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Default PrC: The Excelsior (The Higher) [CLOSED]

The Excelsior (The Higher)
Status: [CLOSED]

Primary Requirements:
  • Must be approached by an existing RP plot-sanctioned member of Excelsior.
  • Must do battle with the plot-sanctioned member until the member is satisfied.

Secondary Requirements:
  • Must acquire a Rara Avis in order to enhance the member’s reiryoku.

General Overview:
A loose group of seven men that had initially intended to exercise radical revolution against Soul Society’s government, the Excelsior were self-proclaimed protectors of morality in a world that often shirked ethics in favor of stability. When two of the members left to pursue their ideologies separately, it was thought that the group had disbanded forever…but recently, the revelation that the faction still existed came to light, and the original two members who left have returned, bringing four others along to swell the final count to eleven.
This new band of warriors treats one another as equals, and there is no strength hierarchy. They have aspired to accomplish their goal of exercising morality by using the Post Tenebras Lux power they have acquired to manipulate the base reiryoku of a soul until it is no longer has any limits. In doing so, they become capable of enforcing the philosophies of humanism and destroying rogue organizations, purifying Hollows, and annihilating anything that seeks to steal human lives, while simultaneously ensuring that they can deal with the Kyomushugi…
By joining the Excelsior, one can expect to:
  • Lose his/her position in all alternative organizations.
  • Gain the power of a Rara Avis, subsequently altering their base reiryoku into an enhanced type of energy that will allow the inductee to break the Genkai.
  • Embark on numerous escapades with fellow members of the team in order to accomplish the organization’s goals.
  • Engage in combat against people from all factions.

Current Members:
  • Adamos Clementia - "The Primoris" (The First)
  • Heizen Genshuku - "The Altus" (The Great)
  • Gankou Keikei - "The Pervigil Altor" (The Perceptive Protector)
  • Mukouki Renketsuki - "The Castrensis Munus" (The Disciplined Duty)
  • Yamaotoko Iyuu - "The Magnus" (The Giant)
  • Shougo Tenchou - "The Lumen" (The Light)
  • Shinkou Masaru - "The Sereno Aestus" (The Serene Passionate Fire)
  • Rei Jiiro - "The Animus" (The Soul)
  • Jinsoku - "The Velox Argentum" (The Quick Silver)
  • Saiyoisen - "The Iracundia" (The One Who Proceeds With Indignation)

Class Skills:
[Rara Avis] – The quintessential and most easily recognizable ability of the Excelsior, the Rara Avis has come to be regarded as the band’s essence. Using the Post Tenebras Lux technology that they have created and a unique “ritual”, the Excelsior enhance the base reiryoku of the individual in order to destroy any potential limitations in power growth and to ensure that the constitution of the soul works at maximum efficiency at all times. However, souls by their very nature are not intended to change from one form to another, especially at higher levels of strength…thus, to prevent any rejections by the soul’s composition, this state of power, the “Rara Avis”, is tied to a member’s zanpakutou, so that it can be used at will rather than simply be activated all the time, which would eventually lead to the self destruction of the soul.

This fusion to the zanpakutou does not force the Rara Avis to be utilized only during Kai releases or during specific periods when the sword is being used. A Rara Avis can be activated at any time and independently to all other power ups. It is, in the most basic explanation, an unlocking of the new, enhanced strength the spirit wields after having its reiryouko augmented.

This unlocking becomes visible through an easily recognizable change in the physical characteristics of the wielder: upon his or her face, a symbol forms. This mark is composed of a light that uses the same colors as the fighter’s personal aura, and it shines for the duration of its handling. This emblem is unique to each member of Excelsior…the only characteristics that they all share is the perpetual glowing and the quality that all of the insignias are composed of two basic, fundamental shapes. These two shapes are mirrored individually on each hand. So, for example, if one’s symbol is an “X” across their face, the left hand would consist of a “\” while the right would possess a “/”. This is a simplistic example, however, and most Excelsior symbols tend to be more complex than a rudimentary “X”.

This emblem in itself is referred to as the Rara Avis, as it is the visible indication that the Rara Avis is being used.

