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Default Division Specializations

1st Division
Specialty: 'Ozutonoshi'
The First Division now houses and tempers the premier paragons of the Gotei 13: warriors of the highest class and discipline. Amagawa Sougen has reformed the honorable specialty of dueling into an evolved and distinct product, one made in homage to the absent Shinkou Masaru for the prospect of bringing the war to a most favorable conclusion. Hence, the Ozutonoshi are revived.

2nd Division
Specialty: Reconnaissance and Vanguard Spec-Ops
The Gotei 13’s 2nd Division is devoted towards the practices of recon advances and vanguard manoeuvres. Members of the 2nd Division are known for their versatility in both cooperative and solo situations, but it is by working with other members of their Division that they shine most. The 2nd Division trains its members rigorously to be team-oriented through specially conducted regimens by stressing stealth, agility, resourcefulness, team synergy, and the ability to virtually overwhelm their opponents with blitzkrieg manoeuvres. It is through this that they earn the title of being the elite advance special operations and reconnaissance unit, one formed to gather all intact articles of intelligence from the outset of battle, and to devastate the initial enemy ranks with complex tactics.

Because of their role of being the first to engage the enemy, the burden of gathering vital information while it is fresh is placed upon the shoulders of this Division’s members. What is meant by reconnaissance in the 2nd Division is gathering and evaluating any and all articles of intelligence before they are lost in the heat of battle, and it is because of this that 2nd Division units play a crucial role in important movements against the enemy.

The 2nd Division also emphasizes its ability to complete mission objectives with utmost efficiency and speed through a seemingly invincible team effort. By assuming the role of a vanguard special operations unit, the 2nd Division is usually chosen to commence hostilities against the opposition first, bringing to the fore an ingenuity in forming on-the-spot tactical operations to cripple, if not eradicate the enemy in as little time as possible, hence the designation “vanguard spec-ops.”

Members of the 2nd Division usually bring with them an array of specialized weapons and tools, arming themselves to deal with worst case scenarios. With that, they usually wear modified clothing to accommodate easy access to and the security of such items. The strengths of each member are monitored and individually honed to their fullest, all the while their weaknesses are compensated through team training. They emerge strong in both body and spirit, and in battle, their weaknesses, if any, are well-concealed and overshadowed by their polished specialties.

Being in such a demanding Division requires a jack-of-all-trades characteristic, not to mention the traits of resourcefulness, unwavering focus, ingenuity, and above all, an unseen loyalty to the team and to the authorities of Seireitei. Members of the 2nd Division are known to be reserved in conversations, yet willing to add their thoughtful input when they feel it is warranted. Their ability to sum up pressuring situations is awe-inspiring to say the least, and yet they possess a quality that makes them easily befriended and trusted.

3rd Division
Specialty: Advanced Medicine and Restoration
Members of the Third Division are commonly known as “The Healers.” One of the defining characteristics of any member of this division is their natural ability or affinity for healing others, and therefore members often arrive to the division from a rainbow specialties, backgrounds, and intentions.

Generally, they are kind individuals with soothing presences. Infused with patience and generosity, members of this division are well-trained in situations of emergency, and are thus strong-decision makers as well as quick, innovative and strategic thinkers. Despite popular conception, however, the members of the Third Division do not choose to heal because they are “weak.” Each member possesses his or her own strengths and skills which are highly respected and encouraged. Powerful enough to be great warriors, members of this division have a personal aspiration to ease pain rather than cause it.

Finally, the division emphasizes teamwork and promoting a sense of “Family” among the group and therefore, each member is highly encouraged to train vigorously with other members as well as with the division captain not only to acquire knowledge of the division techniques, but to prevent against any abuse of division principles.

Because medical work often requires a great deal of supplies, members of this division are given the option of carrying a supply bag, which includes: five healing pills, medical kits, ointment, three elixirs of regeneration, five energy pills, one chiyudo scroll, and one final burst tablet. The usage of these items is purely restricted to healing work, and any abuse of these materials is carefully monitored by the division captain

4th Division
Specialty - Blitzkrieg Strike Group

The Fourth division of the Gotei 13 is the first-response strike group of the 13 divisions. The 4th is the first to arrive on the scene of battle, slicing into the flanks of an enemy force before whipping away to hit another weak point. They operate at a speed above and beyond those of their peers in the other divisions, streaking across battlefields and dealing crippling blows to the enemy.

