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Default Sakurai Amaya

櫻井 雨夜
Sakurai Amaya
5th Division, 12th Seat

「いつか光に向かう 逆さまの蝶...」
"Someday the inversed butterfly will face the light..."

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++ Personal Profile ++

++ Contact Info ++
AIM Screen Name: SakuraiAmaya
YIM: sakuraiamaya


++ Last Name ++
(Meaning: Well Of Cherry Blossoms)

++ First Name ++
(Meaning: Night Rain)


++ Age ++
Overall Appearing Age: 17/18
Age at Death: 18
Years Spent in Soul Society: 18


++ Persona ++
"Didn't anyone ever tell you that you should never judge a book by its cover?"

Amaya is contemplative; you can guarantee that every phrase she utters has been structured carefully in her mind long before it even escapes her lips. Every word, every situation, and every emotion is taken into quiet account - no minute detail escapes her watchful gaze. Amaya is thoughtful, calm, and patient - whenever spotted, she usually appears to be alone. Regarded by many as a typical 'loner' or perhaps even the 'emo' type due to her unsociable exterior, Amaya is regularly seen with her arms folded across her chest or with a piece of reading material in hand. Although however unsociable she may appear, her acute awareness regarding the many events taking place around her remains unaffected. Amaya is commendably quick to accept, evaluate, and resolve any situation thrown before her.

At first, many do not approach her due to her lack of outward emotion, for to them she may appear intimidating. However, those who slowly get to know her will learn that she is in fact more compassionate and caring than she appears to be at first sight. Furthermore, if lucky, once in a while you may get to see a small warm smile plastered across her lips... Amaya never appears to be taken by surprise – one grows to admire her ability to remain calm in any situation. Never the first to strike, she is the type who carefully watches and calculates her steps before making her move.

Her lack of response or ignorance of pointless comments and questions are usually misunderstood and misinterpreted as 'arrogance' by those who are not used to her. She may also take a while before responding to a question directed at her as she carefully thinks through her answer first before answering. She does not linger on the unnecessary. Things that do not need to be said will remain unspoken.

Almost always alone, she can usually be found seated in a shaded area reading a book or perhaps in a library. Her personality is like that of a psychiatrist - she observes, listens, and prescribes well-thought-out advice for any given situation.


++ Physical Stature ++
"L'étoile Noire"

Her outfit differs from the standard-issue gi and hakama. The colour scheme of her outfit remains the same - black and white, and it resembles a lengthened gi, giving the impression that she's wearing a short skirt or perhaps even a short dress. A wide obi, white in colour, holds her outfit together, wrapped tightly around her waist. To accompany this chosen outfit, she wears almost thigh-high tall black boots. They end about 5 inches above her kneecaps. The toes are pointed and the heels are about 2 inches high. A single white stripe decorates the outer side of each boot.

Long, wavy locks of silky black hair adorn her slender frame. Her eyes are a watery blue-grey, sharp and observant. Amaya is approximately 164.5cm tall. She also bears the mark of a small black five-point star on her left cheek, under the far corner of her left eye...

For further visualization, click here!


++ Biography ++
"And so you don't remember?"

As the only child of a medical specialist and a somewhat well-known economist-turned housewife, Amaya experienced a privileged and rather easy lifestyle. Despite that, she never was a spoiled and pampered princess, being waited on hand and foot by doting parents and fawning servants, resulting in her being mostly disciplined and respectful. Most of her early childhood was spent in her birthplace and hometown of Kyoto; however, later in life, she moved to Tokyo together with her parents at the age of fourteen. She always was a cheerful person who loved to keep in touch with old friends, often flying back to Kyoto during her summer breaks just to see them again, and catch up on what had happened there since her departure. However, a technical failure in the aircraft systems resulted in her untimely death when the red-eye flight she was taking one summer exploded in the night sky. Amaya died three hours after her eighteenth birthday, alone, without anyone she knew by her side, surrounded by people she didn’t know.