The effects become more easily appreciated as the Excelsior member in question grows in strength. When they initially acquire a Rara Avis, drawing on the Rara Avis’ power only entails a total 10% statistical combat boost that can be distributed to any of the stats as the user sees fit. This means an Excelsior member may put the 10% stat boost on his Zanjutsu only, or could put 5% on Hakuda and the other 5% on Kidou, and so on and so forth. However, this number grows for every fight the Excelsior member engages in combat, (grows moreso when the member in question uses their Rara Avis in battle and also grows a minute amount over periods of time naturally as it bonds further and further with the user's soul):
  • No Bouts (Personal Chapters [1,000 Words]) - 2%
  • Non PC vs. PC Bouts (Personal Chapters) [Regardless of Whether Rara Avis is Used or Not] – 3%
  • PC vs. PC Bouts (Loss) [Without Rara Avis] – 5%
  • PC vs. PC Bouts (Win) [Without Rara Avis] – 8%
  • PC vs. PC Bouts (Loss) [With Rara Avis] – 10%
  • PC vs. PC Bouts (Win) [With Rara Avis] – 15%
  • PC/NPC vs. PC Bouts (Plot Mission) [Without Rara Avis]– 20%
  • PC/NPC vs. PC Bouts (Plot Mission) [WithRara Avis] – 25%

The result is an ever culminating stat boost that continues to gain strength as the warrior seeks out more battles. When the Rara Avis boost reaches 100% total, the user takes the total 100% and makes the subsequent stat boosts their new base stats ONLY for the duration that the Rara Avis is active. The Rara Avis then drops down to a 10% total stat boost and the cycle restarts.

After the completion of a cycle, the user has 10% in another. If the user has 1/2 of their Avis boost assigned to Zanjutsu, when the Rara Avis is active, the user takes the complete cycle bonus, the 50%, and multiplies that by their "sealed" stat, giving them a new "released" stat. They then take the "in progress" percent of 5% (1/2 of the current 10% overall boost) and multiplies that by the "released" base stat.


((skill x (1.5 ^ X)) x 1.05)
where X is the number of completed cycles.

The points added due to completed cycles are, for all other game mechanical intents and purposes, treated as regular points would and are added to stats and conn like any other points, but the % bonus from the in progress cycles are not and are considered a temporary boost.

The distribution of the total boost is chosen by the user when they obtain a Rara Avis, and must stay constant from that point on. Thus, before starting on the path, a player would have to state that they intend to put 1/3rd of their total boost in SP, Zan, Hak , or they could put 3/10ths into Zan, Hak, Kidou and put the remaining 1/10th into Hohou. The possibilities are countless.

In addition, the cycle system is used as a measuring stick for acquiring the rest of the Excelsior’s techniques. For example, if a technique requires 3 Cycles of Rara Avis to have been completed before it can be learned and used by an Excelsior member, than the member must reach 100% 3 times before being capable of wielding the technique in question. Certain techniques also drain the Rara Avis’ boost upon usage, but the boost can never be lowered below the base 10%. In the event that a technique which requires percentage from the Rara Avis would place it at a value below 10%, the technique fails and cannot be used.
[Citatio de Amicus] –
  • Number of Rara Avis Cycles – Zero (0)

The only technique that does not require any Rara Avis Cycles to have been completed before using, Citatio de Amicus is learned at the moment of induction into the Excelsior. All members wear a cloak, cape, or mantle of some sort, and these are knotted together with a special crest that bears the symbol of their Rara Avis upon its metal face. By placing their hand against this emblem and saying “Virtus Unita Fortior” (Virtue United [is] Stronger), the member can summon a single fellow comrade of the Excelsior to fight alongside him. The compatriot who receives the summons sees their ally’s Rara Avis in their mind’s eye, and promptly is warped to the location of the summoning Excelsior. The warrior will stay there for the duration of the battle, at which he can either choose to return to his previous whereabouts or remain with his comrade. He cannot, however, summon another Excelsior member himself...accepting the summons is considered his use of the Citatio de Amicus.

It is possible to summon more than one fellow Excelsior to the battlefield, but in doing so, the user loses 5% of their Rara Avis boost for each additional initiation of Citatio de Amicus.
[Lucis Insignio] –
  • Number of Rara Avis Cycles – One (1)

Having completed a single cycle, the Excelsior member can now utilize the Rara Avis for the Lucis Insignio technique, a broad employment of the Rara Avis’ symbol for two different effects. These effects are created at the tip of the newly enhanced zanpakutou, which is tied to the Rara Avis during the Post Tenebras Lux’s period of augmentation on the member:
  • By carving their symbol into any non-living material with the tip of their zanpakutou, an Excelsior member can project an opening into Hueco Mundo, Earth, or Soul Society without the use of a Hell Moth.
  • By carving their symbol into a living being with the tip of their zanpakutou, an Excelsior member can temporarily endow the subject with a portion of the Rara Avis power, providing the target with a 5% boost to all of their stats for five RPG turns. (Cannot be used to aide fellow Excelsior members).

It is possible to light more than one Lucis Insignio, but in doing so, the user loses 20% of their Rara Avis boost for each additional activation.
[Suppono Subpono Lux] –
  • Number of Rara Avis Cycles – Two (2)

After completing two cycles, the Excelsior member is now free to carry a portion of the Post Tenebras Lux technology with them without fear of injury.

