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Default PrC: "True" Vizards (The Army of Masks)

"True" Vizards (The Army of Masks)
Status: [ CLOSED ]

  • Pure Shinigami player (hybrids can not become other hybrids)
  • 5,000 Connection
  • Must have roleplayed a conversion ceremony with an existing RP plot-sanctioned Vizard NPC/RPC
  • New converts must be sponsored by an RP plot-sanctioned Vizard NPC/RPC (in order to gain access to join the Vizards proper)

General Overview:
The Vizards are widely recognized by the upper echelons of the Gotei 13 as one of the greatest threats to the security and stability of Soul Society. Having dabbled in forbidden arts, these former Shinigami have openly embraced the darker halves of their selves by manifesting a Hollow aspect. While it is true that Hollows in general are innately harmful spirits, Vizards claim to have fully mastered their heretical practices and channel the diverse powers of a Hollow to act on each and every whim. Traditionally, Shinigami that have been disenfranchised with the Gotei 13 have left the force to retire with the Konpaku in Rukongai. However, ever so often, there are the select few that feel change will never occur with the politics of Seireitei just through a showing of "honor" by leaving the Tranquil Court. Action must be taken to purge the Court of corruption, and the only way to do that with the Gotei 13 protecting it, is to move in the shadows, an ability heightened by becoming a hybrid, a Vizard.

In the past few thousand years however, the Vizards as an organization, have grown increasingly distanced from their previous goal of altering the political landscape of Seireitei. Rumors have run rampant in the Shinigami and Hollow scientific community surrounding the development of technology so advanced and powerful that it could redefine the spiritual composition of any being it was applied upon. In essence, it was the beginning of Godhood. Could the Vizards have been responsible for this Soul Data Project? With the knowledge of the Shinigami archives, and the freedom from spying eyes granted to them by their Hollow cunning, only they could have a chance of developing such a tool.

As a Vizard you will have to deal with these new dilemmas:
  • Leaving colleagues in the Gotei 13 and family/friends in Rukongai.
  • The ordeal of being branded a traitor and being treated as one.
  • Confronting your darkest qualities in the form of your Hollow and coexisting with them (This conflicts with your ability to use Kidou, all Vizards may only access a selected three of their current Kidou library for use when their mask is on. ).
  • Steps must be taken to regain the trust of one's zanpakutou. In order to utilize one's zanpakutou powers while a vizard, a special ceremony must be performed.
  • Dealing with a new weakness:

Like Hollows, Vizards now have to deal with the vulnerability of their masks; if their mask is destroyed they can not make use of any of their Vizard abilities. However, external forces can break a Vizard's mask only while the mask is being used by the [Subconscious Defense] PrC ability. Vizard masks also naturally fragment when they exhaust their personal mask limit, the rounds of which are determinded by the number of emptiness cycles that have been completed.

Separating a Vizard from his or her mask is futile, since it will rematerialize at his or her side at will.

Mask regeneration time is one-half the amount of maximum turns a Vizard can maintain their mask. If the turn amount is not a whole number, it is always rounded up.
Once a new Vizard is integrated into the Army of Masks, they are placed into the Caste of their choice.


Judgment (Handan)

Overseer: ???
Senkusha: ???

These Vizards act as the judicators for the entire force, policing from within and administering "justice" in the Army of Masks. The code of conduct that Vizards are expected to follow is developed mainly by this group's leader, making Lott extremely influential in the Vizards' Inner Circle.

If any Vizard under the Handan caste recognizes an act unbecoming of a Vizard, they are immediately compelled to to take the guilty party's life. However, if Handan Vizards are seen committing a crime, they are also compelled to hunt down all witnesses of their act.

Vizards of this class are the most mysterious to the Shinigami of Soul Society since they operate almost exclusively only behind the ranks of the other three troops in the Army of Masks. The Onmitsu Kidou is currently spending much more time trying to gather intelligence on them than any other class in order to gain an understanding of how Vizard culture operates.

Passion (Jonetsu)

Overseer: ???
Senkusha: ???

The bread and butter of the Vizard's total forces; these are the operatives that specialize in the two most common activities that the Vizards engage in: recruitment and espionage/sabotage. Due to the high demand for manpower for these types of actions, roughly a third of all Vizards fall into this particular caste.

