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Old 07-17-2006, 05:05 PM
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Exclamation New Fight Grade Evaluation

Starting on Week 66, fights will be graded using a new evaluation scale. Previously, fights would count as up to 100 regardless of length.

Now, fights are graded using the old collab grading scale, i.e., up to 100 for every 2,000 words written. This will bring in some of the aspects of collaborative writing that collab supporters want, as in, stressing player to player interaction, and will simultaneously give stats more relevance since there should be an increase in fighting.

In addition, in order to prevent people from slipping fights into collabs that spend several thousand words on other topics besides the fight, all fights must be taken out of context and posted in this Fight forum, separate from any work that may be tied to it specifically.

NOTE: When a grader feels that the majority of the fight is not adequately combat oriented, he or she can simply grade it as a collab instead of on the fight scale.

Also, in order to invoke a little bit of competition, the winner of the fight will now receive a little extra to his grade, namely, 10% grading bonus. So if two fighters do a 6,000 word fight and score maximum on it, the winner will receive 330 points and the loser will receive 300.

If you are worried about the continuity of a collab for the reader, you may put the fight under a spoiler in the said collab when it is posted in the volume forum, but the word count must not reflect the fight with it.


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Bumped for additions and bolding text.

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