4th divisioners avoid long-drawn out battles, usually aiming to kill or bypass an enemy as quickly as possible before moving on to another target. As such, their overall stamina is more focused towards short bursts of great speed and power rather than a continual burn of energy. They prefer to dance around an opponent's attacks rather than block or tank them, then strike their enemy in a critical area and end the fight.

Due to their focus on speed and the ridiculous odds that 4th divisioners avoid on a daily basis, members of this division often develop a daredevil personality that lets them continue such impossible missions without a mental breakdown. As a whole, members of the division strive to be the best both among their peers and among their enemies, making them powerful allies and dangerous enemies.

5th Division
Specialty - Kidou Division
The fifth division and its members focus on the theory and application of offensive kidou in battle. Three families of kidou, Hadou, Bakudou, and Bougyoudo, are concentrated upon by this division, which supplements kidou prowess with knowledge of fighting techniques based on zanjutsu or Hakuda.
Chiyudo is not a primary focus of the fifth division, though members are encouraged to know one good healing spell to take care of their own wounds when in battle.

Members of the fifth division are capable with a sword, and as such, can fight alongside other divisions, using their kidou to supplement the strengths and shore up the weaknesses of their fellow shinigami in battle.
For the most part, however, they are warriors who follow a dual path of using both their spirit and body to fight their enemies.

6th Division
Specialty: Zanjutsu Mastery
What the generations have shown us is that the Zanpakutou is a Shinigami’s most powerful tool against the hollows, and the ability to masterfully wield such a glorious tool is an obvious necessity. The most important fact to remember is that the Zanpakutou’s origin, or base; is that of a sword. Before one can attain or enter into any form of release their Zanpakutou is a sword, and even into the levels of shi kai and beyond their forms could remain as that of a bladed weapon.

That is why the Sixth Division has come to be what it is now, it is a place for those whom stick to and solely train themselves in the Shinigami style of fighting known as "Zanjutsu."

What separates this Division from the others is that it promotes a Shinigami’s growth in that particular style of fighting by providing enhancements, training, and other necessary knowledge to be able to wield their blades to the utmost proficiency. Furthermore, those whose kai releases maintain the focus on fighting with some form of Zanjutsu shall also have a place to fine-tune their skills.

While Zanjutsu is the primary focus of this division those within the Sixth are encouraged to also adopt other means of combat, if only to help aid their zanpakutou‘s proficiency.

The members of the Sixth Division are versatile connoisseurs of the blade, able to take on single one-on-one combat along with multiple enemy engagements. Each member is expected to be of the finest quality of men and women, walking examples that chivalry on the battlefield isn‘t a thing of the past.

7th Division
Specialty: “Shu no Tekken” – Masters of Iron Fist

Once there was time, when weapons didn’t exist. Duels were fought using the raw strength one’s self to overcome their opponent. It was during those times when man brought the level of fist fighting to the next level. It was then when various hand-to-hand combat styles emerged from all over the world and then incorporated to the shinigami style of close combat – Hakuda.

The members of the Seventh Division have devoted themselves to learning the arts of hand-to-hand combat. By incorporating the values of many martial arts especially bushido, they use what they learn not only in combat but also in their daily lives.

義 – Gi – Rectitude
勇 – Yū – Courage
仁 – Jin – Benevolence
礼 – Rei – Respect
誠 – Makoto – Honesty
名誉 – Meiyo – Honor
忠義 – Chūgi – Loyalty

Following these principles, these practitioners grow stronger in mind, body and spirit. They will not allow themselves to fall easily to any enemy that they encounter. They will fight to any extent to overcome the odds. By following the path of righteousness, they fight for what they think is right.

Although these men specialise in hakuda, they also train themselves in various arts like Zanjutsu and Kidou. By doing this, they make themselves well rounded individuals that can adapt to what the situation calls.

