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Default Zetsuei

Contact Info: Yggdrassiil

Name: Zetsuei (Nicknamed Zetsu)

Age: 120 (Looks 12)

Persona: Zetsuei is a man who doesn’t care much for the things that happen. It is his carefree motto of life “Go with the flow” that drives the boy to do anything. It is his second motto “Shit happens,” that keeps his mind in a neutral way of thinking. He responds to all situations in a simple manner making him appear as a rather blunt individual. Because of this, people have a tendency to avoid him…leaving him to become slightly anti-social. As time has passed, he has gone through a dramatic change and he is slowly becoming more open.

Physical Stature: Zetsuei stands roughly around 4’5 and has tanned skin. Though he gives of a lazy demeanor, he has a slim but athletic build from working his body often. He has long spiky emerald hair and different colored irises: The left one is Gray and the other is red. He has a cat-like gaze when he stares at things. He wears a sleeveless form of the soul reaper uniform with black pants.

Biography: There was nothing fascinating about Zetsuei about his life. In truth, Zetsuei only remembers one thing from his past: It was his brother that had killed him. The boy found himself in the soul society alone and confused. He had no place to go so he moved around from place to place very often. The way he talked to people had often frightened off many potential friends he could have made. This forced him to rely on himself more often than he would have liked and to do many other unpleasant things just to survive. During the young man’s travels, he had seen many things that were both wonderful and terrible at the same time. This constant exposure to these things had left the boy hardened to the point where he did not even care what happened to others.

It went on for quite a while until one day as he met a female soul reaper. She had often gotten lost around the districts quite often and needed help. He had met her one day asking for directions. Zetsu, having some time to kill, showed her the way. The woman continuously got lost and Zetsuei kept showing her the way. Eventually, they got to know each other and became friends somewhat. He also found out that the woman’s name was Kiriei. Kiriei had told him about the life of the soul reapers and she had sensed a similar power within him.

Zetsuei had refused this offer in the beginning. It just seemed like too much work to do. Unfortunately for him, Kiriei wouldn’t let up. She continuously badgered him until he eventually agreed. Zetsuei joined the academy hesitantly and began his training as a soul reaper. Though most of the things that went on seemed easy to him, he failed out of non-interest. This had gone on for three extra years, but he began to take some interest in what the soul reapers were doing. He didn’t mind his nomadic lifestyle, but it was always the same thing over and over again. It had left the young one quite bored in a sense. He decided to leave his old life behind and to start a new life as a soul reaper. He graduated quite easily (Why wouldn’t he? He took it three times) and became a soul reaper. In a short time, he had learned the name of his sword though it has not been seen by anyone.

Zetsuei - Athena Echelon
Reiatsu: 8765 (w/Mask: 9203)
Kioku ~9642~ (w/Mask: 10,518)
Zanjutsu: 330
Hakuda: 3101
Hohou: 2600
Kidou: 2734 (Thresh: 4101)

-Breaking Palm - Hadou #25, 220 Kidou
-Banshiissei - Hadou #28, 1.4 times the Bakudou used
-Big Bang - Hadou #30, 300 Kidou
Yusuru - Bakudou #36, 450 Kidou
-Daishou - Hadou #38, 460 Kidou
--Byakurai - Hadou #4, 25 Kidou

Connection: 6657
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Default Techs, Feats and Items

[spoiler=Common Techs]

[ Gigaihyou ] - "Righteous Corpse Possession"
An important survival skill taught to all Shinigami, which entails the utilization, maintenance, and protocols concerning Gigai. This also includes the usage of all developed tools that accompany the use of a Gigai, such as the Gikongan.
Requirements: None

[ Chikaihou Shinou ] – “Earthly Law Mastership”
Being dead is far different than living as anyone in Soul Society can attest to and one can sometimes bypass the physical laws of movement that one is normally accustomed to. However, the full extent to which laws can be bent or broken takes quite a bit of experience to fully realize, especially when returning to the world of the living. Examples of this phenomenon include walking on air, phasing through walls in the land of the living and other reality bending feats. True understanding as to what one can and cannot get away with is gained through experience.
Requirements: 3 missions on Earth

[ Konsou ] - "Soul Burial"
One of the Shinigami's inherent skills. Konsou entails the liberation of a Plus soul by stamping the kashira of the Zanpakutou upon his/her/its forehead, whereby the said Plus soul will be safely transported to Soul Society.
Requirements: None

