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Old 04-11-2011, 06:59 PM
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Default 04/11/11 New Grading Rules

In response to several people voicing concerns, grading is going to be treated a little more strictly.

Right now the system is as follows: grade, get 200 points. Don't grade, get -1% to your stats.

Every grader is different, and that goes without saying. However, we are running into a situation where some graders choose not to leave comments but still post grades, or post comments that are hardly relevant to the writing, and in some cases enter into rants that are destructive to the writers and writing process.

So, here's the deal: when you grade, you need to say something about what you're grading. The more points you take off, the more you're expected to say. If you take off a point, I don't expect a thesis explaining that a word was misspelled, and no one else should either. But if you take off several points then you should be pointing out what was wrong so that the person can avoid losing those points in the future.

Even if it's a perfect score, say something to explain why you gave that writing full points.

If you say nothing, or if you engage in a rant (with no constructive purpose), then you will not receive the grading bonus. So here's how it will work:

Grading (with details and constructive criticism): +200 points
Grading (no details or ranting): 0 points
No grading (missed deadline): -1% stats

So, everyone has busy weeks. Sometimes grading catches you on a bad day. If you get lax or vent on someone in grading, you get no points. This applies even if it's only one person you grade that week. It's an all-or-nothing deal.

This is effective as of next week's grading.
Head GM of Halcyon Days

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