8th Division
Specialty: Arcane Sciences and Technologies (AST)
The AST is a special shinigami unit in charge of developing new technologies and kidou-based skills. They're also in charge of studying many of the unexplainable phenomena that occur in the many different realms. Their technological development ranges from creating simple devices to make everyday life easier, to creating pioneering technology in their field range.

They work with things as simple as household items to weaponry, producing devices and weapons for the Keigun and other Central organizations also making defense items for the Seireitei. They are also known to produce and perform combat enhancing items and objects along with other useful nitnacks that are used in the user’s specific line of work. Things like spy gear for the Keigun, and research tech for the Onmitsu when needed.

Known to perform multiple genetic and non-genetic research experiments. The 8th division keeps records of all data on human, souls, hollows, and all other living beings along with many non-living objects like zanpakutou and such. They then use this in their human and technological modding practices, after which they record all the data they have received for use by the rest of Central.

Outside of their technical and research duties, the 8th is responsible for studying all unexplainable and paranormal occurrences within Soul Society. Using the special equipment that they develop for the scenes. They then try to collect, decipher, and use whatever they find and find the reason that it had come to exist. And if something cannot be explained, they are still in charge of keeping record of said occurrences.

The members of the 8th division are known for intelligence. They have a very acute understanding of the world and are greatly curious about anything they can't understand, making them not only great scientist but also skilled combatants when needed.

Though renown for their curious, they are also feared because of it. Members of the division are known to get into trouble here and now. Known to study any and almost everything that they can. That doesn't stop them however; they just try harder not to get caught the next time.

Logical in almost every sense, the 8th division believes that there is a feasible explanation to almost everything. Not to say, however, that they don't know the supernatural exists. Just to say that they believe it exists for a reason.

Descriptions of the Headquarters

The 8th is comprised of three known floors (and one unknown floor). The three known floors are the basement, the first floor and the second floor. The unknown floor is the 2nd sublevel, which resides under the basement. The known three floors are opened to everyone, but the 4th floor is restricted access.

The housing on each floor goes as this:

1st floor: Reception, Chemistry Rooms (6 in all), Construction Yard, Decontamination Room, Meeting Room, and Back Courthouse/Greenhouse

2nd floor: Offices, Item Creation Room/Workshop (6 in all), Sealing Room, Computer Room/Communications, and Organic Research Room

Basement: Training Quarters, Kidou testing Room, Library, Janitor's Closet, Division Barracks, Armory

2nd Sublevel (Private Assess only): Dungeon, Restricted Library, And Restricted Testing Lab

Explanations are as such:

Armory/Storage: Storage for all the items and objects created by the 8th but not currently in use.

Backcourt/Greenhouse: The backcourt is the large backyard of the 8th. Covered in trees and other plant life, it is used more like a park than for work. It also holds the greenhouse, which is used for botany research. (Greenhouse is 8th division members only unless invitation)

Chemistry Room: All chemical research takes place here. Houses all things needed for said research along with special uniforms, equipment and decontamination goods. (Restricted Access - 8th division members only unless invitation)

Computer Room/Communications: Houses all the high-end technology for the 8th and is also used for scanning areas and relaying messages from their division. Has a computerized record of the 8th's research archives. (Restricted Access - Only seated members and licensed operators allowed)

Construction Yard: Large hangar-like room, used for construction of giant-sized objects and items. (Restricted Access - 8th division members only unless invitation)

Decontamination Room: For washing off all harmful contaminants. It is mandatory for anyone who has been in the chemistry room to go here afterwards. It has corridors that connect it to every chemistry room so that one doesn't let out the contaminants to the outside world.

Dungeon/Holding Room: A part of the 8th said to have been used a long time ago by the 8th to hold human research subjects. No longer used for that purpose, the cells have become additional storage space. However, access is still restricted to seated members.

Item Creation/Workshop: Used for the creation of all items and inventions made by the 8th division. Is also used for workshop classes for outsiders, though it is restricted access during times of emergency or important research.

