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**The contents and information herein is classified and not to be viewed by anyone below the rank of Vice Captain by the laws of the Seireitei unless specifically permitted by the Soutaichou or Central Forty-Six, or by a Captain under wartime status when the information is crucial to complete a mission. Unauthorized people who know of this information as well as their affiliations are subject to interrogation by the Keigun and the most extreme punishment permissible.**

Not much is known about the Arashi other than they are a group of rogue shinigami nearly one-hundred strong. To any normal onlooker, they would see people who live their lives on their own free will, but make a living off of claiming bounties. Being one of the largest and more powerful groups in all of Soul Society to do such tasks, they are never short on jobs. The Arashi are also known to act as mercenaries who will aid whoever spends the highest dollar for their services.

Their organization, on the outside, appears harmless to anyone who doesn’t have a currency value on their head. Usually, their efforts go unnoticed because those who become their targets are usually not people of the good alignment. On the inside, their goals stretch much further than making a living off of their abilities. In secret, they crave power of their own. They wish to demolish Seireitei and take control over all of Soul Society.

The hierarchy of their organization is mostly unknown at this time, but it is said that a single mind controls their movements and actions. There are squad leaders who report directly to this single mind, and there are grunts that follow said squad leaders. Reports have been seen in the past showing squad leaders having power that can be qualified as captain-level; no other information has been discovered about these two known rolls within the organization or their abilities.

More to come...

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Name: Junko Shigenhiroi (the name means obedience and the beginning of a spacious future)

Important person (Naoko): Click here

Age: 23 (It is the only thing he can remember, strangely)

Description: Standing at an average height of 5”9, he is not the type of person you will notice at the start or one that will turn heads. He does not have a beautiful face or one that is of studious nature that brings about a respectful aura. He has silky black hair that clearly shows that he takes quite good care of his hair in a meticulous way.

He generally looks much younger than he looks, and has rather feminine features. In fact, he is often teased when he is young about his feminine appearance and has been forced to wear various female clothes as a punishment in games. The fact that he actually looks good in them is not a fact he is proud to admit.

His eyes never speak, yet they often see the darkness in others. It is his eyes that have seen many things, yet they look clueless at first glance. However, his features meant that people usually find it hard to take him seriously, even though that face will completely change in battle.

When he starts to talk, he immediately attracts attention. It is not because he has the charisma of a siren, but simply because his voice has an extremely high pitch and people take notice of him pretty quickly because of this uncomfortable physical trait.

Persona: He is often mistaken to be an extrovert because he is talkative and very so in a big group where he captures the attention of the group more often than not. However, what people do not know about him is that he is actually someone who prefers to live and stay alone. Junko talks simply and much because he feels uncomfortable if someone has approached him to talk but he seldom do the talking first when people start to observe.

He has many friends that are all in talking terms, yet none that has been able to last longer than the years of his only friend, Shied. Whenever he gets too close to someone, he draws away from the person and it is little wonder why no one really hates him, but yet no one have a strong impression or know who he is inside.

He is calm even in stressful conditions and tends to keep a very positive frame of mind even in dire straits. Someone who hates to give up, he detests people who give up easily and those that are pessimists. Often one to encourage people to continue their own fight for their future, he is sometimes like a light to those who are lost in their path.

His personal motto is “Be positive, not negative” and he upholds this motto to a rule. However, he is not someone who will impose his will unto others, but simply like a guiding light. He often does not impose his rank onto others, much to surprise, especially when it comes to dealing with nobles, who find him too easy or too relaxed as one that had authority.

In recent developments, he also has a vicious and savage side to him, especially when he gets deeper and deeper into fights. He has difficulties controlling himself, with that side appearing often to sink him into a bloodthirsty rage. In that state, he no longer fears fighting and instead fights more courageously and has a one-track mind to kill the thing in front of him. He has however learned to control that strength in him to a reasonable degree.

Division: 8th division VC.

Zanpakutou: Koubatsuhan (Judgment and Punishment of the light) -- In its sealed form, it looks like an exquisite golden dagger with an extremely thin blade of four inches. The blade is coated with a faint aura of gold and the tip of the silver blade is coated with a light layer of golden dust. The hilt is simple and normal, with a simple ruby gem on the centre of the hilt. However, with the small size of his unsealed zanpakutou, he often conceals beneath his exterior robe and he seldom uses it due to his belief as a healer that he will rather kill himself than shed blood with his zanpakutou.

