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Default [3rd Division] - Advanced Medicine and Restoration

Third Division
Specialty: Advanced Medicine and Restoration

Members of the Third Division are commonly known as “The Healers.” One of the defining characteristics of any member of this division is their natural ability or affinity for healing others, and therefore members often arrive to the division from a rainbow specialties, backgrounds, and intentions.

In the times before they were labeled as kind individuals with soothing presences only. Although the same qualities of being well trained decision makers and quick, innovative, and strategic thinkers the division doesn’t necessarily carry the same gentle members it once did though the quality of care provided is never jeopardized by personality.

Despite popular conception, the members of the Third Division do not choose to heal because they are “weak.” Each member possesses his or her own strengths and skills which are highly respected and encouraged.

Because medical work often requires a great deal of supplies, members of this division are given the option of carrying a supply bag, which includes: five healing pills, medical kits, ointment, three elixirs of regeneration, five energy pills, one Chiyudo scroll, and one final burst tablet. The usage of these items is purely restricted to healing work, and any abuse of these materials is carefully monitored by the division captain.

[SPOILER="- Map of the Gotei 13 -"]

<333 Roo forever for this map. xD


- Current Third Division Members -
Character name - Forum name - AIM screenname

Sayuri Chikako (Fuzakeru) - LadySt3ph
Naoko Tsukino (Khelekore) - Praecipitaverunt
Scott Layton (Grandleon) - Excellion05
Hamano Taiki (stgm) - stgmsan
Kurogane Momozono (Ssjbattousai06) - Itchypeach06
Feril Mundate (Khnum) - khnum nimaatre

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Default Entering the Division / Rising to Seated Specialist

~Entering the Third Division~

To start with, every brand new member to the division will begin their career as a medical intern or resident depending on their abilities, knowledge, and understanding of Chiyudou and the medical practices encouraged. This is based on the amount of points you've added to your kidou stat and how many chiyudou spells you equip.

As an intern it is your duty to study and respect the lessons provided by your designated resident. As an intern you are expected to be able to at least master one Chiyudou. Two are required for a promotion to a resident or pharmacist.


~From Intern to Resident / Pharmacist~

The Resident -

As a resident you will be under the watchful eye of the current Fifth Seater. Each resident member will play as an consulting practitioner for the patients brought in to the premises while helping teach three new interns that are placed under your orders. If specialized treatment or advanced diagnoses is needed than the appropriate medical specialist should be consulted. ( Again . . . NPCs are our friends <3 )

The Pharmacist -

Once one has been given the promotion above intern they may also choose to become a pharmacist under the watchful eye of the current Six Seater. Pharmacists typically take a request for medicines from a prescribing resident or physician and dispense the medication to the patient and counsel them on the proper use and adverse effects of that medication. In this role, pharmacists ensure the safe and effective use of medications.

Other Specialty -

If for some reason it'd be in the best interest of your story to mingle in with perhaps another specialty ( such as pathology or psychology ) then talk with me and we'll work things out as to benefit your plot.


During this time it is necessary for personal discipline to be enforced as Chiyudou and other medical practices are healing and restoration methods that should and must be practiced enthusiastically and often. Upon obtaining Shi Kai the Captain will be able to assign a resident to Senior Resident if they feel the member is ready.



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Default Seated Specialties / Military Rank

~ Directors of the Hospital ~

Each Rank holds a new Specialty

In the Third Division each member plays an important part in the care of our Gotei. Due to the demanding responsibilities of the medical facility each seated member of the Third Division has been given specific duties that they must adhere by unless given the consent of the Third Division’s Captain to alter these duties or titles. ( You guys know me, I’m not that strict. Talk to me and we’ll work it out. <3 )


Vice Captain - Chief of Medicine -

- The Fukutaichou for the Third Division acts as an overseer of the entire establishment. They are expected to put in a decent amount of hours tending to the care of the hospitals patients in all departments. In times where the Captain is not present all reports should be handed over to the Vice Captain as well as direct orders from the Vice Captain should be taken as if the Captain had issued them.

