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Default Okuni

Appearance:Just look in here

Okuni is a flirty yet graceful maiden who is easily allured by the land's impressive generals. She strives to add a touch of elegance to the field, a feat which impresses most of her audience. In the Japanese dub, she speaks in an upbeat Kyoto dialect.She is slightly more cynical in the second game and uses her coy attitude to hide her anger. Okuni cares more for her own personal beauty, wanting everyone to watch her dance. She is also more selective about who will impress her as she isn't charmed .
Physical stature:
in her youngshe is the first people who learns to battle quickly and she wants to learn about dancing so after a year she bacame the most beauty dancer in their dojo.
her 2nd Performance with proffesional attack is "Fortune For My Future".
She is a traveling priestess seeking funds for her shrine. She is best known in history for founding the Japanese dance style, Kabuki.
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Swing to my beautiful dance,Kishouten

its only a normal silk maikasa umbrella

Kishouten,it is the most special weapon she used in dancings

it is her permanent weapon used in Kabuiki Uusho
Frill needles
she frills her zanpakuto that blows many needles
it protects okuni from blowing attacks
Chukaku Fuushi Kuukaku
Guns many small used bullets to retreat or attacks enemy
Chaos lightinng
she pulls her umbrella to absorbs reiatsu from enemies
it her parlimentary combos
she pushes her umrella
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