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Of Hotdogs And Hazing

***Continued from this Chapter: The First Day: Jin's Story ***

Jinsoku awoke from his sleep, surprisingly finding himself well rested. Although his dreams were another matter in themselves; he constantly envisioned himself in that same world wherein he fought his Excelsior comrade Gankou. However, what looped constantly through his head were the ‘separate’ entities of himself, the doppelgangers and shadows representing different shades of his being. He couldn’t understand why he dreamt that of all things (usually he found himself in naughty situations with various femmes of the Gotei), but there was one thing for certain nagging him once he was fully conscious.

He had felt a deathly presence emanate wildly amidst Seireitei once he came to. What was curious about this feeling was that it was… horribly similar to his own. Unable to explain the full rationale of how the likeness of that presence affected him, there would be no other alternative but to seek it out. The rogue just worried if there were any other Shinigami prowling around, waiting to pounce on the former Captain. Unfortunately there was no other choice but to proceed onwards; he would more than likely run away if he encountered any further ‘resistance’ from his old allies and accomplices.

Note to self: Remind me to bop Rei later for having such a dumb Division, smugly thought the silver haired man, as he exited the storage room and set out on his new journey. Despite his well rested invigoration, he had awoken rather early- a feat that he wasn’t quite used to. He faced the breaking of twilight; shards of blue were cracking through the ebony eve and heralding the dawn. If he moved quickly enough, he could sneak around easier around Seireitei and maneuver through the multitude of shadows created by its magnanimous buildings.

A crisp breeze billowed, chilling the warm blood pumping through his veins. It howled, leaving no other tell-tale trace of sound or activity so early… at least not yet, or where he was. Perhaps he had slept in one of the storehouses that contained hotdogs for the Academy Cafeteria- that old and useless. Shuddering at the thought of eating and sampling the wieners before, his mind switched back to his feeling surging about him. Jinsoku took to the mid-ground, not too high to be easily detected, and not too low, whereas others would make their daily rounds.

Creeping about the shadows, until the rays of sun had finally speared their way brightly upon Seireitei, Jin had luckily encountered no resistance blocking his path. Several hours must have passed, for in his rapid paced running and alternate bursts of shunpo, he grew slightly weary. That and his stomach was rumbling, nagging him to sustain himself.

“Aiya,” he lightly jabbed the source of the complaining growls, using his other arm to down his gullet with sake. “This’ll tide you over… dang… maybe I should have checked that warehouse if it really was a hotdog place…”

Slumping over in a slightly darkened alleyway, a short rest seemed suitable. Too many things were working against this break though. The empty stomach, the incomprehensible feeling rattling its way down to the core of his soul, the chance that any of his old Division mates could be seriously harmed by this invasion… Why did he even care about them so much? They weren’t his concern… **** his sentimentality. It seemed as if this rest was soon to be cut short.

Answering his thoughts completely, a pair passed by the alleyway he was in, then stopped completely.

Shimatta! Jinsoku knew that he was caught; if he tried to escape, it’d look even worse on his part. And he couldn’t just injure people he was trying to help; it was too counter-productive to his overall mission. Sighing, he said nothing and remained in his lazy position against the very back of the alley’s wall. He’d wait for them to make the first move and act accordingly.

They whispered to each other, and cracked wide grins. That didn’t mean a good thing. Slowly the duo of men approached Jinsoku, their smiles not ceasing, a malicious intent present upon them. The Excelsior member’s muscles tightened; perhaps he really had to use force this one time to avert a potentially dangerous situation. Tension swelled up quickly in the narrow corridor, its walls seeming to cave in any moment due to the sheer pressure. A rapidly thumping heartbeat, followed with the echoing of the Shinigami pair’s footsteps was all that could be heard.

“Ohaiyou gozaimasu~” crooned the silver haired Shinigami with a bright beaming smile, his once clenched fist spreading open to a friendly wave. He couldn’t help it! Standing against pressure like that, the unorthodox Jinsoku didn’t know what else to do. It was all up to the Fates to decide what would happen.

