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Default Gintou


The Gintou allow a Quincy to channel excess energy into capacitors for use at a later time. These have various effects, but what techniques can be accessed are a factor of his familiarity and study. A Quincy can use these Gintou to supplement their power or to cast spells. A Quincy can carry one Gintou and memorize one spell per 500 Ginkaihou. Each Gintou tube holds 500 reiatsu for spells. The stored reiatsu is only half as effective when used to power other techniques, meaning each tube is equivalent to 250 reiatsu for non-spells.

Gintou act like ‘batteries’ and can be used repeatedly, but energy cannot be transferred from one to the other. Thus if spell casting and use drain the power of a Gintou so that it only has 20 units of Reiatsu left, then those 20 will stay in there unless used.

~ Gerade - "Direct Fire" ~

Gerade Schraubbolzen (Lightning Bolt) - 100 Gintou
Commonly used by Quincy due to their effectiveness and ease of use. The user aims the top towards the target and a small bolt of blue lightning issues forth.
Gerade Heizen (Sacred Bite) - 500 Gintou
The caster pours the contents of a gintou onto his palm and then thrusts it toward his target while casting. A large rectangle of heated silver shoots toward the target, slicing through its opposition.
~ Sprengen - "Blast Area" ~

Sprengen Wolke (Emerald Grail) - 250 Gintou
Upon casting the spell, the user targets an area within 10 meters: a five-foot radius circle appears and within seconds detonates, filling the air with a large cloud of smoke.
Sprengen Schock (Concussion) - 750 Gintou
After charging a Gintou, the spells stays dormant until struck with a Quincy's arrow. The detonation creates shearing winds and a disorienting flash of light.
~ Hemmen - "Inhibition" ~

Hemmen Zurückhalten (Restraint) -200 Gintou
By calling spirit particles to the extremities of an opponent, the user calls five thick sliver cords into being form the collected reishi, winding them about the opponent's wrists, legs, and neck; holding them immobile for two turns.
Hemmen Gefängnis (Prison) - 600 Gintou
The user casts this spell and then launches the silver tube toward his target. When the gintou comes in contact with something solid, a blue translucent sphere with a radius of 5 feet forms, locking the target inside and locking other beings outside. The effects of the gintou last for two turns.
Hemmen Gritz (Quintuple Restraining Frames) - 2500 Gintou
The quincy casts this spell and then launches the silver tube toward his target. On contact, a silver pentacle springs up behind the target and immediately snaps shut, binding them inside.
~ Verbessem - "Enhancement" ~

Verbessem Honig (Honey) - 50 Gintou
Upon casting Honig, the user pours the contents of a gintou over an injury. Honig will form a sticky, honey-like covering over the wound which quickly hardens as a bandage. This semi-liquid also acts as a local anesthetic.
Verbessem Nachahmer (Imitator) - 500 Gintou
While casting Nachahmer, the user pours the silver liquid on the ground. Forming a cross will replicate a shinigami's reiatsu while forming a circle will copy a hollow's reiatsu -- both of a strength relative to the caster. This effect covers the quincy's reiatsu as long as he remains within ten feet of the symbol and persists for about ten minutes. The quincy may also choose to leave the area and let the reiatsu act as a decoy.
Verbessem Reinigung (Purification) - 1500 Gintou
By calling reishi into their bloodstream, the user is able to purge their body of foreign reiatsu, cleansing or weakening abilities that are impairing the Quincy. It may take multiple casts to cleanse stronger effects, but once an effect is purified, the Quincy is immune to that effect for the following two rounds.
Verbessem Dealbo (White-out) - 3000 Gintou
The caster must know the location of their target in order to use this gintou. The Quincy pours the contents of a silver tube across their eyebrows, allowing it to drip down over their eyes while concentrating on the intended target's reiatsu. Once the Quincy opens their eyes, the world between him and his target is washed out: visible only to him, a white crucifix covers the world in front of him, centered on his enemy. To the caster, all cover, obstructions, and defenses will disappear. This state lasts for only one turn, but any arrow fired within that white space will ignore all cover in front of the enemy. Living beings may still get in the way. Only usable once per battle.
~ Schranke - "Barricade" ~

Schranke Rauchwand (Smokescreen) - 25 Gintou
The quincy splashes the silver liquid against the ground while casting and a thick black field of smoke rises up, spreading out to a 30-foot radius.
Schranke Heiliges Licht (Holy Light) - 250 Gintou
When Heiliges Licht is activated, the Quincy drops the gintou to the ground. A sphere of white light spreads out from the gintou, reaching 15 feet in radius. This light will eat away at energy-based attacks that enter it.
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