaede's Hollowfication
6) The Demon Reveals Itself
7) Ignorance is Bliss

Open Your Heart (Toki arc)
1) Bonding Session

Through a Vizard's Eyes (Winter 2010 PM's)
1) World At War
2) Reunion of the Blood Angel
3) Out of the Frying Pan...
4) ...Into the Fire
5) Trouble and Tunnels
6) Masked Judgement

Living in the World
1) A Mask for a Mask
2) Another Recruit?
3) Electric Six...ty Three
4) Off the Record
5) A Vizard's Mind
6) Explosive Migraine
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Default NPCs

Haseyama "Haze" Atasuke

Division: Ninth

Description: Haze is more often than not quite a caring and laidback individual. The only times he is ever seen serious is when he is either part of a battle or engaging in an exciting experiment.

Despite this personal trait, he doesn't seem to like fighting under rules, preferring to fight dirty when he gets into the fray. Because of this however, he would much rather perform experiments than be seen fighting.

Hazes face always seems to have a smile on it, usually even if he's in pain. He has messy dark brown hair which only just about covers his ears. His eyes are hazel.


-Touza Raiden, Hadou #15 - 110 Kidou
-Kamaitachi, Hadou #9 - 90 Kidou
-Mummification, Bakudou #5 - 40 Kidou
-Break of Dusk, Bakudou #12 - 75 Kidou


Zanpakuto: Whilst sealed, Hazes zanpakuto resembles a regular katana with a dark purple-coloured cloud-shaped guard and dark green smudges set randomly on the hilt.

Upon the release phrase, "Erode from within" Chorakuutora takes the form of a weapon similar to a manriki-gusari; the blade becomes little more than a tanto (approximately 30cm long) with an extendable chain attached to a steel weight (much like an actual manriki-gusari).

Fuhai Poison - Chorakuutoras blade naturally secretes a poison capable of deteriorating muscles and thus reducing an opponents movement and striking capabilities. Only affects the opponent on cut.

Nakata Aika

Division: Tenth

Aika is extremely energetic (though that is mainly due to her age) and is mostly seen with a content grin on her face. Deceptively, however, she is incredibly sensitive since the smallest remark can remain fresh in her mind for days and she is known to lash out at people on the spot if they insult her, whether it be by accident or intentional.

Her unpredictable behaviour often leads to her being isolated, since others fear that what they say may provoke her. She is often ignored so she speaks to herself and sometimes the people around her don’t acknowledge her as talking to them.

Aika has inky-blue hair and wears rectangular glasses with curved edges. She has amber eyes with a faint brown heterochromatic star pattern in the iris, unnoticeable unless stared at directly within proximity. She is of an average build, and of a similar height to Shukumei, give or take an inch or two.


Hitotsu = Genshi, Hadou #15 - 25 Kidou
Futatsu = Kamaitachi, Hadou #9 - 45 Kidou

-Shakkahou, Hadou #31 - 320 Kidou
-Harinezumi, Hadou #27 - 250 Kidou + Extension: Yammarashi - 500 Kidou
-Yusuru, Bakudou #37 - 450 Kidou
-Dragon's Breath, Hadou #17 - 125 Kidou
-Enkosen, Bakudou #39 - 475 Kidou
-Hourin, Bakudou #9 - 75 Kidou

Zanpakuto: Whilst sealed, Aikas zanpakuto resembles quite a short katana with a five-pointed star shape as the hilt, coloured magenta. The hilt is black with a magenta strip circling vertically from the guard to the bottom of the hilt.

Zian LuÚ SÚng (Zyan Lo Sung)

Description: Zian can (usually) be described as cold towards other people and one who seeks solitude. Despite this trait, he has shown several signs of self-contradiction by meeting with Shukumei and Aika without any explained reasons. When confronted about this he would reply with an aggressive remark and an unclear answer.

Zian hails from a wealthy family and has never really been made to work much in his life, yet he joined Seireitei because he wants to kill Hollows due to personal reasons left unexplained.

He has a tendency to stand with his arms folded (a bit too much some would say) and wears a pair of sunglasses nearly all of the time due to his eyes being sensitive. He is just short of six feet tall and is considered skinny by those around him. His hair is black, short and spiked, curling over towards the back of his head.


