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Default [12th] Week 100: Old School

Kaido Masuhito


[SPOILER="..."]((yeah sorry about the delay in posting this, but hey, it still hasn't happened yet in-game , so ... >___<))[/SPOILER]

Even now, days after the Sine Qua Non and Espada had made their retreat from Seireitei, the scale of the damage they had done was almost incomprehensible. The 12th division which Louhi remembered, with its massive tower and complex of stately buildings interspersed with gardens was totally unrecognizable.

In such a state, the shinigami still had to carry on with their duties. Ultimately their service was to all of the souls on earth and in soul society, and that duty had to come before restoring the grandeur of their city from this mess of rubble. All of their personal triumphs and losses became very small in comparison.

I'm a Vice Captain now. Me, a Vice Captain. The world really is turnin' upside down. It's a big deal, right? Hah, the skinny girl's thoughts turned inward for a moment, her hand tracing over the contour of the badge she'd inherited from Shiroi. It was really hard to believe.

Not that there was much of anyone left for her to lead. Out of the corner of her eye she peeked back at the recruit who was following behind her, she wasn't sure whether the sight of him made her want to laugh or cry. A frickin' old man, is this the best we could get? This is an army, not a nursing home. If he asks me for a sponge bath...

If it hadn't been for the fact they needed all the help they could get just to keep their heads above water, Louhi would have rejected him outright and sent him back to Rukongai. Instead she was taking the old fussbudget to earth for a test run.

"C'mon you... baldy... whatever your name was. The senkaimon's right up here," Louhi grumbled, making her way into a bombed-out looking structure. The gates stood out plainly as they were the only undamaged thing in the area.

As she approached the twin doors, a black moth appeared, fluttering over her shoulder. "You won't be able to operate it yet yourself so you'd better keep up with me. Ready?"

“Great.. A mission with the Vice Captain. This should be an excellent learning experience!” Kaido voiced his thoughts aloud.

Leaving his house in Seireitei, Kaido was glad that he was going to finally be able to revisit earth. It had been over two hundred years since Kaido had left Soul Society. While Soul Society was mind bogglingly large, Kaido missed the sights, sounds, and feel of his old home. Stepping over an uprooted tree, the old man made his way towards Senkaimon, the gate to earth where he was supposed to meet his superior.

While Seireitei was in shambles, Kaido was somewhat lucky. His home, while very disturbed was still in livable condition. The sun shown down upon Kaido from high in the pale blue sky. Today Kaido would finally be able to test his mettle in a serious way, and he was quite glad for it. Hopefully things will go well today. Maybe I can even see an inkling of our Vice Captains power. Kaido was normally a calm man, but the thought of a tough fight made his blood boil a little.

Hurrying along, Kaido spotted the Vice Captain and moved in behind her. Kaido noticed an unreadable look on her face when she glanced at him. I wonder if I should take this as a sign of tension... Maybe this is serious. Kaido thought to himself.

Kaido was about to introduce himself when he was cutoff before he could start. “C'mon you... baldy... whatever your name was. The senkaimon's right up here," Kaido was in shock. His first reaction was to lecture this little girl on respect for ones elders, but then he realized being Vice Captain she was quite possibly a lot older than him.

"You won't be able to operate it yet yourself so you'd better keep up with me. Ready?"

To say Kaido was surprised would be an understatement. He'd expected something more... Dignified. To him, this was like he was going to be taking orders from a little girl. Kaido sighed, then decided to formally introduce himself. “My name is Kaido Masuhito, new inductee into the 12th!” Kaido said, wondering if he should mention something about being called bald. I could.. But it probably wouldn't make a difference anyways. Hopefully I can earn a little respect on the battlefield.

“In response to your question. Yes, I am ready.” Kaido said, as he followed her into the large gate. The old man was very interested in what his travel to earth would be like.

This might turn out to be a long day after all..

Louhi regarded the drooping, eager, wrinkly face of her subordinate with thinly veiled distaste. It wasn't that she had anything in particular against the elderly, just she had something against just about everyone in general. She couldn't help it if he gave her something so obvious to pick on. It seemed this one hadn't had a chance to hear any of the rumours about her, either that or he had a lot of nerve, since he didn't seem to troubled by the idea of going off alone in her company.