Third Seat - Representative Pathologist -

- The Gotei is firstly an army and with the odd viruses and diseases living and breeding through Soul Society it is important to be to fully understand the effects of illnesses. As the head of the Pathological Department of the hospital this person is expected to study the changes in body tissues and organs which cause or are caused by disease. Essential to everyday surgeries at the hospital, pathologists are responsible for processing and reporting on all specimens generated during surgery. Tissue samples are taken from the submitted specimens, stained, and processed for microscopic evaluation. Microscopic examination searches for disease of any type and this information is returned to the Captain via a pathology report. While the Pathology Department does not deal with patients one on one in most cases it is indispensable for them to keep a friendly communication opened with the Eighth Division in their findings.

Fourth Seat - Head Psychiatrist -

- The prevention and rehabilitation of mental illness plays a crucial part in keeping the Gotei healthy as soldiers tends to deal with everything from depression to even post traumatic stress. As the Head of the Psychological department this person is responsible for helping treat and oversee patients with mental and emotional disorders as well as the personal members of the division that work in that section. As well as handling regular patients, this Seated Specialist also helps govern the mental ward inside the taisho; its primary goal is the relief of mental suffering associated with disorder and improvement of mental well-being Reports from this department are expected to be delivered to either the Vice Captain or Captain about their findings and their successes and failures.

Fifth Seat - Residency Director -

- The assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of everything from the common cold, broken bones, and battle wounds is the business the Third Division sees the most of and its important to have a reliable Seated Specialist take on the responsibility of making sure these warriors are taken care of well by our staff. The Resident Director is a Resident Physician in charge of the residents, their activities, how they govern their interns, and primarily rule if an intern is ready to become a resident in observing their practices. It is this person’s duty to make sure the hospital runs smoothly under the hands of its residents and physicians, as that is what makes up the majority of the hospital. (Most NPCs are at resident / physician / surgeon level ) Reports are expected as to the progress of the general population of doctors and nurses and the income, outtake of patient ratios.

Six Seat - Lead Pharmacist -

- While Chiyudou is a powerful kidou sometimes its not always necessary or recommended to use the demon magic in certain cases. If a patient has gone under the strain of surgery or healing its best not to continuously inject their bodies full of magic. Instead, the soldiers of the Gotei find comfort in the medicine Seireitei’s finest science and medical teams have produced. The Lead Pharmacist has the job of keeping communication open with the Eighth division as well as the Representative of Pathology in finding cures for ailments that Chiyudou is not best suited for. Reports as to the production of medicine is expected of this department.

Seventh Seat - Secretarial Supervisor -

- Keeping everything documented and organized is a first priority at the Third Division as records of all injuries and wounds are essential to keep accredited. There are a few others staffed under this division member but mostly the burden of keeping all mail and paperwork counted and delivered falls on this person. Aside from the Chief of Patient Relations, its called the mot terrible job in the entire Division and while the rank as a military officer is respected the job performed by them is often taunted among the ranks.

Eighth Seat - Chief of Patient Relations -

- The Office of Patient Relations provides advocacy for patients and their division officers. The Chief of Patient Relations is expected to send either notice of the ailment or treatment of each patient to each division’s secretary, Vice Captain, or Captain ( or any particular Gotei member upon the request of special case patients ) It is also this person’s duty to answer questions, provide information, facilitate problem-solving, and coordinate communication between the patient and the questioner on behalf of the hospital staff. This is a one person job and it often dubbed the single most terrible position in the entire hospital. However, the singled member department only deals in current affairs and cases and should direct any questions about previous hospitalizations to the Secretarial Supervisor and their department.

Lower Seats

Anything under this ranking is considered a Senior Resident. They still take interns under their wings ( and residents if they request it ) but this is the time they begin their crucial study in hopes of making it up further in the ranks. This includes taking on the job as general surgeon as well. Also, in times of military need - their ranks hold true and given the officer position alone they command respect from the unseated members below them.