The first subcategory of this caste plays on their namesake by boasting an extrodinary ability to play on the pride, fear, and sorrow of disgruntled or otherwise disenfranchised Shinigami to don the Hollow mask tucked away deeply in their soul. These Vizards are the most charismatic and empathic of their kin and devoutly believe that the political structure of Seireitei and its actions to facilitate the wheel of reincarnation are inefficient, if not totally corrupt, in construction. As such, these Zealots are usually the quickest to respond to an Edict issued by their Overseer, other than perhaps Fukushu Vizards responding to fresh meat on the battlefield.

The second subcategory of Jonetsu Vizards are those that excel in the use of guile, subterfuge, intrigue, and a dash of Vizard Stealth to derail enemy movements, seize supplies, or gather sensitive intelligence. Nearly all of the Vizards apprehended and executed in both Soul Society and the Living World by Shinigami and Quincy forces are of this part of the caste, known as the Inquisitors.

When under assignment, the burning power of the Passion that drives this caste prevents operatives from otherwise turning away from their tasks. Even if their comrades are all slain, they've broken or lost a leg, or have failed to accomplish a primary objective, Jonetsu Vizards are driven to complete all the remaining directives of their mission and spare no expense to do so.

Revenge (Fukushu)

Overseer: ???
Senkusha: ???

Vizards that join this camp are widely considered to be the most violent of the entire forces. They are known to be recruited from Shinigami that have the most violent and sadistic of expressed Hollow traits, with their high synch rates and violent behavior causing some to mistake them for Arrancar. Additionally, due to their extremist actions, they are the source of the stereotype that is perpetuated amongst the Gotei Shinigami.

As part of their training, Vizards under the curse of Fukushu are easily provoked into bloody frenzies that are halted only by order or the total decimation of the enemy. These manic episodes can be triggered at the onset of battle, or even through something as mild as an insult or challenge. If they are unable to use their Zanpakutou in battle, they will immediately resort to melee combat and those that try to disarm them are immediately considered enemies. After battle, they lose all memory of their bloodlust to prevent them from slipping permanently to a Hollow-dominated mentality.

Out of all the Vizard operatives, they appear the least given their extremely violent and recognizable tactics. However, in open battles, Fukushu Vizards are deployed as shock troops to devastating effect.

Ambition (Yashin)

Overseer: ???
Senkusha: ???

The final, and smallest, accounting for only 15 percent of the total force, caste of Vizards are those that identify themselves as Yashin. They are also the newest caste, having existed solely for the purpose of facilitating all activities regarding the Soul Data Project. These range from anything such as simple research, to advanced experimentation, to external resource manipulation (such as allowing the Shinigami to complete parts of the research they couldn't and then starting a war involving the Arrancar to reacquire the newly completed material).

Even though they arguably rival the Handan Vizards in terms of overall secrecy, the Onmitsu Kidou and other Shinigami organizations dedicated to researching them have placed them as a secondary priority. All of course, due to the fact that the Shinigami themselves do not yet perceive the Soul Data and these scientist Vizards to be as big a threat as the other three castes...

Class Skills:

[ Emptiness**] - Tapping directly into the capabilities of one's Inner Hollow by slowly bringing it under one's control. Simply by manifesting a Hollow Aspect, a Vizard is capable of utilizing the one of their Hollow's skills; however, additional 'taming' is necessary to elicit more. This is typically done under a thoroughly regimented and rigidly controlled system, as it is the most vulnerable period for young Vizards.

One's Inner Hollow is allowed to consume a certain portion of its host's soul, effectively baring its neck for a highly effective isolation system that nullifies the Hollow's influence over the 'consumed' area, simultaneously beating back the Hollow and allowing the host to make use of the traits of the 'consumed' area.

Through these progressive cycles, a Vizard is capable of fully manifesting their Inner Hollow's traits and skills with a similar level of control to their own Zanpakutou. However, due to the dangerous situation the consumption of a Vizard from within by their own Hollow is, a Vizard's Hollow-derived power is naturally cut back to prevent complete takeover of the host body by the Hollow.

