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Default Utatsu "Feedback" Kanshiro (HYA)

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User Name: Feedback
Password: ********

Personnel Information:
Name: Utatsu Kanshiro
Callsign: Feedback
Age: 22
Height: 162cm
Weight: 68kg
Blood: O-
Affiliations: HYDRA Alliance
Relations: None Given
Operative Type: Assault/Demolitions

Notes of Interest/Deployment Restrictions:
Subject totally and legally deaf and mute, duration and acquisition of disabilities unknown.

Operative Profile:
Subject shows signs of severe emotional introversion, lack of registered parents or guardians substantiates theory. Began operative training at age fourteen following realization of spiritual potential.

Operative Abilities: Subject channels spiritual force through headphones, empowering and increasing the Decibel Index of the song played to levels measuring up to 190 dB. By focusing his strength into the amplification, subject is able to destroy structures and cause permanent damage to the hearing of bystanders.

Full extent of Awakening currently under investigation.

Operative Training:

Reiatsu: 30,000
Combat: 10,000
Agility: 1,000
Resistance: 19,000
Harmony: 25,000



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