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Default Seated Specialties / Military Rank

~ Directors of the Hospital ~

Each Rank holds a new Specialty

In the Third Division each member plays an important part in the care of our Gotei. Due to the demanding responsibilities of the medical facility each seated member of the Third Division has been given specific duties that they must adhere by unless given the consent of the Third Division’s Captain to alter these duties or titles. ( You guys know me, I’m not that strict. Talk to me and we’ll work it out. <3 )


Vice Captain - Chief of Medicine -

- The Fukutaichou for the Third Division acts as an overseer of the entire establishment. They are expected to put in a decent amount of hours tending to the care of the hospitals patients in all departments. In times where the Captain is not present all reports should be handed over to the Vice Captain as well as direct orders from the Vice Captain should be taken as if the Captain had issued them.

Third Seat - Representative Pathologist -

- The Gotei is firstly an army and with the odd viruses and diseases living and breeding through Soul Society it is important to be to fully understand the effects of illnesses. As the head of the Pathological Department of the hospital this person is expected to study the changes in body tissues and organs which cause or are caused by disease. Essential to everyday surgeries at the hospital, pathologists are responsible for processing and reporting on all specimens generated during surgery. Tissue samples are taken from the submitted specimens, stained, and processed for microscopic evaluation. Microscopic examination searches for disease of any type and this information is returned to the Captain via a pathology report. While the Pathology Department does not deal with patients one on one in most cases it is indispensable for them to keep a friendly communication opened with the Eighth Division in their findings.

Fourth Seat - Head Psychiatrist -

- The prevention and rehabilitation of mental illness plays a crucial part in keeping the Gotei healthy as soldiers tends to deal with everything from depression to even post traumatic stress. As the Head of the Psychological department this person is responsible for helping treat and oversee patients with mental and emotional disorders as well as the personal members of the division that work in that section. As well as handling regular patients, this Seated Specialist also helps govern the mental ward inside the taisho; its primary goal is the relief of mental suffering associated with disorder and improvement of mental well-being Reports from this department are expected to be delivered to either the Vice Captain or Captain about their findings and their successes and failures.

Fifth Seat - Residency Director -

- The assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of everything from the common cold, broken bones, and battle wounds is the business the Third Division sees the most of and its important to have a reliable Seated Specialist take on the responsibility of making sure these warriors are taken care of well by our staff. The Resident Director is a Resident Physician in charge of the residents, their activities, how they govern their interns, and primarily rule if an intern is ready to become a resident in observing their practices. It is this person’s duty to make sure the hospital runs smoothly under the hands of its residents and physicians, as that is what makes up the majority of the hospital. (Most NPCs are at resident / physician / surgeon level ) Reports are expected as to the progress of the general population of doctors and nurses and the income, outtake of patient ratios.

Six Seat - Lead Pharmacist -

- While Chiyudou is a powerful kidou sometimes its not always necessary or recommended to use the demon magic in certain cases. If a patient has gone under the strain of surgery or healing its best not to continuously inject their bodies full of magic. Instead, the soldiers of the Gotei find comfort in the medicine Seireitei’s finest science and medical teams have produced. The Lead Pharmacist has the job of keeping communication open with the Eighth division as well as the Representative of Pathology in finding cures for ailments that Chiyudou is not best suited for. Reports as to the production of medicine is expected of this department.

Seventh Seat - Secretarial Supervisor -

- Keeping everything documented and organized is a first priority at the Third Division as records of all injuries and wounds are essential to keep accredited. There are a few others staffed under this division member but mostly the burden of keeping all mail and paperwork counted and delivered falls on this person. Aside from the Chief of Patient Relations, its called the mot terrible job in the entire Division and while the rank as a military officer is respected the job performed by them is often taunted among the ranks.

Eighth Seat - Chief of Patient Relations -

- The Office of Patient Relations provides advocacy for patients and their division officers. The Chief of Patient Relations is expected to send either notice of the ailment or treatment of each patient to each division’s secretary, Vice Captain, or Captain ( or any particular Gotei member upon the request of special case patients ) It is also this person’s duty to answer questions, provide information, facilitate problem-solving, and coordinate communication between the patient and the questioner on behalf of the hospital staff. This is a one person job and it often dubbed the single most terrible position in the entire hospital. However, the singled member department only deals in current affairs and cases and should direct any questions about previous hospitalizations to the Secretarial Supervisor and their department.

Lower Seats

Anything under this ranking is considered a Senior Resident. They still take interns under their wings ( and residents if they request it ) but this is the time they begin their crucial study in hopes of making it up further in the ranks. This includes taking on the job as general surgeon as well. Also, in times of military need - their ranks hold true and given the officer position alone they command respect from the unseated members below them.


0-999 Connection = Intern / Resident / Pharmacist
1,000-1,999 = 12th Seat Senior Resident
2,000-2,999 = 11th Seat Senior Resident
3,000-3,999 = 10th Seat Senior Resident
4,000-4,999 = 9th Seat Senior Resident
5,000-5,999 = 8th Seat Chief of Patient Relations
6,000-6,999 = 7th Seat Secretarial Supervisor
7,000-7,999 = 6th Seat Lead Pharmacist
8,000-8,999 = 5th Seat Residency Director
9,000-9,999 = 4th Seat Head Psychiatrist
10,000-10,999 = 3rd Seat Representative Pathologist
11,000-11,999 = Seat (eligibility for Vice Captaincy / Chief of Medicine opens at this point)
25,000+ = eligibility for Captainship

( I very loosely use these guidelines when seating everyone as I'd rather use a good judge of character to seat division members rather than numbers and stats. )

Keep in mind that even with a specific title, rank, and title of specialization - each seated member is still a healer and should keep up with their Chiyudou and is expected to abide by any intern, resident, pharmacist, or patient requesting their help; especially in times of battle.

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