Player @
25-50% Emptiness = 5% deduction from all stats while masked

50-75% Emptiness = 10% deduction from all stats while masked

75-90% Emptiness = 15% deduction from all stats while masked

90-100% Emptiness = 20% deduction from all stats while masked
At the culmination of every Emptiness cycle, the cycle drops back to 0% and the Vizard in question either attains a Hollow trait or skill ranked one grade higher than their last in terms of power and usability, or they get an increase to their [ Mask ] boost, depending on whether the cycle they are completing is even or odd and whether they have attained all four skill-levels of Hollow Ability. For (and only for) the first Emptiness cycle, every round that a Vizard wears their Mask, their Emptiness is increased by 25%. The cycle of filling Emptiness after the completion of one's first Emptiness cycle begins at 10% per Hollow ability usage for the first run through, then 8% for the next cycle, then 6%, then finally 4% for any and all future cycles.

Player @
Completion of 0 cycles = +Proportional Increase to all Stats while Masked

Completion of 1 cycle = +1 C-Rank Hollow Skill

Completion of 2 cycles = +.1 modifier to proportional stat boost per stat

Completion of 3 cycles = +1 B-Rank Hollow Skill

Completion of 4 cycles = +.1 modifier to proportional stat boost per stat

Completion of 5 cycles = +1 A-Rank Hollow Skill

Completion of 6 cycles = +.1 modifier to proportional stat boost per stat

Completion of 7 cycles = +1 S-Rank Hollow Skill

Completion of any and all cycles above 7 = +.1 modifier to proportional stat boost per stat
(Or, to put it more simply in mathematical terms, once a Vizard has completed their seventh cycle, the boost is calculated as Stat * 1.(x-4) * (Stat/Reiatsu), where x is the total number of cycles completed.)

[ Cero**] - A fearsome attack derived from the raw power of Hollows, this ability consumes a mere 1/10th of a Vizard's Reiatsu and delivers a terrifying damage output equivalent to (((Masked Reiatsu + Masked Highest Non-Hohou Combat Stat)/6)*1.x), where x is the number of completed Emptiness cycles, and is capped at 7.

[ Consume**] - By bonding with the Inner Hollow, Vizards are able to master their traits and abilities such as [ Emptiness ]. By manifesting their Mask in the physical realm they can acquire unique traits which are exclusive to Hollows, such as absorption of atmospheric Reishi to replenish their system's Reiryoku. For every round in the durations that their mask is present, a Vizard is able to replenish a certain % of their Reiryoku depending on their locations based on Reishi density:

2% on Earth and inbetween realms
3% in Soul Society and Anoyo
4% in Hueco Mundo

The Reiryoku (Reiatsu) gained per turn is added to the Vizard's Reiryoku (Reiatsu) reserve.

Additionally, by consuming spiritual entities Vizards are able to quickly replenish their Reiryoku by large amounts. The Reiryoku replenished is 25% of the particular spiritual entity's Reiatsu value, and is directly transfered to the Vizard's Reiryoku reserve once the entity is consumed.*

The total Reiryoku (Reiatsu) gained during [ Consume ] cannot give the Vizard a total that exceeds the Vizard's Reiatsu stat.

*The consumption of spiritual entities can only be done via Plot-Sanctioned Events. Should the target for consumption be a RPC, then PC-Permission must be given prior to the consumption process.

[ Mask ] - The most basic of a Vizard's capabilities, this skill uses the strength of one's Inner Hollow to augment one's own stats while wearing their Hollow's manifested mask. Aside from increasing one's Reiatsu stat by 20%, each combat stat is increased by its own proportion to one's base shinigami Reiatsu. For example:

Reiatsu: 10,000
Zanjutsu: 4,000
Hakuda: 0
Hohou: 4,000
Kidou: 2,000

Reiatsu: 12,000
Zanjutsu: 5,600
Hakuda: 0
Hohou: 5,600
Kidou: 2,400
Additionally, upon completion of the third, fifth, seventh, and every [ Emptiness ] cycle thereafter, a Vizard's [ Mask ] enhancement begins to increase per completion of [ Emptiness ] cycles, with the Reiatsu bonus increasing by 10% per cycle and the stat bonus increasing by 1.1 (after calculating the proportional augmentation). Both alterations go into effect at the outset of every cycle following the completion of the first two.

The [ Mask ] bonus is calculated at the start of every cycle, and the calculated percentages are kept at their respective values for the entirety of that cycle, regardless of alterations to the base stat.

The duration during a Vizard may wear their Mask is 4 rounds at the outset, and at the completion of each Emptiness cycle, that duration increases by an additional 4 rounds. Once a Vizard has used all of the available rounds for wearing their Mask, they must wait a duration equivalent to half their total mask-wearing duration before they can don it once more.

