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Within that instant the once light ambiance between Jinsoku and Michi was shattered.

A veritable storm was released without the slightest of inclination; the next moment the rogue had felt a sharp and unexpected pain rocket through his shin in mid run, along with a force of Reiatsu that nearly squeezed the air from his chest. Thrown into this chaotic embrace of unforeseen events, Jin’s body lifted from the ground due to that jarring impact. The only thing he could see was the white blurs of Seireitei’s paved grounds, whirling and shooting about him, until time happened to slow its pace for a solitary moment amidst this confusion.

His two eyes, one glinted a bright azure tone, the other a deep shade of emerald, focused in on the perpetrator of this astonishing feat. And those dual colored irises reflected themselves in eerily similar hues upon this person. A pale dapper of ragged green hair flowed about a face that seemed to sneer with blue tinged lips revealing a sort of immature malice. One solitary coat of alabaster covered the face, more specifically, the right eye- a jagged and thick plated remnant of a bone- or Hollow mask. Billowing pieces of cloth revealed a longer than normal banded scarf clung tightly about the neck.

What he noticed in his fast paced flight was that… this was another Arrancar. And a woman at that.

The next thing he could see as time picked back up to its normalcy (or in other words, a tornado of ambiguity), a kaleidoscope of energy swelled around him. Large portions of Reishi gathered about the woman’s form, growing to a scale comparable to her release of Reiatsu. Instinctively, as Jinsoku regained his balance in midair for a proper landing, he finally had the foresight to know that this was no ordinary maneuver, no, this Hybrid wanted to follow up her trip with a Cero.

A grunt and a push of Kidouryoku burst from the silver haired Shinigami; it was just enough to harrowingly evade the potentially soul-taking Cero. The only thing he could see was a luminous pulse flash before him, along with the telltale screech of pure power emitted from the Arrancar. However, barely escaping the Cero came at a price as he could literally feel his flesh begin to burn by just being within proximity of the blast. Combined with this pain followed the raw force of the blast, further hurtling the Excelsior member skywards in a somersaulting flip.

Completely dazed by this simple assault, the only thing Jinsoku could do was hold out his arms in reflexive defense- to cushion his body for the upcoming fall- his fingers splayed widely, palms outward.

… And those two hands were bulleting directly for the Arrancar’s ample and wide open bosom.

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