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Default Masuto Ono

Name: Masuto Ono (Western Order)

Age: 27 at death, in Soul Society for a long, long time

Appearance: Masuto gives the appearance of a particularly battle-hardened individual, not surprising given his term as a member and former officer in the 11th division. His slender body is well-toned but with numerous scars marring his skin, the most prominent of which stretches from his left temple down along his jaw line. His long, dark brown hair is normally pulled back into a ponytail extending halfway down his back. His once deep brown eyes are now kept covered by a crimson blindfold to hide the scars left when he was blinded by a hollow attack while returning from an assault into Hueco Mundo. When his hollow is active, this blindfold is removed, revealing black eyes typical of most hollows. Masuto stands an average 5’10” and weighs only 175 pounds, but always strives to make the best of the stature he’s got.

Persona: Having faced the pain of betrayal numerous times in both life and death, Masuto tends to prefer working solo, except when it’s clear he will be unable to complete his missions without assistance. This loner shell had begun peeling away as a result of his leadership roles in the Gotei, but the emergence of his hollow served to reinforce it. In combat, he can at times become cocky and careless, which in fact resulted in his blindness in the first place.

Since his original confrontation with his hollow, he has taken on a rather collected persona, calmly going about what he perceives as his duties. Now that his hollow has returned, he is often on edge, with sharp words and brusque actions showing cracks in his smooth exterior.

Zanpakutou: Kai Info Here

Background: Click Here


Masuto Ono - Artemis' Echelon
Reiatsu: 16,135 (masked 16,942)
Taiyou no Honoo ~19,362~ (masked 20,976)
Taiyoushin no Hakai ~22,589~ (6 @ 60% // masked 25,009)
Zanjutsu: 6,495
Hakuda: 1,014
Hohou: 5,465
Kidou: 3,161
Kidou List
Connection: 12,830
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In life, Masuto had been a military draftee out of college, sent overseas on but a single tour of duty. It was while there that his overwhelming sense of justice became his downfall when he crossed a superior officer known for his corrupt methods. This conflict resulted in his death at the hands of two of his fellow unit mates more concerned with the cohesion of their group than the “truth”.

After spending fifteen years in Soul Society, Masuto was directed to the Central Spirit Academy, where he completed his studies and became a shinigami without much incident. He began his term as a member of the Gotei 13 during the Siege of Seireitei. Due to the need to recall many shinigami for the defense of the city, he was assigned a post on Earth, an assignment that ended up being extended far longer than was originally intended due to various circumstances. It wasn’t until a fellow graduate from the Academy, Takahashi Natsuki, questioned his whereabouts that the error in not recalling him was noticed, and she was personally sent to retrieve him.

Having gathered enough experience on his extended stay that he discovered his initial release, Masuto quickly garnered the interest of his superiors in the Eleventh Division upon his return. Thus began his ascent through the division’s ranks that sent him on more and more dangerous missions as time progressed.

Masuto participated in a major assault by the Gotei into Hueco Mundo, and on his return trip, confronted a Hollow who, due to his overconfidence after fighting alongside many strong shinigami against hollows stronger than this, was the victim of an attack that left him blind. Since then, he’s worn a deep red blindfold over his eyes to hide the scars, and underwent a grueling training to make use of his reiatsu to sense the world around him.

It was around this time, amidst the helplessness and self-loathing he experienced regarding his blindness, that he began to notice a change in his inner world. The more he tried to become stronger to compensate for his shortcomings, the more he found the changes spreading. This change culminated in the emergence of his inner hollow during an individual assault on a hollow he’d faced once before.

This turn of events terrified Masuto. Many shinigami who were close to him were extremely hostile to the mere concept of Vizards, and he knew he’d need to be extremely cautious at all times while within the walls of Seireitei. However, he found assistance in some unexpected places, when he found others within the Gotei who were in similar situations. They introduced him to the organization of Vizards, known at the time as the Army of Masks. His hollow self was more than eager to work with them on operations as they undermined the Gotei, but Masuto was always searching for a way to be rid of this spiritual anomaly.