[ Mind Meld*] - All Vizards in the Army can initiate a telepathic means of communication with fellow Vizards.

[ Subconscious Defense*] - When not wearing their masks, Vizards are protected from attacks by their masks. The mask can also absorb a single potentially fatal attack or three less intensive assaults.

This ability cannot fully block and/or deflect attacks that are larger than the size of the Vizard's mask.

[ Vizard Stealth*] - Due to being a former Shinigami, Vizard players can broadcast whichever set of reiatsu (Shinigami or Hollow) as they please. However, Vizard players are also capable of 'masking' their own Reiatsu signatures completely, using a trait of self-suppression found in all Vizards.

By selecting their Hollow aspect as their primary means of broadcast, and then suppressing the aspect itself, the signature itself dissipates. While being seen defeats the purpose of this type of stealth, those types of Vizards that can move from shadow to shadow very well will benefit from this skill. This ability improves as the Vizard develops, and only opposing players with a reiatsu rating equal to two times the Vizard player's total reiatsu will be able to detect a Vizard in this state.

Vizards with a Reiatsu rating greater than 50,000 will have reached a point where complete annihilation of any vestigial Reiatsu signature is attainable, and are henceforth undetectable without the use of special equipment.

*Denotes a Vizard Mask must be at the ready.
**Denotes a Vizard Mask must be worn.

Caste Skills:

Judgment (Handan)

[ Artificial Dogma ]

A system of direct authority implementation. Using a variant of the [ Mind Meld ] Vizard racial ability, a Handan player is capable of initiating a mental 'contract' with another being that bears a Hollow aspect, whether it be Vizard, Arrancar, or Hollow. Due to the more intensive nature of the ability, some form of contact must be made with the opposing Hollow aspect, such as eye contact or physical touch. Once this first system is in place, the Handan Vizard is capable of low-level influence on the thought processes of the Hollow, as the mind of the Hollow itself wishes to come into accord with the transmitted thoughts of the Handan Vizard. However, this is simply a side-effect of the true contract delved between the pair.

Through an extended period of direct contact with the being to be controlled, the Handan is able to imprint a series of empty "Absolute Command" slots into the mind of the being itself. At any given time, the Handan may implant a directive into one of the empty slots, which then the controlled being subconsciously wills itself to follow. This command supplants the rational thought patterns and instincts of the Hollow aspect, even if the command goes against the will of the being itself. However, the stronger and more developed the Hollow conscious is, the more specific a command must be for it to be obeyed absolutely. This is especially true if the command goes against the will of the Hollow in question.

The smaller the influence of a Hollow aspect on a being's soul, the less effective this ability will be. Obviously, Vizards are the most difficult race to institute a directive upon, with Arrancar in a distant second and pure Hollows being the easiest to control. To ensure that an Absolute Command imprinted upon a Vizard will be followed as intended, the Handan Vizard must make a very well-defined directive, whereas with the lower levels of Arrancar and Hollows, simple commands such as "don't touch this" or "don't come here again" are more likely to be followed than with their Vizard brethren.

The amount of Absolute Commands that may be imprinted upon a given soul ranges based on the physical and mental strength of the Hollow aspect in question. A Hollow equally weak in both mind and body will be subject to basically any and every command given to it by the Handan Vizard, while a highly-ranked member of the Army of Masks would be subject to only one or two "Absolute Commands." Arrancar, despite their incredible strength, are more vulnerable to control than the Vizards at the opposite spectrum. Even though the Arrancar itself may be physically stronger than the Handan Vizard, their intellect is still insufficient to fully resist any sort of directive implanted upon their conscious.

Passion (Jonetsu)

Jonetsu Branches


[ Carnal Inspiration ]

By linking to the darkest and most fundamental parts of a being's psyche, whether that part is an inner Hollow or not, a Zealot's Hollow can form a mental bridge between the Vizard and the being. With the bridge in place, the Zealot is capable of feeding or starving the emotions of the other individual, alternately inspiring and deterring the growth and effect of specific emotions. Although this ability is more universally to be used in the conversion ceremony, it has developed a wide range of uses on the battlefield, both as a support role and in direct combat. When used as a part of a conversion ceremony, the Zealot causes the fundamental instinct, desire, or emotion of a person to come to the forefront of the soul's mind, blocking out all other thoughts and emotions. This particular sort of conversion allows the Vizard castes to be cleanly delineated, since the dominant emotions of any given life falls into one of the four primary categories.