When she came to, she found herself in Rukongai, wracked with a massive headache and a slight feeling of nostalgia. Following this, she had an encounter with a couple of people who seemed to know her, though she had no memory of ever meeting them before, in her lifetime, or in Rukongai. Confused and uncertain, she made it a goal of hers to try and rediscover this ‘missing puzzle piece’ of her life. An elderly lady known only as Rêve, whom was gifted with the ability of foresight through her tarot cards, took in the very much mystified young woman. Also, Amaya discovered a tiny black star under her left eye – something she had not seen before, or recalled ever having.

It didn't take long for Amaya to learn that she required food on a daily basis - proving that she possessed reiatsu. She was encouraged by Rêve to enter the academy and was soon recruited one week later.


++ Theme Songs ++
Dopo Il Sogno ~Yume no Ato Ni~ by Yoshitaka Kitanami
Kokoro no Wakusei ~Little Planets~ by Aiko Kayo
Cold Scream by Pory (O2 Jam Version)
Sakasama no Chou by SNoW
Starless Night by Olivia
Wish by Olivia
Yuu by NoR
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++ Zanpakutou ++
"A sword that can be used as a shield..."

The zanpakutou that Amaya wields is a single 2ft long kodachi - known for its lighter weight and shorter length in comparison to the traditional katana, this difference may lower its attack ability but nonetheless increase its defensive capability. The saya of this blade is black in colour, with a single streak of white vertically lining the full length of one side. The tsuba of the blade is small - barely wider than the hilt of the kodachi, so it almost takes on the appearance of a shirasaya. The hilt bears a single white streak which, when sheathed, connects with the streak on the saya. The single-edged, slightly curved blade itself is a clear silver colour. There is also an engraving of cherry blossoms on the blade itself, located just above its habaki. The sheathed kodachi is carried on Amaya's back, tucked into her obi.

+ Shikai +

+ Bankai +
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++ Stats, Items, Techs, Feats ++

+ Stats +

Reiatsu - 3011
Shikai ~10%~
Zanjutsu - 202
Hakuda - 177
Hohou - 536
Kidou - 2096
Connection - 1803

+ Items +

[SPOILER=Elixir of Regeneration (3)]Elixir of Regeneration (3)
A drink that recovers your physical stats by a bit, offering better performance in battles with injuries, designed to restore part of your power. When used, the effects come out immediately,providing 50% of the stats you lost through injuries, kidou, and the like. I will not surpass your stats at full health. Maximum one time per battle, overusage will lead to severe fatigue, lightheadedness, and other side effects.[/SPOILER]++++
[SPOILER=Final Burst Tablet (2)]Final Burst Tablet (2)
The final burst tablet is a special tablet that increases the user’s spiritual pressure by about 1.5 times. When used, this pill the user’s stats also get a boost of about 1.2%. However, this only lasts for about 30 seconds to one minute, and is only meant as a last resort, hence its name. The user will be almost completely drained after using this pill. The longer you strain your body, the nastier the side effects. And if they overextend the time limit they will be drained of all spiritual power, and will not recover for at least 2 days. If a person is already too injured when it is used (like more than half dead), they run the risk of dying or being thrown into a temporary coma. Only use at last resort.[/SPOILER]++++

+ Techniques +


+ Feats +

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++ Volumes & Chapters ++
"There are three storylines resembling the three stages of magic..."


[SPOILER="+ Sample Chapter + Her Dying Face +"]Sample Chapter: [Word Count: 1420]

Her Dying Face
"Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation."
-- Kahlil Gibran

It hit her like a point blank Hadou as the hollow ran its claw-like arm through Kouki's body. It all seemed like a blur after that - every emotion, every feeling, and every sound seemed to have heightened in a split second. Everything seemed to have slowed to a fluid, dreamlike state. Takeo's shrill, keening screams ringing in her ears, the look of pure, unadulterated horror across Kouki's features, the sound of her own heart pounding rapidly in her ears, as though it were about to burst - she stared in horror and grief at the tears trickling slowly down Kouki's face...

