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Shopuffs 10-08-2005 05:38 PM

Taiken Yuusuke
Taiken Yuusuke
Rogue Shinigami

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Shopuffs 08-15-2006 12:59 AM

Taiken Yuusuke, Rogue
[ Family Name ]: Taiken, written as “大賢”, meaning ‘Great Sage’
[ Given Name ]: Yuusuke, written as “優助”, meaning ‘Gentle Assistance’

[ Age ]: He appears to be in his early twenties. While Yuusuke once believed his age to be around 107, 17 years in life and 90 within Soul Society, recent events have cast doubt on that.

[ Physical Appearance ]: Yuusuke is of taller than average height for a man of Japanese decent, raising up to 6’3”. Weighing approximately 180 pounds, his frame is slightly muscular, more like that of a runner than a body-builder. His complexion is lightly tanned from spending much of his life outdoors. The former Captain has auburn hair that is a messy tangle of medium length, reaching the top of his shoulders at maximum length. His golden eyes are extremely reflective of his mood, tending to grow towards the pale end when happy and darker when in a combative mode. After leaving the Gotei, Yuusuke changed his outfit considerably by abandoning the traditional Shihakushou of the Gotei 13. Instead, he wears a set of brown Hakama with a navy-shirt which is longer than normal, falling to his knees with slits in the side from the waist down. Over the ensemble, he wears a full length cloak, deep forest green in color which hide his Zanpakutou.

[ Zanpakutou ]: A pair of twin wakizashi called ‘Seiya Kanhouden’, carried on his left side.

[ Division and Seat ]: Rogue Shinigami; Former Captain of the Sixth Division and the Second Division.

[ Persona ]: The Ex-Captain of the Gotei is a fairly optimistic person who enjoys smiling almost constantly. Rather than feeling suspicious of Vizards, he sees them as people who are unfairly hunted for their beliefs; he feels neither anger nor hate towards Hollows but sees them as pitiable creatures in need of their services. Even Arrancar find it hard to evoke the ire of the Captain. It takes men and women of complete conscience disregard for the safety of the thousands of souls. Despite his optimistic tendencies, the rogue Shinigami is not a fool. Years of experience in the field have taught him the difference between seeing the best in others and blindly trusting others.

Within battle, Yuusuke attempts to remain as calm as possible, relying on his experience to diagnose the enemies tactics and abilities. He prefers to avoid using releases too early, waiting until he has a decent view of his opponent before releasing. His primary fighting method is the use of Kidou, though he does back this up with occasional sword strikes and shunpo use. He isn’t exactly a tactical Kidou practitioner, preferring to use primarily Bakudou to Hadou chains and backing it up with the occasional Bougyoudo.

Like many men raised in Japanese society, Yuusuke can be overtly formal when first meeting a person. He has a disdain, however, for maintaining formalities for long and will drop them quicker than he ought to. Not exactly rude, the rogue has a healthy amount of confidence in himself and tends to use slightly rougher language within conversation. Not exactly quiet, he’s not overly talkative, listening and then speaking rather than only listening or only speaking. He enjoys company of others and speaking with them, but finds that he also enjoys quiet moments observing the sky.

Yuusuke views almost all people as being inherently equal, regardless of worth or strength. While admitting that power is needed to stand out in the eyes of the world, he tries to treat all people as though they are all his peers, though this is a more recent belief modified from older ones. He also believes that everyone has their own choices to make about how they can best live and respects people’s choices until they demonstrate a clear violation of this same principle towards others.

[ Theme Music ]:

[ Character Theme 1 ]: Stray, by Steve Conte
[ Character Theme 2 ]: Kryptonite, by 3 Doors Down
[ Character Theme 3 ]: God Knows, by Hirano Aya

[ The Parting ]: Heaven’s Not Enough, by Steve Conte
[ The Rogue ]: Snow ((Hey Oh)), by Red Hot Chilli Peppers
[ The Warrior ]: Be Survivor, ZZtop
[ The Mage ]: Chance, by Uverworld
[ The Comrades ]: Believe, by Folder Five
[ The Zanpakutou ]: Kid Buu, by Bruce Falconer

Shopuffs 08-16-2006 04:38 PM

[ Biography ]: Not much is officially known about Taiken Yuusuke’s origins by either himself or the Gotei. The story which has been told thus far is that Yuusuke was born 107 years ago on earth to a low income family on Earth. Most of his life was average and it was considered rather enjoyable by the young man despite the poverty his family seemed to suffer. It was in seventeenth year of life that Yuusuke died and had Konsou performed on him by the Shinigami stationed in his sector.