-Tsuzuri Raiden, Hadou #11 - 80 Kidou
-Kamaitachi, Hadou #9 - 90 Kidou
-Break of Dusk, Bakudou #12 - 75 Kidou


Zanpakuto: Zian’s Zanpakuto is a standard-length Katana with a tsuba that looks like barbed wire wrapping around the hilt. The hilt is primarily black.
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Default Zanpakuto & Mask


Shikai: Gekijin (Vehemence) - 劇甚

Release Phrase: Lacerate the Heart, Gekijin!

Manifestation: Gekijins appearance is somewhat formal despite his violent nature, being a red-skinned humanoid bearing similarities to a reptile; his skin is full of scales with ears larger than that of a humans. The iris' in his eyes are an olive green and his pupils are black slits. On his hands he has what can be described as three fingers and a thumb, yet it is unknown what his feet look like since he is always wearing shoes.

Gekijin dons a dark purple suit, consisting of a blazer and trousers with a black shirt and black shoes, wearing a maize-coloured tie. He likes to lighten up and joke around, even in the most serious situations, and has quite a sick sense of humour.

Inner World: Shukumeis inner world seems to be inside a dark cave, where a red mist constantly swirls around, the only light in the cavern shining in from a few small cracks in the walls, floor and ceiling. The light that shines in from outside is bright, however, and disperses the red fog wherever it shines.

Outside of the cave exists endless seas of red, as far as the eye can see with small platforms of land spread out, floating around the air slowly at random. A bright light fills the sky outside the cave, which hurts Shukumeis eyes to look up at, so Shukumei mainly stays inside the cave.

Form: A blade resembling a medieval shortsword, stretching to approximately 28 inches from the end of the hilt to the tip of the blade. A collection of runes reach up the blade on both sides, symmetrically. The grip of the hilt is black, whereas the pommel and cross-guard are both a shade of deep red.

Kokuji (Devour): Gekijin thrives on negative and destructive emotions, forcing its own bloodthirst on its wielder when released. The sword continually eats away at Shukumei's reiatsu, absorbing 2% every round. The zanpakuto thrives on others' negativity as well as its master's, though, and will consume 1% of Shukumei's total reiatsu from up to three beings nearby.

Modosu (Vomit): The consumed reiatsu is released the same turn that it is absorbed, unleashing a wave of destructive energy with each slash of the blade. The wave released travels through the air in the shape of the slash. If the reiatsu absorbed is not used by the end of the turn, it explodes out of the sword involuntary.


Item Physical description:
Shukumeiís mask loosely resembles the front of a great helm of the later middle ages, a decorated row of arrows running down the centre with a line of empty space running horizontally across the mask just above the centre, where his eyes would be visible. It has curled ram horns either side of the mask, protruding only very slightly in front of him.

Item abilities:
By paying 100 reiatsu, Shukumei can unleash a steady pulse of reiatsu around a radius of 5 meters, using his body as an epicentre. This constant fluctuation of spiritual energy alerts him of movement within this range. He canít pinpoint exact movements, just the direction from which the movement is coming from. This ability only lasts for two turns before he must pay the cost again.

"Puh-Lease! I'm just a lowly-but-handsome merchant! How could I possibly use Bankai?"

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Default Techs and Feats

[ Techniques ]
[ Shinigami ]

[ Gigaihyou ] - "Righteous Corpse Possession"
An important survival skill taught to all Shinigami, which entails the utilization, maintenance, and protocols concerning Gigai. This also includes the usage of all developed tools that accompany the use of a Gigai, such as the Gikongan.

[ Konsou ] - "Soul Burial"Ě
One of the Shinigami's inherent skills. Konsou entails the liberation of a Plus soul by stamping the kashira of the Zanpakutou upon his/her/its forehead, whereby the said Plus soul will be safely transported to Soul Society.

[ Reiatsu Noukan {2km} ] - "Spiritual Pressure Perception"Ě
The heightened ability of a Shinigami to sense Reiatsu. Its potency and maximum range grows as the user's Shinigami level rises, and may become advanced enough that he or she may be able to single out the signature of a single entity within range. A target may choose to mask their signature, making their exact location difficult to ascertain. However, the presence of a strong fighter in combat is unmistakable.