When used on the battlefield, this ability has a less predictable outcome. In addition to destabilizing the minds of the opponents, it can be used to sedate or infuriate warriors on the Zealot's side, increasing their combat capabilities in regards to the current state of the battle. Should the Vizard force be threatened with complete annihilation, sparking off a firestorm of rage and hatred can provide their forces with the final explosion of energy necessary for victory. Likewise, the Zealot is capable of blocking the more blinding emotions of its allies should the duty call for a clear mind and a slow pace.


[ Formless One ]

Inquisitors are gifted with the enhancement and expansion of the concept of invisibility, utilizing the natural stealth of all Vizards as its basis. The Inquistiors are capable of erasing their presence in the senses of spiritual entities (Shinigami, Hollows, Espada, etc) and humans in the following order: Spiritual Detection, Sight, Hearing, Taste, Smell and Touch. It is rumored that members of the Inquisitor branch that have dedicated themselves to mastering this ability have reached a point where they can become invisible to the world and threaten to disappear entirely. Therefore, Inquisitors are usually required to completely cover themselves in some sort of matter (usually black cloth) when using this ability to its fullest potential, thus ensuring that they maintain a presence in reality. In this state, their physical form essentially becomes relevant only in relation to their intent, making them practically untouchable. However, such a level of mastery has only been rumored to persist in the most ancient of Inquisitors, and since they are not apt to revealing their secrets, it is not known if the rumors bear even the slightest grain of truth.

The command over invisibility increases in conjunction with the strength of the Inquisitor's inner Hollow: a master of this ability is practically non-existent in regards to organic senses of detection, while a novice will merely be more difficult to detect in terms of Spiritual Detection.

Revenge (Fukushu)

[ Hunter Transformation ]

By fully tapping into the reserves of their Inner Hollow, both in capability and in persona, Fukushu Vizards can exceed their already high synch rate and transform themselves into vengeful killing machines of dangerously violent proportions. Once this ability has been called upon, only a direct Edict can recall a Vizard from their bloodbath-intent possession. Fukushu Vizards under the influence of this ability have been known to openly assault friendly Vizards and other allies with no sign of hesitation or comprehension. This complete and utter enhancement of a Vizard's natural combat abilities maximizes the number of assaults a single Vizard can execute in a very small amount of time, minimizing cool-down and self-damaging repercussions for the duration of the enhancement, while at the same time increasing the maximum output of their assaults in both strength and volume.

When let loose upon the forces of the enemy, it is expected that the Hunters will completely annihilate them, leaving behind only a field of blood and a torn landscape as evidence of the assault. The fear surrounding the unstoppable nature of this ability is potent enough to be regarded as a weapon in and of itself, a promise of absolute destruction should it be set loose on those that oppose Anoyo. A Hunter Transformation often requires a situation where collateral damage or allied losses can be kept at a minimum, as both are nigh-on guaranteed to occur in the short duration that this ability is active. However, an Overseer can force a Fukushu Vizard to undergo the transformation, even if it is against the Vizard's will.

Ambition (Yashin)

[ Absolution ]

Infiltration of a living soul's inner world. From there, the Yashin combatant can nullify the traits of the soul that have been activated during the current cycle of reincarnation. This is actualized through the destruction of the manifestations of current traits or prior incarnations in a soul's inner world. While the Yashin personality is 'within' the Inner World, their physical body is reduced to a mere fraction of their true self, namely through the disappearance of their body and the materialization and continued existence of their unique Mask.

In combat, the Mask of a dematerialized Yashin warrior will be cared for by their respective partner, who may also engage the infiltrated target. The only way to prevent complete nullification of spiritual traits at the hands of the sabotaging Yashin is to withdraw the conscious personality of the enemy soul into their own Inner World and engage the Yashin in combat there.

However, this leaves the physical body of the infiltrated warrior without a guiding conscious, forcing it into a state of 'auto-pilot', reacting instinctually to whatever situation may arise. Additionally, the range of abilities usually available to a warrior countering this ability are split between the physical self and the mental self, in addition to the loss of traits deactivated by the Yashin prior to the incursion.

[spoiler=Note.]This PrC sheet is up for discussion for balancing with the other PrC sheets, if they are ever revealed.[/spoiler]

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