His luck was poor, however, when it came to being placed in to a sector of Rukongai; rather than being placed somewhere of reasonable standards, the boy entered into the richer sectors and was reduced to a beggar for two years of his life. However, though they seemed long at the time, the years flew by and he was liberated from the begging by the Tatsumaki Clan. He spent 78 glorious years with them before his new siblings – Aoi, Rei, Kazama, and Ginto – were slaughtered via a Hollow Attack. As a result, Yuusuke began to train vigorously and entered the academy eight years later where he would graduate within two years.

As a Shinigami, he quickly moved through the ranks, showing great potential in all fields. Originally, Yuusuke belonged to a category of “all around” fighters, attempting to master all four fighting paths. Although he belonged to no specific division for several months, the new Shinigami met several other rising stars, including then Vice-Captain Junichi Terada and his fellow graduate Kokuei Diaz on a routine Hollow purifying mission. Days later, the two would engage in a bloody spar that eventually resulted in both men awakening their Shi Kai. Through a series of coincidences, the pair ran a number of missions together in a short period of time. After discovering that the Tatsumaki clan was still alive and trying to kill him, however, Yuusuke became motivated to speed up his already rapid growth.

This desire culminated on a mission where Diaz revealed that he had already achieved Ban Kai, causing Yuusuke to become jealous and leave his friend. Days later, he would meet Chikako Sayuri who had just graduated from the academy. After getting along notoriously well, the Shinigami dubbed her his little sister. This would come back to bite him, however, when he was brutally beaten by Ginto and watched as a friend was slaughtered by him. Mentally imbalanced, he engaged in a spar with Sayuri by her request and almost killed her himself.

After a fit of self-blame, Yuusuke was assigned to the Second Division where he would undoubtedly meet his closest friends. Rising to the position of Third Seat, Yuusuke sparred with Captain Jiiro Rei and learned a thing or two. A few days later, he met Fourth Seated Arujo Kayla during a training session and, after a very rocky start, ended up engaging the Arrancar Anthracite in a fierce battle with her. He then met Vice-Captain Inuzuma Shizuka when the pair reported it to her and Rei at the Shinzui Clan House.

Luck was on his side when a few days later, Yuusuke achieved his Ban Kai, Hiraishin no Kumo Koodori, several hours before the Siege of Seireitei had begun. After destroying the Arrancar Numero 11, Papas Fritas, with Yume, Fifth Seated Officer of the Second, Yuusuke engaged Anthracite again, this time with Rei at his side. After using his Ban Kai to force the beast into a corner, he was then almost slain by the Arrancar’s release. While Rei fought valiantly, Shizuka and Kayla helped Yuusuke to become stable.

Several days later, his wounds were aggravated by Hiraishin and she revoked both of her releases from Yuusuke. After being healed by Sayuri and Jinte Nifuji, a young boy Yuusuke became close to, he eventually decided to begin practicing the Kidou arts as a way of augmenting his strength. After becoming highly proficient in them, he eventually joined the newly formed Kidoushuu, officially marking his beginnings as one of the most well known Kidou Masters in the Gotei.

A few weeks later, Yuusuke managed to reachieve his various releases and was subsequently administered a Taishu examination by Fenre Kyin, Murray Yukiko, and Kuragari Seisatsu. He was then promoted to the rank of Captain of the Sixth Division. As a new Captain, Yuusuke was still immature, but immediately knew who to promote to the rank of Vice-Captain: his fellow member of the Second, Arujo Kayla.

Things moved on fairly peacefully for the next few months until Yuusuke was attacked once again by Ginto. The new Captain proved too much for the boy and killed him, but not before revealing that his oldest friends had been slain as well as the fact that many of his memories had, in fact, been implanted. There was no time to mourn, though, as an assault was mounted on Emptybone’s Fortress soon after. Heading up part of “The Wall”, the Captain and his forces successfully prevented the vast majority of Hollows from escaping. Within the Fortress itself, he engaged Zeitgeist with Seisatsu and Junichi at his side.