[ Reiraku Takan ] - "Spiritual Thread, Deep Perception"
A special sensory skill reserved only for Shinigami whose capabilities have matured markedly. Reiraku Takan allows the Shinigami to deeply focus upon the spiritual signatures of all surrounding entities within a certain area and manually compress them all into different-colored "threads." The maximum range of this ability is the same as the Shinigami's highest Reiatsu Noukan range. This technique only identifies race, unless the target is within Reiatsu Noukan's range for precision.

[ Chikaihou Shinou ] - "Earthly Law Mastership"
Being dead is far different than living, as anyone in Soul Society can attest to, and one can sometimes bypass the physical laws of movement that one is normally accustomed to. True understanding as to what one can and cannot get away with is gained through experience.

This technique allows the user to condense reiatsu around their body or under their feet in the living world. This enables the user to slow their falls, extend their jumps, or even to stand in the open air. Shunpo cannot be used mid-air.

[ Fuubi ] - "Overpower"
When a shinigami is restrained or bound and has been left with no other alternative, they can try to force their way out through sheer strength and raw reiatsu. This is dangerous for the user's soul, particularly against the demon arts. Such an effort requires at least 2x the cost of the restraint and causes severe pain to the user.

[ Reiki ] - "Spiritual Healing"
The most basic form of healing available to Shinigami. This technique is simply a method of flooding injuries with Reiatsu directed through the hands, stimulating the regeneration and repair of damaged tissue. While it is quite effective for small scratches and cuts, healing more serious wounds in this manner is extremely draining and time consuming. Cannot be used in battle.


[ Ittouryoudan ] - "Cutting In Two With One Stroke"
A skilled swordsman holds no fear in the face of his enemy's attacks and may stand his ground against them. In this way, the swordsman can channel his spirit into his sword and slice straight through flames, water, or even raw energy. This splits the attack around the user.

Only possible against attacks up to twice the cost of Ittouryoudan, this technique costs 250 reiatsu to use.

[ Shunpo ] - "Flash Step"
A commonly taught skill for the Shinigami. Though it may be learned at an early level, mastering the technique is another story entirely. The initial level of shunpo is a burst of speed in a single, straight direction. As the user's skill in Hohou grows, they may learn more advanced techniques and maneuvers.

A basic flash-step costs 200 reiatsu, and can cover up to 15m. The user bursts in one direction at near-blinding speed, but is unable to attack or turn. The speed of the step is determined by the user's Hohou, and only those with at least 50% of the user's Hohou can visually keep up with the movement. If the user's hohou is comparable to an enemy's attacking stat, then they stand a good chance of being able to dodge with a shunpo.

Flash-steps are only usable once per turn, with an additional use per turn gained for every 5,000 Hohou.

[ Eishouhaki ] - "Revocation of the Recited Poem"
Allows the user to bypass of the chanting of a Kidou spell and simply state the name.

[ Division ]

[ Signature of the Tenth ]
Upon initiation into the Tenth, a shinigami receives the division's signature mark. The location of the mark is up to the initiate, but it must be open to the air to use, and thus it is advisable to place it where it is visible or easy to reveal: many choose the back of one hand.

This mark is a circular incantation written in a mixture of languages and symbols. There is an open area in the center where the outer circle merges into the incantation of a single kidou, to be chosen by the initiate. The incantation spirals in toward the center of the circle, creating a hitotsudomoe. Once chosen, it may not be changed. The shinigami will have a probationary period of three weeks to decide which kidou they will specialize in -- at that point, they must choose a known kidou or remove themselves from the division.

The chosen kidou may not be greater than rank fifteen. This signature kidou is empowered by the mark of the Tenth and can be cast merely by calling out Hitotsu, Futatsu, or Mitsu: the spell requires no incantation or gestures. The kidou consumes half of the normal reiatsu and does not count against the user's kidou slots or threshold.

The mark will glow with the color of the caster's reiatsu when using the signature kidou. At 1000 Kidou the user gains a second Signature kidou, forming a futatsudomoe. Upon attaining 2000 Kidou, the user gains their third and final Signature kidou. These additional Signature kidou begin at different points in the circle but spiral toward the same end, forming the complete symbol of the division: the mitsudomoe.

[ Mahoubai ]
Numerous powerful symbols are formed into small serrations around the outside of the Signature. The wielder of this mark gains a deeper understanding of the connections between kidou, allowing the user to bind two separate kidou to cast them at one time. The caster may combine kidou of the same class -- hadou or bakudou -- by paying an additional 25% to the reiatsu cost.

