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Default [G] week 65: Awakening


(WC: 2118)

Sato sat against the tree next to the spot he had previously slept at, he just stared at the patted down patch of grass beside where he had laid to sleep. It didn’t make any sense, the only people who could do this are shinigami, who currently think he is dead, and they would wake him before healing him for information. The only other people Sato could think of were the Vizards, but last he heard they were the enemy of the shinigami, and would kill him on sight. Nothing he came up with made any sense, so who or what was it that healed his injuries?

How he was healed, that was all he could think about, it didn’t make any sense to him since there was no faction he is friendly with at this time. As he was pondering his mystery healer he remembered his dream, but he couldn’t remember what the woman in his dream looked like, her face was blur. Who was the woman, and was she the one who healed him?

Sato sat there, he pondered the mystery person for a few hours before giving up on trying to figure out who it might have been. He jumped up to his feet and did a few stretches to wake his body up. He looked around a bit, a habit he acquired while he was a spy, and started off towards the city. As he was walking through Tokyo he kept looking at the people that passed him by, then it hit him, why should he keep wearing the shinigami shihakusho if he wasn’t even affiliated with them anymore. He continued his walk and looked at each shop he passed by, window to window until he stopped and stared into one. He walked into the store and looked at the different choices he had, jean pants, slacks, t-shirts, dress shirts, sweaters and hoodies. He finally came to a decision after seeing a few sets of clothes that fit his tall lanky body. He grabbed a pair of brown jeans, a generic black T-shirt and a black zip-up hoodie. After grabbing them he made his way into the dressing room, he didn’t know what the people in the store would see if he just put them on out there. He slipped his shihakusho off and then put the other clothes on, he took a look into the mirror in the room and found the clothes to his liking. He walked back outside and grabbed a leather belt after remembering he would need something to hold his zanpakutou up with, as he was putting the belt on he remembered he needed shoes. He searched around for a little bit and ended up grabbing a pair of high ankle converse.

He left the store feeling a lot more comfortable in two ways. The first, the clothes weren’t as scratchy and torn up. The second, Random shinigami wouldn’t recognize him as one of them, or so he hoped. As he was walking his vision would randomly invert for a split second, at first he didn’t notice it, but then the inverted vision popped up and stayed that way. He looked around in confusion and rubbed at his eyes hoping that it would help it go away, and then he heard a voice.

“Hmph, so you change our appearance out of desperation. You really are putting your body to waste, you could be having so much more fun but you just walk around all nonchalant like. Why not let loose once and a while, destroy a few things to relive the stress, or better yet, how about I do it for you.” Suddenly Sato’s entire felt like it was on fire, it stayed as such for a few minutes and then the pain disappeared, but was instantly directed to his head. His head ached like it was being pounded on from the inside, it was as if something was trying to get out. As he laid there in pain he felt something starting to grow on his face. He grabbed it and pulled pieces off of him but they were quickly replaced, and then all the pain stopped and his body started to move on its own.

Sato stood up onto his feet as a mask started to materialize over his face, he watched as his body reared back and bursted out into a laugh, the laugh sounded exactly like his voice, but it was frightening, it had an eerie feeling to it. Sato’s body started walking forward but suddenly stopped as Sato tried to fight back for control over his body.

“What are you doing, stop! If you wont have fun, then I will!” The voice came from within Sato’s head. Sato latched his hands onto the sides of the mask and pulled away, the mask being inched from his face the voice in his head constantly screamed until the mask was removed. He threw the mask to the ground and stomped on it to break it into pieces. He leaned down with his hands on his thighs and breathed heavily.

“What...The hell...Was that...” Sato spoke while taking deep breaths. Sato walked over to the wall and pressed himself against it as he walked into an alleyway to sit down. He sat there still breathing heavily, and again his vision blurred out into pure white. His vision started to fade back into a vary green scenery. He stood up out of the grass and looked around to see a little blond girl running towards him smiling.

“Hey, your back!” Again the voice came from within his head. The girl stopped infront of him, she stared at his face with an innocent smile glaring up at him.

“So im back in your realm I see.” sato looked down at her while scratching his in confusion.

“Not her realm, but yours.”

Sato turned around to see an inverted him, he had an evil grin on his face while he too stared at Sato. “Who are you exactly?”

“You just now came up with that question?” The inverted him walked up to sato and put his finger on Sato’s forehead. “Im you ya’ idiot. I’m all of the evil intentions inside of you, im the collaboration of every bad thought that crossed your mind, im your depression, your doubt, your insanity. The heartless you... The hollow you” As he spoke those final words his face contorted as an evil smile made its way across his face.

Sato started at him wide eyed, he didn’t know what to say, or what to think for that matter. For the first time he couldn’t think of a way to make sense out of what was said.