After the fighting had subsided, Yuusuke was alerted to the impending doom caused by a lack of a King of Spirit on the throne and the road ahead of them. Several days later, Yuusuke found himself forced to mature when Junichi, Masaru, Rei, Jinsoku, and Hitsutoshi all left the Gotei. Initially angry, he eventually accepted their choices and took over the Second Division as Captain. The following months were marked by a Ryoka invasion which Yuusuke took no part in defensively, and eventually the invasion of the SQN and Espada. After a fight with Fuego, a Privaron Espada, Yuusuke had a brief conversation with Hiyowa Shinshi which caused him to question his actions. Later that night, he disappeared into Rukongai as a rogue Shinigami.

Shopuffs 08-16-2006 05:17 PM

[ Zanpakutou Name ]: Seiya Kanhouden
[ Kanji ]: 星夜乾放電
[ Literal Translation ]: ‘Starlit Night, Heaven’s Discharge’
[ Actual Translation ]: ‘Heaven’s Electrical Discharge under a Starlit Night’

[ Level ]: Ousaku Ban Kai
[ Element ]: Lightning
[ Type ]: Dual-Wield / Melee / Kidou
[ Orientation ]: Form-based

[ Sealed Appearance ]: In it’s sealed form, Yuusuke’s zanpakutou has two blades, both of which measure out to 1.90 shaku, or 57.6 centimeters. Classified as shoto, or long sword, the wakizashi’s tsuka is wrapped in a traditional jet-black tsuka-maki which is matched by the coloration of the saya. The tsuka-ito, or cloth braiding the tsuka, is of a rich golden hue as is the saya-ito, creating a matching pattern between the two.

The tsuba is composed of primarily of gold-plated steel; it is a standard oval shape with only one variation: etched on both sides of the guard are four lightning bolts, position at ninety-degree angles. The blade itself has a gunome style hamon, or that is to say that the temper line is zig-zagged, while the hada of the blade is considered to be ayasugi – the undulating grain style. The mune of the blade is the rounded maru type. At the tip of the blade, the boshi, or tempered portion, is considered of the large circle omaru type, while the kissaki itself is the common shinogi-zukuri design.

Shi Kai

’Initial Release’

[ Release Phrase ]: Hoshitachi ga kougi ni sakende, Otsuki ga heiwa ni akogareru. Tsuchi ga boukyaku de yobiagete, Tengoku ga gekijou ni butsukeru. Seiya Kanhouden!

[ Kanji ]: 星達が公義に叫ぶんで、お月が平和に憧れる。土が暴虐で呼び上げて、天国が劇場で打付ける。 星夜乾放電

[ Translation ]: ‘Stars cry for justice, Moon yearns for peace. Earth calls in outrage, Heaven strikes with fury. Starlit Night, Heaven’s Discharge!’

[ Form ]: The liberation of Seiya Kanhouden into its Shi Kai yields an immediate conflagration of cerulean and citron energies, bursting outwards from the wakizashi and flooding the immediate area. A second later, the light subsides and the new form of Seiya Kanhouden is born as the sky darkens as waves of ebon clouds overtake it. When released, Kanhouden constantly produces charged particles that penetrate the area; the result of this is two fold.

The first is the creation of thick cloud cover, 100 feet above ground level covering an area with a diameter of connection/100 feet. The second is that there is an abnormally high concentration of these particles around the blade itself. As a result, the blades now glow a deep hue of cobalt as a thick casing of Reiatsu surrounds the wakizashi, which are connected to each other by a seven foot long golden chain. Doubling the effective length of the shoto to 3.80 shaku – an astounding 115.1 centimeters – the weapon handles as a wakizashi but obtains a defense and offense rated above that of a traditional daito.

This casing is composed of highly compressed electrical energy which is constantly discharging. The resultant effect is a hundred jolts of electricity seeping from the blade into the sky. When being hit by the blade, one does not bleed nor feel pain. The electrical discharge sears the blood vessels closed while the nerves in the area surrounding the wound are shut down. Damage dealt in this form is calculated by taking one-fifth of the average of Yuusuke’s Zanjutsu and Kidou and multiplying it by 1.25 and adding in 1% of his Reiatsu, as that is the amount that is drained per round.