0-999 Connection = Intern / Resident / Pharmacist
1,000-1,999 = 12th Seat Senior Resident
2,000-2,999 = 11th Seat Senior Resident
3,000-3,999 = 10th Seat Senior Resident
4,000-4,999 = 9th Seat Senior Resident
5,000-5,999 = 8th Seat Chief of Patient Relations
6,000-6,999 = 7th Seat Secretarial Supervisor
7,000-7,999 = 6th Seat Lead Pharmacist
8,000-8,999 = 5th Seat Residency Director
9,000-9,999 = 4th Seat Head Psychiatrist
10,000-10,999 = 3rd Seat Representative Pathologist
11,000-11,999 = Seat (eligibility for Vice Captaincy / Chief of Medicine opens at this point)
25,000+ = eligibility for Captainship

( I very loosely use these guidelines when seating everyone as I'd rather use a good judge of character to seat division members rather than numbers and stats. )

Keep in mind that even with a specific title, rank, and title of specialization - each seated member is still a healer and should keep up with their Chiyudou and is expected to abide by any intern, resident, pharmacist, or patient requesting their help; especially in times of battle.

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Default 3rd Division Standard Equipment

- Special Items -

3rd Division Standard Equipment

As specified in the Division Specializations... all members of the 3rd division are given the option of equipping supply bag with the following items, which may be replenished at will. (Abuse of this system however, is not favored and will not be tolerated )

The bag itself is listed in your grades as a SINGLE item. ( Refer to grades for reference )

Inside this bag lies these items -
Five healing pills
Medical kits
Three elixirs of regeneration (slightly modified for increased usage)
Five energy pills
One chiyudo scroll
One final burst tablet


Healing Pill (5)

5 pills per pack, this speeds up the rate of recovery with wounds. The wounds can close back up within a half-hour, and they can stop bleeding, internally and externally. Healing is only limited for a normal person’s ability. (that is, it can heal broken bones and cuts, but if your arm is lopped off, it can’t heal that)

Medical Kits

First Aid kits, provide some form of healing over a medium period of time. Works better than healing pills, but takes longer for effect. May be used multiple times.


Ointment for the sore body, it temporary reduces pain from wounds or fatique until the battle is over. Has some healing effect.

Exlir of Regeneration (3)

A drink that recovers your physical stats by a bit, offering better performance in battles with injuries, designed to restore part of your power. When used, the effects come out immediately,providing 50% of the stats you lost through injuries, kidou, and the like. I will not surpass your stats at full health. Maximum one time per battle, overusage will lead to severe fatigue, lightheadedness, and other side effects.

Energy Pill (5)

5 pills a pack, each pill re-energizes your body by 25% immediately. Once they are eaten, they can no longer be used anymore. Each energy pill makes the user more alert, and restores their SP by a small amount. It also reduces fatigue and sleepiness.

Chiyudou Scroll

A traditional type scroll that contains kidou. This kidou scrolls shortens the time it needs to chant the words required to activate the spell. Instead of chanting the phrase and the name, a kidou scroll allows the user to just chant the name to activate it. However, one kiodu scroll only works for a certain kidou.

Final Burst Tablet (1)

The final burst tablet is a special tablet that increases the user’s spiritual pressure by about 1.5 times. When used, this pill the user’s stats also get a boost of about 1.2%. However, this only lasts for about 30 seconds to one minute, and is only meant as a last resort, hence its name. The user will be almost completely drained after using this pill. The longer you strain your body, the nastier the side effects. And if they overextend the time limit they will be drained of all spiritual power, and will not recover for at least 2 days. If a person is already too injured when it is used (like more than half dead), they run the risk of dying or being thrown into a temporary coma. Only use at last resort.

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Default 3rd Division Techniques

- 3rd Division Techniques -

Healing and recovery are the themes of the 3rd Division's skills. They work to further expand on one's ability to treat wounds and enhance bodily functions.

To start, each division member is allowed to learn one of division techniques. Upon recieving a seated position you are able to learn two of the following techiniques. If you come across the position of Vice Captain then three are rewarded to you. Only the Captain has knowledge in all four of the division techinques.

To obtain any tech you must collab with the Captain.

** [ Myouga ] – “Blessed Protection” (Hea/Aur/-)

Healers are frequently placed in situations which require protection against further attacks while attempting to render medical attention. Myouga was designed under the same principle as Chiyudou #25, Bandaidification, but improves it through a more efficient use of Reiatsu, and actually becomes two different Techniques based on whether the member activates it upon themselves or a separate target.

