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Piercing, pale eyes laughed to their own amusement as a unique sort of spiritual entity approached her position. Designated, in large quantities, were exploding instances of reiatsu. Her other Espada brethren had found themselves suitable foes in their missions. The stunning Numero Nueve had found a bout of laziness entice her. While the other Arrancar, and even that pesky Privaron, had engaged in other affairs there was one’s prowess she did not feel in motion - Cadena.

Determined that the silly, arrogant men could bash their compensating blades around like rabid monkeys the one named Melusina would appease their amusing little displays of masculine ignorance by letting them have all the fun for themselves. As far as she was determined the only thing she was here to do was find the little free minded bombs flitting about and since they were ‘busy’ that left her with absolutely nothing to do but bask in the glory of chaos.

However, this particular reiatsu had stirred a small interest in the female Arrancar and observing terrified shinigami become nothing more than practice targets for the ruthless rogues had lost its flare quite a while ago. Boredom was finally the drug that fueled her muscles.

Closer and closer still he arrived.

A yawn escaped through slightly blue tinted lips. “Urgh,” Melusina groaned; standing up having been a larger task than it should have been.

Almost there.

“Ah, he’s got an accomplice it seems.” The reiatsu flickering beside her target wasn’t anything she was particularly worried about but she noted the strong fiend a worthy obstacle nonetheless. A few stretches eased the slight ache in her body; soreness an effect from her stagnant state. A refreshing breeze curled its blood soaked scent tenderly; the long scarf hanging loosely around her body flailing in excitement around her thighs.


A sudden jump in power unleashed the beast residing inside Melusina’s muscular frame and for the unfortunate shinigami she was upon him quicker than it had taken her to get off her own ***.

Almost as if ‘appearing’ before the scruffy shinigami the Arrancar made no hesitation in her swift assault. However, the ‘attack’ was nothing truly more than an extended leg sent to trip the hurrying man. A cero accompanied the action that was aimed to chase after the victim of the childish action.

[SPOILER="Melusina - Numero Nueve"]

My many thanks to Ihi for the portraits.