She hadn't yet noticed the new admiration with which her subordinates now viewed her, in the wake of the siege, where she'd protected them and fought so fiercely. It was hard for them to see Louhi as their tormentor and bully when they had seen her ferocity turned to act in their defense. They had felt proud to be a part of the 12th division. While she might be cast in a new light, it didn't change the facts of her rude, temperamental, childish personality.

"Yep. Baldy. I'm Louhi Ilpotar, you shoulda known that already?" The girl grinned, pointing to the distinctive tattoo marking her face.

Now she turned her attention back to the gateway, drawing out her zanpakutou from the iron banded sheath on her back. A few little white things dropped from the tip of it and were quickly devoured by a huge crow which swooped down through the broken roof. Louhi ignored the bird, as the doors were already sliding open to reveal another set beyond, and another, each of them parting in turn. Accompanied by the hellmoth, she took hold of Kaido's arm and practically dragged him through the passage, the doors slamming shut again behind them as they passed out into the brightness of the living world.

They stood in the center of a busy street, all of the people rushing past them oblivious to their presence. Crowding into shops and jaywalking and talking on cell phones, it seemed like quite an ordinary scene. None of those humans had any inkling of a dark presence lurking among them. If Kaido was going to be of any use as a Shinigami, he would have to prove himself here.

"There's a Hollow around here somewhere. You noticed, right, baldy? It's hidin' itself away some place and using a couple humans to lure others into his lair... Little children mostly, from what I heard. Yer job is to find it and get the humans out of the way while I purify it. I wanna see how well you do at tracking, so get to work. Time's a wastin'," the girl instructed, leaning back on her heels and waiting to see how Kaido would conduct his search.

Going through Senkaimon for the first time was an interesting experience for Kaido. One moment they were in Soul Society, and the next they were back on Earth. It's just how I remember it. Kaido though with a small pang of anxiety.

Maybe I was hoping something changed. Some fear change, while I embrace it. This is not the time for such thoughts! I will have time to reflect later, I must keep my mind on the mission at hand. Kaido thought to himself.

Looking around, Kaido remembered this place well. His birth place in Nagoya. 'Baldy' felt different returning to a place he had once been so familiar with. Speaking of missions... What is our mission? Kaido asked in his mind. Being yanked out of Soul Society so quickly, Kaido never had a chance to ask what his mission was, though he was sure he would find out soon.

The tall buildings loomed overhead, shadowing the land. While the sun was still fairly visible, the clouds and most of the sky were blotted out by the large obstructions. Thinking back on his time in Soul Society made Kaido realize something he never knew. He hated his hometown. The hustle and bustle of the daily life, and the hastiness of those around him, these things made Kaido sick to his stomach. Not taking the time to enjoy life was truly a sin, because life is a fickle thing, and it could fade at any moment.

Kaido stood attentively while the young looking girl explained the mission. “Yes ma'am,” Kaido said as he nodded in a sage like manner. This is probably run of the mill for her. To me though, this means much. I do not want to see children die. Not only that... But this is my first mission as well, I must succeed!.

Kaido stopped thinking entirely. He focused his entire effort on locating his prey. At first it was difficult but he did just as he was taught back in the academy. His entire will was focused on finding the target. The first thing noticed was the hundreds of incredibly tiny Reiatsu's around him. It was like he was a giant standing in the middle of a beehive. The next immediate thing he noticed was the Vice Captain. Just standing there, not even trying to emit a pressure she stood like a beacon of light in a dark storm. Kaido reached out further, tuning out the minor reiatsu's of the humans, trying to focus in on an abnormal non-human feeling presence. Suddenly as Kaido extended his searching further north he felt a dark reiatsu, something he could easily define as 'not human'. “Found it!” Kaido exclaimed. Immediately he darted off north.

Not only did Kaido remember the layout of his old town well, he also had a fairly strong idea where the hollow's presence was. I wasn't able to confirm the exact location, but since it's coming from this direction I know it has to be that place! That old shed always had an eerie feeling to it!

As Kaido traveled further north, the presence he had locked on to became more firm. Kaido knew for sure the hollow was close. Kaido did not really know how he was going to rescue the captives. The old man liked to think things through thoroughly before he engaged in any action, but he did not have time for that now. He would have to be spontaneous, yet smart.