While continuing his work for the Gotei, Masuto happened upon some disturbing information regarding the Takahashi clan, his companion Natsuki’s family, and a family seeking to breach the ranks of the noble families, but unable to successfully do so. It was around this time that investigations into Vizard activity in the Gotei really began to take off, and he knew it was only a matter of time before those investigations led to him.

During his investigation into the Takahashi clan‘s activities, as he continued to gain more power in hopes of ending the dispute peacefully and protect himself against the hollow trying to destroy him from within and the Gotei after him as well, he noticed his reiatsu becoming unstable, and began having dreams of himself battling his hollow. This dream became a reality when, upon using one of his destructive ban kai’s abilities, he was forced into his inner world and battled the hollow. The two fought to a standstill until Masuto performed an attack he’d not used before, surprising the hollow and resulting in its defeat. The energy released disintegrated both the hollow and the zanpakutou he held in the realm and kicked him back outside.

When he awoke, Masuto discovered himself to be unable to access his shinigami powers. He took this to mean that he had both successfully destroyed his inner hollow and sealed away his shinigami powers. However, he had relied on his shinigami powers for so long that he was no longer able to function well without them. Thus, he began on a long journey to restore at least the foundation of his abilities.

Many years passed, and Masuto had reawakened his shinigami abilities. Though nowhere near as refined as they had once been, Masuto was able to speak with his zanpakutou once more, and was strong enough to defeat many low- and mid-level hollows. With this capability, Masuto took upon a type of hidden guardian role, keeping an eye on hollow activity beyond the borders of Soul Society civilization and preventing them from encroaching upon the innocent souls he had sworn to protect as a member of the Gotei.

However, when he happened upon information regarding souls being afflicted by some unknown disease, he broke his previous code of remaining away from society and investigated the claims personally. While investigating, amidst the now-abandoned town, a large presence appeared for but an instant before he was attacked, and lost consciousness, not knowing
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Taiyou no Honoo (Sun’s Flame)

Form: Masuto’s zanpakutou erupts in flame, reforming itself into an ornate half-crescent wielded one-handed by a handle on its interior. While the release is active--except in the instances described below--flames dance along the blade’s length.

Ability 1: The flames enveloping Masuto’s zanpakutou have heated the blade to such an extent that when the flames are active, any wounds inflicted by the blade are instantly cauterized, and burn damage is done to the area immediately surrounding the wound.

Attack 2: If ranged combat is required, Masuto can consume some of the flames’ power and release it in a shockwave that travels at high speeds in a straight line from the weapon by spending 2% reiatsu per activation. This ability can be used a maximum of 5 times (and a maximum of twice per turn) before the flames disappear and a two turn recharge period is invoked. Speed of the waves is determined by Masuto’s Zanjutsu stat plus half his Hohou.

Vizard: While masked, at a per-turn cost of 2% rage and 1% emptiness, Taiyou no Honoo’s flames become superheated, blue in hue and--for lack of a better term--leak out of the blade, forming a fiery whip attached to the blade proper. The whip can extend a maximum of three meters, and wounds inflicted by the whip receive double the burn damage as in Taiyou no Honoo’s unmasked version. Shockwaves used in this form reduce the maximum length of the whip by one meter each.



Taiyoushin no Hakai (Destruction of the Sun God)

Form: The flames on the shikai blade flare up and the blade reforms to a large ring blade one meter in diameter with four curved protrusions in the cardinal directions. Then the flames extinguish themselves, their energy channeling inward from the protrusions, meeting in the center of the weapon.

Ability 1: The collision of the streams of energy at the center of the ring have created a sort of reiatsu gravity well. As such, Masuto is able to use the well to absorb or weaken energy-based attacks at a cost of 120% the reiatsu initially spent on the attack. Only attacks whose power is valued at less than half of Masuto’s maximum reiatsu may be fully absorbed, and only one such attack may be absorbed per turn. Attacks valued between 50% and 100% of Masuto’s maximum reiatsu have their potency halved, but due to the proximity of the weapon to his body, the remaining half must be taken. Attacks valued higher bypass reduction entirely. Half the energy absorbed is contained in the well until released, and no more than 50% of Masuto’s maximum reiatsu can be contained at any one time.