Biography: He lived originally in the world of the learned, in the land known as Sho-rei. A university student, he is simply one of the people that are mildly recognized; with above average results, a good number of friends and a clean history or so people think. During his pre-soul years, he died while attempting to save his closest and only friend, Shied when she was assaulted on her way to meet him. Before his eyes shut for the last time in the land of Sho-rei, he saw tears trail down from the bloodied hands of his only friend, Shion.

As he finally opened up his eyes, he found himself in a residential area, left alone on the bed. With no one around him in this small room, he is confused and wonders who he is. It seems that he has lost all memory of his previous life. (And will continue in front and behind in the sample chapter 1)

Junko Shigenhiroi – Vice Captain of the 8th Division
Reiatsu: 36355
Koubatsuhan: ~43626~
Datenshi: ~50897~ (16 Turns///*110%*)
Shibito no Kiri: ~58168~ (10 Turns///*100%*)
Grave of the Spiders: ~65439~ (3 Turns///*55%*)

Zanjutsu: 8083
Hakuda: 258
Hohou: 15095
Kidou: 12919
Hadou #30, Aisu
Hadou #38, Altar
Hadou #57, Reaving Wind
Hadou #73, Abadon's Kiss
Bakudou #29, Reaper’s Curse
Bakudou #56, Divining Bolt
Bakudou #55, Diamond Dust
Bakudou #64, Ghastly Dentention
Bakudou #86, Honegaoreru
Bougyoudo #4, Cursed mark
Bougyoudo #27, Harinezumi
Bougyoudo #28, Banshiissei
Bougyodou #31, Yaiba no Souseiki
Bougyoudo #50, Forget
Bougyoudo #51, Persecuted Dam
Bougyoudo #52, Mettanimirarenaizu
Bougyoudo #55, Black Tide
Bougyoudo #57, Malice Coil
Bougyoudo #59, Soul Explosion
Bougyoudo #67, Step of Shadows
Bougyoudo #68, Kageryuu Kizouhin
Bougyoudo #75, Feint
Bougyoudo #79, Godspeed
Bougyoudo #91, Lost Arms
Chiyudo #18, Tereiki
Chiyudo #58, Destruction Barrier
Chiyudo #60, Mend
Chiyudo #79, Invincible Soul

Connection: 35,270
Energy pill (5)
Healing pill(5)
Medical kits

Command line: "Ensnare the soul, Koubatsuhan"
And the form has changed to one of a shimsir.

1. When Junko spoke the command word “Bind my enemy”, the shimsir conjures silk that was formed from water vapor in the air. This silk form can only be condensed only when there is water vapor in the air and only has a limited effect of 30 feet. Junko can will the silk threads to move wherever he wishes and it will bind the opponent effectively in a sticky web-like substance if the silk caught the enemy. If the enemy moves 30 feet away from Junko, the silk would not be able to reach the enemy. The silk can also stay materialize in the air for 30 seconds, hence if Junko tried to maintain the silk movement for more than that, the silk thread will just disappear. The number of threads and thickness consumes Junko’s spiritual energy.

2. When Junko spoke the command word “Protect”, he could change the properties of the silk that was formed from water vapor in the air in which to protect himself. At the activation, a sphere of invisible silk will surround Junko, with a 5 cm distance away all around his body. When an enemy attacks him, the silk will formulate and become visible as it attempts to block the attack. It also works in a completely different way compared to Sude’s mechanisms and the two effects cannot happen together (aka Junko can’t cast Sude and the shikai effect together to get stacked bonuses).

However, this defense has various conditions before it works. Hence,
- Junko must know where the enemy is striking. If the enemy has taken Junko by surprise, it does not work.
- It will not work if the enemy’s Spiritual presence that is at least 90% of Junko’s spiritual presence. Hence, if it is higher, the silk will break at the blow and the attack will not be blocked by the silk.
- For each turn of using the silk defense, Junko will have to expend 100 kidou points and 50 spiritual presence (just a relative) in order to maintain the all-round defense.

