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Old 08-29-2007, 11:13 PM
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Default [read Me] You! Yes, You!

Well as you may have noticed, there's no activity in this area for quite a while now even when BF went back up. So here's the thing...

BFRPG has moved homes~! The downtime in the site had made a lot of people doubt whether the place is coming back or not. We lost quite a bit of members because of that and during that timeframe we wanted to keep the RP up and running because a huge gap like that would only drive people away.

Check out this site!

That's the new home of the BRPG (Bleach RPG). We'll be hosting a couple other text based RPGs on the site soon so just give us a visit.

So if anyone's interested in joining the RPG, then feel free to make your application there. If you're just curious as to how it looks like, feel free to visit us too. We'd appreciate any comments and suggestions to make the RP site more appealing to you and other people.

Dar out~ (-.-)V

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