[ Ability Name ]: Shinkikan
[ Ability Kanji ]: 神饋還
[ Ability Translation ]: ‘Divine Feedback’

[ Ability ]: The solitary ability of Seiya Kanhouden. Under typical circumstances, the clouds which cover the sky have a great deal of electrical charge stored within. The amount, however, is not critical; thus, the clouds remain saturated with potential and do not eject any of the charge. Shinkikan forcibly increases the amount of electrical charge distributed to the clouds while nullifying any charge existing near the ground. This creates a severe difference in potential between the sky and the ground, and in an effort to create balance, will cause charged particles to flow between the two areas at a highly accelerated rate. Hence, lightning.

During the turn preceding when Shinkikan is to be activated, the distribution of the particles created by Kanhouden is radically altered. All particles are distributed to the sky while none are distributed to the ground. Overhead, lightning begins to crash from within the clouds and several rumbles can be heard as the charge rapidly builds from within. These initial bolts of lightning are nothing, and should anyone be hit, they will momentarily be stunned at best.

On the ground, something else is happening silently; the blade is consuming all of the charge in an attempt to sustain itself. This continues until the second turn (of Yuusuke’s) arrives; during this turn, everything becomes silent. Lightning no longer flashes, and thunder does not boom. Rather, a wave of light washes over the field and a cerulean light forms overhead. Concentrated in one spot, a huge amount of electricity begins to compact itself as below, the final particles are consumed and the wakizashi reveals its true nature.

Slanted towards the heaven, Seiya Kanhouden is the guiding force behind the thunderous snake that will dive towards the ground. Several feet thick at the very least, the azure conglomeration of power is controlled by the movement of Seiya Kanhouden. It is initially attracted to the blade itself, and moves towards it; this stops once Seiya is moved in anyway. As though it were a marionette, the attack will follow the path traced in the heavens by the kissaki. Shinkikan can last for a period of two rounds, after which it dissipates into nothing, and can fully be controlled by Yuusuke. In order to even consider forming the attack, he must expend at least 3,000 Reiatsu; more can be added if this situation calls for it. The size of the attack, or rather the width, is 1 foot in diameter for every 1,000 Reiatsu consumed. The power of said attack is calculated using the same equation that a Kidou valued at similar Reiatsu would, and speed is derived as though it is Speed Class 3 Kidou.

Ousaku Ban Kai

’Compressed Eternality Release’

[ Ousaku Ban Kai Name ]: Seiya Kanhouden Akatsukiyami
[ Kanji ]: 星夜乾放電暁闇
[ Literal Translation ]: ‘Starlit Night, Heaven’s Discharge, Moonless Dawn’
[ Actual Translation ]: ‘Heaven’s Electrical Discharge under a Starlit Night’s Moonless Dawn’

[ Form ]: Upon uttering the name of his Ban Kai, Taiken Yuusuke’s body is covered by the clouds that once hung far above the battlefield. For a moment, nothing happens as a breathless silence settles over the field. A moment latter, and the thick jet converging is pierced by brilliant cobalt light. Within this cobalt aura, several changes have occurred. Much of the Shi Kai form of Seiya Kanhouden has been retained, and yet much has been altered as well. As in his Shi Kai, there are two blades, both of which are daitou of 2.93 shaku, and are connected by the same chain. Like in Shi Kai, both blades are saturated with large amounts of electrical energy, which is compressed to the point of taking an azure aura that is almost solid. This aura grants an additional reach of twice the base length of the blades, or 5.86 shaku.

Additionally, the electrical energy does not only cover the blades; it also covers the whole of Yuusuke’s arms and most of the shoulders. From the trail end of this aura begins another manifestation of the Ban Kai: ten cobalt spires, each rising from Yuusuke’s back. These spires, or rods, are only a few inches in radius and 3.00 shaku in length. Each represent ten percent of Yuusuke’s Reiatsu, and shrink one at a time, accordingly with the amount of energy consumed. Within the surrounding area, the clouds formed in Shi Kai take up double the area as lightning strikes down in random intervals.