[ Reiki ] - "Spiritual Healing"
The most basic form of healing available to Shinigami. This technique is simply a method of flooding injuries with Reiatsu directed through the hands, stimulating the regeneration and repair of damaged tissue. While it is quite effective for small scratches and cuts, healing more serious wounds in this manner is extremely draining and time consuming. Cannot be used in battle.
Requirements: 1000 Reiatsu

[ Fuubi ] - "Overpower"
When a shinigami is restrained or bound and has been left with no other alternative, they can try to force their way out through sheer strength and raw reiatsu. This is dangerous for the user's soul, particularly against the demon arts. Such an effort requires at least 2x the cost of the restraint and causes severe pain to the user.

Requirements: 1,000 Reiatsu

[ Sekkinsen ] - "Close-Quarters Fighting"
One of the primary disciplines of Hakuda is defending against armed attacks. With skill in the practice comes the disciplined and instinctive ability to evade or knock a weapon aside by striking the flat or the hilt. Rather than directly blocking, the user will move their body out of the way or parry the opponent's weapon away, using any part of their body.

This allows the user to stand toe-to-toe with bare hands against weapons, pitting skill against skill. A hakuda user has a chance to twist their body out of the way or parry an enemy blade without automatically getting cut as long as the attacker isn't 50% more skilled than they are, but even someone on equal footing will prove a challenge.

Requirements: 1,000 Hakuda
[ Wari Dokuro ] - "Cracked Skull"
When a hand-to-hand specialist is up close and personal, it bodes ill for their opponent. A solid strike to the opponent's skull will shock their brains, making it difficult to use special attacks or cast spells.

This technique costs 500 reiatsu and will increase the cost of all special attacks, shunpo, kidou, and other reiatsu-using abilities by 250 during the following round. Quincies' ability to use Shuuhaku remains unaffected.

Requirements: 2,000 Hakuda

[ Reiatsu Noukan ] - "Spiritual Pressure Perception"
The heightened ability of a Shinigami to sense Reiatsu. Its potency and maximum range grows as the user€™s Shinigami level rises, and may become advanced enough that he or she may be able to single out the signature of a single entity within range. A target may choose to mask their signature, making their exact location difficult to ascertain. However, the presence of a strong fighter in combat is unmistakable.

Class E : 1 km / 500 reiatsu
Class D : 2 km / 1000 reiatsu
Class C : 4 km / 2000 reiatsu
Class B : 6 km / 3000 reiatsu
Class A : 8 km / 4000 reiatsu
Class S : 10 km / 5000 reiatsu

[ Eishouhaki ] - "Revocation of the Recited Poem"
Allows the user to bypass of the chanting of a Kidou spell and simply state the name. However, this also results in a drop in the efficacy of the bypassed Kidou, based on its level as outlined below:

Low Level

1:1 User's Kidou:Spell Cost = 66% Power
2:1 User's Kidou:Spell Cost = 88% Power
3:1 User's Kidou:Spell Cost = 100% Power

Mid Level

1:1 User's Kidou:Spell Cost = 50% Power
2:1 User's Kidou:Spell Cost = 75% Power
3:1 User's Kidou:Spell Cost = 100% Power

High Level

1:1 User's Kidou:Spell Cost = 33% Power
2:1 User's Kidou:Spell Cost = 66% Power
3:1 User's Kidou:Spell Cost = 100% Power
Requirements: 1000 kidou

[ Shunpo ] - "Instant Step"
A commonly taught skill for the Shinigami. Though it may be learned at an early level, mastering the technique is another story entirely. As the Shinigami's Hohou grows, so does the maximum number of steps he or she is able to pull off per Shunpo execution. The speed of the actual Shunpo is dictated by one's Hohou stat (refer to the Stats thread for more information).

