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Default [PM] [All 12th/Open] Week ---: What's Next (Regroup)

Silence. Still silence. Were it not for the glow of lights that escaped from behind its windows, the imposing form of the twelfth division headquarter complex would have looked long abandoned, like some relic of a long bygone era left completely untouched by time.

Something moved in the darkness, slithered through the shadows like a snake winding its way into striking distance of its unsuspecting prey. Coiled up in the small pocket of darkness where the stone base of the structure met with the Earth, the shapeless wraith unfurled itself and solidified into the form of a man.

He stood before the closed doors of the main entrance and, for a single moment, pondered the curiosity of it all. His life, his death, and his return. It was all too much to comprehend. Maybe later, when the dust had finally settled, when things had finally returned to some form of normalcy, he could stop and take the time to sort it all out. Now, however, was not that time.

Things were happening. Strange things, things that could only bear bad tidings. Bounties had been planted and given the highest priority and no one had managed to figure it out before things got out of hand. And then additionally, there was the issue of a warrior conspicuously missing in action. Where had the vice captain gone? Something was amiss here.

And so, Kono Tsuneo turned and sat down before the closed doors of the twelfth division and waited.


Wanted to get this posted while I can since work is going to be nonstop for the next couple of days.

This is open to all 12th divies (PC or NPC regardless). We're regrouping and refocusing here, getting locked and loaded for the coming PMage. Yall can wander back from your interrogations or whatnot (ignore if this does not apply to you)
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