"Amaya..." He whispered as his body fell to the ground in a pool of darkly gleaming, slowly spreading blood. His lifeblood was falling to the ground. Time seemed to slow down and everything ceased to exist as she lurched towards his motionless body, falling to her knees. She could hear, dimly, as though coming from a great distance away, Takeo calling out to her, screaming with his unnaturally high-pitched voice that she was crazy to run over to Kouki... but nothing else seemed to matter more... nothing else...All that mattered now was… Kouki.

"Kouki..." She cradled him in her arms, holding tightly onto him, as though somehow, somehow, she could lend him a little of her life, as though she could stop the blood from flowing out of his ravaged body. "You'll live... you'll be fine... Don't… don't worry… Please… please, don't…!"

She was blind to the hollow towering over her, livid claws gleaming, until she heard a loud incantation and a sudden explosion behind her, the force of it throwing her to the ground. One of their senpais and a few teachers had arrived at the scene of utter and complete devastation. Perhaps the teachers had already dealt with the rest of the hollows in that area - she didn't bother to look up and find out. She didn't care. Nothing… nothing else mattered now. Nothing at all. Their senpai came and knelt beside them. Takeo, on the other hand, had run to the teachers to explain what had happened - his arms flapped, hither and thither, as he talked, dramatically emphasizing his words.

"A-Amaya... I-It hurts..." Kouki was turning pale, even as he struggled to gaze up at her. He gritted his teeth, as a spasm of pain wracked his body.

"You'll be fine, Kouki..." Amaya whispered, "You'll be fine... You… you will be alright! I promise! Just… please. Hang on a little longer." Her head dropped, "Please."

"He's-" Their senpai stopped in mid-sentence - judging from the severity of the wound, he knew that this would probably be the boy's final moments as a shinigami-in-training. He could also tell... that these two were very close... And also; he did not have the heart to tell Amaya… that this was the end for the boy.

"Kouki..." Her fingers curled like claws into the palm of her hands, her nails digging into her flesh, as she fought to hold back the tears forming behind her eyes. Why? Why did this all have to happen? When was it all going to end?

"Don't leave me, o-okay…" Kouki asked - his voice was barely audible now, a mere whisper. She nodded, biting her lip, replying, "Don't leave me either... Stay… stay with me! I swear. Every-everything will be all right! Just… please... for a little while longer!"

"I... I'm tired, Amaya… So… very… tired..." Her heart skipped a beat. If he closed his eyes, what if he never woke up again? What if she never had the chance to meet the steadiness of his hazel gaze ever again? Suddenly, she panicked.

"Kouki... I wanted to tell you that I... I..." The words froze within her, never to come out, as she watched as he closed his eyes for the last time. I love you too...

The tale of her unspoken feelings for him was told through the sparkling, crystalline tears that fell from her eyes, falling earthwards like the tears of Ages, glittering like jewels. She held on tight, unwilling to let go. Her lips brushed gently against his, but she could offer no breath of life - Kouki had fallen asleep one last time...

When a human being dies, their soul either goes to Soul Society or Hell...

"Wait for me, Kouki... Wait for me..." She whispered, "Just take... a short rest... for now..." She swallowed, as she struggled to push the words out. "For now..."

But what happens to the soul of a member of Soul Society who's been killed?

Their senpai remained quiet. He knew that words alone would not help to ease the pain... and that it was up to nature alone to heal this shattered soul. Takeo had already been silenced by one of the teachers. Amaya cried her heart out as the earthly sky turned grey. The grief… it felt as though it were tearing her apart from inside. Nothing could heal her now. She felt as though now, there was this gaping void, deep within her heart, and nothing – no amount of tears, no words of solace, could ever fill it. Crying wouldn't bring him back, but it was all she could do to try and ease the longing feeling laced with regret that was tugging on her heart strings. The person she cared about most had been taken away from her. Torn away. Her mind was clouded by thoughts of "why" - why her, why Kouki... why now...?

Seireitei was the closest one could get to heaven... and wasn't heaven supposed to be a happy place?