It is however not a perfect defense still even if the enemy has a lower spiritual energy than Junko. If the opponent effectively attacks fast enough to hit the same area twice, the speed of regeneration would not be able to keep up and he will hit Junko. However, it is a formidable tool.

3. When Junko spoke the command word “Poison my enemy”, a purplish layer of silk wraps all around the sword. The silk looked purplish due to the fact that it had been coated with the venom of a deadly spider. When the sword cuts through the flesh, it injects a poison from the silk that injuries the nerves.

The first cut on the limb reduces the speed of the enemy by 3%, the 2nd cut on the same limb 5% (not cumulative from previous cut). At the third time, the limb is paralyzed and not usable for 1 minute. However, when vital limbs (such as the head and heart) are attacked, there are no visible effects until the third strike.

With the third strike, and the nerves getting poisoned without being noticed by the opponent, the enemy’s head and heart will stop functioning. That means death.[/spoiler]


“Fallen angel” (Datenshi)
– The Bankai release of Junko is completely different from his Shikai release. If Junko’s Shikai was a manifestation of his light side, the one that brings out the goodness in him, the Bankai taps on the darkness within Junko, the ugly and savage side that wants to be strong. Yet, it still retains the white fur, representing that his goodness will never be completely shadowed by the dark side, in which the angel in the heart of Junko remains protected until the darkness devours him. The Bankai is simply showing the desire for Junko to be strong, in order to protect his loved ones. It is that ruthlessness within him that creates this monster, the gigantic snow-white furry spider, to destroy all who will stop his goal.

Description: The look of the Bankai is one that is malicious and dark, contrasting with the snow-white fur of this fifty feet arachnid. It has three eyes and its mouth is the most dominant structure, where its salivation burns whatever it landed onto. Its body is filled with an acidic poison, which is contained in its mouth. It moves very fast around corners and its agility is much faster for a monster of its size. It has its own instincts but will protect Junko when Junko is in dire danger or when commanded by the ivory staff of Junko telepathically.

Visualization: The release for his Bankai is simply to lift his zanpaktou high onto the ground. As he spins the sword once in the air, he would speak the release, forming an ivory staff that can command the spider telepathically to do what he wants.

Ability: The ability of the monster would be to spew out spiders of normal human size (5 feet long in length) that were the smaller replica of the larger spider. These spiders will be spew out from the mouth of the giant spider and would act on its own to attack whomever Junko have directed. Junko could mold up to 25 such creatures from the body of the giant arachnid but he seldom does so, for each spider consumes a considerable amount of his spiritual energy and to mold one more from the giant spider requires additional spiritual energy and a heavier burden on him. Each spider has comparable fighting abilities of Junko to 20% of his strength.

Hence, even though his physical limit is 25, Junko never goes near it unless it is to be done at the risk of his life. The swarming technique is one that brings Junko to near death due to exhaustion of his life force and would never be used unless it is a matter between life and death.

Each of the spiders when it gets itself near the target would attempt to bite in order to inject an acidic poison that causes dark, painful wounds at the area they have bitten. Junko can also command them in advance if he knows that the enemy will strike them to explode with a burst of acid contained in their body when the enemy hits them on melee combat.

Physical manifestation: the same as Shikai, but the wings instead of white, has turned to gray. It represents the darkening of Junko's soul, corrupted by his deep down desires.[/spoiler]

Shibito no Kiri (Mist of the dead)

Command line:
"Shibito no Kiri, Funbo kara okiro."

In the Shinno bankai, he found his body to be no longer bounded by the laws of materialization. When released, he would form a thick cloud of poison mist with a radius of 15 meters all around where Junko stood. Anyone who is stuck in the mist would develop a sudden contraction in the muscles as the mist entered in the body, causing them to slow down according to their spiritual pressure. It also will stop all forms of natural healing to the opponent and causes wounds that are already open to widen. If the opponent casts any spells, kidou spells that aid in healing have a 1/3 chance to fail completely in this domain, 1/3 chance the effectiveness will be reduced to 50% and 1/3 chance that it will work normally.