[ Ability ]: The ability of Seiya Kanhouden Akatsukiyami is linked directly to its form. Because the entire focal point of Yuusuke lightning-based powers are upon his Zanpakutou, the ability directly enhances the strength of any blow struck with the blade. Lightning itself is a powerful ally in any combat situation, and by saturating the blade with it, its potential damage is greatly increased. Any attack dealt by the blade deals both the physical damage from being struck with a blade as well as the damage, such as electrical burns and nerve damage, obtained through being shocked with jolts of electricity. Damage dealt by any blow is 1/5 Zanjutsu + 1/5 Kidou + 1% Reiatsu.

[ First Attack Name ]: Yau Shinkikan
[ Kanji ]: 夜雨神饋還
[ Literal Translation ]: ‘Night Rain, Divine Feedback’
[ Actual Translation ]: ‘Divine Feedback during the Night Rain’

[ First Attack ]: The initial attack provided by Seiya Kanhouden is an upgraded form of its Shi Kai ability/attack. In the clouds above the battle field, a great amount of electrical potential exists, far greater than the amount in typical clouds or even in the Shi Kai form. This potential can all be unloaded at once by consuming 15% of Yuusuke’s Reiatsu to summon forth a salvo of lightning. These bolts take on the shape and form of the “Shinkikan” attack; that is, they are in the shape of snake-like composed of cerulean energy. There are five, in total, each striking from the edge of the onyx formation over head. The unique portion of this attack is that they are guided by the movement of Yuusuke’s Zanpakutou, and thus, the will go in the direction that the kissaki is pointed in. Each salvo lasts for a total of two RP rounds, and this technique can only be used once during Ban Kai. The speed of each bolt is ascertained through multiplying Yuusuke’s Kidou stat by 1.5. The power of each bolt is 3% Reiatsu + 2/5th Zanjutsu + 2/5th Kidou.

[ Second Attack Name ]: Boshoku Ryuurashi
[ Kanji ]: 暮色流嵐
[ Literal Translation ]: ‘Twilight Scene, Flowing Tempest’
[ Actual Translation ]: ‘Tempest Flowing through the Twilight Scene’

[ Second Attack ]: Ousaku Ban Kai is based upon the single idea of compressing one’s multi-stage Ban Kai into a single unique and ultimate form which is unstoppable. Boshoku Ryuurashi uses the concept of compression and decompression visa vie the traditional form of a zangeki. A portion of energy is rapidly compressed in a very short period of time and is then decompressed yet again, allowing for a high-speed ranged attack that is extremely volatile. Such attacks were once considered typical of Shinigami, but have of late grown increasingly rare.

Flowing Tempest is initiated by draining 5% of Yuusuke’s Reiryoku and imbuing it into the very tip of Seiya Kanhouden. The Reiryoku is compressed in a matter of several seconds, at which point if the energy was visible, it would be no larger than small marble at best. The energy must then be decompressed at an equally rapid rate; as with all such attacks, this is done through movement of the sword. However, with Boshoku Ryuurashi the form of the attack is decided through the movement of the sword. Rather than being a set size, the length of the attack varies; it can be miniscule in length, more beamlike than anything, a traditional crescent, or even an Omni directional force, aimed to take out larger groups of enemies.

The true strength of the attack lies not in its damage capacity; when compared to Yuusuke’s Ousaku level abilities, the energy consumption is fairly high for its output and there is a large degree of waste. Rather, both the techniques versatility and the speed of the attack are a great strength; similar to the lightning of which it is composed, the attack travels at near instantaneous speeds, with a value of twice Yuusuke’s Kidou stat. The damage, however, is valued at 2.5% Reiatsu + 1/5 Zanjutsu + 1/5 Kidou and is usable once every two rounds in Ban Kai.