20 Step - 1,000 Hohou - 200 Reiatsu
30 Step - 1,500 Hohou - 300 Reiatsu
40 Step - 2,000 Hohou - 400 Reiatsu
50 Step - 2,500 Hohou - 500 Reiatsu
60 Step - 3,000 Hohou - 600 Reiatsu
70 Step - 3,500 Hohou - 700 Reiatsu
80 Step - 4,000 Hohou - 800 Reiatsu
90 Step - 4,500 Hohou - 900 Reiatsu
100 Step - 5,000 Hohou - 1,000 Reiatsu
110 Step - 5,500 Hohou - 1,100 Reiatsu
120 Step - 6,000 Hohou - 1,200 Reiatsu
130 Step - 6,500 Hohou - 1,300 Reiatsu
140 Step - 7,000 Hohou - 1,400 Reiatsu
150 Step - 7,500 Hohou - 1,500 Reiatsu
160 Step - 8,000 Hohou - 1,600 Reiatsu
170 Step - 8,500 Hohou - 1,700 Reiatsu
180 Step - 9,000 Hohou - 1,800 Reiatsu
190 Step - 9,500 Hohou - 1,900 Reiatsu
200 Step - 10,000 Hohou - 2,000 Reiatsu
Requirements: 1000 hohou

[ Shunpo Senmon ] - "Flash Step Expertise"
The practitioner has grown familiar with the rush of motion and has learned how to maneuver during it. The user cannot reverse their direction, but they have some control over turning and positioning themselves strategically, though their turns cannot be greater than 60 degrees.

Requirements: 2,500 Hohou

[ Reiraku Takan ] - "Spiritual Thread, Deep Perception"
A special sensory skill reserved only for Shinigami whose capabilities have matured markedly. Reiraku Takan allows the Shinigami to deeply focus upon the spiritual signatures of all surrounding entities within a certain area and manually compress them all into different-colored "threads." The maximum range of this ability is the same as the Shinigami's highest Reiatsu Noukan range. Colors are as follows:

White : Normal soul, Plus soul, Quincy
Red : Shinigami, Vizard [Unmasked]
Black : Hollow
Dark Red : Arrancar, Vizard [With Mask]
Requirements: 3,000 reiatsu


[Spoiler=Vizard Techs]
[ Subconscious Defense ]
When not wearing their masks, Vizards are protected from attacks by their masks. The mask can also absorb a single potentially fatal attack or three less intensive assaults.

This ability can't fully block/deflect attacks that are larger than the size of the Vizard's mask. Unlike all other Vizard techs feats and Kai, a Vizard does not need to wear a mask in order to use this tech.

[ Cero ]
The user spends 20% Rage, 10% Reiatsu, and gains 10% Emptiness, and fires a massive burst of energy in a straight line. Usually the user accompanies this with unique hand or body motions. Cero is fired as a cone of energy; the range and size of this attack is dependent on the user's Reiatsu; the maximum width of the tech is [User's Reiatsu/3,000] in meters, and its maximum range is [User's Reiatsu/500] in meters.

[ Calm Soul ]

A particularly calm Vizard has their total Rage capacity increased by 10%.

[ Garganta ]

The skill of opening, safely traversing through, and closing Garganta allows the user to travel between Hueco Mundo and the Living Realm. This entails donning the vizard mask, tapping the air where the Garganta opening should originate, and tearing a hole in dimensions large enough for a few people to walk abreast. The area between worlds is chaotic and the user must manipulate reiatsu to form a bridge beneath them. The gates may appear anywhere in the Living World or Hueco Mundo, excepting certain unique barriers like the one that once surrounded Las Noches, but it cannot travel to a different area within the same dimension the user is currently in.

Requirements: 3000 Reiatsu

[ Elija Su Mal ] (Pick Your Poison)
Vizards have only themselves to rely on. As such their inner hollows have developed an affinity for others. Certain hollows thrive on Rage or Emptiness thus vizards developed a technique that can transfer these between other vizards. In essence a vizard is able to trade their rage for an equal amount of another vizard’s emptiness or vice versa, i.e. 10% for 10%. This ability is not without its limitations, and only 25% of either stat may be transferred at once. Beyond this the transfer can only occur every 5 turns in order to keep the inner hollow sufficiently suppressed.

[ Bala ]

Requirements: 5,000 reiatsu, Cero learned/equipped

The user spends 5% Rage, 5% Reiatsu, and gains 3% Emptiness to compress a single Cero into 5 quick release shots. The method of release is variant on the user. While Cero is fired as a cone of energy, Bala are simply compressed rings of that same energy with a relative diameter of 18 inches. Maximum range is [User's Reiatsu/500] in meters.