“I would have took control of you sooner but that bi%*$ kept me from doing so, until now.”

“Wait, what do you mean? This little girl stopped you from controlling me?” Sato turned his body to point at the blond girl behind him.

“No not her, that other chick. The brown haired depressed looking chick. After she healed you all of her essence inside of you disappeared, after that I was free to do whatever I wanted with you.”

Something clicked in Sato’s head, he remembered now, the face of the woman in his dream, it was Saiko. “But how did she? How could she have protected me from you if she was dead?”

“If I knew that I would have found a way around now wouldn’t I? Try using your brain from time to time, it helps you know.” The hollow Sato just stood there staring at Sato. “So how about it, you give me your body and you get to live freely. Sound good to you?” He looked up at the sky and snickered, “What am I talking about, I could care less if you wanted me to control you or not, because its gonna happen regardle-“ Hollow Sato jumped back to keep from being cut in half by Sato.

“You will never control me, I will die before I let you have your way, and since if I die you die too, I don’t see a problem with that at all.”

“Tsk.” He sounded in objection, “Well if your gonna be that way, fine, just don’t come looking for me if you need help.” His words sounded out with finality, “On second thought, I take over when I need to, I don’t really care if you have any objections to that, I’d prefer you to stay alive, that I can bury myself deeper into your soul, and sooner or later, I will control you whether you believe it or not.” Hollow Sato turned around after his little monologue and turned around and dissipated as he walked away.

Sato turned back around to see the little girl still smiling at him, “So you can stand up for yourself, you always seem to doubt yourself, it’s not a very good trait.” She laughed a little after she said that.

Sato dropped his head in defeat, “I guess someone who is a part of my soul would know that better than anyone.” The little jumped a Sato with her arms wide open but was stopped when Sato put his hand on her forehead to stop from moving forward. “Must you?” He spoke with more life in his voice.

“Aww, I just wanted a hug...”

“Its nothing personal, its just kind of weird to have a zanpakutou hug its user.” After sato spoke she admitted defeat and put her arms down.

“Ok, but next time im gonna hug you whether you want me to or not.” She stuck her tongue out at him and then laughed a little.

Sato’s vision blurred out again and everything faded back into view, he was back in the living world and out of that weird realm. Sato looked up at the cloudy blue sky and sighed as he pushed himself up to his feat, “Saiko, what did he mean you protected me.” He spoke to himself before he walked out of the alleyway. As he exited the alleyway he bumped into a woman knocking her over.”Im sorry I wasn’t paying attention.” After he said that he wondered why he apologized, since she probably couldn’t see him.

“Why don’t you try watching where your going.” Her gaze fell to his zanpakutou on his side. “Wait a minute, who are you? Your not a shinigami, you don’t have there uniform, and I don’t recognize you from AoM.”

Before Sato could reply, or do anything for that matter someone grabbed him by his shoulder and threw him backwards. “Just who are you? And what are you for that matter?”

Sato didn’t know what to do, but then he thought about it, since he couldn’t return to Sereitei because he was now a Vizard, why not try to join them, at least that way he would have allies. “Why do you care who I am?” Sato spoke without thinking about it before hand.

The Burly man walked up to sato as he drew his zanpakutou and pointed it at Sato’s throat, “Well if your not with the Gotei then you may be a rogue, and I should kill you right here.” The woman Sato knocked over picked her glasses up off the ground and put them on right before standing back up and dusting herself off. “Well, what is it?”

Sato had to think of something and quick, “Well you see, that’s the problem, im not a shinigami, at least not anymore that is.”

“So you’re a rogue!” The man said as he pulled his arm back to stab Sato.

Before the man stab him the woman grabbed the mans arm and kept him from killing Sato, “Wait, lets see if has anything else before we just go about killing him.”

Sato looked at the woman, he nodded in thanks, and then looked back at the man. “Ok... Im an ex eleventh division member stranded on earth after infiltrating the SQN.”

“Wait what? Your one of the Shinigami spies? Why haven’t you returned home then?”

“You see that’s the problem, if I return to Soul Society, I’ll be killed. I mean a Vizard can’t exactly call Sereitei home anymore.”

The burly man sheathed his zanpakutou and reached his hand out to help Sato to his feet. The large man surprised Sato, Sato wasn’t exactly short, but this man was much bigger than Sato. The woman stayed behind the large man as she pulled out a radio, “We need someone to come here, right now.” Sato heard something said over the radio but couldn’t make out what was said. “Ok, we’ll keep him here until you get here.”

(WC: 2118)
[spoiler=Current Stats]
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(1 slot) Nisai (double restraint) - Bakudou #2, 20 kidou
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(1 slot) Demon Fist - Hadou #5, 30 kidou
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