The moment Jin greeted them, the pair of Death Gods halted completely in their tracks. They looked at one another, befuddled, before rupturing the once tense alleyway with laughter. In the darkened area, once they tilted their heads to the sky to laugh like that, Jinsoku caught what they looked like. One had long and messy, very thickly clumped spikes of black hair, with a bandage covering his nose with narrow eyes. The other was wearing a bandana, with shorter hair poking out, large and dark brown irises catching the glint of light.

“So what happened after that errand, newbie?!?” chuckled the one with the bandana, placing his hands on his thighs and bending over to gain a close look at Jin.

“Yeah, did you get hazed by the Tenth Division after we had you send that package?! You look like a wreck! Your hair, clothes… looks like a blind person gave you a makeover! That and you reek like liquor!” the bandage nose man bellowed with laughter, crying out so loud, that he had to lean an elbow and some weight of his onto his bent over comrade’s back.

Kweh?! was the Velox Argentum’s only mental response; he had never come across these Shinigami ever in his life, yet they spoke to him as if he were a cadet. So long as they didn’t find him as the Rogue that had a warrant out for his arrest… Hey! They insulted his look! What was wrong with it?!? Jinsoku’s fists clenched again; perhaps it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to knock these two clowns senseless. But the fact that they were confusing him for someone else became more and more intriguing; no doubt this was tied to his sensations of a ‘similar’ presence emanating in Seireitei.

“I heard that ever since their crazy former Captain gave some initiates bad hazing, I heard it was commonplace over there! What a bunch of drunken louts at the Tenth, it’s really quite sad.” The man with a bandana slowly shook his head in dismay.

“Do you even remember us? Probably not, after such a traumatic experience. You probably want to kill after that errand we sent you on turned into a nightmare. I’m Koutetsu; the other guy’s Izumo. No hard feelings, ne? We didn’t think that you’d end up like that.” Koutetsu tried to keep a straight face, but soon exploded with a deep chortle. It prompted Izumo to follow suit.

The pair didn’t have time to stop their laughter and continue the conversation. With an uncanny speed, Jin had rose to his feet, and trying not to hit them with all his might (for it would no doubt render them incapacitated for quite a while), he sent a backhand to the Izumo, and spun around for a knee into Koutetsu’s gut. They asked for it! Their first strike was for mocking his appearance, then how he ran his former Division, and lastly, laughing in his face for being mistreated (though he really wasn’t, but that was still a horrible thing to do to a person overall, particularly a new recruit).

Izumo’s body lifted effortlessly to the skies like a rag doll, before skidding for several bounces to the mouth of the alleyway. Koutetsu managed to splinter the wall behind him, making a spider’s web of cracks to line the walls, before he crumpled in a heap.

Oops… think I hit them too hard… Jin’s face sneered in shock. “You okay?!?” he screamed, hoping that one was still conscious to hear him.

“Ugh… yeah… remind us not to… mess with ya…” huffed Izumo, writhing along the ground, holding his hands around his injury.

Koutetsu said nothing, but coughed harshly, the wind knocked completely out of him.

“Maybe you ought to think more carefully before you speak,” Jinsoku scratched the back of his head whilst laughing lightly. His stomach whined in a deep rumble. “Though I got one thing to ask you before I go. You know where there’s a good bite to eat around here?”

“Y… yeah, but…” Izumo exhaled loudly. Apparently he found it difficult to talk with a near dislocated jaw. “D… didn’t you pass… by the old h… hotdog storehouse?”

Jin mentally slapped himself. He knew that awful stench he slept (perfectly) through was familiar! “Give me a break. I ate that nasty food before; now tell me where some palatable grub is.”

“Shut up… Izumo. C… continue a little ways… down this path…. There’s a n… nice ramen booth…” Koutetsu groaned before trying to cough up his own lung by the sound of it.

“Thanks, and remember, be a little nicer to new recruits around here… because even at the Tenth, they never did anything bad like this,” Jin whistled, strolling out the alley with a big grin upon his face.

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