[ Hollow Resiliency ]
Vizards gain the brute strength and ability to weather damage that they would have as a Hollow. Beginning at 2500 Connection, while a Vizard is masked, they have an enhanced endurance to blows. Moderate ones become minor, and what would have been a minor injury is shrugged off altogether. Once Bankai or Resurreccion is attained, this hollow resiliency is so ingrained that the Vizard no longer needs to be masked to benefit from it.

[Spoiler= Echeleon Techs]

[Spoiler=Feats]Slot 1 -Cero Gunsman

Description: Instead of firing a normal cero, Zetsuei is able to compress the range of the cero and split it into five seperate beam shots without losing any of the overall strength of the original. The width of the cero is stuck at two feet and the beams can only go straight. Bala can also be used this way, but its make up is a little different. A bala is a a cero compressed into five quick shots. Zetsuei can compress this even further so that each bala shot creates ten “bullets”. Each bullet is no bigger than four inches. As Zetsuei gets stronger, so does his ability to compress and form more bullets to use.

3000 Reiatsu = 10 Bullets per bala shot
6000 Reiatsu = 20 Bullets per bala shot
9000 Reiatsu = 30 Bullets per bala shot capped.

Zetsuei pays the normal cost of a cero to use the cero beams. After the 5th shot, he must pay again for another 5 shots. As for the bala attack, it could either be done 1 bullet at a time ( at high speed) or as a full shotgun blast( Meaning that the entire bala slot is fired). Zetsuei can have up to 4 Bala slots, but it will cost him an extra 5 rage% per slot and he gains the corresponding emptiness. Zetsuei can fire from both hands at the same time if he has enough shots for it. If Zetsuei has remaining shots after his mask is off, he can still shoot.

Slot 2- Unoccupied

Slot 3 - don't have yet

Slot 4 - don't have yet


Vizard Mask

Appearance: Zetsuei's mask

A picture is worth a thousand words. So look at the pic. I made it. Its EXACTLY how it is.

Effect: By spending 500 reiatsu per use, Zetsuei can view projectile-like attacks in slow motion, making it easier for him to dodge said attack. He can only use this 2 times per battle.

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Default Zanpaktou

Zanpakutou: Zetsu’s weapon takes the shape of a wakizashi.

Release level

Name: Kioku (Rememberance)

Release comand: Repeat



Kioku (Wish I could resize)




Release Form
Zetsuei’s shikai is triggered by the command “Repeat”. At that moment, his body seems to vibrate rapidly. Then his zanpaktou are transformed into hard but flexible armor that covers everything but his face and neck. Over the armor, he is adorned in the suit of his zanpaktou spirit. This suit changes to the hollows when he is wearing a mask.

Ability 1: Zetsuei can record the speed of his attacks. By expending 2% of his reiatsu, he can boost his attacks by the speed of the previous. This is expressed by a 3% increase in his hakuda stat. This boost is cumulative with each attack he spends the 2% up to 10% of his max reiatsu.

Ability 2: Zetsuei can repeat the events of recent battle. After successfully striking an opponent, Zetsuei can replay that attack during the following round. By paying 5% reiatsu, the previous attack is replayed while Zetsuei is able to act normally. Zetsuei can pay an additional 10% to replay a different, second attack in the same round. These replayed attacks will come at the opponents even if they've moved from the original spot, but they can be blocked or attacked normally.

Vizard Kai: By expending 10% rage gaining 5% emptiness and 5% of his reiatsu, Zetsuei can replay all damage that was dealt to enemies from the previous turn. This his triggered by saying or thinking the words "flare." This is shown by a black flame suddenly engulfing the enemy as the damage is done.
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Kiriei Sarahumi - Tenth Division
Appearance: Kiriei is roughly 5'3 height, has orange eyes, pale white skin, and long black hair.
Relation: Friend and Forceful Motivator

Winter - Advent Human
Appearance - Winter is 4'2, has deep ebony hair, pale skin and a skinny frame. Her eyes are white as she is "blind."
Relation: New Friend.

Myser Rikoru- Advent Human
Appearance: Myser is 6'4, has smooth blonde hair and teal eyes. His skin is a livley white and he wears a monocle over his left eye. He wears a black suit.
Relation: Believes Zetsuei is an evil being due to his insane delusions. Is extremly dangerous.
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