Kaido, and Louhi arrived a little ways outside of a shed that was clearly visible to them. “They're in there Vice Captain Louhi!” Kaido said with confidence. She simply nodded, as if she was telling Kaido that it was up to him. The old man tried to peer through the window, though he seen nothing. He concentrated for a moment, and confirmed that there were a couple children in the shed. Their reiatsu's were weak, but being so close Kaido could feel them.

Kaido nodded as if to signify that he was going to begin. He ran towards the shack and kicked the door open. Immediately he noticed two children unconscious on the ground. Dirty *******... He must be keeping them here as a snack! Moving quickly Kaido moved to the two children on the ground, when suddenly blood erupted from his chest as he was thrown backwards.

“What the hell was that...” Kaido said, shook up from the fall. A large bestial looking thing towered over him. The first thing Kaido noticed was the mask. The mask of a hollow. Standing up, Kaido unsheathed his Zanpakutou. “Alright you **** Hollow, get out of my way!” Kaido said as he ran towards the children, fully intent on rescuing them.

Standing back, Louhi held a pipe between her teeth and observed Kaido's efforts at locating the hollow without comment, blowing out a blue ring of smoke every so often. She didn't expect him to have any trouble finding the right place; the hollow was stupidly broadcasting its presence quite clearly. It must have noticed the reduced activity of shinigami since the fighting in seireitei had begun, and gotten bold on that account. Under ordinary circumstances, it would have been dealt with quickly, but instead it had been left to grow an ego unfitting to its weak and brute-minded existence.

There was a small detail, however, which she wasn't sure the bald old man would catch.

Lazily trailing wafting smoke behind her, the youthful Vice Captain followed along behind her student as he lead her with surprising accuracy through the busy streets and onto a back road, to the shed where the hollow had made its filthy lair. The building was a rusting jumble of corrugated metal and weathered boards, a few dirty windows through which no light had likely pierced in a very long time. Even from where they stood some distance away, the air held a palpable stench of evil.

She allowed Kaido to approach the shed on his own discretion, taking note of his concern over the children apparently trapped inside. Shiroi might have rather judged this man on his compassion as well as his other abilities, but for Louhi it evoked only a feeling of disdain. Perhaps because she'd never known a grandparent or loved a child. All she saw was that, no surprise, he hadn't spotted the Hollow's deception. Kaido would find out soon enough though, so however he dealt with that turn of events he might still salvage the situation without Louhi's interference.

Inside the shed the hollow was dozing, bathed in shadows and surrounded by a strange hoard of luxurious goods, surely useless to the creature in its present form which had only a pair of scythe-like claws for limbs. In some pathetic act of coveting it had gathered piles of jewelry, stylish clothes and electronics, paper notes and credit cards, shining toys and all of it interspersed with the finest gourmet cuisine which languished uneaten in varying states of decay.

What seemed superficially to all intents to be a pair of human children, a boy and girl respectively, sat motionless amidst the rotten heap. When the sound of Kaido's foot against the door roused the hollow, the children immediately hurled themselves to the ground behind the masked being, and so they were laying there when the shinigami burst through.

The hollow quickly surged forward to attack, but when his first attempt failed to kill Kaido outright he retreated cowardly to the back of the shed, putting the children between himself and the old man, hoping to lure him in further. "Ksssssssst, shinigami!" The beast howled, "children are fine but I'd rather have you for my meal, you'd fill me up nicely... yessssss. Why don't we make a trade, I'll spare their little lives if you let me eat you instead. What's an old fool like you got to live for, right...?" The beast laughed, unable to hide just how pleased it was with itself for being so clever.

Outside, Louhi had cloaked all the traces of her spiritual presence and was waiting just out of sight, ready to rush in and save Kaido if necessary. For now the hollow was quite unaware of her presence. She just wanted to finish up quickly either way, but if she could get away with letting the old man do all the work she certainly wouldn't complain.

