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Default [3rd Division] - Advanced Medicine and Restoration

Third Division
Specialty: Advanced Medicine and Restoration

Members of the Third Division are commonly known as “The Healers.” One of the defining characteristics of any member of this division is their natural ability or affinity for healing others, and therefore members often arrive to the division from a rainbow specialties, backgrounds, and intentions.

In the times before they were labeled as kind individuals with soothing presences only. Although the same qualities of being well trained decision makers and quick, innovative, and strategic thinkers the division doesn’t necessarily carry the same gentle members it once did though the quality of care provided is never jeopardized by personality.

Despite popular conception, the members of the Third Division do not choose to heal because they are “weak.” Each member possesses his or her own strengths and skills which are highly respected and encouraged.

Because medical work often requires a great deal of supplies, members of this division are given the option of carrying a supply bag, which includes: five healing pills, medical kits, ointment, three elixirs of regeneration, five energy pills, one Chiyudo scroll, and one final burst tablet. The usage of these items is purely restricted to healing work, and any abuse of these materials is carefully monitored by the division captain.

[SPOILER="- Map of the Gotei 13 -"]

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- Current Third Division Members -
Character name - Forum name - AIM screenname

Sayuri Chikako (Fuzakeru) - LadySt3ph
Naoko Tsukino (Khelekore) - Praecipitaverunt
Scott Layton (Grandleon) - Excellion05
Hamano Taiki (stgm) - stgmsan
Kurogane Momozono (Ssjbattousai06) - Itchypeach06
Feril Mundate (Khnum) - khnum nimaatre

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