Kidou Testing: Office used to research and create new kidou, and to better understand older ones. Houses a dampening system to avoid damage, also has a power conduit to allow a group of people to utilize a strong kidou for research.

Library: An archive of most of the 8th divisions records, along with some general interest books and literature(though not half as much as the Seireitei's public library). Houses two sections, a public and private one. The private one is seated member access only.

Meeting Room: Where all 8th division general assemblies are held.

Offices: The office stations for all seated members, along with the vice captain and captain's office

Organic Research Room: Room used for the researching and experimentation of living or organic specimens. Though used to research living creatures, what can and can be researched is under the will of the 8th's Inspections Director.

Reception: Headed by the 8th division secretary, this is where all appointments are made and kept. Houses a seating room for all those waiting. Also, holds pamphlets and maps for the 8th division.

Restricted Library: An archive of all the 8th division research that is not to be seen by the public eye. Though vast, many of the tomes have dilapidated or degraded over the years, making some of them difficult to decipher. (Restricted Access - Seated members only)

Restricted Testing Room: An office that only Kyin has been using so far. Not really sure of what it was used for and still investigating it, the captain has put it off-limits.

Sealing Room: Used for the creation and breaking of seals on objects of any kind. Bares a giant, sealing symbol in the middle for said acts.

Training Quarters: The only truly combat oriented part of the 8th division, it is used by the 8th to sharpen their combat skills. Had an assortment or training tools, and power dampeners to reduce damage

Upon first being promoted, the seated member will pick a field to go into. They will either lead that field (if there is a free slot) or be 2nd in command of that field. If those spots are taken, the person must choose another field to lead. The person will then be ranked on that field as such:

Master Smith – In charge of Item Creation and Armory

Lead Botanist – In charge of the backcourt/Greenhouse and all research on plants and medicine

Lead Chemist: In charge of chemical research

Head of Communications: In charge of Computer room and general communications

Head Constructor: Leader of Construction

Safety Manager: Maintenances and inspects 8th division daily. Make sure that no dangerous contaminations are able to escape. Also handles general worker complaints.

Lead Kidou Designer: In charge of kidou research. Also in charge of the seals room and the crafting of seals

Head Archiver: In charge of Archiving and general information collection. Also head of the 8th library. Automatically get class 2 access to all 8th division records.

Lead Geneticists: In charge of genetics/organic research and other studies of living creatures.

- These ranks will be given to the user along with the normal duties of a seated officer. Duties such as leading members of the 8th in and out of combat, general research, and division specific missions (to come later). They are not mandatory ranks, however they are recommended to increase the RPing experience. Also, each seated member will be treated to an increase in the access to the 8th. There are five classes, five being the lowest and one being the highest. Starting members start with rank of class 5 access and get class 4 after a month of activity. Class 3 is granted upon being seated, and class 2 is given to 5th seat to vice captain. Only the captain has class 1 access.

*Note: Class will be expanded upon in the future, however for now just think of it as a fun thing to use in Rping.

- All other questions can be addressed to Drag

9th Division
Specialty: Black arts and Diversionary Tactics
Motto: A well placed diversion can win any battle.

The Ninth Division has always been a Division seemingly entrenched in the forces of darkness as well as being a division that fights for the light. A mostly combat oriented Division, the Ninth is an amalgam of the strange and sometimes obscure. In keeping with diversity, the Ninth Division boasts no membership denial to any who reside in any one field of study, be it Kidou masters or Combat specialists. The only criteria to follow is to keep an open mind of people and or things around one’s self as nothing is as it appears.

The Black Arts portion of the Division is in collecting artifacts of high spiritual significance from both the human world as well as Seireitai (those deemed dangerous, though there are a few exceptions to this ruling). The Ninth Division is built with an exceedingly large vault that is tuned to the spiritual resonance of only the highest of the Ninth Division members as well as the other Captains of the Gotei 13. The items in question are relocated to the Ninth Division vault, stored, and archived and kept docile by diffusing the release of the spiritual pressure within the item and dispersing it safely while the item is in captivity. The goal of the Ninth Division is to collect the items of high spiritual significance so they do not injure those whom are not familiar with its use and those whom would use it for personal gain.