She knelt beside the small shrine dedicated to Kouki - the funeral had been brief, though many attended, and the testimonies of those who knew him didn't help to ease the pain. The grief still overwhelmed her, and nothing… nothing had been able to pull her out of this pit of sorrow she had sunk into. It was as though part of her had died along with Kouki, and nothing would ever bring that part of her back. Deep inside, she felt ill, and all the questions directed at her regarding his manner of death only worsened that sickly, nostalgic feeling coursing through every system in her body.

They had cremated his body - a quick and effective method to deal with a deceased student with neither a family nor upper class background. However, she had silently promised to stay by his side until the very end - and that she did.

"No-one saw that coming, you know... But then again I guess Nagakawa had been too slow - and look what happened. I guess we can all learn from his fatal mistake, don't you think? Did you hear me, Amaya-chan? Don't you agree?" Takeo babbled aloud, nudging her with his elbow. Amaya merely stared blankly ahead - she had long since blocked out his thoughtless chatter. She had no strength left in her body to tell him off today. In fact, she had neither the strength nor will within her to tell anyone else off, for that matter. Everyone left, all of them giving her a pitying, sympathizing glance and their condolences before leaving the room silently, one by one.

She felt numb - now things would never be the same without Kouki. Nobody had a smile as radiant as his, nobody! No-one could possibly replace him... No-one at all... Regret - how she despised that feeling... and not telling him how she felt - perhaps that was her biggest regret of all... She could feel it within her, eating away at her, unraveling any train of thought she tried to compose.

"Hey! Amaya-chan! We can go now, you know? Come on, let's not waste anymore time here. Nagakawa's gone - get over him! Now can we go? Come… ON!" Honestly, Takeo never knew when to shut up. She gave him a blank glance from the corner of her eye, shooting him a lifeless stare laced with a strong hint of disgust.

"Am-Amaya-chan..." He stuttered, taken aback by her reaction. She stood up and turned to leave - she wanted to be alone... for now.

Her watery blue-grey eyes, once blazing with a fierce, burning intelligence, had lost their glimmering brilliance and become an empty, lifeless grey, like distant rain clouds. He watched her turn her dying face to the ground as she walked away, her footsteps echoing down the empty hallway.

Nagakawa Kouki had not been the only soul who died that day. [/SPOILER]


++ The Pledge ++
"First, there is the setup, or the 'pledge', where the magician shows the audience something that appears ordinary, but is probably not, making use of misdirection..."




++ The Turn ++
"Then there is the performance, or the 'turn', where the magician makes the ordinary act extraordinary..."

~ Ripple of Flowers, Flutter of Eyes ~
++ Shikai Arc ++

+ First Revelation +
+ Second Revelation +
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++ NPC Collection ++

[SPOILER=+ Kamitaka Takeo + 3rd Division +]Last Name: Kamitaka 神鷹 (Meaning: God's Hawk)
First Name: Takeo 武雄

Appearing Age: 18

First Appearance: + Sample Chapter + Her Dying Face +

Persona: "The wannabe-top-shinigami whom everyone plainly ignored during free periods and dreaded ending up being paired with during lessons which required either a partner or teamwork. A single word defined his infamous personality: annoying. He was the type of person who bluntly spoke what was on his mind without even considering the necessity of his own words and every time he opened his mouth to speak, the words that came out were emphasized by a high, un-masculine voice."

Takeo takes great pride in being noble-born and originating from Seireitai. Prior to joining the shinigami training academy, he had sworn to only associate with classmates from similar backgrounds as himself. However, this soon backfired on himself as even his fellow Seireitai-born classmates couldn't stand his presence.

He usually spends his time looking for people who listen to him and tolerate him. He seems to take a liking to talking to Sakurai Amaya as she usually 'appears' to tolerate him. As shown in the sample chapter, his character can be apathetic (though perhaps not deliberately), thoughtless, and careless about the feelings of others. He is quite cowardly and a confrontation with an enemy too powerful for him to handle may result in him hiding or screaming his head off. He respects those better, more powerful, and higher ranked than him and tries his best to get into their good books. He thinks that unseated or lower ranked members are inferior to him, although he appears to respect some of his former classmates who are still unseated.