To activate this Technique on a separate target, the member casts Chiyudou #25 at only half of its required cost, but while the Kidou is forming, the member will mold their Reiatsu to accomplish three things. First, the spell will form patches of Reiatsu “bandages” that concentrate themselves automatically over exposed wounds and begin the healing process at the same rate as Chiyudou #25. Second, once healing begins, the member and the target will remain invisibly connected through Reiatsu for an additional minute, which allows them to use further Chiyudou without requiring the member to remain near the target. If this is done, however, any further Chiyudou will only be 70% effective (due to the distance). Third and finally, as Bandaidification expires, the Reiatsu of the member will gradually spread over the target’s body to protect them +10% from further attacks for half a minute while the healing is activating.

Myouga, when activated on the member him/herself, produces a variant Technique. Once the spell is cast, a thin but strong layer of Reiatsu spreads over the entirety of the member’s body by extracting inner Reiatsu and spreading it out evenly externally, providing +20% defense from further attacks for 30-45 seconds. This Technique, however, is forbidden for use during fights or battles against other members of the Gotei 13, and may only be used when conducting healing work for others. If the member chooses to attack while using this Technique, the Reiatsu protection decreases by half with each attack.

** [ Kouzoushugi ] – “Structuralism” (Hea/Aur/-)

While specialized Chiyudou is often the most convenient and appropriate tool for members of this Division, a great deal of healing can be done with general ability, as seen in Chiyudou such as Tereiki and Aotenohira. Kouzoushugi uses this principle to allow a user to “structure” or mold the energy they would use in casting a Chiyudou to achieve “general healing” once the user has rendered a diagnosis.

The use of Kouzoushugi can be measured by degree in correlation to Chiyudou costs. Users require a base stat of 1,000 Kidou to use this Technique properly. At 1,000, users are able to heal in power up to what is the equivalent of Chiyudou #50, while at 1,500, users are able to heal in power up to the equivalent of Chiyudou #63, and so forth in 500 stat intervals.

Kouzoushugi operates in much the same way a Chiyudou use does. If one renders extremely high level healing through Kouzoushugi, such an act would drain Reiatsu in the same way the use of Chiyudou #50 would, for example. However, it is not meant to override the use of Chiyudou which is preferred to the use of this Technique.

The benefit to using the Technique is its increased flexibility of Reiatsu use (e.g., focusing more widely or narrowly if a user prefers), but also to give healing to any wounds that a user may miss in their inexperience.

** [ Kinsei ] – “Balance of Power” (Bst/Aur/-)

Following duelist logic (e.g., “The best thief is he who guards money and the best liar is he who knows the truth”), despite their role as medics, members of the 3rd Division are simultaneously warriors of the Gotei 13, and are reminded to maintain their strength as such.

Therefore, Kinsei enables the heightened use of Chiyudou #10 (Healing Sight) for battle purposes. Once this spell is cast at its normal cost, a Division member is able to “see” internal and external weaknesses in their opponents for a time period of two minute (which shows them where to attack).

Once Healing Sight has been activated, for the next four rounds, a member may use Kinsei to bring up a +20% boost in his/her their Hakuda, Hohou or Zanjutsu stats, but does so by consuming 1% Reiatsu. Following the four round window, the chosen stat will return to normal.

** [ Chiyudou Jukutatsu ] – “Chiyudou Mastery” (Aur/-/-)
The majority of healing ability accessible to members is through the use of Chiyudou. Jukutatsu is a progressive Technique that increases a Chiyudou’s efficiency (e.g., accuracy and power) and reduces its cost as a user becomes more experienced with Chiyudou use.

For every fifty Chiyudou spells used successfully, a user is capable of increasing a Chiyudou’s strength as well as reducing its cost by 8%. This percentage may not breach 40%.

Once a member has used five-hundred Chiyudou successfully and has proven such to the Division captain, special training with the captain will enable the user to activate an extension to this Technique called Tesabaki (“Manipulation”).

Manipulation enables the user to increase the flexibility of a Chiyudou (e.g., extend its range, change its effects reasonably, etc.) within reason.

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- NPCs -


Regular Use

The third division is all about healing and medicine but sometimes PCs can be a bit busy so if you get hurt in a chapter or would rather avoid a collab about fixing a cut or broken arm just call over one of the NPCs and have them fix you up. <3 There’s tons of them available, y’know?