In times of combat, the Diversionary Tactics portion of the Division name comes into play. The Division members themselves are specially trained in open combat situations to distract, divide, and confuse enemy forces allowing for the main forces of the Gotei to act upon the situation as well as spread counter intelligence and gather information on the enemy in the process. In doing this, the Ninth Division themselves are usually considered decoys, however are quite capable of holding their own in combat because of their diversified backgrounds. Despite these dangerous and high pressure situations, the division boasts one of the highest survival rates while being employed as decoys.

Members of this division will be required to speak to the Captain, Vice Captain, or the Substitute Captain for admittance into the Division headquarters as well as going over the ground rules of the building. Otherwise, ranking becomes meaningless when inside of the headquarters to a comfortable if not laid back atmosphere.

Description of the Headquarters

The Ninth Division is made up of four floors above ground and five below; access to the lower areas are for those ranking as seated officer of third and fourth ranking, Captain, Vice Captain, and Sub Captain. Permission for access to the lower areas are needed should the member not be one of the above stated ranks.

Floor 1: General Dormitories; because of the vastness of such a large building, Tenshirou has converted the first floor into rooms should the Division member not have housing in Seireitai or any of the dorms outside of the Division buildings. Tenshirou also happens to live on the first floor and facilities have been put in place for Division members to live comfortably.

Floor 2: Officers that are new and often not among the ranking of a seat are placed here along with documents and other things needed to run the day to day activities of the Ninth. Offices are separate for privacy and have a fair amount of space, though not as large as the upper floor.

Floor 3: Seated officers as well as the Captain, Vice Captain, and Sub Captain, reside here. Because of an altercation when the Ninth was established with the previous captain, Junichi Terada, the whole floor is one giant office. The walls themselves have been knocked down to make room for the desks as well as anything else the officers need. There sits in the corner of the huge room, an intense and massive furnace, its use only known to those who have either been with the Ninth Division the longest, or seated officers. Three feet to the right and behind the captain’s desk, there is a huge if not out of place refrigeration unit with the words “Do Not Open, Authorized personnel only”. What exactly that means is anyone’s guess.

Floor 4: Technically not a floor anyone actually goes to, the entire floor is actually the attic and isn’t documented on Gotei documents as it is technically not supposed to be an actual floor. The attic itself belongs to Hanzou Yamazaki and is currently occupied by Akira Yamazaki. What exactly lies up there is never said, however few who’ve ever ventured up there for one reason or another usually transfer immediately. The entrance to this particular floor is directly above the Captain’s desk.

Basement levels: While the first two floors of the basement level contain the armory as well as weapons for the Division members, the final three bottom most floors are set with a security area as the vault is just that massive.

10th Division
Specialty: Imperial Elements
As it implies, the members of this division have a strong grasp at the world’s elements. Its primary objective as increasing one’s potential knowledge on the divine elements, Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth, and also using this knowledge to become better fighters, manipulating more of their specialty and harnessing nature’s power. This division specializes in what classified as elemental zanpakutous, and those with zanpakutous that fall under that category are encouraged to join and fully master their potential, as well as see improvements on their powers.

This division also takes the role in combat, and will often be sent out on missions, special tasks, and based on each one’s individual ability. Those with the same type of element will be grouped together, and those with multi-elemental zanpakutous will be trained in their respective sides. A seated member pertaining to a certain element will control those of similar ones; the groups or teams are organized according to their powers type rather than skill level. Those possessing a multi-element will be kept on a special team, if needed, but most will be grouped based on their ‘primary’ element, or their strongest one. Such, a fire elemental seated person will lead those who manifest fire, water to water, earth to earth, and such. Multi-elemental zanpakutous will have a much harder time mastering 10th division techniques, but in return will access more types of attacks.

Each person in the 10th Division should possess basic combat abilities, and have zanjutsu as one of their stronger traits. A 10th division member should do his duty, and work hard to reach beyond the limit – seriousness is expected, although there are times when one should relax.

