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Default Mia Kemono

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Name: Mia Kemono

Age: Appears to be in early twenties. Actually age is well over 300.

Persona: There are several types of people in the world, though in reality they can all be placed into two groups. The people who do, and the people who don't. And Mia is a person who does. She lives to move forward with every breath she takes and usually refuses to back down from anything. She has a rare passion for life that is fed like a fire. With each new experience she encounters her passion is only fuelled further and increases more. This thirst for adventure is a direct result of Mia's one true fear. Of being the faceless worker class, the person in the background who receives no credit and is not known.

The thought of being unknown is a crippling fear for the girl, and thus she strives to leave her mark and be remembered in any way she can. With this driving force behind her, Mia refuses to let anything stand in her way and is stubborn because of it. If a wall is presented in front of her she will bash at it until it falls and she can continue on, until she can attain the fame and recognition she has always desired.

Due to her inner drive to reach greatness, Mia has learned how to judge people quickly. This skill comes in handy when trying to get something from someone or leave a mark upon them. Thus she is not above using any tactics necessary in order to achieve whatever it is that she needs or wishes to be done.

Physical Stature: A person who wants to be known has to want to be seen. Thus she must stand out from the normal and draw attention to her in any way possible. Mia's approach is to grab attention with her good looks opposed to bad, and usually it works. The petite girl of five feet and five inches always wears the standard shinigami shihakushou, though with a bit of her own personal touch. Her robes fit much tighter to her body and reveal more than the standard shinigami, which has called into question the girls intentions. Not that she cares what people are saying, just as long as her name is involved.

Not surprising, Mia keeps her appearance at the top of its game, making sure that not a single black hair is out of place on her head. Her hair is always kept at the same length, with the majority of her hair long enough to cover most of her neck, while her bangs are much longer and fall down to shoulder length. The bangs are parted to reveal a twin set of fiery orbs that capture the attention of anyone who chances to even glance upon them. To top it off her skin tone is a dark hue that emphasizes the girls assets while hiding any blemish that may chance upon her body.

Biography: The life of Mia began in seireitei, born into a family who desired to be rich and powerful beyond what they could actually imagine. Much like every other person in existence, the persons of the Kemono family wanted everything in the world, and for the cheapest price available. They raised their children to go out and get whatever they could, and to earn as much fame and recognition as possible, and for a long time they got what they desired. Birthing a lineage of males, the Kemono family boasted an impressive track record of all of their children heading off to the academy of the Gotei, acheiving high grades and equally high ranks in their assigned divisions. Yet each chain has a weak link, and that weak link was born in the form the final child of the Kemono family, the only female child of the family.

From the womb and on, Mia was continuously looked down and mercilessly compared to her older siblings. Her parents even berated her when she failed to mature as quickly as her brothers had, failing to walk in her early months and refusing to speak properly for longer than her parents wished to count.

As she grew up the girl slowly came into her own, though with no recognition from her parents. She made sure to stay on the good side of the tracks and aimed to impress with ever action she did, to no avail. It wasn't until the day that she discovered the potential reiatsu within herself that her family even gave her any form of recognition. And even then, the only thing said to her was, “Good now you can support yourself hopefully”.

Eventually Mia enrolled in the academy and graduated in proper time, the middle of her class. Her teachers praised her fighting capabilities with both sword and hand to hand, however her kidou severely lacked to the point of almost non-existence. With this fact taken into the equation, the girl was assigned to the eleventh division of the Gotei's thirteen, which did not impress her already arrogantly stubborn parents. They said that the division was one for barbaric that served no better purpose other than to outright destroy things.

It was at this point that the girl decided to cut her parents directly out of her life, along with the rest of her family. Her snobbish siblings wanted little, if anything, to do with the girl and thus she removed them all from her life, settling alone in the eleventh division where she continues to strive for recognition and fame.

Division/Seat – Eleventh/Unseated

Zanpakuto - The once ordinary looking blade which belongs to Mia has gone through several years of abuse. Relying on her zakpauto merely as a weapon used to harm opponents opposed to a direct manifestation of a piece of herself, the woman has long since given up on learning the blades name. She can no longer count the years she has spent trying to concentrate on the tiny voice that echoes within her head. It is because of this distance between weapon and wielder that the sword appears to be in such rough condition. The once blood red wrappings of the hilt had torn and faded to a dull rose colour, and several chipped pieces are missing from both the guard and blade of the katana. Yet the blade remains sharp if only because of Mia's high reiatsu and nothing else.

Reiatsu: 9544
Zanjutsu: 5000
Hakuda: 3000
Kidou: 0
Hohou: 1544
Connection: 6739
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