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Walking along the streets, Mitsuhito strolled back to his division eagerly, hoping for a shower.

After Tod and Yaname had split up with him, he went into a side alley to dodge the lively traffic on the main streets.

A short time later he found himself on the street heading to the Twelfth Division.

When he walked to the big gate, he said “So, time to take a shower, finally.”

Just a second later, he found himself in front of it and noticed that something was odd. Strange, was this gate ever closed?

The next thing he saw was the cloaked stranger sitting in front of the gate, only not this cloaked anymore.

Looking in his direction, the man sat in front of him and Mitsuhito was able to see the coal-black eyes of that guy, finally.

“So, looks like you pulled your hood back, let's try this again, I am Mitsuhito Honokaguchi, unseated member of the Twelfth Division. What is your name?”


[SPOILER="note"]ok short turn, iam not in any writing flow currently^^. For the other collab ishin started not so long ago, i will assume this here happened before it.[/SPOILER]

default pic thx to Stephi
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