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Default Week 101 Kai Evals


-Approved with these changes.
-One, limit the chain length to 5 feet per 1000 connection, maxing at 100 feet with a 1% drain per turn of usage.
-Two, remove the last line of your second ability. Add in a clause that only one Zanpakutou may be sealed at a time and add in a 3% Reiatsu drain per each sealing.


-Approved with one change.
-Cost of attack needs to be 3%


-Approved with these changes.
-Define the length of these tenticles and how long they take to regenerate.
-Make a cost for levels of regeneration.
-Submit these changes to us.


-Approved with one change.
-Ability two’s clone maximum should be ten for those at half your Reiatsu. Scale as appropriate.


-Ability two and three were fine; ability one had the problems. We liked the concept of the wind swirling to add power but thought everything else unnecessary and too easily abusable.


-When reviewing your ability, it seemed clear that you had four or five different abilities in that section. Fine one you want and stick with it. We suggest the wings or the whip.


-Full approved; have fun.
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Seiya Kanhouden - ~72,356~
Seiya Kanhouden Akatsukiyami - ~120,594~ (8 Turns /// *60%*)
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Hakuda – 3,442
Hohou –16,724
Kidou – 28,387
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Enishi – 59,367

"One cannot predict Kidou. Avoiding it is even more impossible." ~ Kuchiki Byakuya

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