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Default 3rd Division Standard Equipment

- Special Items -

3rd Division Standard Equipment

As specified in the Division Specializations... all members of the 3rd division are given the option of equipping supply bag with the following items, which may be replenished at will. (Abuse of this system however, is not favored and will not be tolerated )

The bag itself is listed in your grades as a SINGLE item. ( Refer to grades for reference )

Inside this bag lies these items -
Five healing pills
Medical kits
Three elixirs of regeneration (slightly modified for increased usage)
Five energy pills
One chiyudo scroll
One final burst tablet


Healing Pill (5)

5 pills per pack, this speeds up the rate of recovery with wounds. The wounds can close back up within a half-hour, and they can stop bleeding, internally and externally. Healing is only limited for a normal person’s ability. (that is, it can heal broken bones and cuts, but if your arm is lopped off, it can’t heal that)

Medical Kits

First Aid kits, provide some form of healing over a medium period of time. Works better than healing pills, but takes longer for effect. May be used multiple times.


Ointment for the sore body, it temporary reduces pain from wounds or fatique until the battle is over. Has some healing effect.

Exlir of Regeneration (3)

A drink that recovers your physical stats by a bit, offering better performance in battles with injuries, designed to restore part of your power. When used, the effects come out immediately,providing 50% of the stats you lost through injuries, kidou, and the like. I will not surpass your stats at full health. Maximum one time per battle, overusage will lead to severe fatigue, lightheadedness, and other side effects.

Energy Pill (5)

5 pills a pack, each pill re-energizes your body by 25% immediately. Once they are eaten, they can no longer be used anymore. Each energy pill makes the user more alert, and restores their SP by a small amount. It also reduces fatigue and sleepiness.

Chiyudou Scroll

A traditional type scroll that contains kidou. This kidou scrolls shortens the time it needs to chant the words required to activate the spell. Instead of chanting the phrase and the name, a kidou scroll allows the user to just chant the name to activate it. However, one kiodu scroll only works for a certain kidou.

Final Burst Tablet (1)

The final burst tablet is a special tablet that increases the user’s spiritual pressure by about 1.5 times. When used, this pill the user’s stats also get a boost of about 1.2%. However, this only lasts for about 30 seconds to one minute, and is only meant as a last resort, hence its name. The user will be almost completely drained after using this pill. The longer you strain your body, the nastier the side effects. And if they overextend the time limit they will be drained of all spiritual power, and will not recover for at least 2 days. If a person is already too injured when it is used (like more than half dead), they run the risk of dying or being thrown into a temporary coma. Only use at last resort.

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