Using a single shot cylinder about the size of a soda can made in the likeness of the Sui Generis column, the Excelsior member powers the reaction within the Suppono Subpono Lux shell with their own energy. This initiates the contents to begin moving, at which point the Excelsior member tosses or pushes the shell wherever they wish. They're multiple effects to the usage of one Suppono Subpono Lux case:

1) A disorienting explosion of photonegative “light” that expands to a total of twenty meters before allowing the environment’s spectrum to return to normal coloring.
2) Anyone caught within the blast that is not an Excelsior member cannot detect spiritual pressure for approximately 5 RPG turns.
3) Anyone caught within the blast that is not an Excelsior member cannot use any reiatsu or kidouryouko for 3 RPG turns.
[Adstringo Aduro] –
  • Number of Rara Avis Cycles – Two and a Half (2.5)

An attack unique to the Excelsior in that it requires such expertise manipulation of the Rara Avis that a total of two and a half cycles must successfully be acquired before being capable of use, the Adstringo Aduro is, essentially, the compression of the internal Rara Avis energy in an external form. This externalization can be used in three distinct styles (though all require that the Rara Avis be activated prior to use):
  • “Meridianus” (Midday) – A collection of the Rara Avis into any section of the body or zanpakutou that can be fired as a traditional wave of energy, a minute pinpoint ray of light, or a resounding shockwave that spreads its repercussions on one plane. The blast’s potential damage is valued at the user’s spiritual pressure divided by seven. The cost of the Meridianus is a 1% drop from the Rara Avis boost (there is no Reiatsu drain).
  • “Vesper” (Evening Star) – Unlike the Meridianus, which can be fired from any part of the body, the Vesper can only be done through the hands, and only at point blank range. It is done by clasping one hand on the intended target. The power of the Rara Avis surges through the hand and short circuits all spiritual connection to the region in question, making the target area incapable of being used or healed for the duration of the fight. The most effective location to target is the face, which nullifies any stat augmentations the victim is using for seven (7) RPG turns. There are some exceptions, however, including zanpakutou and Vizard masks, and, additionally, a Vesper costs 3% of a Rara Avis boost in order to use, a price that doubles for any supplementary shots.
  • “Oriens” (The Rising Sun) – Oriens is unique in that the target of the Adstringo Aduro is not any object or antagonist, but rather, the user’s own self. The technique is used by extending the index and middle fingers on both hands and using these members as instruments to draw the Rara Avis symbol on the user’s chest, an action that literally paints the Rara Avis’ incandescence against the wielder’s upper body. When this has been completed, the Excelsior presses the same fingertips into the center of the completed emblem, activating the attack. The energy uses the crest as a conduit to spread all over the user’s body, until he/she is covered in a thin film of iridescence. For five (5) RPG turns, this coating of light will be capable of taking attacks valued up to twice the wielder’s spiritual pressure. In addition, at any point, the Excelsior can release the energy in a violent explosion of about twenty meters in diameter. This particular detonation is valued at 2.5 times the user’s spiritual pressure. The cost of using an Oriens is 5% of the Rara Avis boost, a price that triples for any supplementary shots.
[Culmen de Labrum de Infinitus] –
  • Number of Rara Avis Cycles – Three and a Half (3.5)

The final technique attainable by members of the Excelsior, the Culmen de Labrum de Infinitus is a portion of the Rara Avis held within the Excelsior member’s soul that is akin to the Post Tenebras Lux technology originally used to generate their power. It is fundamentally a leftover from the ceremonial process of gaining the Rara Avis, and can be summoned into the material world in the form of a photonegative staff of incandescence. The user then plunges the staff into whatever substance or target he wishes, and the Culmen de Labrum de Infinitus opens: the staff expands in place, becoming a circle that exists in a four-dimensional rift. Anything within ten meters of the circle (which is five meters in diameter) that isn’t an Excelsior member is sucked into the artificial universe the Post Tenebras Lux energy can generate. This dimensional pocket can seal away attacks that come too close. After three (3) RPG turns have passed, the Culmen de Labrum de Infinitus closes and returns into the Excelsior member who used it. This reintegration of the pocket in space-time merges the attacks that were sucked in to the user. For techniques, this means that the user can now use the technique even if he does not meet the prerequisites or doesn’t have any spare tech slots. If the technique is physical, it must be the last technique used by the antagonist, and the knowledge of the technique will be sucked in rather than the technique itself. Of course, zanpakutou abilities and Feats cannot be vacuumed into the Culmen de Labrum de Infinitus, but any technique, physical or metaphysical, is game. Both become a permanent part of the user’s arsenal.

The cost is, obviously, high in order to activate the Culmen de Labrum de Infinitus to begin with: the user must be at least 90% of their Rara Avis, and creation of the staff in itself costs 50% of the boost. Using Culmen de Labrum de Infinitus also negates the Rara Avis for the remainder of the battle.



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