This division can be seen as a division for special, sometimes ‘odd’ missions that are suited for a certain individual’s power. The members may be called to duty for hollow extermination, and the other main offensive force of the Gotei. Much of the duty lies in the front lines, but their powers alone should ride them through the toughest of battles. The 10th division welcomes anyone, skilled or not, and trains them to manifest their power.

11th Division
Specialty: Heavy Combat/ Combat Specialists
Nicknames: Unstoppable 11th, Rough Riders, Hell's Children

Motto: "First to fight, last to fly, first to bleed, and last to die!"

Guide: The Path to Godhood~ Saint's Guide to the 11th Division

Members of this division are hard to stop. Like the symbol of the Division, a swirling cloud indicative of an unstoppable storm, they go one way- forward. Fearless, bloodthirsty, strong, and skilled are just a few words to describe them. They strike fast, hard, and always aim to kill. The ability to take hits and keep moving is what seperates members of this division from the rest of Gotei 13. Their strength lies primarily with fighting skills and not so much with kidou, though a few kidou specialists exist. If it's guaranteed to be tough and bloody, the 11th Division are the first ones to call.

The original 11th was just infantry and a battle division and the 11th under Joaquin Cofresi's command was an aerial and aquatic combat combat division, but the new 11th is a bit different in this regard. The new 11th is for the most part, a massive battle division once again. All members are trained to master their spiritual pressure and harness it in such a way to make them combat specialists. In fact, the nickname "Heavy Combat" comes from the reiatsu and weight training they all undertake to make their bodies solid, fluid, faster, and able to withstand even the mightiest of spiritual pressures and shrug off the hardest of blows.

No one could ever accuse an 11th Division member to be disloyal to the Gotei 13. Their loyalty to Commander Shinkou runs deep, despite him having left the Gotei. It would be better to say that their loyalty is to the principles Shinkou believed in as opposed to the one touting them, past or present. The demeanor of the division is that of hard-working, fiercely competitive individuals. Dedicated and a bit zealous in their duties to the Gotei 13. It is required that one has at least one screw loose or a jiggly handle on the toilet to be a member. Most of their exploits seem like suicide missions but oddly enough, they have a high survival rate. When in combat, they are professional and take their work seriously but during off hours, they are easily the rowdiest party animals in Rukongai.

Their captain is easily one of the oldest souls in Rukongai and wife of the former Captain of the division, Joaquin Cofresi. Diega herself is a fairly complex individual whose mood is as transient as the weather. Prone to acts of primal rage and the gentlest mercy equally, she tends train each division member differently according to how best they learn and how she psychologically profiles them. She is almost completely intolerant for any perceived weakness within herself or others and holds most people in contempt for a variety of reasons. It is for this reason that her relations with the other captains are usually tenuous at best but it is for this reason that her division maintains their loyalty to their wildcard captain.

12th Division
Specialty: Tracking Specialists and Silencer; Hunter-Killers

With the growing masses of rogues and specialized hollows on the loose, there is a need for men and women who are willing to dedicate their lives solely to document, track down and eventually silence these enemies of all that is good and moral. This need has led to the overhaul of the 12th division from a covert assassination group to a slightly tweaked, but equally as intensive division: The Hunter Killers.

The central objective of the division is to track, monitor and silence all designated targets that pose a threat to the safety and welfare of the common people. Although the original division was devoted to covert operations and specialized missions, it maintained a heavy amount of red tape and was therefore limited from helping the people, which not only made the members of the 12th overly egotistical, but also created a lack in manpower caused by a lack of motivation to join due to the lack of missions it was sent to cover.

Another concern was the competition with the 2nd division as a tactical covert operations handler. With this overhaul, the 12th will no longer be hindered and overshadowed by the veil of secrecy it once held and be able to act accordingly with other divisions in cooperative deployments; usually in groups of two. Not only that, the change continues to allow the men and women of the 12th to use whatever means necessary to silence the target, usually maintaining a level of secrecy and stealth in doing so. While they have become a more open division, it is also their primary objective to retain secrecy to better serve the people. Unknowing and ignorant is easier to handle then knowing and panicking.

