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Default Gotei Non-Player Characters

[ Family Name ]: Eihei
[ Given Name ]:

[ Age ]: Appears to be in her mid-twenties; exact age is unknown.

[ Physical Appearance ]: Small and petite, Ren stands at a few inches under five feet even, which causes many people to immediately underestimate her. Being of both Chinese and Japanese decent, her complexion is that of your typical asian, as is her build. She tends to keep her soft ebon hair up in a tight roll, and her frost blue eyes are just as cold as the rest of her.

[ Persona ]: Ren is one tough cookie. Like many members of the Gotei, her life has been tough and the strength required to survive such times has become ingrained in her. A mostly quiet girl, there is a sense of grace whenever she moves, similar to watching a feline in motion. While very loyal, she has a unique sense of right and wrong, and believes that rules should be followed to the letter; crossing every "t" and dotting every "i". She speaks seldom, but those instances where she does are oft ones where someone requires a verbal lashing. Percieved as cold and aloof by many.

[ Division and Rank ]: Ren is a member of the Second Division who has no official rank. Her position involves her in the administrative branch of affairs, most specifically in distributing missions and keeping track of other members.

[ Zanpakutou Description ]: Ren carries no visible traces of her Zanpakutou in her traditional shihakushou; the reason for this is that the seal formed of Ichibousenri is a tachi of length 0.40 shaku that she carries consealed within an inner pocket of her gi. The tsuka is a deep DarkSlateGray blue wrapped in a sky-blue weave; the color and weave of the saya matches this. The tsuba is not perfectly round but rises and falls in a wave-form pattern; etched into the silver is a swirl, starting from the tsuka and expanding outwards.

[ Manifestation ]:????

[ Zanpakutou Name ]: Ichibousenri
[ Kanji ]: 一望千里
[ Translation ]: Boundless Ocean

[ Release Phrase ]: Nagaredase, Ichibousenri!
[ Kanji ]: 流れ出せ, 一望千里!
[ Translation ]:Gush Forth, Boundless Ocean!

[ Shi Kai Form ]:????
[ Shi Kai Ability ]:????

[ Stats ]:

Reiatsu – 30,000
Ichibousenri – ~36,000~
Zanjutsu – 12,000
Hakuda – 3,000
Hohou – 12,000
Kidou – 3,000
Enishi – 30,000


[ Family Name ]: Raimon
[ Given Name ]:
Take; Also called Monta

[ Age ]: Appears to be in his early teens; exact age is unknown.

[ Physical Appearance ]: Monta is considered short, even for Japanese standards. Standing at 4'6", he was constantly teased during his time at the Shin'ou Reijutsuin and called by the derogatory phrase o-chibi-chan~. As a result of his light build, he is extraordinarily flexible and extremely good at aerial acrobatics. His hair is a spiky auburn, and his arms are an eternally warm brown as well.

[ Persona ]: Monta often is considered the opposite of Ren in persona; openly warm and always cheerful. The boy is also very energetic, to the point of being overly-so and difficult to handle. Many members of the Second have noted that, while he seems to be easily distracted and quick to anger, Monta has a degree of concentration that is considered to be far above normal.

[ Division and Rank ]: Monta is a member of the Second Division who has no official rank. His position is one that operates close to the Captain, primarily as his assistant and head of the communications within the division.

[ Zanpakutou Description ]: Monta carries his Zanpakutou in a non-traditional; rather than sitting at his side, Yamashiro is strapped to his back. A katana of 2.57 shaku in length, the tsuka is a deep stone grey in color which is has an onyx weave wrapping around it, as does the saya. The tsuba is a standard silver in color, but instead of being round, it is octagonal in shape.

[ Manifestation ]:????

[ Zanpakutou Name ]: Yamashiro
[ Kanji ]: 山城
[ Translation ]: Mountain Castle

[ Release Phrase ]: Todomare, Yamashiro!
[ Kanji ]: 留れ, 山城!
[ Translation ]:Remain Steady, Mountain Castle!

[ Shi Kai Form ]:????
[ Shi Kai Ability ]:????

[ Stats ]:

Reiatsu – 30,000
Yamashirou – ~36,000~
Zanjutsu – 3,000
Hakuda – 12,000
Hohou – 12,000
Kidou – 3,000
Enishi – 30,000


[ Family Name ]: Dateshuu
[ Given Name ]:

[ Age ]: Appears to be in his late teens; exact age is unknown.

[ Physical Appearance ]: Tall and thin, Kiyomaru still has both the combination of teenage awkwardness and boyish charm. Five and a half feet tall, of oriental decent, the teenager manages to maintain an almost feminine look to his face, though if one looks close enough, they would manage to see a small amount of stubble (of which Kiyomaru is extremely proud). His hair is a very light brown, bordering on dirty brown, and his eyes are almost the shade of an amethyst jewel.

[ Persona ]: One of the lucky few to graduate from the Shin'ou Reijutsuin in under a year, Kiyomaru is often considered to be a truly gifted person with an incredibly high IQ. Sadly, his intellect has brought him more trouble than he can count, so he doesn't really want others to know about it. Generally, he is an extremely laidback man with a penchant for not obeying the rules. Additionally, he tends to be a bit of a womanizer, and commonly flirts with any lady he sees.

[ Division and Rank ]: Kiyomaru is a member of the Second Division who has no official rank. He acts within the division as the head of training and as a liaison to the Shin'ou Reijutsuin. He is also a member of the Kidoushuu.

[ Zanpakutou Description ]: Kiyo, as he is often called, is the least likely person to dress traditionally, yet he carries Ryuusei in a very traditional manner. The 1.46 shaku wakizashi is tucked under his obi on his right side. The blade's tsuka is ivory in color, as is the saya, and both are wrapped with cerulean tsuka-ito and saya-ito, respectively. The tsuba is gold in coloration and shaped like an eight point star.

[ Manifestation ]:????

[ Zanpakutou Name ]: Ryuusei
[ Kanji ]: 流星
[ Translation ]: Falling Star

[ Release Phrase ]: Nioe, Ryuusei!
[ Kanji ]: 照らせ, 流星!
[ Translation ]:Illuminate, Falling Star!

[ Shi Kai Form ]:????
[ Shi Kai Ability ]:????

[ Stats ]:

Reiatsu – 30,000
Ryuusei – ~36,000~
Zanjutsu – 2,500
Hakuda – 2,500
Hohou – 10,000
Kidou – 15,000
Enishi – 30,000
[Spoiler=Bleach RPG - Rogue Shinigami, Taiken Yuusuke]
Taiken Yuusuke - Rogue
Reiatsu – 60,297
Seiya Kanhouden - ~72,356~
Seiya Kanhouden Akatsukiyami - ~120,594~ (8 Turns /// *60%*)
Zanjutsu – 11,744
Hakuda – 3,442
Hohou –16,724
Kidou – 28,387
*See Profile*
Enishi – 59,367

"One cannot predict Kidou. Avoiding it is even more impossible." ~ Kuchiki Byakuya