He is quite choosy when it comes to food - he refuses to eat anything remotely 'inferior' (to him) such as plain rice from Rukongai and certain vegetable types. He takes a great liking to freshly-washed grapes and freshly-brewed jasmine tea.

Orientation: In contrast to popular belief, Takeo is actually straight.

Physical Stature: Takeo possesses raven black hair and dark brown eyes, which are commonly mistaken by others as a shade of ebony. He is also lean and has extremely pale skin. He wears the standard hakama and gi, and his zanpakutou is carried inside one of his sleeves. He wears a necklace which bears the symbol of his family clan, a hawk.

Division and Seat: 3rd Division, Unseated

Zanpakutou: Takeo's zanpakutou is light, compact, and easy to carry - it is in the shape of a knife. He never seems to draw it, as he relies on the protection of others during battles and missions, believing that his sole purpose is to help the injured and that alone (and he's also quite cowardly, so don't expect to see that zanpakutou drawn anytime too soon). The knife takes on the shape of a regular tantō, with delicate wooden carvings of a hawk embedded all over the sheath. Takeo carries the knife in one of his sleeves.

Biography: Takeo was born in Seireitei, and he is the youngest member of the noble Kamitaka clan. An only child, Takeo was spoilt from birth, receiving many gifts, and getting whatever he wanted. He didn't want to be a shinigami at first, and it took some persuading from his parents before he finally joined the academy. He likes to think highly of himself thanks to his noble background, but few of his comrades hold any respect for him at all due to his persistent, annoying, and cowardly nature. He joined the 3rd division to avoid combat, and he takes great pride in being a member of this division.

Reiatsu - 1100
Zanjutsu - 100
Hakuda - 100
Hohou - 200
Kidou - 700
Connection - 1000

Theme Song: "ID" by Flow-war[/SPOILER]


[SPOILER=+ Lakeisha + Rukongai Citizen +]Name: Lakeisha ラケシャ

Appearing Age: 11/12

First Appearance: ++ Volume One: The Fool ++

Persona: Lakeisha is clever, seemingly direct, and mysterious in her own way. She possesses frighteningly sharp awareness and intelligence behind her upfront innocence appearance. However, Lakeisha is no manipulator - her childish appearance is not a mere façade to deceive those around her. She is honest and analytical, and she is also endowed with the ability to empathize with those around her regardless of her appearance as an eleven-year-old child.

Physical Stature: Lakeisha possesses the most innocent eyes one has and will ever see. Her irises are a bright shade of azure blue, the colour of a clear afternoon sky. Although however unimpeachable she may appear to be, Lakeisha hides remarkable intellect and wisdom beyond her years, or rather - appearance. Having spent more than 200 years in Soul Society already, this girl has a vast knowledge that one will surely doubtlessly admire. She also possesses long dark brown hair, tied up into two pigtails on her head, adding to that childish aura she emanates.

Biography: Not much is known about this young girl's true past and one cannot be sure if it's because she has forgotten it or does not wish to talk about it. Rumours have it that she has spent the last hundred or so years in Rukongai with Rêve, taking care of the elderly lady as a meaningful way to express her gratitude to her for taking her in when she arrived on Rêve's doorstep countless years ago. Lakeisha appears to be Rêve's apprentice, however this is unconfirmed as Lakeisha has never been seen reading tarot cards or attempting to predict the future, even though she gives infrequent indications of foresight.

Theme Song: "Rush" by Aly & AJ[/SPOILER]


[SPOILER=+ Rêve + Rukongai Citizen +]Name: Rêve レヴ (Meaning: Dreams)

Appearing Age: 60+

First Appearance: ++ Volume One: The Fool ++

Persona: Gifted with the ability to foresee the future - fragments and metaphoric indications of it, Rêve is certainly not someone to underestimate. She can break through the barriers of time with her visions of the future with her tarot cards and seemingly glimpse through the essence of your soul to delve into your past... Yet one tends to see her as a fortune-telling old lady down the street in that friendly district of Rukongai...

Physical Stature: Eyes of mystic emerald green compliment her snow-white hair, which falls aimlessly around her and caresses the ground when she's seated on the carpeted floor in her small house in Rukongai.