Shopuffs 08-16-2006 05:35 PM

Taiken Yuusuke - Rogue
Reiatsu – 59,489
Seiya Kanhouden - ~71,387~
Seiya Kanhouden Akatsukiyami - ~118,978~ (8 Turns /// *60%*)
Zanjutsu – 11,418
Hakuda – 3,408
Hohou –16,558
Kidou – 28,105
Hadou #17, Dragon's Breath
---Hadou #17, Dragon's Roar
Hadou #25, Breaking Palm
Hadou #32, Heki
Hadou #33, Soukatsui
Hadou #37, Altar
Hadou #54, Haien
Hadou #62, Gouka
Hadou #66, Landslide
Hadou #71, Burst Geyser
Hadou #86, Hadouken
Hadou #88, Kaiton Saihou
Hadou #90, Kurohitsugi
Hadou #94, Tatsumaki
Hadou #99, Radiance
Bougyoudo #04, Cursed Mark
Bougyoudo #05, Red Eyes
Bougyoudo #12, Break of Dusk
Bougyoudo #28, Banshiissei
Bougyoudo #34, Meikyou
Bougyoudo #35, Collapse
Bougyoudo #42, Control Doll
---Bougyoudo #42, Sacrifice
Bougyoudo #45, Daishyunpo
Bougyoudo #46, Shadow Puppet
---Bougyoudo #46, Shadow Scapegoat
Bougyoudo #47, Persecuted Dan
Bougyoudo #52, Black Tide
Bougyoudo #54, Kankatsugan
Bougyoudo #55, Kage Shunpo
---Bougyoudo #55, Sou no Kage Shunpo
Bougyoudo #57, Malice Coil
Bougyoudo #60, Vampire’s Rapture
Bougyoudo #65, Step of Shadows
---Bougyoudo #65, The Roots Run Deep
------Bougyoudo #65, Gust
Bougyoudo #75, Feint
Bougyoudo #90, Elemental Shift
Bougyoudo #92, Misinterpretation
Bakudou #01, Obstruction
---Bakudou #01, Double Obstruction
Bakudou #08, Sealing Rings
Bakudou #17, Ice Prison
---Bakudou #17, Ice Maiden
Bakudou #20, Chains of Misery
---Bakudou #20, Chains of Torment
Bakudou #29, Reaper's Curse
Bakudou #39, Raifutsukamu
Bakudou #54, Tsuchinikaeru
---Bakudou #54, Trap Floor
Bakudou #55, Diamond Dust
---Bakudou #55, Divining Bolt
Bakudou #61, Rikujyoukourou
Bakudou #63, Kingusari
Bakudou #68, Itojinjoumae
Bakudou #77, Tentei Kuura
Bakudou #78, 100 Knives Torture
Bakudou #82, Magma Sarcophagus
---Bakudou #82, Stone Sarcophagus
Bakudou #86, Honegaoreru
Bakudou #97, Fugyoutenchi
Bakudou #98, Field of Lost Dreams
Bakudou #99, Kin/Ban Kin
Chiyudo #26, Hanshakyou
Chiyudo #54, Temperance
Chiyudo #55, Great Barrier
Chiyudo #58, Destruction Barrier
Chiyudo #60, Mend
Chiyudo #66, White Flames
Chiyudo #73, Mirror
Chiyudo #79, Invincible Soul

Hadou #02, Beniikazuchi
Hadou #04, Byakurai
Hadou #07, Rakurai
Hadou #08, Static Blast
Hadou #24, Raigen
Hadou #42, Raiden
Hadou #52, Thor's Hammer
Hadou #61, Writhing Spark
Hadou #61, Writhing Demon (Extension)
Hadou #63, Raikouhou
Hadou #79, Banrai
Hadou #91, Kyuuden
Bakudou #46, Ancestral Clasp
Bakudou #46, Ancestral Wrath

Enishi – 58,569

[ Tech Slot 01 ] - [ Toukihaku ]
[ Tech Slot 02 ] - [ Baizou Tobiagari ]
[ Tech Slot 03 ] - [ Ryouhakudou ]
[ Tech Slot 04 ] - [ Oni Tsugikomi ]
[ Tech Slot 05 ] - [ Senpuuken ]
[ Tech Slot 06 ] - [ Tetsubou ]

[ Invisible Tech Slot ] - * [ Eishouhaki ]
[ Invisible Tech Slot ] - ***[ Shikai no Shirei Nukeura ]
[ Invisible Tech Slot ] - ***[ Touitsu Sensen ]
[ Invisible Tech Slot ] - ***[ Touitsu Kousen ]

Shopuffs 08-16-2006 05:50 PM

Technique List
[ Technique List ]:

Empty, pending implementation of the class system.

