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Old 06-14-2006, 03:11 PM
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Default Anime Movie Villain Comparison

Mostly a place to think aloud to myself. You can feel free to comment on the ramblings as see fit.

I remember watching the Cowboy Bebop movie and going "Wow, Vincent's pretty cool for a villain. Even though I can't really tell why the heck he wants to genocide all of Mars."

Then I go to the Naruto 2 Movie and going "Wow, Haido's such a crappy villain. I can't even tell what the heck he's being evil FOR."

Of course it only just hit me recently that in some ways, both villains have a very strange and vague motives for acheiving their goal.

Vincent wants to find out if he's really dead or alive, so he decides to kill everyone in the process.

Haido claims to be creating a utopia, but by the end he's marked everything besides himself as "nessecary sacrifice" and is blasting everything with that phaser in his arm.

I think for the most part I'm confused about Haido. He claims to be wanting to really achieve Utopia, but of course there's that whole "acting evil" thing. So I can't tell whether he actually genuinely desires to create a peaceful world, or if he's just dolling up a dream for world domination. I can't tell what he wants, because he just wont't shut up about "utopia" and "nessecary Sacrifice"

Vincent on the other hand... he's just crazy. I love that quote of his near the end though, "Are you here to save the world?". But there should be a better motivation for trying to kill off all life on the planet outside of his being a crazy *******.

So really, I'm wondering what makes Vincent so awesome and Haido so weak for a villainous persona. Because they're both being really evil for really no reason at all.

Sort of like that Kefka fellow I keep hearing everyone going on about. (Someone fill me in on him too?)

Seriously, Vincent can't be awesomely evil sheerly just because he's crazy? And kills people without warning?

Well whatever, I have another idea I have to post in another place before I forget it, so yeah. What do you think?
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Old 06-14-2006, 03:44 PM
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Eh, they are movies villians, this kind of villians never really make much sense. Haido is like such a sterotypical villian. I never really thought about it since well, i always thought that animators do really put much thought into the villians for movies.

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Old 06-14-2006, 11:38 PM
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well then again, haido looks just like a kid. and vincent's got that sword and the crow. and he basically nearly pwns spike, who is arguably a gun master, with his sword. pretty beastly. which is probably why he's cooler than haido. XXD

Can anyone says hazing ritual?


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Old 06-19-2006, 08:30 AM
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HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You mentioned Kefka!

The villian is cool or not based on both his reason and execution. Kefka is either my favorite or second favorite villian in the ENTIRE final fantasy series (Sephiroth being the other, but not relevent here because he has power, evil intent, AND purpose for it). He hails from final fantasy 6 (released in the US as final fantasy 3, but thats a whole different story).

You are introduced to Kefka very early in the game. He is a snobbish, somewhat weak general for the evil magic empire. Actually, the characters can beat up on him a couple times. Like the two characters you mentioned, he's crazy. This comes as a result of being infused with magic in an unnatural way (nothing like how the characters get it), or perhaps him just being crazy to start.

At some point, he takes advantage of an opportunity to obtain omfgpwnt powers (and I mean cheaply, which is why he's so great!) and proceeds to completely shift the world (continents and such move, lots of damage), well on his way to destroying it, making a "monument to nothingness"...I guess because he can?

He's particularly fun, because he makes asinine comments quite often and taunts the characters (one of the most genuine villians in terms of this, very good). I really liked when he accused the characters of sounding like chapters from a self help book after their speech on why they want to save the world. They were corny, and all talking about the meaning of their lives and whatnot, and kefka saved the situation by having the music switch to his theme as he told them off. Excellent.

He is always dressed in some weird clothes, and definitely acts the part of a psycho. And man, if he isnt a !@#$ing pain to fight (and get to ) once he has all that power.
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