Ability 2: In addition to absorbing energy-based attacks, Masuto can also manipulate the gravity well to affect physical objects. By spending 3% reiatsu per turn that this ability is active, objects within one meter of the weapon are drawn toward its center, altering the trajectory of physical projectiles and melee attacks alike. Opponents whose combined zanjutsu and hakuda stats are less than Masuto’s zanjutsu stat may become off-balance as a result, while this ability has reduced effect against opponents whose combined zanjutsu and hakuda stats are higher than Masuto’s own combined stats. Only one attack may be redirected in this way per turn.

Attack 1: In order to expel the energy contained in the well entirely, Masuto infuses it with his own reiatsu, making it unstable and causing a directional blast composed of all the energy contained up to that point. Using this ability costs Masuto 5% reiatsu.

Attack 2: By sending energy-based attacks of his own into the gravity well in the center of his bankai, Masuto can infuse them with energy he’s collected. By paying 125% the cost of the ability, he can increase its potency by 50% or half the energy collected in the gravity well, whichever is lower. Energy added to attacks in this way is then depleted from the well.

Vizard: The inclusion of his hollow’s reiatsu causes the core’s instability to be such that the structural integrity of the weapon itself is compromised. As such, when masked, at a per-turn cost of 4% rage and 2% emptiness, Masuto transfers the center of gravity into his left palm as the weapon itself splits into four separate blades connected to the well. The blades can then be used to attack from range, returning to Masuto on the following turn. Attacks using more than one blade result in a cost of 1% rage and emptiness that turn for each additional blade used. The absorption capability of Ability 1 is halved when used the same turn as such a ranged attack.
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Techs, Feats, and Kidou





No slots earned yet



Inflamari - Hadou #12, 95 Kidou
Description: Creates a wave of fire that speeds towards the enemy. Weakness lies with the fact that it's connected to the ground.

Incantation: From the thousand grains of sand, to the very tops of the mountains. Let us hear you roar Earth Mother. Hadou #12, Inflamari.

Hiashi (Spreading Fire) - Hadou #16, 120 Kidou
Description: An auburn luminous Kidou circumference, of about 4 feet diameter, is drawn on the ground, underneath the target's feet and a fire eruption is shot upwards.

Incantation: Subjects of fire, dance! Hadou #16, Hiashi.

Infernus - Hadou #19, 135 Kidou
Description: By placing their palm to the ground, the user causes a pillar of fire to leap forth from the ground at any point within 10 feet of their hand.

Incantation: From the spirit of the earth, and by the wrath of heaven, be purified. Hadou #19, Infernus.

Haien (Abolishing Flames) - Hadou #54, 1100 Kidou
Description: A powerful spell, Haien allows the user to incinerate a part of their opponent's body. To tap into this power, the user chants the spell beforehand. Then, by throwing the flame from their hand(or by grabbing their opponent) they can burn a part of the target's body inside out. However, the damage done is decreased if the target has considerably more reiatsu than the caster, and if the caster is using the spell from range.

Incantation: A civilization crumbles, birds scream the music of destruction. Bring forth the fires which purge the land of sin, Hadou #54, Haien.

Fushibi - Bakudou #13, 85 Kidou + cost of Hadou
Description: Makes a large net in which the caster can store a single Hadou that triggers when touched, attacking the intruder.

Incantation: Bind my enemies with a web, destroy them with their own desires. Bakudou #13, Fushibi.

Bansoukou - Bakudou #24, 150 Kidou
Description: A thick padding of spiritons gathers at the users hands and feet. While this spell is active, the user gains the ability to latch onto walks by pressing up against them with said appendages. The compression even allows the user to run on vertical structures with ease. The users jumping power is also doubled while in this spell is active.

Incantation: Make my flesh adhesive, and bind my soul to stone. Bestow upon to me the reptile's birthright, Bakudou #24, Bansoukou.
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