Unless given permission by the Captain ( or if you decide to choose one of our provided NPCs ) any NPC you create will be an unseated member. Usually unseated NPCs are either interns, residents, pharmacists, nurses, or surgeons. Although, a NPC can be made for any specialty and their range of skill is up to the creator ( using common sense ).

Keep in mind though, while they maybe be extremely talented, they aren't going to be able to fix you up properly if you decide you want your character's arm to be nearly falling off. For more serious problems it is highly advised you find one of the Third Division PCs and request a collab or at least use one of the provided NPCs already created.

In Military Emergencies

As described in the division description - healers are by no means ‘weak’ because of their medical knowledge and experience but helping others is priority. While there will be some brave souls fighting you aren't going to find too many of them surrounding a huge Arrancar and taking it down in a blaze of glory. In these kinds of cases most will probably be hanging back and doing their job away from the majority of the slaughter unless ordered otherwise.

Each member of the third division has the choice of carrying a medic pack. All of our NPCs will be carrying these as well so be sure to use these at your discretion as well. The list of supplies carried in these packs are -

- Five healing pills
- Medical kits
- Ointment
- Three elixirs of regeneration
- Five energy pills
- One Chiyudo scroll
- One final burst tablet

An explanation as to these items can be found above. Again, for more serious injuries please contact one of our PC healers.


Created NPCs ( Seated Members of the Third )

The same rules apply to these NPCs just like any other. Don’t abuse them. <3 Also, if you do decide to use one of the following NPCs I’d appreciate a PM ahead of time just so I can keep it on record. Also, a link to the finished product would be nice so events each NPC goes through can be logged and kept for future reference. Also, NPCs were created by the amazingly creative and beloved, Celly!! -cheers-


Jade Thurston

Third Division, Eleventh Seat (Pharmacology Specialist)

Ancestry: English / Scandinavian

Name Meaning: “The Stone of Jade, the Stone of Thor”

Age at Death: 17

Appearance: Early adulthood

Total Age: 35


The typical rebellious child in youth, Jade has quieted much since her early days. She acts in a calm, benign matter at most times. Riling her to anger is nearly impossible due to her temperance, and yet if you do breach that wall it seems as if all the flames of Hell had convalesced into her words. Otherwise, Jade is pleasant to be around in a general sense.

Her hobbies include medicinal baths and drinking high-quality herbal tea.

Physical Stature

Jade is a slight girl. Her hair, short and curled blond, cuts above her tender (if chubby) face. She isn’t particularly voluptuous, but men take note: this girl has found a fiancée from the Sixth. She often wears the traditional reaper’s robes of a shinigami beneath a navy blue scarf (given to her by her fiancée) and a white overcoat.

Division and Seat:

Zanpakutou: Valetudo (Good Health)

Taking the shape of a long, thermometer-like rod when released, Valetudo gathers energy each time a Chiyudo is cast. After three Chiyudo spells, filling the mercury completely, the stave may be driven into the ground in order to heal all friendly fighters within a five-meter radius. The rod then returns to its normal state, and begins the process again.


Jade was a simple rebel when she was younger and alive. She defied her parents at every turn, vowing to outdo their clerical satisfactions. That changed, of course, when Jade was struck by a moving semi, thus killing her and her parents instantly. In the Soul Society, she has taken on a more conservative role, emulating her parents in some ways and making her own policy in others.


Reiatsu: 3,306
Valetudo – 3,637
Zanjutsu: 145
Hakuda: 134
Hohou: 513
Kidou: 2,514
Hadou #14, Hakke Kuushou
Chiyudo #8, Antidote
Chiyudo #10, Healing Sight
Chiyudo #18, Shureiki
Chiyudo #23, Santo Incendio
Chiyudo #28, Life Whirl
Chiyudo #37, Kaishun
Chiyudo #45, Rethread

Connection: 3,306


Alexander Dietlinde

Division and Seat: Third Division, Tenth Seat, Senior Resident (Surgical Specialist)

Ancestry: Teutonic German

Name Meaning: “Defending Men, Tender People”

Age at Death: 28

Appearance: Adulthood

Total Age: 91


Undaunted by blood and tissue strewn about during an operation, Alexander is a stern-faced man whose surgical skills exceed the norm. He can seem aloof much of the time, which he is, indeed; but behind the shell of confidence lies a deep-rooted fear of failure. If faced with failure, Alexander’s resolve will only tighten to a fault.