Shopuffs 08-16-2006 06:57 PM

Feat List
[ Feat List ]:

[ First Feat Name ]: Soudaina Hiraishin no Kai Kyoudoukumiai
[ Kanji ]: 壮大な飛雷神の共同組合
[ Literal Translation ]: ‘Released Partnership of the Majestic Flying Thunder God’

[ First Feat ]:Following his battle with Anthracite and the subsequent recovery, Yuusuke had his ability to use both Shi Kai and Ban Kai resealed by a furious Hiraishin, upset with the young warrior's lack of fighting ability. As a result, it will become necessary for him to learn how to fight dangerous enemies relying on nothing but his own strength. To this end, Yuusuke has chosen to adopt the route of Kidou. And as a lightning user, it is only right that his natural strength is in lightning-based Kidou. To this end, this feat was developed.

For every two non-lightning Kidou equipped, Yuusuke may opt to equip a lightning-based Kidou that doesn't take up a Kidou slot. In other words, with ten slots, if all ten Kidou equipped are non-lightning, then he may equip up to five additional Kidou that are lightning based. These do NOT count for Yuusuke's Kidoushuu Mastery requirement (Ie: He still only has ten slots, not fifteen, so he cannot begin work on the Mastery tech. He can, however, apply the technique itself to these Kidou.) In addition, if Yuusuke equips a lightning based Kidou in one of these slots and uses it in combat, it does not count towards the required three times of use to "learn" a new Kidou. BEING REFORMED

[ Second Feat ]: Unfilled

[ Third Feat ]: Unfilled

[ Fourth Feat ]: Unfilled

Shopuffs 09-25-2006 12:22 AM

[ Items ]: Pending New Item List and Creation of Yuimon

Shopuffs 01-23-2007 09:14 PM

[ Writing List ]:

[ Volumes List ]:

Volume 26: Beginnings And Ending
Volume 27: Steppin’ Forward
Volume 28: A Rose Among Flowers
Volume 29: Friends or Foes?
Volume 31: Path to the Heavens
Volume 34: Wilting Pride, Blooming Madness 1
Volume 35: Wilting Pride, Blooming Madness 2
Volume 37: Requirements to Fly [Ban Kai Arc]
Volume 44: Bottom of the Sea
Volume 45: A Field Called Solitude
Volume 46: Fallen Fighter, Risen Mage
Volume 47: Fallen Fighter, Risen Mage 2 – Reborn Lightning [2nd Ban Kai Arc]
Volume 51: Size of a Mountain
Volume 51: True Form
Volume 53: Then and Now
Volume 55: Three
Volume 59: Step Up
Volume 71: Renew
Volume 73: GOD KNOWS 1 [Natural Born Killers]
Volume 74: Interlude
Volume 75: GOD KNOWS 2 [Clash]
Volume 76: GOD KNOWS 3 [Raise]
Volume 77: GOD KNOWS 4 [Thoughts]
Volume 79: GOD KNOWS 5 [Chance]
Volume 80: GOD KNOWS 6 [Evolution]
Volume 81: GOD KNOWS FINALE [eVOLuTion]
Volume 90: Return
Volume 93: Heat the Steel, Empower the Self
Volume 99: Dreams of the Past, Hopes of the Future

[ Collaborations List ]:

