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Default Divisions and Captains

First Division: Arcane Specialists
Soutaichou: Sayis Inuzuri

AIM contact: swaswj

Second Division: Closed
Captain: ---

Third Division: Heralds of Death
Captain: Theron Ascania

AIM contact: VanguardJ

Fourth Division: Healing and Support
Captain: Makoto Matsumara

AIM contact: divinetruth24

Fifth Division: Closed
Captain: ---

Sixth Division: Closed
Captain: ---

Seventh Division: Enforced Criminal Service
Captain: Katsuji Ishin

AIM contact: IshinOnigami

Eighth Division: Enchanted Blades
Captain: Anenokoji Senesati

AIM contact: Senesati

Ninth Division: Research and Development
Captain: Kaede Kusajishi

AIM contact: Robindvx

Tenth Division: ---

Eleventh Division: Blood Templars
Captain: Tsubaki

AIM contact: Beaker321c

Twelfth Division: Tracking and Assassination
Captain: ---

Thirteenth Division: Peacekeepers
Captain: ---

*Grayed out divisions have no captain and applicants should choose instead from the other divisions which have active players.

Yamamura Eiji
[Halcyon Days/Twelfth Division/Unseated]

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