His hobbies include Chess and poetry composition.

Physical Stature

A lean sort, Alexander stands a modest 5’7” and weighs less than a hundred-and-fifty pounds. He bears spectacles as a sign of his astigmatism, while the diagonal scar running down from his left eye to the chin mars his otherwise handsome features. Alexander prefers to wear a long and flowing white reaper’s robe, which he believes befits his former life as a surgeon.

Zanpakutou: Zauberer (Medicine Man)

The released form of Zauberer takes the shape of a smaller Japanese blade, the wakizashi, with an accompanying crescent-shaped hand guard. This Zanpakutou phases through any object it touches, refusing to harm or heal it, while also numbing its senses and immobilizing it. Further, Reiatsu may not be focused in the wound for a period of three minutes, lest it fester with a vicious pain.


Alexander was born into an extensive family of surgeons. His father, grandfather, on down the lines of ancestry to the early Third Reich – all were doctors of one kind or another. At first, young Alexander took the field of surgery less seriously than he does now. The loss of his mother on the operating table, though, and by his hand, irrevocably changed his outlook.

He died after an operation of his own design, as after his patient lapsed and died, he slit his throat with his scalpel in disgust of himself.

Reiatsu: 3,755
Zauberer – 4,131
Zanjutsu: 335
Hakuda: 967
Hohou: 1,111
Kidou: 1,342
Hadou #12, Sweep
Chiyudo #5, Vieo
Chiyudo #10, Healing Sight
Chiyudo #18, Shureiki
Chiyudo #40, Hyoukai Seppen

Connection: 3,755


Mikomi Shobu

Division and Seat: Third Division, Ninth Seated, Senior Resident (Residential Specialist)

Ancestry: Japanese

Name Meaning: “Prospects of Victory”

Age at Death: 16

Appearance: Adolescence

Total Age: 33


Shobu is a bright young man, in each sense of the word. He exudes intelligence and contentment with his every vocalization and gesture. His positive outlook charms his lovers and stuns his enemies, even in the midst of bloodshed. This boy remains quite endearingly calm most of the time, not allowing any but the most egregious crimes go without at least a neutral expression.

He is, however, quite foul-mouthed. Also a problem are his hormones which, really, have never matured since the age of sixteen – he’s a delinquent skirt chaser, and a devoted one.

Besides his obvious hobbies of medicine, women, and swearing, Shobu also enjoys Shogi, Go, and other board games (preferably with ample-bosomed young females).

Physical Stature

Standing a little below four feet tall, Shobu is a slight boy. He has the facial features of an underdeveloped preteen even now, though his toned biceps and abs seem to indicate a more flourishing body. He wears little more than the typical shinigami’s garb, though he does include a white medical coat overtop the reaper’s robes.

Zanpakutou: Josekidaho (Settled Stones’ Seizure)

Josekidaho, a plain lance nearly twice Shobu’s size, holds a special secret. That being, of course, the phase shifting it allows. Like the stones on a Go board, Shobu need only drive down his weapon to create a warping point. Even more, the warp point may be shifted within a radius of three meters. When he wishes to zap to that point, Shobu’s only requisite movement is to tap the ground with the tip of Josekidaho.

It also, incidentally, works in mid-air.


There isn’t much to Shobu’s life to note. He lived, died of a medical epidemic long since forgotten by the scientific community, and came to Soul Society as a young child. Of course he was taken advantage of in varying ways and degrees, and it was through that painful experience that Shobu devised his own personal paradise in his head – “Rakuen,” the garden of pleasure.

Since then, he needs only to imagine that Rakuen, and his negativity lurks away defeated. He has studied doctoring for over twenty years, and by now has accomplished a fair precedent of good service… except with the female patients, whom he has numerous complaints from.


Reiatsu: 4,213
Josekidaho – 4,634
Zanjutsu: 534
Hakuda: 640
Hohou: 1,429
Kidou: 1,610
Bougyoudo #2, Hakkuten
Chiyudo #1, Higashiyori
Chiyudo #8, Antidote
Chiyudo #10, Healing Sight
Chiyudo #15, Igneus
Chiyudo #18, Shureiki

Connection: 4,213

Got any suggestions or ideas? Don't hesitate to PM / IM me!

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