Week 28 Collab: Planning
Week 29 Collab: To Catch A Flycatcher
Week 29 Collab: Pizza is a Delicacy
Week 30 Collab: Believe in Wind and Lightning 2: Bolts and Wings
Week 31 Collab: Good-bye, My Friend
Week 31 Collab: Sparring, Bar Hopping, and Stripping
Week 34 Collab: Imouto and Nii-sama
Week 36 Collab: Arrancar
Week 45 Collab: The Day After
Week 45 Collab: Underlying Promises
Week 45 Collab: Our Swan Song Will
Week 45 Collab: Beautiful Wishes
Week 46 Collab: Saikai no Fuujin to Raijin
Week 46 Collab: Protecting Her Brother
Week 47 Collab: Tying Your Shoes
Week 47 Collab: Round Two!
Week 48 Collab: A Tail of Two Haori
Week 49 Collab: Four Becomes Two
Week 49 Collab: Thunderous Power
Week 50 Collab: A Painter’s Game
Week 51 Collab: Fawlty Towers: Kidou Who?
Week 51 Collab: Interdivisional Cooperation
Week 52 Collab: Blazing Bridge of Two Heavens
Week 52 Collab: Five Coffins in a Row
Week 53 Collab: Tempest
Week 53 Collab: Coffee and Stars, Siblings and Advice
Week 60 Collab: Adventures of Two…Pokegami?
Week 60 Collab: Sixteen Pages
Week 61 Collab: Paradigm Shift
Week 62 Collab: Burning Groceries
Week 69 Collab: Bishoujin : Stranger
Week 76 Collab: Passing on the Torch
Week 83 Collab: Cataract
Week 99 Collab: Tea for the Road

[ Fights List ]:

Week 29 Fight: Believe in Wind and Lightning
Week 32 Fight: Taiken Yuusuke v. Dirge Meilen
Week 35 Spar: On The Precipice of Insanity
Week 37 Spar: Flash Step Fury
Week 46 SK: Jinsoku v. Yuusuke
Week 50 Fight: Zombie’s Powers, Puppy’s Resolve
Week 52 Fight: Two Paths Diverge…
Week 57 Fight: Beware of Bored Captains!
Week 60 SK: Taiken Yuusuke v. Jinte Nifuji
Week 62 Fight: Duel with the Devil to kill the Demon
Week 73 Spar: A Fight with Yuu

[ Plot Mission List ]:

Plot Mission – Siege of Seireitei
Plot Mission – Sounding Field
Plot Mission – Ultimo Crepsculo [Day One Volume]
Plot Mission – Ultimo Crepsculo [Day One Collab: Scoped Sight]
Plot Mission – Ultimo Crepsculo [Day One Collab: Marching Orders]
Plot Mission – Ultimo Crepsculo [Day Two Collab: Campfire
Plot Mission – Ultimo Crepsculo [Day Two Volume]
Plot Mission – Ultimo Crepsculo [Day Three Volume]
Plot Mission – Fortaleza de Acrimona Antigua
Plot Mission – Pawns Under Regal Hands

[ Taishu List ]:

Taiken Yuusuke’s Taishu
Sayuri Chikako’s Morale and Practical
Katsu Iwakami’s Morale
Takero Idaten’s Morale
Hiana Maisaku’s Morale
Shiroi’s Morale

[ Word Count List ]:
  • Rei Jiiro – 111,499
  • Kayla Arujo – 107,715
  • Shouyuu Yasougin – 89,418
  • Kokuei Diaz – 82,277
  • Yukiko Murray – 74,032
  • Seisatsu Kuragari – 71,778
  • Junichi Terada – 69,949
  • Chikako Sayuri – 66,878
  • Kyin Fenre – 65,588
  • Inazuma Shizuka – 63,653
  • Houmuru Masayume – 55,000
  • Diega Torres – 49,832
  • Shinkou Masaru – 48,816
  • Amagawa Sougen – 39,836
  • Senbokuji Ame – 28,723
  • Hiana Maisaku – 27,594
  • Takero Idaten – 23,723
  • Jinsoku – 22,246
  • Muramatsu Arihito – 21,000
  • Katsu Iwakami – 18,832
  • Shiroi – 16,445
  • Shimizu Takuya – 16,000
  • Masuto Ono – 14,068
  • Kento Daymea – 10,432
  • Arcadian Kyuu – 6,192
  • Hasegawa Shun – 5,150
  • Marcus Euchre – 4,567
  • Kurogane Momozono – 4,000
  • Dirge Meilen – 3,500

Shopuffs 01-23-2007 10:21 PM

[ Terminology ]:

[ Word One ]: Koseishugosentai
[ Kanji ]: 古聖守護戦隊
[ Translation ]: ‘Ancient Sage Protection Squadron’

[ Meaning ]: Unknown

[ Word Two ]: Hachiretsujitsu
[ Kanji ]: 八烈日
[ Translation ]: ‘Eight Blazing Suns’

[ Meaning ]: Unknown

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