Biography: Not much is known about her past. One can only guess the background of this mysterious woman...

Theme Song: "Dante" by Ooshima Michiru[/SPOILER]


[SPOILER=+ Ichikawa Kiyoshi + 4th Division +]Last Name: Ichikawa 市川 (Meaning: City-River)
First Name: Kiyoshi 潔 (Meaning: Pure, Saintly)

Appearing Age: 18/19

First Appearance:

Persona: "Are you watching closely?"

A master of illusions, Kiyoshi made his fame during his academy days for his ability to 'kageshunpo', or rather - fool the eyes of others with his movements. Excelling in all aspects of the shinigami education, this young man specializes in Hohou, and takes a great liking to speed, intricate movement, and the ability to use speed to create illusions which fool the eyes. He is also always seen with a deck of silver-backed cards, of which he uses to perform occasional card tricks to his friends and peers.

Friendly, approachable, and fast-thinking, this talented shinigami is prepared for any given situation. He has a cool, calm demeanor, and is quite knowledgeable about many things. He appears to have many contacts, as he does many missions, especially those which require teamwork. Kiyoshi gets along well with almost everyone he meets. He is also trustworthy and seems to be quite close to Amaya, as during his academy days, he was her senpai.

Physical Stature: This young man possesses green coloured eyes and his hair is a shade of black, with silver highlights in them. He wears the standard shinigami gi underneath a black, long-sleeved jacket, and a silver-coloured scarf is wrapped loosely around his neck. Also, instead of the traditional hakama, Kiyoshi wears black trousers and boots. Also, vertical lines of silver trail down both sleeves and each side of his trousers. He also wears black fingerless gloves. Underneath his scarf, a pendant hangs from his neck, bearing the kanji character for "silver".

Division and Seat: 4th Division (Unconfirmed Seating)

Zanpakutou: A single katana about a metre long, this zanpakutou is in the form of a shirasaya, silver in colour from hilt to sheath. A single black stripe vertically lines the side of his zanpakutou, and a keychain hangs of the end of the hilt, bearing the kanji character for "silver". The blade itself is a clear, silver colour as well, and it bears no cross-guard at all. The zanpakutou's sheath is attached to a black leather rope, allowing Kiyoshi to easily carry his zanpakutou over his shoulder.

Biography: Mystery shrouds this young man's past in the afterlife. He appears unwilling to speak about it - many presume that it is because it carries much pain for him, and thus, do not question him about it.

Reiatsu - ?
Zanjutsu - ?
Hakuda - ?
Hohou - ?
Kidou - ?
Connection - ?

Theme Song: "Chain" by BACK-ON[/SPOILER]

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++ Arc Summaries ++
"Who knows what lies within these files?"

-Coming Soon-

-Coming Soon-

-Coming Soon-

-Coming Soon-
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++ Kidou Library ++

+ Hadou List +

[SPOILER="Byakurai - Hadou #4, 25 Kidou"]Byakurai - Hadou #4, 25 Kidou

Description: A blasting spell, intended to pierce an opponent like a bullet. Though it is a simple Kidou for beginners, on higher levels the attack is extremely effective in melee situations of face offs.

Incantation: Converge light into spaces of darkness... Hadou #4, Byakurai. [/SPOILER]++++
[spoiler=Soukatsui - Hadou #33, 375 Kidou]Soukatsui - Hadou #33, 375 Kidou

Description: Projects a flat projectile of Kidou that bears down on a target and violently explodes upon contact.