Less than 50% of Junko’s sp = 50% reduction in Hohou
51% to 80% of Junko’s sp = 40% reduction in Hohou
81% to 100% of Junko’s sp = 30% reduction in Hohou
101% to 120% of Junko’s sp = 20% reduction in Hohou
121% to 150% of Junko’s sp = 10% reduction in Hohou
150% of Junko’s sp = not affected

Junko would be camouflaged where his body will turn to the same color of the thick purple mist and is hidden along the stream of material gas. As he merges with the environment in this poison mist, he is not detectable by sight.

He cannot be detected except for a faint shimmering of his outline when he is close to one feet of the opponent as his whole body. His sword form will be like in the shikai form, except that it is one inch longer in this form. Junko often casts Fusuerki with this release to achieve total invisibility in this form.[/spoiler]

Grave of the Spiders

At the Kyoushuu form, Junko will place his palm on his sword. Upon the command, black energy will be released in a huge cloud, creating a huge smoke that will conceal his body from sight for a few seconds due to the thickness created by the mist of energy.

However, that is just a red herring from the true ability of his Kyoushuu. A thousand spiders that are a variation of trap spiders molded from Junko’s reiatsu and will travel 10 feet under the ground. Junko will command them toward a spiritual entity that is within 50 feet. However, if there were more than one target, the spiders would evenly spread toward the two targets. The more targets, the spiders will be split up even more. It takes around a turn for the spiders to reach the target.

After a round, the army of spiders will burrow out of the ground and jump to the height of the opponent almost instantly, not giving any chance of the opponent to move away. The only indication would be a glitter of purple light and it will stay in the sky for a very short moment. It will then explode in a brilliant light, with each spider releasing a huge strand of poisonous purple silk shimmering around the air, surrounding the opponent in a giant wave of silk.

The silk is made up of pure reiatsu. Contact with ice or extreme cold will inhibit the poison and cause the silk to be slower and less effective (note: 2/3 strength). This will be the spiders’ last action in their short-lived presence as they dissipate, leaving only the silk in the glittering atmosphere.

The silk will stick and start to consume the life force of anything that comes into contact with it as it seeps into the spiritual aura of the opponent. If it lands on something solid, it will start to corrode the substance due to its acidic nature and continue to expand around it, leaving a barren landscape of purple silk.. Every contact with a single strand of silk will consume Reiatsu as the silk feeds on spiritual energy. The amount of life force that is consumed depends on the spiritual energy of the opponent..

Opponent reiatsu less than 90% = 0.1% of Reiatsu per silk thread
From 91% to 120% = 0.07% of per silk thread
From 121% to 150% = 0.05% of per silk thread
From 151% to 180% = 0.03% of per silk thread
181% and above = 0.01% of per silk thread

It will then expand in mass as the silk feeds on the spiritual energy of the enemy, binding them to a cocoon of purple silk. At least three hundred threads will be required to be on contact with the victim in order to form a thick enough cocoon to constraint the victim in his/her place. The time required for the cocoon to form will be one turn before any effects would be felt.

For example:At 30000 connection, the cocoon will only last for 1 turn as it takes one turn for the spiders to set up and release silk, 1 turn for the cocoon to form and the remaining turns to drain.

Inside this cocoon, the opponent will be drained for the remaining turns that they stayed inside this cocoon according to reiatsu difference.

Reiatsu less than 90% = 5% drain of Reiatsu per turn, requires 12% Reiatsu to break free
From 91% to 120% = 4% drain of Reiatsu per turn, requires 10% Reiatsu to break free
From 121% to 150% = 3% drain of Reiatsu per turn, requires 8% Reiatsu to break free
From 151% to 180% = 2% drain of Reiatsu per turn, requires 5% Reiatsu to break free
181% and above = 1% drain of Reiatsu per turn, requires 3% Reiatsu to break free[/spoiler]

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Name: Kioko (Memorable Child), Mizumaki (Water Swirl) [First, Last]

Age: 19

Persona: The first thing you’ll notice about her is her aloofness towards people, which leads them to think of her as a cold and unfriendly person - she just doesn’t find the need to present a smile to strangers. Her silly bantering and endless jokes with close friends often spoils her “cool and reserved” image. Although she enjoys the company of her friends around her, she prefers the quietness and thus is often found wandering alone outside.