Since Bakudou and Hadou are fundamentally different, it is more difficult to combine the two. The user may do so, but must pay an additional 50% of the normal cost.

Kidou that require four or more slots may not combine with others.

Athena members specialize in inflicting large scale damage, even when operating solo. As they surrender more to their inner hollow, the being grants them more power in their attacks. For 2% of their reiatsu, the Athena member may embed any attack with a shockwave. For every 10% emptiness the Athena member possesses the shockwave increases 2ft starting at 10%. There is a cap to this ability as the concussive damage of using the technique repeatedly can cause long term physical harm to the user. Uses are capped at 5 and Athena members gain an additional use every 2k reiatsu they grow maxing out at 15 total uses.

Athena members are known to dominate the battlefield with their presence; their very reiatsu can strike fear into the hearts of those that stand against them. By spending 3% reiatsu, the user’s eyes being to go pale, almost bleaching into white. Any souls unfortunate enough to wander within 5 meters are immediately subject to an irrational fear of the Athena member, relative to their reiatsu. For those who are less than half of the Athena member’s reiatsu, they are stricken with terror and can only attack every other round. For those of relative strength (between 51-199%), they are badly shaken and can only attack every two out of three rounds. Those double or more strength are able to almost withstand the assault and can attack three out of every four rounds. To keep this aura active, the practitioner must spend an additional 5% rage and generate 3% emptiness per turn and can only sustain it for 3 plus 1 round for each 3k reiatsu attained.

Athena members understand that it often better to deliver a blow when the enemy least expects it, in the wake of another. After making a successful hit on an object, with any attack, the Athena member may pay 2% of their reiatsu and 2% of their rage, while generating 1% emptiness, to embed an explosive charge of reiatsu. Whenever the Athena member wills it, or three turns later, the charge automatically detonates exploding an area roughly 10ft in diameter. Only 1 charge may exist on an object at a time.

Members of Athena who have specially trained to work together with their comrades are especially adept at fighting alongside one another. Their bonds grow stronger at a faster rate, achieving each level of UF, UR, and FA at 25% lower wordcount. They are also able to use the special maneuvers, Bait & Switch and Empathic Block, up to twice in one turn.


[Spell Diversity {9 Slots}]
A character is naturally talented in the casting of spells. As a passive benefit from equipping this feat, a character gets extra spell slots for kidou or extra spells for Ginkaihou.
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Default Achievements


World Tournament


-Finish a fight in the World Tournament

[Bronze]Wooden Spoon
-Lose your fight in the first match of your tier

[Silver]Trying to Quit
-Do not bet any Kan during the World Tournament


[Bronze]Welcome to the Club!
-Reach 100 reiatsu

[Bronze]Moving On Up
-Reach 2500 reiatsu

[Silver]Carving the Niche
-Reach 5000 reiatsu


[Bronze]Starting Slow-Collaborate with somebody

[Silver]So, Carry the One…
-Write a Collaboration/Chapter with an excess of 5000 words

[Bronze]Collab Whore
-Collaborate with every active member of one faction

[Bronze]United We Stand…
-Attain United Front with another member of the RP

[Bronze]The More the Merrier!
-Attain United Front with 2 or more members of the RP

[Bronze]Suck Up
-Collaborate with your faction leader

[Bronze]Getting in Good
-Collaborate with a GM

Shinigami/Vizard Achievements

Kendo Student

-Obtain 1,000 Zanjutsu

-Attain 1,000 Hohou

[Bronze]Sorcerer’s Apprentice
-Attain 1,000 Kidou

[Silver]Mighty Mage
-Attain 5,000 Kidou

[Silver]Crazy Prepared
-Equip 15 or more Kidou

[Silver]Swish and Flick
-Win a fight using only Kidou

-Attain your Signature of the Tenth.

-Complete the Mitsudomoe.

[Bronze]Shockingly Predictable
-Join Athena Echelon and learn an echelon technique

Out of Game

Way to Go, Genius

-Have a submission denied by a staff member

[Bronze]Happy Now?
-Have a submission approved by a staff member

[Bronze]Division Bonar
-Receive all of your factions Division Bonus in one week

[Bronze]Hi, My Name is...
-Attain Shika

"Puh-Lease! I'm just a lowly-but-handsome merchant! How could I possibly use Bankai?"

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