Phrase:"Dominator! Mask of flesh and blood. All living beings. Flutter of wings. That which has the name human! Truth and temperance, slightly imbed your claws into the walls of innocent dreams. Hadou #33, Soukatsui!"[/spoiler]

+ Bakudou List +

[SPOILER=Seizing Vines - Bakudou #23, 230 Kidou]Seizing Vines (Shouaku Tsurukusa) - Bakudou #23, 230 Kidou

Description: User draws energy into their chosen arm before whipping it towards the target. From within the sleeves of the shinigami uniform, four controllable vines emerge and rapidly burst out towards the opponent. The vines are each tipped with thick variants of the ‘Venus Fly Trap’ plant with teeth an inch long. The vines home in on the target specified by the user at an average speed and attempt to latch on with the heads rather than wrap around (though this will automatically take place if the head is destroyed). The heads send a minor poison into the opponent which runs through the bloodstream with the intent of creating impaired eyesight. Someone with a higher reiatsu than the user may notice slight blurring in their vision while those with lower reiatsu will have their vision strongly blurred. After successfully seizing the opponent with the Kidou, the user can draw in the target with a tug of their arm. The vines themselves are five metres in length and gain an additional three metres for every 1,000 Kidou achieved (i.e. at 2,000 Kidou, length would be 11 metres) to be a maximum of 35 metres.

Incantation: Mother of nature. Seize the desecrator of your land, show them the world through your tearful eyes and let them dwell upon it. Bakudou #23, Shouaku Tsurukusa.[/SPOILER]

+ Bougyoudo List +

[SPOILER="Blue Mist - Bougyoudo #3, 25 Kidou"]Blue Mist - Bougyoudo #3, 25 Kidou

Description: Covers a 10-foot area with a thick blanket of blue mist, which centers on the target, making it virtually impossible to see normally. The mist lasts for 10 seconds initally, but gains an additional ten seconds for every 100 the user has in kidou. The range of the move also triples when the user reaches 1000 in kidou.

Incantation: Remove me from sight, blind their eyes. Do not allow this foe to hit their mark. Bougyoudo #3, Blue Mist.[/SPOILER]++++
[SPOILER=Control Doll - Bougyoudo #42, 400 Kidou]Control Doll - Bougyoudo #42, 400 Kidou

Description: A technique that includes two different variations that can be used at any time. The first ability is simple. Using their own energy, the wielder has the ability to form a doll that looks just like them. The doll can looks, talks, and even smells like the user of the spell. This makes it extremely hard to tell the difference between the user and the doll. The doll itself lasts for about 10 minutes and can be used for anything from a decoy to an espionage tool. However, the doll lacks zanpakutou and kidou abilities, so it cannot stand combat too long since it’s sp is only 10% that of the caster’s. One surprise the doll has is that it has a binding spell imprinted on its body. So, when it is destroyed, the energy put into the spell will displace and reform around the person who attacked it. Temporary binding them for about 15 seconds.

Incantation: Finesse of a God, Hand of a puppeteer. Give me power over all that lives and breathes. Grant me the will to make and break the dreams to which I see fit. Bougyoudo #42, Control Doll.[/SPOILER]

+ Chiyudo List +

[SPOILER=Tangent - Chiyudo #32, 320 Kidou]Tangent - Chiyudo #32, 320 Kidou

Description: One of the fastest working barrier spells around, it is a speedy and relatively easy going counter. Chanting the short incantation, an instantaneous burst of energy flares in front of the user, lasting only for a split second. Only capable of blocking strikes at the user’s own strength or lower, it is still very useful. If any physical contact with the Tangent barrier is made, the opponent will be knocked off his/her feet, sent flying backwards roughly 20 feet, though not hurt. All the combined effects of this spell happens in less than a second from the completion of the incantation, making it light but hard to evade.

Incantation: “Aggressive and agile, Chiyudo #32, Tangent!”[/SPOILER]++++
[SPOILER=Temperance - Chiyudo #54, 600 Kidou]Temperance - Chiyudo #54, 600 Kidou

Description: The user forces their palms out with the bottom of each touching each other. A clear, liquid-like barrier is then shot out. The barrier will protect against most attacks up to 2x the user’s sp, and will half the damage from attacks about 3 to 5 times their SP. Not only that, but when defending against damage attacks, Temperance releases a sharp shock. The shock temporary disables the attacker by sending out a paralyzing vibration through their body. The barrier lasts for about 10 seconds.

Incantation: Conversation and Abstinence. Pride and Restraint. Chiyudo #54, Temperance[/SPOILER]
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