She is straightforward and down to earth, rarely thinking before spewing out hurtful words of opinions or advice. Kioko seems ever pleasing and sweet to friends however, deep down inside she’s one stubborn temperamental mule that often prefer things to be done her way. This eventually results in arguments and fights which many a time results in the latter giving in. Kioko often lets her laziness get the better hold over her, her actions and activities for the day are all very mood dependent.

Kioko contains a positive outlook towards life; she’s very much an energy booster with the pet phrase “Genki Genki.”to people all around her. She never seems to have a sad moment in life because of that cheery smile she carries on her face all the time. Kioko’s optimism on life is one that is envied by friends, amazed by her unfazed attitude of never giving up and her keenness of growing and learning through bad experiences.

Other than being independent and headstrong, she has a strong sense of justice and dislikes it when the weak is bullied. She has a strong desire to protect the people around her and the weak and will work hard in achieving that aim. Kioko is especially sarcastic to people she hates and finds it hard to treat them with proper respect. She is not particularly ladylike and is very chummy with her male buddies, blending in with them as a group despite being a female.

Physical Stature: Kioko is amazingly tall for a girl her age, outgrowing her peers due to early puberty growth spurt. She stands at 5" 8, a height that appears intimidating to many male counterparts often perceived as a tall and lanky girl. Kioko has a thin frame and it doesn’t represent that she’s weak and filmsy.

She has shiny semi long dark brown hair with big curls at the ends. Her hair is often pulled into a ponytail or just worn down plainly beneath her shoulders. She has slanted bangs on her forehead that are parted to the side although Kioko would prefer it to be longer. She dons a pair of black metal-framed spectacles, which shields her hazelnut coloured eyes.

[SPOILER="Drawing of Kioko..."][SPOILER="Compliments of momo~"]

[SPOILER="ihi wins totally.<3"] [/SPOILER]

[SPOILER="My version of Kioko"]

Division: 1st division

Zanpakutou: Mizumaki (like her surname). It is a thin and a considerably long blade lined with razor sharp edges held by a very ordinary wooden hilt. The length of the sword is compatible to her stature, enabling her to wield it swiftly. At the center of the hilt are carvings of water swirls with the imprint of its name at the far most bottom right corner. Her zanpakutou is contained in a wooden sheath that is decorated with pretty swirls and green ribbons at the top. Since the sword’s frame suits her height perfectly, it is tugged snuggly beneath her shinigami robes within her easy reach. Kioko dislikes exposing the existence of the sword to outsiders and never pulls it out unnecessarily.

Biography: Kioko’s the middle child out of her other 3 siblings. Due to her large family size, they lived in a terrace located in one of the city’s upper class regions. A fresh college graduate who was awaiting the release of her college examinations results to gain entry into one of the reputable universities in the district. With 6 months of holidays on hand before the new school term started, she decided to go on a mini holiday with her other close friend, Nariam. Alas, her rawness with the foreign land and her unquenchable thirst for adventure and exploration led to her demise the very night she arrived.


Mizumaki Kioko - 5th Seat, 1st Division
Reiatsu: 10,639
Mizumaki - ~12,720~
BAN KAI – ~40%~

Zanjutsu : 5,640
Hakuda : 120
Hohou : 4,000
Kidou : 636
Chiyudou #18, Tereiki
Bougyodou #3, Blue Mist
Bougyoudo #21, Harinezumi/Yammarashi
Hadou #2, Beniikazuchi

Items :

Connection : 10,800

~First Ability~
Upon being released, Mizumaki turns any form of water in the area into a mist that initially stretches 10 ft in every direction around Kioko, and the range of the mist increases by 2ft every 1000 points of reiatsu maxing out at 30 feet. To anyone less than 75% of Kioko's reiatsu, their ability to detect any presence within the mist is reduced to 20% of normal. Anyone above to equal to Kioko's reiatsu can detect at 50% of normal. If the person has 1.5 times the reiatsu of Kioko, they have full visibility and detection as if the mist didn't exist. Kioko and her allies are able to see and sense presence through the mist without any problems.

