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Default 3rd Division Techniques

- 3rd Division Techniques -

Healing and recovery are the themes of the 3rd Division's skills. They work to further expand on one's ability to treat wounds and enhance bodily functions.

To start, each division member is allowed to learn one of division techniques. Upon recieving a seated position you are able to learn two of the following techiniques. If you come across the position of Vice Captain then three are rewarded to you. Only the Captain has knowledge in all four of the division techinques.

To obtain any tech you must collab with the Captain.

** [ Myouga ] – “Blessed Protection” (Hea/Aur/-)

Healers are frequently placed in situations which require protection against further attacks while attempting to render medical attention. Myouga was designed under the same principle as Chiyudou #25, Bandaidification, but improves it through a more efficient use of Reiatsu, and actually becomes two different Techniques based on whether the member activates it upon themselves or a separate target.

To activate this Technique on a separate target, the member casts Chiyudou #25 at only half of its required cost, but while the Kidou is forming, the member will mold their Reiatsu to accomplish three things. First, the spell will form patches of Reiatsu “bandages” that concentrate themselves automatically over exposed wounds and begin the healing process at the same rate as Chiyudou #25. Second, once healing begins, the member and the target will remain invisibly connected through Reiatsu for an additional minute, which allows them to use further Chiyudou without requiring the member to remain near the target. If this is done, however, any further Chiyudou will only be 70% effective (due to the distance). Third and finally, as Bandaidification expires, the Reiatsu of the member will gradually spread over the target’s body to protect them +10% from further attacks for half a minute while the healing is activating.

Myouga, when activated on the member him/herself, produces a variant Technique. Once the spell is cast, a thin but strong layer of Reiatsu spreads over the entirety of the member’s body by extracting inner Reiatsu and spreading it out evenly externally, providing +20% defense from further attacks for 30-45 seconds. This Technique, however, is forbidden for use during fights or battles against other members of the Gotei 13, and may only be used when conducting healing work for others. If the member chooses to attack while using this Technique, the Reiatsu protection decreases by half with each attack.

** [ Kouzoushugi ] – “Structuralism” (Hea/Aur/-)

While specialized Chiyudou is often the most convenient and appropriate tool for members of this Division, a great deal of healing can be done with general ability, as seen in Chiyudou such as Tereiki and Aotenohira. Kouzoushugi uses this principle to allow a user to “structure” or mold the energy they would use in casting a Chiyudou to achieve “general healing” once the user has rendered a diagnosis.

The use of Kouzoushugi can be measured by degree in correlation to Chiyudou costs. Users require a base stat of 1,000 Kidou to use this Technique properly. At 1,000, users are able to heal in power up to what is the equivalent of Chiyudou #50, while at 1,500, users are able to heal in power up to the equivalent of Chiyudou #63, and so forth in 500 stat intervals.

Kouzoushugi operates in much the same way a Chiyudou use does. If one renders extremely high level healing through Kouzoushugi, such an act would drain Reiatsu in the same way the use of Chiyudou #50 would, for example. However, it is not meant to override the use of Chiyudou which is preferred to the use of this Technique.

The benefit to using the Technique is its increased flexibility of Reiatsu use (e.g., focusing more widely or narrowly if a user prefers), but also to give healing to any wounds that a user may miss in their inexperience.

** [ Kinsei ] – “Balance of Power” (Bst/Aur/-)

Following duelist logic (e.g., “The best thief is he who guards money and the best liar is he who knows the truth”), despite their role as medics, members of the 3rd Division are simultaneously warriors of the Gotei 13, and are reminded to maintain their strength as such.

Therefore, Kinsei enables the heightened use of Chiyudou #10 (Healing Sight) for battle purposes. Once this spell is cast at its normal cost, a Division member is able to “see” internal and external weaknesses in their opponents for a time period of two minute (which shows them where to attack).

Once Healing Sight has been activated, for the next four rounds, a member may use Kinsei to bring up a +20% boost in his/her their Hakuda, Hohou or Zanjutsu stats, but does so by consuming 1% Reiatsu. Following the four round window, the chosen stat will return to normal.

** [ Chiyudou Jukutatsu ] – “Chiyudou Mastery” (Aur/-/-)
The majority of healing ability accessible to members is through the use of Chiyudou. Jukutatsu is a progressive Technique that increases a Chiyudou’s efficiency (e.g., accuracy and power) and reduces its cost as a user becomes more experienced with Chiyudou use.

For every fifty Chiyudou spells used successfully, a user is capable of increasing a Chiyudou’s strength as well as reducing its cost by 8%. This percentage may not breach 40%.

Once a member has used five-hundred Chiyudou successfully and has proven such to the Division captain, special training with the captain will enable the user to activate an extension to this Technique called Tesabaki (“Manipulation”).

Manipulation enables the user to increase the flexibility of a Chiyudou (e.g., extend its range, change its effects reasonably, etc.) within reason.

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