From the recent lifting of secrecy, the 12th is now open to working alongside other divisions in hopes of improving relations as well as assuring the success of missions by allowing a huntsmen and tracker to fight alongside infantry or to guide medics/VIPs to hotspots or safety zones. Even with the change, the members of the 12th are expected more than ever to be able to function for days to weeks in the field to accomplish their mission. This has led to a more determined and pragmatic overview of missions than the typical "Run in and kill". Instead of "Fail and die," it has become "Fail and don't bother coming back." Those who fail their mission objectives are expected to fix whatever mess they leave behind and to continue working until it is done. Even if they do finish the job, they are expected to clean up their tracks as a hunter found is no longer the predator, but rather the prey.

The officers of the 12th are deployed whenever conventional means are incapable of handling the situation. They will go root out threats to the internal infrastructure of Soul Society (such as the hunting of rogues), parties that help the target (hunting of accomplices), unusually elusive hollows (higher level hollows that remain in hiding), the silencing/sabotaging of specific belligerent groups (retaining this from the previous division, as to make sure other divisions assisting have a better chance of succeeding) and are even deployed when homeland security is breaches (acting as support units to guards, rooting out enemy spies). This has led them to maintain the cloak (spy) and dagger (assassin) stigma of the previous division. As mentioned before, the hunters also prove to be useful guides in the battlefield. The most common situation is the hunting of defectors to keep the secrets of Soul Socety that the target may hold from outsiders.

Like many other divisions, the 12th maintains a small R&D department also, creating tools to further improve a hunter's combat and tracking abilities.

Those who apply for the 12th are expected to meet every standard and objective to the letter, without any concessions to the stability of the mission at hand. Those who do not conform to these ideals will not last long in this division.

13th Division
Specialty: Castus Militia

Being men and women of unwavering conviction, the members of the 13th Division are fighters of unparalleled belief and ideals. They are calm and collected in battle. The ability to make the right decision in the heat of battle is a valuable asset, and therefore a member of the division can never allow oneself to loose control or be rash.
Their stoic nature and calm mind is a result of a strong belief in being guided by a higher power. If that power is a deity or simple the acknowledgment that there is something greater than us mere humans; it’s not important. Religion or simple purpose of life, it’s all the same. The drive is what matters. It’s the key word to describe the 13th Division members: drive. Belief in something makes us stronger, conviction makes us excel. The division demands absolute discipline and obedience of guidelines with the reasoning that boundaries exist to focus talent.

The word Castus derives from Latin where it’s meaning is interpreted in different ways. Meaning both that which is pure and clean, and also that which is sacred and holy, all interpretations harmonise with the ways of the 13th Division.

Sacred techniques that utilizes the power of the body as a vessel for divinity is the key to the fighting style of the 13th Division members. Channelling a higher form of power either through their bodies or weapons, the members belief and conviction are given a powerful form. Being both a fighter with firepower and a supporting defender is the purpose of being a part of this division. The strength to both destroy and preserve is dual-sided amongst the members, and both are praised equally. Following the example of ancient beliefs such as Hinduism, one cannot have creation without destruction, and therefore the latter is not considered evil if used with the intention of balancing that relationship.

The 13th Division kamon is therefore the depiction of a sunrise/sunset. Whether or not the sun is sinking or rising is a matter of perception, and that duality is reflected in the abilities of the division’s members, the division skills versatile in both offence and defence, keeping the balance between destruction and existence.

A soul on fire hidden beneath a shell of calm, that is the motto of the 13th division.

The old thread went boom, so thanks to prog for posting up a copy. The captains of several divisions have changed, so those divisions will be edited when they get the new spec in.
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I know i am new, and i don't want to step on toes butt isn't 4th division the healing division?
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Just to clarify, the Bleach Forums RPG has a seprate storyline to the Bleach canon (manga). Although we reference to it from time to time, the whole storyline is 4000 or so years in the future.

So in turn, the division specialisations have changed. And right now, we are following this current line up.

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Yea, that got me too. But it makes sense. You'd have to go pretty far into the future to make sure the Canons aren't around anymore. XD

I make my own graphics. Ph34r Shiro-kun!!

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