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Default Seireitei Chain of Command

Essentially, some people want to know how exactly Seireitei is run, what the lines of bureaucracy are and who to ask about how, what, when, where, and why. This has been alluded to in the past in the form of fiction or general announcements in chat, but here the information will be posted for all to see.

Gotei 13 Command Structure

*Gotei Commander
This person holds overall operational command of the Gotei and can assign specific tasks to Captains or to any lower-ranked Division member should their superiors be seen as unable or unfit for the matter at hand. To some degree, he/she is responsible to the Central 46 and can have their decisions overturned by the Central 46 through a 3/4 majority vote (35 to 11).
Captainship challenges of any sort must be reviewed and approved through the Gotei Commander. If and when approved, the Captain receiving the challenge can either choose to accept or decline the duel. If any of the 10 remaining Captains objects to the decision, they can push to overturn through a unanimous vote out of 10.
These two individuals hold overall command over each Division and are both responsible for Divisional affairs and operations. The key differences here are as follows:
  • A) Only Captains can authorize personnel transfer from the Gotei to any other branch of Seireitei's forces, including the Kidoushuu.
  • B) Vice-Captains must co-authorize an inter-Divisional transfer for one Division member to another section of the Gotei 13.
  • C) Only Captains may promote/demote personnel.
  • D) Vice-Captains alone are responsible for delivering reports directly to the Central 46.
Court-martials of Division members ranked lower than a Seated Officer can be tried by the Captain or Vice-Captain of another Division as chosen by the Central 46. Court-martials of Seated Officers, Vice-Captains, and Captains are to be conducted by two members of the Central 46's Judiciary Board.
*Seated Officers
Leads individual squads on assignments and combat situations. They are also responsible for the advanced in-field instruction of fresh recruits and handle questions about Shinigami conduct for the Captains and Vice-Captains.
*General Personnel
Holds little or no authority while in Seireitei. Can become a non-commissioned seated officer during emergency situations through a simple majority agreement in a squad.

(Please wait for koko's entry here)

Central 46 Powers
The Central 46's Judiciary Board must approve the Gotei Commander's Captainship nomination through a 4 to 2 vote. If overturned, the Captains of the remaining 12 Divisions must agree to at least an 8-4 vote to push the promotion in.
While not compulsory, the Judiciary Board can also choose to approve the Gotei Commander's Vice-Captainship nomination. All votes here are determined by simple majority.
The Central 46, as a whole (general assembly), must also approve various player-sponsored RP measures and amendments (if they impact the plot) by a simple majority vote unless otherwise stated.
Next, the sentencing at the end of any court-martial, conducted by the Central 46 or not, must be determined by a Central 46 vote. If the defendant is a Captain or Vice-Captain, the Central 46's Judiciary Board may choose to determine the sentence by themselves and exclude the need for a greater vote.
  • Here, the First Judge of the Central 46 holds the power to overturn any decision made by a (general assembly) Central 46 vote so long as the losing choice accounts for a third of the votes. In Judiciary Board meetings, the First Judge can choose to sit out the vote, which upon its completion, the First Judge can throw out the decision if it was not a unanimous vote. The rejected decision is then either voted in general assembly or tossed out permanently.

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