Release Phrase:
水は あたしの ぶきです
霞は あたしの 盾です
雨より 力を くれる
敵が 譲って しない

mizu ha atashi no bu ki desu
kasumi ha atashi no tate desu
ame yori chikara o kureru
teki ga yuzutte shi nai

~Second Ability~
Using 10% of her reiatsu per usage, Kioko is able to solidify the mist into a barrier around herself that will protect her from any attacks that aren't at least 1.5 times her reiatsu. If the attacker is stronger, the attack will pass straight through. The barrier lasts a maximum of 3 seconds, and Kioko must be fully aware of an incoming attack and be able to react for it to protect her.

Release Phrase:
Onzou, Mizumaki

~Third Ability~
When facing an opponent with 50% of Kioko’s strength, she’s able to manipulate the space around her and utilize it as an offensive tool with the usage of 10% of her reiatsu per usage. With it, she forces down opponents and either pushes them out of her range or pull them closer to her. This enables her to use this space as a barrier or a form of protection before she’s ready to pull an attack.

Release Phrase:
Kougeki suru, Mizumaki

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Name: Jeremiah “Bousan” Parker

Age: 44 (10 Years in Soul Society)

Cold and blunt, he is someone who hates the world and everyone in it, someone who just wishes to be left alone. A sense of justice is something that he had lost long ago, and in its place, he lives his life grieving for those he has lost, and one day does hope to find again if such a thing was possible. Constantly hanging around places where alcohol is abundant until such establishments close, then wandering to some alleyway and passing out from a drunken stupor is all just part of one of his typical days. Rescuing a damsel in distress or stopping a fight with force of his own are things he’s done, but he’ll only admit he did such things because those involved were “making too much noise” – and that’s what his polluted mind has led him to actually believe.

A man who leads the life of a bounty hunter, but only for enough food and liquor to satisfy his cravings, anything more is simply bothersome. A temper problem is something among his large list of personality issues, and he’s been fronted a bill for many broken tables or other types of furniture for losing his cool a number of times. One thing he absolutely detests is not that people are actually talking, but people running their mouth with lies and false acquisitions – especially when such lies are used in attempt to pick up women.

If he could remember a time when he did smile and laugh, a hobby would have been crafting… anything that used his hands, and a memorable activity would have been staying up late at night just to look at the moon and the star-filled sky.

More than anything, he would want his old life back. His old life before his wife and child were taken from him in a tragedy – where their lives were taken by a hollow before his own was. They however, suffered a much worse fate, not having the opportunity of going to Soul Society, yet had their souls completely consumed. He constantly wanders Rukongai, hoping he might find them again though he knows it isn’t possible, but even if he did find them, he wouldn’t even begin to know what to do or say since he has lived his life so miserable over the years since he died.

And that’s why he avoids getting close to anyone. He’s been scarred for life, having his entire world ripped from him in front of his eyes – all his friends, children, and the woman he loved. Nightmares were very common for him when he first arrived in Soul Society, but he soon discovered that enough alcohol can make them go away – which is why he hasn’t put the bottle down since. He doesn’t ever want to form another attachment with another person, even if it is a simple friendship, because he couldn’t bear to lose another attachment.

He’s thought about vengeance before – what he would do if he ever came across the hollow that stole his life… and as strange as it may sound, he doesn’t know what he would do. Part of him would want to destroy the hollow, to make it feel just a fraction of the torment he’s suffered, but at the same time, he wouldn’t know what he would do with himself if that part of his life was ever altered – if for once he could rest knowing he avenged his family and friends.

Physical Description:
Standing at an average 6 feet tall with a naturally muscular frame, Jeremiah has dim auburn eyes and long messy hair that is always styled however it was when he woke up that morning. He doesn’t care much about his physical appearance, so a long beard covers most of his face. He is usually wearing light-fabric clothing that appears it hasn’t been washed since they were purchased… or found. Over the top of his tank-top shirt, he wears a light jacket, which is stained enough to match the rest of his attire. While he doesn’t care about how he looks, he is a relatively clean person, always bathing himself like any regular person would - he would have to put up with the stench just as much as the guy next to him after all. From elbow down, his arms are firmly wrapped, which is about the only type of clothing he does change and around his neck is a gold pendant that has the symbol “NY” in it.

Relationship to Jinju: None at this time

Reiatsu: 3,000
Zanjutsu: 0
Hakuda: 2,000
Hohou: 1,000 (Does not know Shunpo)
Kidou: 0
Connection: 0 (Is not a shinigami at this time)


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