Kaido noticed how the demon retreated, showing its true nature. There was an odd feeling in the air, something the man just couldn't place his finger on. Something is amiss... I don't know what it is, but I don't like it. Kaido also wondered what his Vice Captain was doing, but the old man realized it wasn't the time for such thoughts, and banished them from his mind. He knew he had to focus on the matter at hand. Unfortunately for the old man the lack of experience kept him from noticing something, the children were not real. If Kaido would have known what to look for, he would have spotted the signs that the hollow was manifesting the children. But, in Kaido's mind only one thing existed. Defeat the monster, and rescue the children.

“Prepare yourself!” Kaido shouted to the Hollow. The hollow snarled as Kaido charged it, and threw an arm out in self defense which caught Kaido across the chest. “I immediately regret this decision...” Kaido said to himself as the fight begun. Kaido began the fight expecting to use Iaijutsu against the Hollow, but quickly threw that idea away.

In concept Iaijutsu focused on the power of unsheathing the sword and striking your opponent in an instant, then re sheathing the blade. It was meant to be one shot, one kill. The flaw in this was you need to be quicker then your opponent, where Kaido was certainly not.

Raising his Zanpakutou high, Kaido rushed the Hollow fully intending to release its soul. Again, the lack of experience hurt Kaido. While he was able to find the Hollow, he could not really sense the level of his power, so he figured he could beat it. The Hollow parried Kaido's blow with its arm and counter attacked, striking the old Shinigami in the head. Kaido staggered backwards, but refused to take a knee. I will not be beat on my first mission... I will defeat this foul thing and save them. No more young ones should die!

The thought of children perishing in front of Kaido sent him into a rage, making him berserk and unreasonable. A normally thoughtful man, who made his decisions after careful consideration, Kaido was being quite foolhardy in his first real encounter. Kaido's blade met clean flesh on his third attempt, piecing the monster through what looked like his left shoulder. “Finally!” Kaido exclaimed as he cut his foe, blood from his forehead still dripping to the floor.

The Hollow laughed a shrill laugh as Kaido struck him. “You're mine now foolish old man,” the hollow shrieked as he brought him arm down over Kaido's already wounded head. Kaido grunted a noise as he the blow came down upon him. His eyes rolled up into the back of his head, as he fell to the ground. I've... Failed... You... were the last thoughts in Kaido's head before he lost his consciousness.

Oh ****... Did he just...? Snuffing out her pipe with the end of her thumb, Louhi quickly covered the distance and burst into the shed where Kaido's unmoving body lay at the hollow's mercy. If he gets himself killed, I'm in so much trouble. How the hell did that idiot get beat so fast?

At least the girl's entrance caused the hollow to freeze in surprise, saving Kaido from a cleaving blow of its claws. The whole scene was utterly repulsive, the beasts mandibles frothed in a rage and the stench was overpowering. She had a passing thought that it was maybe a good thing her apartment got destroyed often enough that it never got to this degree of filth.

She noticed the geezer was bleeding from a wound on his head, but still alive at least. The other damage was minimal. A claw gleamed, aiming to tear open the shinigami's chest while it had the chance.

"Bakudou #13, Earthen maw!" Louhi reacted instinctively with her most practiced spell, binding the hollow tightly in a fist of hardened earth, the disruption scattering the debris all around into an unrecognizable jumble. The captive hissed and writhed, beyond words now in its anger and bloodlust. The two puppets, still under its control, leapt up from the mess covering them and lunged at Kaido, intent to continue their master's effort by any possible means.

Louhi at least lacked such a sympathetic reaction, whipping Kirjokansi out of his sheath to cleanly slice through and destroy the two soul-less vessels. Immediately they crumpled, showering Kaido's inert body with their dusty remains. Thus disarmed, the demon found itself being slowly crushed by the embrace of Louhi's Kidou.

"Let me go, we'll make a deal," it hissed, "I can give you... any kind of richessss."

The vice captain snorted, "If you had anything worth taking, I'd jus' take it, ya stupid thing." Not interested in wasting more time, she cut through the creature's mask, briefly revealing the face of a strikingly beautiful woman before it vanished into the realm of souls.

Louhi didn't notice that, as her attention was already focused on the fallen man. Seriously, what a frikking idiot. She sighed, nudging the man with the toe of her boot. It appeared she would have to be carrying him back. Still, there was one bonus to allowing such a travesty into the division.

This guy is gonna make me look so much better by comparison! Hells yeah.
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